getting rekt in Roblox Arsenal… (commentary in CC)

Hai guys ๐Ÿ˜€ Today I play arsenal, a very popular roblox FPS lol barely any skins i rage quit more than grind xd oof imma go get my charger please standby (or i’m just flexing my skins :P) bac Ok we gonna use le epic brickbattle skin (I GRINDED FOR SO LONG FOR DIS SKIN>:/) KonekoKitten ๐Ÿ˜€ Karambit (srry if I spelled it wrong lol) is fine ๐Ÿ˜› lol I I still haven’t used coolify ever since dat ticket event… LETS USE IT>:3 Okie bois red lets see if my EPIC glasses will let us win>:D lets go>:D AHAHAHA, oh… okie glasses make meh trash :/ Oh yay somebody got me a assist, now i got one of da good guns (for me that is) btw my character is the person that looks like everybody in roblox nowadays…lol im at the end AHAHAHAHA GET REKT Revenge… (tip if you play arsenal) always walk around with a knife so you can get to fights faster rather than holding a gun that decreases your speed. ooo look at meh streak ๐Ÿ˜€ oh boy.. oh wow never thought id get da kill xd xd still got the assist (oh no not this gun) this vampire is really bad…(karma incoming) oh wow…. (one rocket wasted) CMON AGAIN!? R00D are you fr right now… (two rockets wasted…) bruh the same dude>:/ oh wow when i called him bad lol oml look at me on le scoreboard… YAS LOOK AT MEH MOVES aHaHahA how did dis dude not notice me (personal space please…) and thats why its not nice to invade my personal space>:/ (xd now look at me on the scoreboard i got some kills kinda quickly) OOOOOOO IM ON- i hate u so much right now… vengence bruh>:/ i was so close to owning them… MEANIE just strolling around with angry birds at my disposal lol this is war… my aiming… wEll sCreW yOu tO>;c karma i love how i started from the bottom and now im here (comment if you know da song :D) oH sO yOu InvAdE mY PeRSoNaL SpACe aNd KiLL mE? mk ill accept le epic defeat cant touch dis (ooo im in third) coolify ur useless>:/ (every pizza bois that are in my server tend to be the ones with a 90% chance of winning, lets see this witchcraft at work) earrape…i like it. (prepares for le epic anime fight) FOR BONUS DUCKS lol already at the top lol he still learning how to shoot a gun oh wow… (the fact i rage at campers…) oml hasta la vista baby>:D thanks flemenco the only good guy is dis blue dude behind me…>:/ nu subscribe to pewdiepie what u mean (at this point i gave up on my no-scoping ways) YAET well i guess my pizza boi isnt as op i thought it was.. rekt oml that was epic. its a war between me and blue dude. SO CLOSE YAS- are you fr right now…? Well dat was mean…Thanks for watching le epic vid. Consider subscribing to le channel and like le video. til le next time, ta ta

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