Get Rid Of Addictions, With Vastu Remedies

Get Rid Of Addictions, With Vastu Remedies

Youngsters are suffering from addictions.
Parents are getting worry because of addiction, child is in the addiction of drug child is in the addiction of drug and he cannot able tom leave that drug. You should know what is this? Is child is drinking to enjoy? Then we will see that in ENE there would be a picture or anything related to that drug is there. when he starts thinking or he gets worried, is he drinking at that time? Then we will see in ESE, the same thing would
be there. So, what you have to do? How to help your child to get rid off from addiction of drug? Any kind of drug, he is
doing. He is doing any kind of drug, cigarette, wine or any drug, whatever drug he is taking, the particular thing’s image, suppose he is taking cigarette then print a cigarette image from Google and fix that image in SSW. fix that image in SSW. A person take drug in that situation when
he is depressed, when he feels alone in his life or he have any problem or he is suffering from any problem then you have to place a picture of Krishna while Krishna was giving teaching to Arjuna in Mahabharta, krishna was boosting his morale in that picture. when you place that picture in WNW and in SSW the particular drug he is taking and put in SSW then slowly-slowly a child goes away from that
drug addiction. It is important, todays time maximum teenage boys, or girls are going towards drug addiction and this is your duty as of consultant, if parents comes to you and they
are worried from the drug addiction. As of Indian, As of good citizen,
you should not charge any money from them.


  1. सर मेरे एक कजिन को जुएँ और सिगरेट की बहुत बुरी लत लगी है प्लीज सर गाइड करें।

  2. Good morning sir..thank you so much for the guidance..humne bhut vastu expert sune but u r amazing the way you explain everything..once again thnk u so much much 🙏

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