Game Theory: Does Fortnite Make You VIOLENT? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Game Theory: Does Fortnite Make You VIOLENT? (Fortnite Battle Royale)


  1. The reason IDUBRZ are choosing pacifist is because of experience I felt like that to when I first started (I am a PUBNITER A.K.A fortnite) but now with more experience I have a more engaging way of playing! Just saying…

  2. Ive noticed this personally (though i never realised) I used to be a lot more introverted and when I played fortnite i would play more passive, but now im more aggressive and have been more extroverted than I used to be. So thats pretty cool and im happy to notice this

  3. Dude I'm watching the news and the newsman called fortnite violent but truly if there's no blood and no bodies laying on the floor then its not violent

  4. I identify as a elderich being of madness

    age: [REDACTED]

    occupation: disguised as a SCP foundation scientist. fake name: Dr Clef

  5. I'm a pacifist lol. Yesterday I was in a fight with someone in fortnite so I used a shockwave grenade to get him away from me lol

  6. The video doesn't say lies but there is just one problem the research! Self-reported research is criticized kinda often or almost every time so I dunno if this video is the trusted source

  7. Asking people to rate something from 1 to 10 is useless data. – For example, how bad is it before it gets rated 1, and how good must something be to be rated 10. And there's no way to estimate a perfect linear scale, so the scale will be logarithmic, but a logarithm can have different curves. So everyone will have their own curve, with their midpoint somewhere else. – Adding all these variables together, makes it very random, so the data is useless. – Sure, we can still say "7 is slightly above average", but what is average? And how much is "slightly above" adding? And everyone can't be slight above average … on average, everyone is average. That is what average is.

  8. i recorded alot of my personalty and my agression rate is in fact around 20% ( fun fact: i play strategist games and sandbox games like dragon quest builders and plaque INC ) ( edit was adding the fun fact)

  9. Well, This video brings a lot of information, but you just say that it could be that if you are more agressive you tend to play that game without giving us any certain prove.

  10. This experiment is sadly horrible. The results don't matter. First with all the age and gender difference half the responses were probably jokes second you have to ask if their behavior changed lately because you don't know if they became an introvert thinker after they played the game or thats what they were before. There are many other parts that are wrong about this but I can make a video about this

  11. For me, it depends on the stuff. In the real world I think about people’s feelings, but if I’m playing shooters, I go for strategy. And if I’m playing a game like Pokemon, wandering and catching em all, I am pretty chill

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