[Full Movie] 千王之王 King of Gambler Return, Eng Sub 老千归来 | God of Gamblers 赌神电影 1080P

[Full Movie] 千王之王 King of Gambler Return, Eng Sub 老千归来 | God of Gamblers 赌神电影 1080P

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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome subscribe our channels. Directed by Xue Shao King of Gambler Return Boy Are you the king of gambler in south district? Overpraised Hey Are you the man who is crazy about losing money? Devils to Worry-Bro Gui? What are you talking about, kid? Do you know today I will win all of your tears? Okay Today I’m your student Tell me What do you want to play? You’re my guest You decide I’ve heard you are invincible on blackjack table Good Today Let’s play blackjack You are the fucking No.1 who dares to play blackjack with me one-to-one Cut 21 Hahaha You’re lucky I don’t depend on that but my capability Understand? Yo a single 5 want it or not? With a 5 I have 30% chance to get JQK 70% chance to get 21 Why should I give up? Hey, Bro Gui Go on You are not only the lucky one Come on Bro Gui I get 20 with 4 cards If my last card is Ace you lose Ace listens to you? Cockroach rules the world I want to see your last card Hurry Bro I’m sorry Flush You lose Awesome Qiu Yang You’re awesome Well, Bro Gui Who is gonna cry today should be you Take it Don’t crap Go on Yo Did you lose again? What are you doing, naughty? I’ve told you many times to put on more Hey hey hey What are you staring at? Young man Can you find a normal job? Get in Hello? I’ll move my car Qiu Yang, wait Did we come here by walking? Well? Do you know me? No First time Hello, Miss You’re beautiful How about be my friend? You should be Bro Gui’s sister Nice to meet you I’m Qiu Yang What’s your name? If you don’t go You’ll be in trouble Trouble? What kind of? Ahahah… Hey? Ah Fuck you Bro I… Hey Bro Misunderstanding Bro Ah What a shit! You You Cheater The same cards have been shown up for three times Why? Fuck off Old man Do you know who am I? Fuck you Don’t leave Give it back Go home and have a sleep Old man Leave if you don’t play Why are you yelling? Take him away Cheater Cheater You cheaters I was wrong I was wrong I was wrong Ah Bro Forgive me Forgive me This time I’ll teach you a lesson Bro, I was wrong I won’t do it again Take off your pants I swear I won’t do it again Take a photo as a souvenir Then you won’t do it again Plz forgive me Plz Take off Hello Yeah, Mr. Chen Hold on plz I’m going to pee If you can’t handle this I’ll handle you Don’t worry, bro Take off your pants Do it or not? Hurt It’s hurt Do it yourself or I do you a favor? I… do it myself That’s right Come on Attention More left Smile Good well done Qiu Yang Are you ok? Where is your coat? Qiu Yang I’ve lost all of your mother’s deposit I can’t face your mum I’m sorry for your mother Foster father Stop talking Let’s go go What should I do? Hum Oh Shit Ouch Ah Ah Qiu Yang Let’s go Hurry You Kid come I have some money Take it No, mum Go out and hide No, mum Take it Hide Don’t worry You’ll be ok When you come back no one will remember it Mum You’ll be fine, son Hope you’ll be fine outside, son Well Wanna be beat Ah well, no What’s your name? Meng Lan Meng Lan I like you Excuse me Wait, Meng Lan Even you like me now I can’t be with you I got a big trouble I need to go out and hide Don’t worry When I come back I’ll pick you up What are you talking about? Declaration? As you thought You’re cute Shall we kiss? No Well Next time QiuYang Kisses? Your fly is undone! Remember I’ll pick you up This way Ok ok Cousin Thanks Ok, ok, I know Ok See you tonight Cheers Come on Cousin You’re my brother Cousin Cousin Cousin Well When shall we start to work? Don’t worry I’m here I can cover you Whoo Cousin Rolex You’re good Of course You said You gave up gambling I said but Nothing else I can do I tell you first In urban city there is only money no human kindness But thank you for teaching me the gambling skills at home Hey, cousin When do you plan to go home? Are you kidding? Go home? Well Do you want to go home? I don’t achieve anything When I succeed… We’ll see Hey, cousin Give me 5 years I can buy you a big house How about it? Romantic? It is called romantic if you give me half of your earning We are here you and me Keep it up Come on Cheers In this big city To rent this house with your price is lucky You’re lucky to find this good house I tell you my house has good Fengshui There was a renter came here with nothing but now he has a big house in the urban city Listen to me don’t ruin any of my facilities They’re expensive such as furniture and lamp Young man Give me the rent on time You look cute If you don’t have a dream, what’s the difference between you and a salted fish? Mr. Lei My fellow townsman Look for a job Tian You Do you think everyone can work here? Oh Don’t worry This man I guarantee he is good Greet Mr. Lei Mr. Lei What’s your name? Qiu Yang When were you born? Nov.16, 1988 Scorpio Scorpio has strong loyalty and desire for revenge Show me your hand With good palmistry Loyal Half of man’s success depends on loyalty Thanks Mr. Lei Thank you Where is your soul? Mr.Lei wants you Qiu Yang Mr. Lei Are you hiding something from me? No, Mr. Lei You’re a cheater What do you mean? You killed a gang member at your home place Mr. Lei You knew it Nothing can be hidden under my eyes Mr. Lei I know what to do? Pardon me I’ll go Qiu Yang Stop You wanna go? Mr. Lei Young man Well done Hahaha The gang member you killed his uncle is a big cheater He is called Ghost Hand He cheated my money I knew you had killed his nephew yesterday I am happy How could I let you go? Hahaha Mr. Lei You mean I can stay here Well Since you’re good at gambling there is a big client from Tai Wan I planned to send some good ones you’re here you can handle this Don’t worry It’s my time, Mr. Lei Good I’m out Hahaha I’ve told you today is my lucky day I must win win win Hey You have been yelling the whole night Done yet? Well if you don’t want to hear you can cover your ears, can’t you? Deal Man do you know how to deal? I already have 3 cards Don’t crap Hurry up Deal, deal I wait to win Friend You look like in a hurry Yes How about this time we raise the stakes? 20 points 21points Go on 21 points Qiu Yang You deserved Don’t tell Tian You Hey Miss An Qi You forgot your cellphone What’s wrong? You win my money everyday Hey you needn’t to cry Everytime I have good cards to win but yours are better than mine Hey You should be happy to play cards or why do you play? Right? You’re a cheater Teach me, ok? Teach me Plz Teach me how to play Ok ok ok Ok I teach you Really? Yes Let’s go drink chat first and then you teach me OK But I can’t find my purse No problem It’s on me I take you to drink Red Wine of 82 Years Take it An Qi I’m Qiu Yang I am too drunk to remember your name I’m An Qi I have forgotten your name Qiu-Yang- Do you have someone you like? Of course I’ll take some wine This is what I liked Are you kidding? The one you liked is poker? I haven’t met any good man so that poker is my lover Dear do you love me? I… Dear do you love me? I love you All in all she is a very rich widow She inherited her husband’s property after his death and started a new life How much does she have? 50 million Who are they talking about? Miss An Qi Such a rich target can’t be shot by the others How much do you want from her? I think 20 million is ok At least 30 million Only by this way can An Qi quit gambling and won’t bring us any trouble Fine 30 million Who’s going to plan this? As routine I set up her and she keeps watch Just you two? Of course one more Who will go with us I think Qiu Yang, you go Women like Qiu Yang A handsome and good man good at sex Hahaha You knew his skills? Mr. Lei I think Tian You is better he is more suitable No no no Miss Rui was right I need a trusted man in your cooperation this time Tian You Next time is yours Mr. Lei, I listen to you Who do you think is the best one to win An Qi’s money? Fat is the best one An Qi was taken here by Fat They called each other sister Although Fat wins her she won’t doubt Well We win her a little and then lose it all Lose again This time lose her 10 milllion at last time we increase chips and win them all There mustn’t be any mistakes or we’ll go bankrupt Don’t worry, Mr. Lei Everything is under my control What’s wrong, darling? An Qi Never come here since tomorrow Is it because I won too much? They want to win your money and lose the money to you on purpose Who are they? Mir, Rui Mis. Rui and Fat They colluded with each other You’re naive However don’t be here again or it is dangerous to you I’m leaving Mr. Lei Qiu Yang Get in She is here Who? Get in Hey Qiu Yang You’re late We just finished Join us No You continue I’ll have a seat It seems I’m lucky today Never mind Let’s show hand 20 million Is it enough From now on This time all of us show hand Since you guys want to play big Why should I be absent? I’m in Whoo It is so exciting I have no lighter Dear, light it for me Since it is a big game I’m in Well your cards look good Mine is ok too I’m in with 10 million Can you two flirt at home? I’m all in Go on Well Show me Excuse me I’m 20 Ah Hahaha Hahaha I’m gonna be rich I can change a new Ferrari I got 2 points Why shouldn’t I go on? Deal Okay It seems I’m lucky too Go on Go on Is it true? 21 points It’s all mine It’s all mine Mine, mine Cousin Do you have any news about An Qi? Of course no Do you have any? Mr. Lei has lost all his money earned in the casino His old age may depend on begging How about Mr. and Mis. Rui He couldn’t earn money from Mr. Lei any more He went home with Mis. Rui I have no news about them Look at you you are not a Top Gambler and fooled by a woman Shameful Ok, ok, cut it Hey, cousin How about we go home together? Although we didn’t earn any I have some deposit When we go back we can do business together You can go I won’t It’s your money not mine How will people judge me? I went here two years earlier than you You can do business with your money but I have nothing Cousin We shouldn’t care about their opinions I care I’ve said before I must go back with glory But look at me I’m worse than before Then do you know anywhere we can gamble? How about we make a plan to win a good round? You can own the money I don’t want any then we can go home together How can I find a table for you in a rush? But there is one If we cooperate well there shouldn’t be any problem Ok That’s it Come on, cheers Are you a bodyguard? Are you afraid can’t take your money? Don’t be like this I’m Zhang Xizhi I won’t do that shameful dirty We are the same you shouldn’t do this Just relax with a cup of tea Silver Horn Silver Horn Yes, boss Would you take this man who can shake his boobs to have a drink? Come with me, man Go That’s right Close the door Be smart Come out when I call you Just we three play Texas Hold’em Poker? Young man, you’re good at joking There is a gorgeous lady later Come in Do you know each other? Do you know me? Nope See you the first time I said she is gorgeous Look at your straight eyes Hello I’m Tian You What’s yours? Call me Meng Lan Well, well, well Good atmosphere Set rules before gambling Let me win your money clearly Hey Haven’t started yet Why do you know you’ll win? Easy, young man I’m joking I never play joke with strangers Are we familiar? Be familiar? slowly we are familiar What do we play? You’re the boss You decide You’re my guests Today it’s up to you I’ve heard you’re good at playing Dalaoer Then today we play Dalaoer Young man you’re good, good As international routine each card equals 5000 I’m ok Go ahead When we get Slam is the Double limited? limitless or limited limitless Awesome, young man I’ve found the young people are awesome but I like them Deal Excuse me I got club 3 Three kings and Treys Straight 4 Q How big it is Spade 2 Bad start From now on each card equals 10000 ok? Spade 2 Next each card equals 20000 ok Three kings You lost again Kid next each card equals 50000 Excuse me I’m going to the toilet Qiu Yang Look we have won a lot Don’t worry I can win more How much will I lose today? Ah Mr. Zhang You’re… I’ll open the window What’s wrong? What are you looking at? Money on my butt? Cut They’re not smelly Anything wrong with your nose? They are smelly Sorry I got club 3 Four of a kind 3 Straight Only four cards only four Four of a kind A Hahaha This time you didn’t show the Spade 2 Then if I’m correct 256 times in total 12 million 650 thousand 8765 Call it an integer 12 million 650 thousand 8000 Divided into 12 periods each period each month 1 million and 54 thousand You need to pay me more than 1 million a month For your young people it’s a piece of cake Bro Wang Siler Horn Bro Wang Silver Horn You called for me, boss Bring me that that IOU contract There was a kid who didn’t pay me… Do you want to know what happened to him? Money I’ll pay you ASAP How long? ASAP I’m leaving This man didn’t say thanks for our help and he cheated Mr. Lei’s money It is nice to him for I didn’t chop his hands For this shit I need you to show up Thanks I’m ok As you ordered I’ll try my best How? It has been almost a month If he can’t pay What should we do? Do you know peanut grows in the earth? Even this dry nut can be extracted with oil Hahaha Hahaha Get up It’s useless Just give up What do you wanna do? This question should be mine It is reasonable for you to pay me Well It is written clearly on the paper with your fingerprint I didn’t refuse to pay but I don’t have that much What a bullshit How can you pay me without money? A few days I can pay you a few days later I’ve searched your house There isn’t a penny You haven’t earned any money in months Do you think I’m foolish? Beat Enough Don’t misunderstand I won’t sell you as a pimp It is convenience for you You can’t pay me Your kidneys are valuable They’re worth your two-month debt If you can’t pay me later I’ll sell your corneas and then your heart, lungs all of your organs Don’t stare at me You can’t pay me and I have nothing can do Fuck you How did you tie him? Do you believe I can sell your kidneys? Disable his hands Keep yelling Hey call doctor Wang I want his kidneys tonight Wait a second 2 million Let him go Boss, correct A beauty saves a waste Is it worth? It’s none of your business Let him go You want me to release him with only 2 million Am I a bagger? You… You’re good, toy boy Someone wants you Enough Let him go I can do that but your 2 million is my interest Next month as usual If you can’t afford get your kidneys prepared You let him go I can pay his debt Don’t trouble him Ah? Did I hear that right? Interesting I make it a deal Don’t, Meng Lan Shut up Did I agree? Fine I can let him go and let you repay him But can you afford it? I’ll try my best if I can’t, the rest I can pay with my body Hahaha Interesting Deal Don’t do that, Meng Lan Don’t betray yourself Shut up! Don’t forget what you said Let’s go Qiu Yang Qiu Yang Have something tomorrow I send you to bus station Why did you do this? There’s no why just help you You needn’t to sell your body to Zhang Xizhi I’m guilt to you Where did you get that much money? I get it from selling you out Sold me out? What do you mean? You idiot You were played by Zhang Xizhi He gave me money to frame someone up But I didn’t know it’s you To see a woman’s underwear means something bad was gonna happen No, it’s impossible my cousin was there he’s with me He couldn’t play tricks You naive man The one who switched cards for Zhang Xizhi was Tian You There’s no big problem if we brothers cooperate well Qiu Yang Qiu Yang Well give me your cellphone I’ll call Tian You Why are you looking at me? Am I funny? Cellphone Cellphone Cellphone, give it to me Even you want to hurt me? Don’t forget I saved you Why why why… Don’t come back Only stay alive can we meet Why do you do this to me? However, you’ve proposed to me and now you’ll die Why should I hesitate? My life is yours now if you want just take it Six months later Man what’s wrong with your hand? Stop him Qiu Yang Bro Gui… Listen to me Listen to me It’s Zhang Xizhi who did that in order to frame me up Meng Lan was trapped by him because of saving my life Bro Have a think I’d rather die than betray Meng Lan Unexpected you were betrayed by your cousin Yeah I just knew about that casino was such a dark place You’re not the worst Wanna know my story? Do you remember Moriya we played cards before? Boss You’re here He is Gui Boss I’m Gui Don’t be constrained Have a seat Where is Gui? How could I know? I’m asking you Are you nonsense, fuck off How could you be here? You’ve told me you get a new job Why are you here? You wanna die? Go home Boss Yeah Ya Take this to the boss of west district And this is your bonus Thank you Don’t make any mistake to this suitcase Pay my money back or I kill you Mr. Zhao be patient It just begins we have enough time Thank you Next round Deal Mr. Zhang last week’s Ah Zhang Xizhi Brother Don’t move Don’t move Boss Don’t Brother Gui Can’t imagine you had a glory time Hey, Bro Gui Joking Cheers Gui How about we go to save Meng Lan? How? I’ve got a plan You and me make enough money from those small casinos and find Zhang Xizhi later He won’t let her go but this man is confident with his gambling Only gamble can we have hope Ok Let’s do it Save my sister Qiu Yang We did good Money is almost there next we need to plan to find Zhang Xizhi Where are you going? How do you do? Fine How do you do? Where are you hurry to go? How about have a meal together? I’ve had mine It’s ok, you can have more I’ve something to do Really? I’ve been finding you Stop Why did you treat me like this? Treat you like this? How did you treat me? What did I do? Your greed sold me out to Zhang Xizhi It’s me So what? Why? Who are you? Answer me How many restaurants do you have with your earning? I helped with your job, your promotion Have you ever repaid me? You’re better in gambling and everything else than me That’s it? You ungrateful bastard Since you sold me out you should have a better life, shouldn’t you? What’s wrong with you now? I was sold out by Bro Rui What do you mean? They planned that gambling game That time we cheated An Qi with her money was actually their plan to cheat Mr. Lei’s money You mean An Qi was one of them? They’ve colluded with each other to approach you You were part of the plan and you were the Scapegoat Cousin Take care of yourself I’m sorry Qiu Yang That girl, Meng Lan was taken to Big Snake’s Hello, Gui Qiu Yang I found Meng Lan She is not at Zhang Xizhi’s but in Big Snake’s casino Be careful, I’ll be there Don’t worry, I must save her out Hang up Stop Who are you? I’m looking for Big Snake, your boss is he there? No I ask you again Where is him? None of your fucking business You’d better fucking tell me Fucking troublemaker Wanna be in trouble? Yo I was wondering who is there Don’t quarrel He is the one who almost killed me It’s me I am regret not killing you Asshole, watch your words Leave him alone It’s ok Tell me Where is Meng Lan? Meng Lan? Who is she? Do you know? No Do you? I don’t know We don’t know about her I ask you again where is Meng Lan? Are you fucking going to answer me? That’s right Money is here Meng Lan? Gui’s sister right? Follow me Boss Sit Meng Lan Your Mr. right comes to save you You can’t take her away with this little money I’ve heard you’re a gamble cheater How about we take a round? What’s your rule? Once for all Chop a hand who wins If Meng Lan wins The money stays she stays and she chops your hand by herself What if I am the winner? You win you can take her with you The money stays and one of your hands Why do you need his hand even he wins? We make a living with hands Don’t you think it is exciting? Today Your chip is your hand It’s quite simple Ace is the biggest one card for each Cuff them Well Let’s begin Are you crazy? I’ve told you don’t come back My life is yours Where can I go? 100% you’ll lose Meng Lan remember I’ll stare at your eyes the whole time I must take you out of here Yo You can’t forget to flirt Hurry up Turn it over Hahaha If you win her this IOU can be burned Am I good? Get your lighter prepared In my opinion Take your action first Turn it over You cheated Someone grabs his hands Chop it You liar Shameful Shut up Qiu Yang You said if she won you need my hand If I won you need one too But you didn’t say whose hand Shit, you are kidding me Is it not deep enough? Light me a cigarette Fuck you Call yourself a tough man? What are you doing? Here you are Fuck I’m sorry Excuse me Did I agree to let you go? We had a deal I will let you go but I didn’t say when It is early how about have a dinner? Asshole I learnt it from you Don’t move I’ll shoot if who moves Brother Don’t frighten me with such a toy gun Fire if you got balls Ok ok ok I’m kidding don’t be serious I let you go You can go Motherfucker Don’t show up in front of me Qiu Yang Take my sister away The hot-pot is delicious I think we can open a hot-pot restaurant Right? Wife Who’s your wife? You are Why are you confident that I’ll stay with you? Because of your true-love tears that were falling down when your pulled out the knife Hey hey hey Did I agree with your private engagement? Yeah, my brother hasn’t agreed Well, you’d better convince him first I tell you It is a joke if you want to marry my sister without tens of million You money grubbers Tens of million Where could I get? We work together with our agreement We’re invincible Brother Can we give up gambling? Gui I think she is right we shouldn’t gamble any more Ok I can do anything only if my sister is happy Then let’s make a last bet Look at you If you can dope out how many fish balls in my bowl I don’t interrupt you Hey, Gui I’m good at playing cards while you let me guess a riddle Overqualified Hurry up Don’t crap if you can’t or you’re wrong my sister won’t be yours Alright I guess Hurry up Ok I’ve already known How many? The answer is none I just took two Your answer is none Sister, take a look clearly Where are my fish balls? My fish balls? Hey, I don’t have any Where did you hide them? Not in my bowl Bro Gui It’s my skill Hand of God You cheater Not here My fish balls? Not here Give them back Not here I ate them Why did you sell him out? What? I said She can’t be sold She is mine Relax I can find you a better one If your brain is not good you should listen well Your uncle is smart but why do you look like a stupid? Your eyes look good Silver Horn Yes, boss Call doctor Wang and ask him if he wants eyeballs? Yes, boss I give you two days If you can’t take her back Watch out your eyeballs and I’m going to skin you To skin him you’d better ask me if I agree first


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