FROM ADDICTION TO INSPIRATION – Janne Reckert, London Real Business Accelerator Graduate

ethereal music) – [Brian Voiceover] They say
that the human race is doomed. That we have lost touch
with our true nature. That the media has corrupted us, and that the planet has no future. I disagree. I believe that humanity is full of hope, and that our salvation
lies within each one of us. My name is Brian Rose,
and my job is to listen, the oldest method of
learning known to man. Each week, I seek out individuals that are changing the world. People who are living and
thinking in a different way. Their stories will challenge your beliefs, make you question your choices, and perhaps inspire you to change. I never planned on doing any of this. But now, I can’t stop. Join me on this mission, and make humanity something
we could all be proud of. This is London Real. I’m Brian Rose. My guest today is Janne Reckert, recent graduate of our
Business Accelerator. Welcome. – Thank you very much, glad to be here. – Tell us about you. Where are you from, what do you do? – Well, I’m originally
from Helsinki, Finland. That’s where I was born. My mom’s Finnish, my father’s German. But I’m currently based
in Berlin, Germany. I work as a certified
detoxification specialist, which means I basically help people recover from acute and
chronic health conditions using a method called
detoxification, which I learned from my mentor, my teacher
who took me under his wing in 2012 called Dr. Robert Morse. He’s a naturopathic
doctor, he’s a biochemist, and master herbalist. He really opened me up
to this back in 2010, was when I crossed this
information of really– I’m talkin’ about
regenerative detoxification, not just going on a mild
cleanse or something. I’m talkin’ about diggin’
deep into the body. Really diggin’ deep into the
body, cleaning out every cell, getting that lymphatic system moving. And this takes time. This is not a quick fix. I know we live in a society
where everybody’s looking for the quick fix, or
“What can I take for this, “what can I take for that?” This is not it. This is committing to change your life up for some time until you reach
your desired state of health. Like I said, back in 2010, ten years ago, I would have no idea that I’d
be doing what I do right now. I have a very dark past
when it comes to addiction. Cocaine addiction, for years. Alcoholism. Absolutely, I was so self-destructive. So ruthless. Waking up in gutters or
hospitals or in cells. That was common for years,
and I’m forever grateful for my fiancee for sticking
with me through all that hell. And during those years,
I was really depressed. I was suffering from severe anxiety, adrenal fatigue, I was
constantly tired, burned out. I had hypothyroidism. High blood pressure, I was
taking medication for that. I was a mess, falling apart. I was sick and tired of
being sick and tired. 2010, I truly believe that I
was led to this information. And once I crossed it and read about it, about detoxification and
regenerating the body and the mind and the spirit, I started
applying what I was reading. I started going on a raw food diet. I left out all the meats,
all the animal products and just dove into a raw food diet. No cooking, nothing. Started the daily juicing habit. I’m not talkin’ about a glass of juice. I’m talkin’ about 48 ounces of juice. Just really slammin’ it
back and really flushin’ out the body, getting all the
acids and all the toxins out of the lymphatic system,
and I just dove right into it. – Sounds like that’s what you normally do. Dive into things. – Yeah, absolutely. I just started doing it,
and I started healing up. I started feeling better. The mental clarity came back. I reached levels of vitality
that I’ve never felt before. Like seriously, my consciousness
just started opening up. I truly believe that most
people on this planet have no idea how damn good
they’re designed to feel. And when we start eating the
raw foods, the living foods, and not cooking and
destroying the enzyme content and the minerals and the
water, when we leave it raw, fruits and vegetables and
leafy greens, keep it simple. We start applying the daily
juicing habit and simple things like this as well as mindset. I think it’s very important to have a PMA, positive mental attitude. That’s the foundation. ‘Cause during my healing
journey, I reached a plateau, and I didn’t know what the
hell was going on, why I wasn’t getting better, and then I
realised, “Wait a minute, “I got a negative mindset.” – Right, so you had the physical sorted and then the mindset wasn’t there. – Absolutely. So I started reading books,
like Napoleon Hills books, Think and Grow Rich, and
Earl Nightingale stuff, his audiobooks, and really
started working on that, and that’s when I realised this is it. You gotta have the PMA plus the diet and the lifestyle and all that. Sleep is another one. Like I said, I started doing
that, and that was in 2010. And then in 2012, I flew down to Florida to go visit my mentor, my
teacher, Dr. Robert Morse, and he took me under his wing. Basically, I went to
the International School of Detoxification, got the
down-low from the man himself. After that, flew back to
Berlin and called a buddy up who was doing web design and everything. I told him, “Listen, I need a website. “I gotta start helping people.” And he put the website together for me, and that’s when I started
gradually working with people one on one, started a YouTube channel, blasting out this information,
absolutely passionate about it because this is rare information. This level of healing is rare. You won’t find this on the mainstream. – [Brian] So what brought you to us? What was goin’ on in your
business and in your brain, say, “You know what? “I wanna go in with these
guys on the Accelerator.” – I was just following
the signs of the universe, to be honest with you. 2018 came around and I was, you know. It started off very turbulent. I had some things going on privately, and I don’t know. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but one thing led to the other, and I’ve been watching
London Real for some time. I saw some old podcasts with Dan Hardy, talkin’ about plant
medecinos and all that. Some powerful stuff there. So I was aware of London Real. I always followed it, I always
caught on to the evolution of London Real on the side. This year, I think it was
an advertisement that I saw. I don’t know if it was
Facebook or whatever, and it was like a business
accelerator, and I saw you talkin’, I was always turned on by it. Then I signed up to the e-mail
list, and then I decided to join you on Instagram as well. And on your feed, I believe, you were talking about a webinar. I was like, “Business accelerator? “This is something I think
I’m gonna watch that webinar. “I’m gonna write that in my calendar.” And my intention was just
to watch the webinar. ‘Cause I know that your webinars
are extremely informative. A lot of content there. I just wanted to take notes,
sit down and take notes, and then apply the information
that I was getting from you in the webinar and not
sign up to the course. That was my original intention. But once the webinar came
around, before the webinar was over, I pulled the
trigger and signed up. I had to. I had to. It was a no-brainer for me. – I’m so glad you did, man,
because I got to get all this energy in the group and in the class. London Real is stronger
because now you’re part of it. That’s awesome, man. What was it like once
you pulled that trigger, those first two weeks? You’re an intense guy,
you dive into things. But these classes are no joke. So I’m throwin’ you in this group, 150 people around the world,
you got live calls with me, the accountability
dock, modules and stuff. What did you think of
that first two weeks? – I loved it. I really did. I was just excited to finally
do something consistently. ‘Cause I was procrastinating beforehand. I was doing the one on one coaching. But I knew there was more to it. I have more in me than that. So that’s why I signed up. I was glad that there was
an accountability dock, which I think that’s an amazing thing. And it was amazing to
see all these people. The contrast. You got different people
from all over the world with different passions,
different characters. I thought it was awesome. Putting up the vlogs,
something I was used to because I was YouTubing
for four or five years already, pretty consistently. But I did have some resistance,
to be honest with you, in the first couple of
weeks, putting those vlogs up to my private Facebook group,
or my Facebook account. Because I didn’t want family and people in my closer networks
to know what I was up to. It was because of fear. Fear of being judged or criticised. And that fear is now officially
gone thanks to this course. Gone. I don’t care no more. – And you were in there, just pounding that accountability dock. You were just nailing it,
nailing it, nailing it, and pulling all your team members along. You really got all fired up. – To the best of my ability, yeah. – What was the biggest
struggle in the course? What was the hardest thing to do? – The biggest struggle. Overcoming the fear. The resistance is real, you know. I think that’s
something…the webinar week. When we had the kickoff
call, you asked me, “Where are you gonna feel
the most resistance?” I told you, right off the bat,
it’s gonna be webinar week. – Which is strange for a guy
with a massive YouTube Channel. – Yeah, but that’s different,
talking to a camera somewhere in a forest or something, than having a live audience watching you. I wasn’t used to that,
presenting something. It was just a totally
new territory for me. And public speaking is one of the most feared things out there. – Yeah, but even for you? – Yeah, I’m just human. I’m just human, you know. – But you’re a good communicator too. But yeah, it’s a different thing. So what happened on webinar week? It’s week seven, it’s almost
near the end of the course, and let’s be honest, the
whole course builds up to this scenario, where
everyone gets to go in there. It’s where the rubber hits the road, and it’s whether you can
see if people actually vote with their credit cards. That’s when you know you either have a business or you don’t. And there’s a lot of pressure. What was it like for you? – I was quite anxious before
going live on the webinar. I had a subconscious fear,
and I was aware of it. The fear of failure. I think that’s why a lot of people hold back, including myself. I used to hold back
’cause a fear of failing. But I realised that if you
just go in there and do it, and go to where the fear
is, you will get results. You will blow yourself away, really. If you go in there with the
PMA and you’re optimistic, and you go in there with
your passion and you do it, I surprised myself. I was thinkin’, “If I sell one
product, I’m a happy camper.” And by the end of the webinar,
I checked and it was 13 or something like that. – 13, 13 sales. – [Janne] Yeah, with the one webinar. – How many people were on your webinar? – I think it was roughly 36
to 40, something like that. – [Brian] And you closed 13 of them. Like a 30% close rate. That’s strong. How did it feel? – Amazing, yeah. It felt very fulfilling. Very fulfilling, ’cause I put
a lot of work into everything and put a lot of heart
and passion into it. It’s very rewarding. – Did you do more webinars? – I did one more, yeah. – Okay. And you really inspired
the whole team, I thought. When people start seeing
the numbers you’re doing, and they were like, “Wow.” You’re putting it all together. But in my opinion, for me, maybe, my first 13 sales were some of the best. ‘Cause it’s like, “Wow,
someone trusts me.” Not only with their money. That’s not more the
point, but with their time and their brains, and they
wanna follow me on this course. And it happened because I did the webinar and went into the fear
and spent 40 minutes and they were like, “Wow, I
wanna go with this person.” – [Janne] Yeah, and I’m absolutely stoked. I’m doin’ little kickoff
consultations with the people that signed up to the six-week challenge, and already did a few
consultations with them. It’s just amazing to see
the different characters and the different people
that I’m dealing with, that I’m gonna be dealing
with for six weeks starting May 1st, we’re kickin’ off. I’m really excited. I’m actually goin’ in there
and doing another consultation, another 50-minute
consultation in the middle of the six weeks, just
to follow up on them. I’m goin’ all in on this one. – [Brian] Good, that’s
the best thing you can do. You’re gonna learn so
much from these people. You’re gonna turn it into a
great product, which means it’s a product, which means
it’ll work for 100 people or 1,000 people because
that way, you’ll stop doing these one on ones. One on ones are great,
they’re great touch points. Honestly, and you can
probably agree with this, they take a lot out of you. – [Janne] Oh yeah. – A lot of times, it’s even funny. Sometimes one on ones,
they get to a point where the person just expects you
to do the work for them. And it’s like, you need to make a product. That way, Janne can scale
and do great things. Hit those 10,000, 100,000 people. So what are your plans for
the next twelve months? – To continuously do webinars. I’ve fallen in love with
the zoom and everything. Seeing the people, being
able to communicate, doing the question and answers. So I’m definitely gonna stick to that and do that consistently. Creating a new YouTube channel,
which I’ve already done. Starting over, ’cause I think YouTube is a great distribution platform. I’ve helped a lot of
people through YouTube. The e-mails that I’ve gotten…it’s
absolutely overwhelming how impactful a video can be. Some person comes across
your video, sees it, they change their life, they’re inspired. So I’m gonna continue doing that, ’cause I know it helps people. I’m gonna continue doing
the one on one as well. I do like it. I just like watching people
go from a state of sickness to a state of wellness. It’s just amazing, the transformation. It’s ups and downs, but I just like that, working with people one on one as well. I’m gonna continue doing that. However, I also wanna
get a digital product, basically like the one that I have now, just an evolved version of that with the accountability
aspect that you have in the Business Accelerator,
which is just phenomenal. It just keeps you on point. ‘Cause you don’t wanna disappoint no one. You don’t wanna disappoint
your team leader. You don’t wanna disappoint
your team, and you don’t wanna disappoint yourself, either. So you just stick to it. You make sure you get everything done. That’s really effective,
that’s something I wanna incorporate into the
digital product as well. Just proceed with a
positive mental attitude. – [Brian] Yeah, I love it. And get your prime offering next. – [Janne] Absolutely,
still figure that out, what’s up there. Still a lot of work to do, to figure out, but I’m on it. – [Brian] Yeah, you’re on that course. Tell me about you. How have you changed in
the last eight weeks? If we went outside on the
street and bumped into Janne who hadn’t taken this course. How is he different than this guy? – Eight weeks ago, nine weeks
ago, I was an introvert, believe it or not. – [Brian] I don’t believe you! – Yeah, I was, I really was. I talk freely on camera, I
have no problem doing that, but I just didn’t wanna…very
isolated, to be honest with you, except for the
one on ones I was doing. I was working with people
there, and e-mail support. But I was an introvert,
and I’m not anymore. – A lot of YouTubers are introverts. – Interesting. – That’s the weird thing. But you’re not anymore? – No. And I must say that
this course was not only a business accelerator. It was a life accelerator,
but it was therapy. Eight weeks, so therapeutic. ‘Cause a lot of mental knots that I had, blockages, knots untied. Thanks to the accountability, and going to where the fear is, ’cause
there’s things on that accountability dock
that you don’t wanna do. But when you do it, you
go to where the fear is. And once you embrace the
fear, that’s where you grow. That’s where you grow the
most, and I really grew. I really did. It’s just mind blowing, truly. – [Brian] Yeah. And I got to watch it, and the whole team got to experience it, and
that’s why you’re here, talking to me as well. Dude, the sky is the limit for you. And you know that. It’s true for most people. The only thing gettin’ in your way is you. It’s all about having
that mental discipline every single day, to adopt that PMA. Go into that fear, and
then just always think, do it for someone else. Provide value out to
those people, deliver wow, and the weird thing is,
they’ll bring you with them, to the amazing places. – Another thing I wanted to say is just it’s important to not forget
why you’re doing what you do. When I had a fear of the webinar
or resistance, I was like, “Naw, man, you got some valuable
information up in your head “that can save lives, so get
it out there, and who cares “about your ego and the
fear that you’re feeling?” That really helped. And I always heard Penya’s
voice in the back of my head. (laughs) Callin’ me you-know-what. And that really helped. So I’m happy that I discovered Penya before the course as well,
’cause I kept hearing them in the back of my head every
time I felt resistance, and that was very helpful. – What was he saying to you? Calling you four letter words? – Yep. Stop being a you-know-what. – Whenever you have
that, you can visualise, maybe Janne from 2007
or 2005, and just think, what if he could have your info now? What if you could get him on the track? And you might not have made it. If you can think of
that one guy out there, but there’s so many of them. – [Janne] So many people suffering, and they don’t need to be. I think it’s my duty. My desire, my duty to
reach out and help others, after having brought myself out of those dark places I was at. – [Brian] Yeah, for sure. Last question, to someone
who’s on the fence, not sure if they should go
into the Business Accelerator or start a business, maybe
they should wait until things have quieted down or they
have more money, or la la la. What do you tell ’em? – Don’t wait. Do it now. All you got is now. Put things in perspective,
look at the bigger picture. You’re gonna experience yourself
leaving this body one day, leaving it behind. So live life now and go for it. Pull the trigger, go to where the fear is, and embrace it. It’s about the journey. Just embrace that, go for it. ‘Cause it’s our own
self-talk that holds us back. It’s an old paradigm. I can just encourage people
to do this, absolutely. It’s completely changed
me, changed my business, and I’m absolutely forever grateful to have pulled that trigger. – Brother, I’m grateful to
have you in this family. For the next twelve months
I’ll be watching you, and I know you’ll be leading the team and for them to just
manifest all of that stuff. Look, your energy is infectious. With you, it’s all about
just channelling it. It’s like they say the analogy
with a bullet and a gun. Without that barrel, it just
pops and it doesn’t go anywhere but if we can just get you
focused, and it’s already happening, down that barrel, the change you can make is incredible. Honestly, I’m watching you
right now, and I’m thinking where you’re gonna be in twelve months. The energy you have and the
intelligence you now have, and the drive, literally
you can be a guy that people I meet on the street are talking about. They’ll be like, “I can’t
believe you knew Janne “back in the day before
he started doing all these “great things for the world.” No pressure, but I’m expecting
a lot from you as well. So don’t let us down. – Hell no. – Make sure you go out
there and help these people because they need it. They need the PMA, they need
this whole programme you have. I wanna thank you. – Thank you. – So welcome to the family. – Thank you. – We say it’s about the journey. – Absolutely. – Let’s do some big things, yeah? All right, brother. – All right. Thanks. (upbeat music) – [Brian Voiceover]
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