Game Theory: Did I Find Fortnite’s SECRET Lore? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Game Theory: Did I Find Fortnite’s SECRET Lore? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Hey guys, it’s your boy gummy rice here today to do another round of Fortnite videos You know me I never play video games on this channel But I did last week and a look at those numbers clearly Fortnite is all you guys want that half-naked chick on the thumbnail probably affected nothing at all But first we gotta find ourselves a girl willing to get almost naked on camera But not fully naked since you know got to keep those YouTube dollars flowing in Flexing on the fans hey yo generic friend your girlfriend is right there even though She’s a human being who can think and act on her own can I treat her like an object by asking you her? Obviously male keeper whether I can borrow her so she can get almost naked in one of my videos *Clicking noises* [???] Yes, and yes *music* Alright boys we got fortnite fired up over here. I got boobs McGee over here so boobs for each kill I’m gonna need you to remove one article of clothing you okay with that doesn’t matter already cleared it with your boyfriend. Let’s do this Aw so close Come on just more game beginner’s luck if we’re oh Aw so close Come on that’s clearly a hacker! Can I have another game can’t have another game. I swear, I’m gonna do it this time. Oh what what a noob tactic? Alright boys so that was strip fortnite make sure you drop a like for more and as always Follow me on the Instas gummy rice out *Intro Music* Hello Internet welcome to game theory. The show that’s honestly just depressed that this guy is hitting ten million subscribers before us Wait how long did the rape last for my mentor list okay? So it’s not that bad. No, but did it feel good *Airhorn* Anyway one way he and a bunch of other youtubers and streamers are surging up the charts these days is by playing Fortnite a game That spread like wildfire across the internet if you haven’t heard of it you must be living under a rock and Honestly, you’re probably under that rock hoping for some alone time to play more fortnight’s just when everyone thought PUBG Was untouchable fortnite surged to overtake its player count and just doubled PUBG’s viewership on Twitch the game is addictive wait Maybe I should watch what I say Good Morning America might take that quote out of Context form or scare tactics against video games this has a new game called This is a new game called fortnite and some parents are worrying their kids are spending way too much time at the controls AYY STOP I OH WAY Real quick will aim on the topic of that Good Morning America story I’m currently working on a meta theory about gamers battle royale games and how Personalities are linked to the games that we choose to play, but I need your guys’s help after this episode There’s actually a link to a secure online Survey that I created that I would love to have you fill out Link is in the top line of the description for you guys to fill out It should only take you about 10 minutes total so please I would love to have you be a part of an upcoming game theory episode and honestly helping me to defend fortnight and Gaming as a whole against those people who are trying to tear us down Or give us a bad name. That is what some of these upcoming theories are all about anyway Anyway, that’s all for a future video. Today I want to talk about something that fortnight is lacking story Oh sure, there’s the save the world mode, but let’s face it it requires players to work together And it costs $40 to play no duh It’s a mode that no one cares about and even if you did care about it Which you know? I have to as a part of this show the story just amounts to oh look here’s a purple storm that appeared one day and it summon zombies don’t die that is literally the Extent of what epic games came up with in the six years that fortnight has been in development Or at least that’s all they’ve revealed to players so far But I think there’s a bit more story lurking under the surface here I think that the developers have already started hiding clues as to where they’d like to go with the story of this game by the Time of its full release or at least they had those intentions, but will probably struggle pull themselves away from the gobs of money They’re making on battle royale mode to fully flesh those sorts of things out so for me and the litter one person on the fortnight forums who simply posted lore Questionmark I wanted to step in and fill in some of the gaps What is the story of Fortnite? Beyond purple cloud equal zombies the only thing we need now is even the slightest understanding of what’s going on today I’m gonna give you Exactly that Our first clue as to the real lore of this game comes from the opening cutscene and saves the world mode after your character runs To the vendor tech home base You meet ray the robotic assistant who’s your guide throughout the rest of the PvE mode, but what’s interesting here isn’t what’s said But rather what’s shown if you look closely at Ray’s clipboard as she talks about plans to overcome the storm. You’ll notice some drawings Specifically a drawing of a rocket and two planets orbiting what appears to be the Sun, and if you’re wondering What’s the deal with that circle and the two dotted circles on either side of it if I were to guess that’s the developers trying To show the movement of that orbiting planet and to show that the characters were trying to launch the rocket to land on that planet As it’s moving through its orbit And we know that this is the Sun in the middle for two reasons first Just notice that classic Sun starbursts around that center circle meaning that this is definitely a star But secondly notice this small arrow between the inner and outer rings pointing counterclockwise This is an important detail because all eight planets in the solar system orbit the Sun in the direction that the Sun is rotating the Sun rotates in a counterclockwise direction Exactly like the diagram is showing here now. What’s interesting about this when it comes to fortnite Story, is that there are only two planets shown on this diagram presumably representing Mercury and Venus the two closest planet to the Sun And it looks like the rocket is traveling from the first ring looking to land on the planet in the second ring that little bit Right there off the second ring looks more like a label than a flight trajectory. Also if the rocket was launching from Earth Why wouldn’t there be a third ring in this diagram in other words what I’m saying here Is that these diagrams hint at the possibility that Fortnite might not be taking place on earth? Like many have assumed but rather on another planet or more Specifically the second planet from the Sun Venus now first might seem ridiculous but the more you look at it the more the fasts Just lineup first the game never explicitly says what planet we’re on I dug through everything and I do mean Everything in the game and its promotional materials and all of it all of it uses the word world Not earth save the world mode You are the world’s best heroes even this quote that appeared early in the game’s promotional cycle Reclaiming this mysterious world won’t be easy well earth isn’t a mysterious world you would just say Reclaiming earth if that’s what the goal of the game was so in addition to Ray’s cutscene diagram It seems like epic games have definitely been leaving open the possibility of the events fortnite taking place on a different planet even the shots we see of this world from outer space look nothing like Earth at the end of the first mission and saved the World mode you launch a satellite into space which spits back this shot of the fortnight planet now I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t look like any landmass I’ve ever seen on a globe or map, but it does look like this landmass on Venus Especially if you’re using maps of terraformed Venus basically how Venus would look if it had the same amount of water as Earth even Size wise that continent we see on fortnite’s planet and this landmass I just pointed out on the surface of Venus roughly match up and how much of the planet’s surface they actually take up trust me I did the math speaking of math and sizes of land masses in this game This is kind of a side note, but I had nowhere else to put this in the script And I thought you guys would get a kick out of it currently There is no defined size of the island in fortnight’s many fans think that each large box on the in-game map is equal to one square kilometer because That’s how PUBG measures however That simply isn’t the case I did a bunch of measurements back when the map was divided into a 7×7 grid And it took one minute and 15 seconds to run across each grid square on the map at top speed if it were truly one kilometer each then the players would be running at 13 meters per second or or 29 miles per hour that’s faster than Usain Bolt sprinting at top speed so for fun I went and calculated out the actual size of the island now east of Griese Grove there’s a crashed battle bus that battle bus closely resembles a vision school bus design created by the Manufacturer of Bluebird now assuming that they have similar specifications the bus should measure at about 40 feet or 12 meters long Using pixel measurements with the battle buses our ruler. We’re able to determine that each grid on the map would be a much more manageable 330 meters long one Thousand eighty two feet with a size like that it means that each player is running at a max speed of four point four meters per second or 10 miles per hour Since the map the time with seven boxes wide and since the island itself hasn’t changed size only the grids on the map have got Smaller we can determine that the entire map is defined to by two thousand three hundred ten meters by two thousand three hundred and ten meters or just under a 7580 foot square So even if you loyal Fortniters don’t buy anything about today’s theory you can at least walk away with some new knowledge about the scale of the game that you’re Playing anyway back to Venus watching players jumping in the game It’s immediately clear that the gravity and fortnight is actually less than it is on earth because Venus is slightly smaller than Earth it Too has a lower gravity making it a closer match to the jumping behavior that we see in the game But perhaps the biggest connection to Venus as the setting a fortnight is the main feature of the game The storm a purple thunderstorm that can kill humans in seconds first Let’s talk about the storms rain now clearly this isn’t your average rain storm? It’s enough to rapidly eat away at your hell killing heroes and battle royale hopes and dreams in mere Seconds this means that this isn’t your normal rain it has to be something much more deadly something that can kill you on contact But what can possibly rain down from the sky and eat away at your body well Venus once again has the answer? Acid rain for those of you dozed off during eighth grade science class the pH scale measures the ratio between hydrogen ions and hydroxide molecules in the liquid the scale ranges from zero acids that have a high presence of hydrogen ions to 14 faces which possess a hide presence of hydroxide molecules a pH of Seven is neutral now on earth We absolutely have acid rain But barely does it get below a pH of four that’s basically the acidity of tomato juice or a soda It’s just too diluted to cause any major damage You can stand out in it, and you’re gonna be just fine But on Venus acid rain has taken to a whole new level where literally it rains battery acid from the sky or more specifically Sulfuric acid stuff with a pH of one as soon as sulfuric acid would touch her hero skin it would start to corrode Burning and blistering the skin getting drenched in the stuff like you see in Fortnight would absolutely Cause death in seconds and believe it or not, but the in-game evidence absolutely lines up Not only is it deadly to players, but notice those electric sparks around the characters as they run to escape from the storm well That would even more clearly point towards acid rain as the high number of charged ions floating around in the sulfuric acid actually make for An excellent electrical conductor, it’s very good for our evidence It’s very bad for the survivors slowly getting eaten alive by husks and death ray and if you want even more evidence for acid rain in the game notice the peeling paint of buildings the rusting on metal structures and Even the lack of fishing loot lake all three of these are classic signs of acid raining down from the sky Even the trees of the game support this conclusion acid rain Absolutely kills trees, but not in the way that you might think contrary to popular belief acid rain doesn’t make trees rot But instead kills them through a process known as phototoicity it basically makes the plants more sensitive to light the main symptoms of this sort of light sensitivity are Saturated hue’s on the trees and a uniform color found throughout the leaves rather than a more natural gradient the trees In fortnite exhibit both saturated hue’s and uniform colours in leaves A sign of either acid rain induced phototoxicity or a game with a simple cartoony aesthetic. I’ll let you be the judge Oh, do you print you want to see me bathing in the purple rain? Huh so I can be corroded to death and you can take the Battle Royale victory for yourself I don’t think so even the weather patterns that we see on the planet and the overall spread of the storm across the planet’s surface Put it on Venus now This is going really deep, but hopefully you guys appreciate this you notice how in this opening shot We see the reflection of the Sun here on the surface of the planet well that helps us establish that the planet is rotating Horizontally now look at how the storm spreads across the planet also horizontally straight across the surface This is actually abnormal based on atmospheric circulation patterns on earth the atmosphere actually Circulates upwards towards the colder poles it’s actually a pretty complicated System in part because the Earth rotates so quickly but on Venus where the planet rotates So slowly the weather rushes horizontally across the planet Constantly as cold air from the dark side of the planet rushes in to replace the warm air from the sunlit path and that is exactly what we see in fortnite’s a horizontal sweep across the planet just like Venus’s weather spreading in a way that is very different from how a similar storm on earth would behave now I know what you’re gonna say. It’s just a game and they didn’t think about any of this They made some purple clouds and added zombies, and yeah You know what you’re absolutely right well except for that diagram at the beginning, and the repeated use of the word world I think those indicate that they had other plans for the series that don’t involve earth anyway what I’m offering with this episode is an explanation an out for epic games if you will giving them an answer that they didn’t get around to in the six years of developing fortnite putting the Events of fortnite on Venus pits not only the slim bits of lore that currently exists in the game But also works from a scientific angle well everything But the purple clouds try as I might I couldn’t get that to make sense anywhere on a separate But related research note the gas argon is used in neon signs because it glows purple when it occurs just runs through it But no Planet actually has enough argon in its atmosphere to recreate what we see in fortnight and even though scientists were surprised at the amount of argon That actually exists in Venus’s atmosphere It actually wasn’t enough to make a viable case and try to shoehorn it into the episode trust me I tried But I honestly didn’t want to stretch the facts that thin animal on the topic of stretching the facts for though you are truly Hardcore enough to question this episode by saying Venus doesn’t have water thus invalidating Everything we’ve just covered in this episode well you’re only partially right Venus doesn’t have water now despite being our sister planet in both size and Distance to the Sun he is a nightmarish hellscape You ever wonder why we’re sending probes to Pluto and not spending more time exploring Venus It’s because scientists are no joke afraid of Venus it literally destroys any probes that we send onto the planet within an hour of them landing and for good reason at 484 degrees Celsius or 903 degrees Fahrenheit the surface of Venus is hot enough to melt lead it is hotter than even mercury which is half the distance to the Sun literally in the sun’s armpit the atmospheric pressure on Venus equals about 90 Earth atmospheres that means standing on the surface of Venus would feel like you’ve gone one Kilometer underwater or over half a mile underwater here on earth. You know how awful It is to be a few feet underwater. This is half a mile underwater That is how intense the pressure would be on your body it’d be like taking a car Compressing it down to a square inch and then covering every bit of your body in those super dense car cubes And it’s all because of Venus’s global warming 97% of Venus’s atmosphere is made of carbon dioxide Which means the surface of the planet is superheated and never cools off? But here’s where it all works in the context of fortnite it was his always that way in In 2006 scientists came to the conclusion that Venus had a period when it was filled with water. Quote Everything points to there being large amounts of water here in the past That’s a quote from Colin Wilson a professor of Oceanic Atmospheric and planetary physics at Oxford University and a member of the team that made this discovery Venus used to be just like Earth and that is the story that epic games can tell through Fortnite one of a young terraformed Venus and Earth 1.0. Being destroyed by a rampant storm a planet that humans need to rock it off of and escape from either to earth or to mercury it’s a story that works from Easter eggs already in the game from the Diagram to the wording of the promotional materials to the design of the planet viewed from outer space It’s also a story that works with real-life Science from the history of Venus to its acid rain to the weather patterns present on the planets overall setting the events of fortnite on the planet Venus is a story that would work and a story that Be pretty darn unique and at the very least it’d be a whole lot better than the big heaping helping of nothing that we’re all Currently working with but hey, that’s just a theory a game Theory, thanks for clicking the link in the description and helping to fill out that survey I talked to you about earlier in this episode again Again this is you helping me with an upcoming episode of game theory you know that you’ll be a part of that episode and honestly It’s an episode I’m angling to be one that defends us gamers against the onslaught of traditional media hate So it went across the board all it takes is for you to take ten minutes out of your day and fill out the survey Thank you so much, and hey before you leave. I have a final challenge for you in the next five seconds Can you comment below? Whether you’re a PUBG fan or fortnite fan both or neither and then hit that subscribe button? I don’t know if you have the reflexes fast enough to do it. I’ll start the countdown five four three two one Did you do it? I’ll tell you the results of your comments And the survey in the next fortnight theory coming up in the next few weeks and now that you’re subscribed you won’t miss it by the way have you ever thought about how the color you choose for your outfit in a video game affects your overall performance in that game check out my episode on the psychology of color theory it’s the box to the right in a Game like fortnite should you be choosing red skins or blue skins to ultimately get that number one ranking well You’ll have to watch the episode to find out in the meantime. I will see you all next week *Music*


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