Game Theory: Does Fortnite Make You VIOLENT? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Game Theory: Does Fortnite Make You VIOLENT? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Sup fam it’s your boy back for another round of fortnite videooooos. Today We’re gonna mix things up a bit. It’s the lick or strip challenge. For every kill I get to choose whether a guest removes one piece of clothing or I can lick them. No joke, this is a real thing. Seriously. It’s a real thing. Brittany is our guest today! Hey, who are you? Yeah, Brittany couldn’t make it, so I’m your guest names Dave [Nervous mumbles] Okay, let’s do this. Today’s guest is Sweaty Dave. Don’t expect too many kills today guys. Don’t run into the grenade you idiot. Fine take off the damn hat Noob all you had to do was shoot me, shoot me! Shoe Darn it, other shoe. Why aren’t you wearing any socks? Keeps my feet cool I tend to get a bit hot. Shut up Sweaty Dave Why is everyone so bad today? Ugh? Lick or strip, uh shirt, I guess. Oh, thank goodness. It was getting hot in here. Ugh Nooooooooo! Last choice cuz let me tell you if I don’t wear socks I bet you can guess what else I don’t wear. No! Please lick, lick then [Music builds] [Game Theory Theme] Hello Internet welcome to Game Theory. A show that as always couldn’t exist without you and with regards To the days episode that’s especially true as an astounding 330,000 of you who saw my last video on Fortnight helped to make this theory of reality by taking our poll about gaming habits And your personality type. Guys that kind of support is overwhelming Most scientific papers that I read for this series have, like, a thousand people participating, if they’re lucky And if they’re paid. So thank you seriously Thank you so much and without even having to crunch the numbers there were some findings that I think that science will be very Interested to explore further like the fact that apparently there are over 600 different genders You know I’ve always taken pride knowing that we have a diverse audience watching, but I never in my wildest dreams Imagined it was so diverse to include people who self-identify as everything from a 1960s era Coca Cola bottle to a weaponized Toaster I’ve heard that gender is a spectrum and all that but can someone explain to me Whether gay jalapeno is to the left or right of literal piece of human fecal matter. Oh, and by the way to the 1610 of you who responded with Apache attack Helicopter. Thank you so much for raising awareness for the oft overlooked heli sexuals also to all of you who say that this show is for kids I think we finally have our conclusive evidence that that simply isn’t the case the average age of respondents to the survey was 2 quadrillion years old apparently theorists just have really good genes and to the 242 of you who responded with 69lol, good one you got me. So clearly there was some data that needed to be cleaned up, but with 330 thousand responses in total even throwing out a few thousand left me with hundreds of thousands of data points, so the real average age of survey takers was 17, and the male-female split was 80/20. The goal of this whole Experiment was to explore the major differences between the players of two different yet very similar and very popular battle royale style games Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, PUBG for short, and Fortnight. Secondly I wanted to examine whether aggressiveness or violent video games Increased aggression in their players in the wake of news stories like this, now the latest video game craze is Fortnight. It’s free, addictive, violent and kids love it And this, possible crackdown on violence in video games president Trump meeting with top executives from the gaming industry. And I gotta say after crunching the numbers It’s gonna be pretty hard to make video games of scapegoat ever again. So I hope you’re listening media and scientific community. I mean, let’s face it, I know they’re not but you know what you are and arming yourself with knowledge to use in your next Twitter rant aimed at The Wall Street Journal is all that truly matters.Firstly, are PUBG players significantly different from Fortnight players? Well statistically No. Now two whole lot in the survey I asked gamers to break down whether they had or were currently playing either Fortnight, PUBG, Both, or neither, and when comparing the gamers who are only playing Fortnight with the ones who are only playing PUBG, there wasn’t a whole lot of difference. PUB players were slightly older; 17.5 versus 16 and were much more heavily skewed toward the PC master-race with 63% preferring PC versus 44% of Fortnighters and honestly that shouldn’t be all that surprising, right? Fortnight is more widely released on consoles, and didn’t start its early days on PC only. So those were the minor differences, but in the important areas like play style, social behavior, and personality type the two were practically identical. They even agreed on their stance in the classic internet debate of fighting one horse-sized duck verses one hundred duck sized horses. 55% of Fortnighters and 55% of PUBGers agreed fighting a horse sized duck Wins, and can I just be honest here? How is this still a question online? I feel like at this point the one horse-sized duck answer is the clear winner. Now what I want to see debated is whether you’d want to fight a tiger sized Hedgehog or 100 Hedgehog sized tigers Now that is a battle that feels a bit more balanced to me Go ahead start debating it now in the comments. Go ahead We got a lot of data to get through, but here’s where things got interesting Well there wasn’t much of a difference between people who had played either PUBG or Fortnight There was a significant difference between people who had played both games versus those who had only played one, let’s call them the Hardcore battle royalers versus the more casual battlers, and what’s more the group who hadn’t played any battle royale style game also showed significantly different results from the other two categories, so from here on out I’ll be comparing the battle royalers group, consisting of those who actively played both games, Against the Pubnighters, those who’ve only played one of those games, to the group of people who hadn’t played either, a catagory I’m gonna call the IDUBRZ, which obviously stands for I Don’t Usually Battle Royale, that z is silent, and any similarity to known and popular youtuber names is purely coincidental I assure you. Now to give some context the IDUBRZ were on average Slightly older, eighteen, and the battle royalers were closer to fortnight age sixteen point five in total of those 330,000 responses about 150,000 were a Pubnighter 130,000 were an IDUBRZ and the other 50,000 were battle royalers and there are a few things all three groups agreed on like how they’re all slightly better than average at Playing video games when asked to rate their skills as a gamer 68% of responses regardless of category rated themselves at either a seven or an eight, only one or two Truly brave souls rated themselves as a 1, and to those people I say thank you You are the true american hero. Everyone also tended to agree that consistently good play was better than winning just once, in general that was a 70/30 split. But then I turned to analyze aggressiveness and risk-taking behavior If battle royale games are truly making players more violent, then it stands to reason that Gamers would report that their play style is more aggressive in those games. Furthermore We would expect to see that gamers who play non-shooter games would yield lower Aggressiveness scores and that those who had played multiple shooter games would have the highest scores of them all, and wouldn’t you know it, but that’s Exactly what the data showed when asked about risk-taking behavior and aggressiveness of tactics in game. The battle royalers were the highest showing an average rating of 7.3 out of 10, the Pubnighters who only played one game were slightly lower at just seven and the IDUBRZ were least aggressive and most risk-averse with a score of 6.5. Risk-taking behavior followed a similar pattern seven point three seven and six point six. To further explore the topic I also Asked about pacifist routes and games and whether given the option the player would choose to take the peaceful, non aggressive route Or just solve the problem by running in guns blazing. Plus since I recognize that most pacifist routes and games, let’s be honest, suck I Included an option of, nope I wouldn’t choose it because it’s a mechanic That’s usually poorly implemented, to ensure that people weren’t avoiding Nonviolent play styles because no one but undertale can figure out how to make a complete game without killing things. Anyway the results were shocking, A whopping 48% of IDUBRZ could choose pacifism when offered, compared to only 29% of battle royalers and as we would expect Pubnighters were smack in the middle at 32%, so it would seem like the data is telling us that Fortnight and PUBG are in fact Prompting more aggressive strategies and higher amounts of risk-taking, but before you run off and misquote me Good Morning America hold up correlation doesn’t mean causation just because aggressive play lines up with a certain genre of game. There are any number of variables to account for that, maybe it’s Not the game causing the aggression, but rather the gamer’s personality being more prone to aggressive play styles, and that’s where the personality test comes in. I asked all respondents take a Myers-Briggs-esc personality assessment, which breaks down your personality into sixteen key types based on four different categories. Now I go into much more detail in this and a past theory that you could watch right here But to briefly summarize the breakdown goes roughly like this: Are you quiet and introverted or do you like being extroverted and talking with people? Are you intuitive and focus on imagination and ideas or Observant and focused on the actual world and real-life events around you when making decisions? Are you a thinker and use logic or a Feeler who considers the emotions of others? And lastly how do you run your life? Are you structured and scheduled or open and flexible? That’s a judging versus prospecting J versus P, neither word really makes sense there I honestly just think they ran out of letters. Anyway my logic was this, games Don’t necessarily make people more aggressive but certain personality types may be more drawn to these sorts of games. We would expect to see some personalities show up more or over-index for playing battle royale games if this is indeed true and Immediately in the data one point stood out the royalers were just more extroverted overall by about 14% Relative to the IDUBRZ catagory. So seeing that I really started to crunch some numbers, and if I could just take a minute for a PSA right now Teachers I’m at Mat Pat, online personality and all-around nerd, and I have one thing to say to you screw PowerPoint presentations and introduce your students to Excel Anyone can drag and drop a stupid star, while learning how to master a pivot table on the other hand is like a nerd’s Greatest superpower. It allows you to totally teabag data So teach your students some useful life skills and remember knowledge is power; the more You know. So to eliminate the variable of the games I crossed the eight different personality traits measured by the test against aggression and risk-taking responses And it turns out my hypothesis was right, introverts on average reported their levels of aggression to be 5.7. Extroverts on the other hand rated themselves at nearly 6.5 .On average thinkers also rated their play style as more aggressive relative to feelers 6.3 compared to 5.7. And wouldn’t you know it’s, but a combination of the two traits, Extroverted thinkers, produce the most aggressive players by far. You actually see the scale go up Introverted Feelers are at the super low five point five, Introverted Thinkers and Extroverted Feelers jump up to 6.2, again remember that both of these only have one of the more aggressive personality trait types and finally Extroverted Thinkers, the double-whammy, Are at the highest levels of aggressive play at six point eight. A similar trend is visible in the risky strategy category, meanwhile the other personality traits into Ituiting versus Observing and Judging versus Prospecting showed no difference, fascinating right? But if you actually stop and think about what these traits mean it starts to make sense an Aggressive strategy is gonna require you to get up in people’s faces, be forceful and assertive; all things that are much easier for an Extrovert to do even in a virtual world. It also means that you’re gonna have to make enemies by directly confronting ’em, something that a Feeler who’s gonna be more sensitive to the emotions of others is going to avoid So when I went a layer deeper and divided up Extroverted gamers who play battle royale games versus Introverted battle royalers the trend still held Extroverted battle royalers were more aggressive relative to their Introverted counterparts, same with battle royale Thinkers versus Feelers. It even existed in the IDUBRZ category no one is questioning whether playing Mario games is getting people to take more risks and yet there you were, people who played Ppatformers with the E and T traits were just more likely to rate themselves as being more aggressive, so long story short It’s not the game making people aggressive or teaching them bad behavior, players with personalities that are more comfortable taking risks and getting aggressive are just more drawn to these sorts of high-action high-intensity games. So already I’ve given strong evidence to that initial point that I wanted to prove, that Battle royale games aren’t the rage virus that mainstream media outlets want to make them But obviously there’s another component to all this; the social component. Could games not only being not detrimental to gamers, but rather Beneficial could playing fortnight and PUBG actually help gamers get good socially? That is what I set out to find next and the results of which I’ll be sharing with you in just a few days If I’m being totally honest all this data has been a beast to sort through so things are taking a bit longer than I would have liked But I wanted to make sure that I got this theory out to you sooner rather than later Simply because I promised it a few weeks ago at this point and I didn’t want to have to keep you waiting any longer So it’s my goal to have the follow-up you this Thursday can playing Fortnight or PUBG actually help you socially? Ring the bell to ensure that you don’t miss when he gets uploaded and in the meantime remember It’s all just a theory; A game theory Thanks for watching. Someone seriously identified as a big wolfo eating an even bigger chicken Where do they come up with this stuff? Oh, and this guy’s a banana helicopter? That’s a fun one Hey before you go make sure you see my theory on the secret lure of Fortnight’s world that video’s available to your left Or if you want to learn more about the myers-briggs personality Assessment and what it could mean for your personality type well click the box to the right I’m also gonna be going into more detail on that in the next video So you know be ahead of the curve catch yourself up a little bit. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a lot of tables to pivot. See you later this week ring the bell!


  1. The reason IDUBRZ are choosing pacifist is because of experience I felt like that to when I first started (I am a PUBNITER A.K.A fortnite) but now with more experience I have a more engaging way of playing! Just saying…

  2. Ive noticed this personally (though i never realised) I used to be a lot more introverted and when I played fortnite i would play more passive, but now im more aggressive and have been more extroverted than I used to be. So thats pretty cool and im happy to notice this

  3. Dude I'm watching the news and the newsman called fortnite violent but truly if there's no blood and no bodies laying on the floor then its not violent

  4. I identify as a elderich being of madness

    age: [REDACTED]

    occupation: disguised as a SCP foundation scientist. fake name: Dr Clef

  5. I'm a pacifist lol. Yesterday I was in a fight with someone in fortnite so I used a shockwave grenade to get him away from me lol

  6. The video doesn't say lies but there is just one problem the research! Self-reported research is criticized kinda often or almost every time so I dunno if this video is the trusted source

  7. Asking people to rate something from 1 to 10 is useless data. – For example, how bad is it before it gets rated 1, and how good must something be to be rated 10. And there's no way to estimate a perfect linear scale, so the scale will be logarithmic, but a logarithm can have different curves. So everyone will have their own curve, with their midpoint somewhere else. – Adding all these variables together, makes it very random, so the data is useless. – Sure, we can still say "7 is slightly above average", but what is average? And how much is "slightly above" adding? And everyone can't be slight above average … on average, everyone is average. That is what average is.

  8. i recorded alot of my personalty and my agression rate is in fact around 20% ( fun fact: i play strategist games and sandbox games like dragon quest builders and plaque INC ) ( edit was adding the fun fact)

  9. Well, This video brings a lot of information, but you just say that it could be that if you are more agressive you tend to play that game without giving us any certain prove.

  10. This experiment is sadly horrible. The results don't matter. First with all the age and gender difference half the responses were probably jokes second you have to ask if their behavior changed lately because you don't know if they became an introvert thinker after they played the game or thats what they were before. There are many other parts that are wrong about this but I can make a video about this

  11. For me, it depends on the stuff. In the real world I think about people’s feelings, but if I’m playing shooters, I go for strategy. And if I’m playing a game like Pokemon, wandering and catching em all, I am pretty chill

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