GIANT ICHTHYOSAURUS vs MOSASAURUS! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 60 | Pungence

GIANT ICHTHYOSAURUS vs MOSASAURUS! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 60 | Pungence

Look at all those crabs! Um, big guy, you’re coming with me. What? Dude, what happened? I can’t do anything! Dude, I think we’re almost the same size! Oh! Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So, guys, today we’re
gonna do something crazy! We kinda normally do crazy
stuff on these videos but today we’re doin’ something
I’ve never done before. I don’t know if anyone’s done this before. Guys, we’re gonna try to get big. We’re gonna try to get
really big in survival mode. So, guys, this is actually
gonna be really, really tough. Survival mode is different
than death match. It’s tough to get big. So, guys, I got some ideas. I got some plans. Hopefully, it works. We’re gonna try to get big. I’m talking like level
100, maybe even bigger and we’re gonna be using the
Ichthyosaurus but guys, I think you know what I’m
gonna say before I even say it, thank you so much for all
the support on last video. Guys, one of my main
goals when I make a video, I wanna bring a smile to your
face, but sometimes guys, a lot of times actually, you
bring a smile to my face and that’s exactly what happened last video. Dude, I just checked. 8,000 likes. It was like 8,600 likes. So guys, thank you, so so much. I always just have to
say thank you because I’m mentioning other videos. It just seems like a small thing just hitting a little button, but it helps more than you guys know, so guys thank you so much! Okay, let’s do this! Let’s get this Ichthyosaurus in here and guys, let take a look
at his ability again. Passive: Accelerated oxygen, okay, yeah. We gotta take a breath
every once in a while. Fresh breath, buff the
reptile for 30 seconds. Afterwards, the CO2 slows it down. So, 100% buff is 50% speed,
bite speed, and 150% damage. That’s gonna be really important! We got 86 health, nine damage. Guys, let do this. It’s 70 coins. He’s pretty expensive and we don’t hatch. These guys don’t do eggs or anything. We’re already kinda
hungry, but guys, okay. I gotta reveal my plan to you. How are we gonna get big? Because, dude, we’ve
played in the survival map quite a bit and I’ve
never gotten that big. I think the biggest we’ve gotten, I can’t even remember,
maybe like 20s or 30s or something but like I said,
I’m going for like 100 or maybe 200 or maybe 300. I don’t know, we’re
just gonna have to see. If you guys remember, if you guys have seen on my survival map. Oh, cachart! If we die. If you guys have seen my
other survival map videos and you know the biggest I’ve gotten, please let me know in the comments. Oh, Goliath Fish! Dude, they’re chasing me! There are two Goliath Fish down there! Whoa! He’s still chasing me! Okay, no, he’s still chasing me! Okay, I think we lost him. Dude, the good thing
about the Ichthyosaurus, we’re pretty fast and we’re gonna get really fast when we become an adult. So, guys, another thing, normally when I do survival map, you know, we try to have babies, we try to get our family going, but today I’m not even worried about it. Maybe we’ll have some
babies or something but that’s not gonna be my main goal. Main goal is just to get
me as big as possible. So guys, before we do that,
we gotta become an adult. Which, I think this is like, I think this might be the hardest
to become an adult, too, because you got to get to level 10, which is kinda crazy. Look at all those crabs! What is happening? Okay, get me out of here! I have never seen so
many crabs in one area. And where’s the food? Okay, let’s take a little breath. Let’s get a little breath of fresh air. Let’s recuperate. Dude, did you see all those crabs? That would actually be really nice if they were big enough to take them out. Dude, why are you doing five damage? That’s kind of nice. Okay, crabs are coming. Crabs are coming. Do you think I could take this guy out? He’s kind of small. Oh, we only have eight health, though. I’m not even gonna risk it. No, no. We only have nine health now. We did level up. We have nine health. I don’t think we can take out a crab yet. Dude, where’s the food? Are these crabs eating it all? I don’t know but guys, I think it’s time to reveal to you my master plan. My ultimate strategy. Here’s the plan. So guys, I’ve taken out
that huge Mososaurus before. I’ve taken him out. Dude, I’ve taken him out as a Bebos. So, I’m pretty sure I can take him out as a Ichthyosaurus even faster, especially if we get like
a breath of fresh air, get that damage boost. So guys, here’s the plan. We take out the Mososaurus. We get big. We’ll probably get to like
level 20, 20 something, but then, our damage is gonna be even higher, which means we can take
him out even faster and then every time we take him out, we’re gonna get bigger and bigger and we can take him out faster and faster. Our damage is gonna get crazy. So, hopefully, dude,
I’m hoping this works. What is that? Sea turtle. Sea turtles are here. But guys, I’m hoping this plan works. If it does, we can
potentially get pretty big. Dude, imagine if we got big enough to like swallow the Mososaurus. That’d be insane. Okay guys, we’re level seven but let’s get a fresh breath of air. I wanna see if I can take
out one of these crabs. Here’s one right here. Dude, he’s so fast! Get back here. Yes, okay, we’re gettin’ him. We’re gettin’ him. Dude, he hasn’t hit me once! This is good. This is good. We got him. Dude, we got the crab. Oh man, look at this! Dude, it like a crab cuttlefish war. Oh my goodness, we got crabs and cuttlefish all over the place! Guys, I think this could be really good! This could be really good! Okay, also guys, sometimes
when I talk about today, I know we usually have a lot of new people watching this. We have a lot of people who
have been around a while, too, but, if you are new to the series, new to my channel, I do wanna
encourage you to subscribe. Oh, dude! Oh man, we gotta get out of here, but I do highly encourage to subscribe mainly because, dude, we’re
all about having fun here. I just like having fun. Playing fun games,
laughing with you guys, and like I said earlier, if I can
bring a smile to your face, I feel like I’ve done my job. Okay, you know what? Dude, this Zebra fish is like trapped. I can get this guy! I can get this guy! Dude, these Zebra fish, they
have a lot of meat, too. But yeah guys, like I said, if you haven’t subscribed, I highly encourage it. Also, when you do subscribe,
there’s a little bell. You click that bell and you get notified every time I upload a video. Okay, dude, let’s get the Zebra fish! Get the Zebra fish! Dude, these guys have so much health! They are pretty big! Oh, I got him! His eyes went like gray or something. Oh no, dude, we need to breathe. Okay, you stay right here, Zebra fish. Actually, I’m gonna bring him with me. Okay, dude, we gotta get some air! No, we’re about to die! No, no, is this gonna be like, with our health thing, we’re
gonna slowly use health? No, how close am I to the surface? I can’t even see! Oh my goodness, dude, I’ve
never been this close. I’ve never been that close
to not having enough health. Guys, that was close! Dude, I’m sweatin’! Okay, we’re level eight. I think this guy can get us
pretty close to level 10. Eat that food! I think this could get me
pretty close to level 10 but guys, as you can see, leveling up in survival mode takes a long time. Dude, I’m not even an adult yet. Speaking of which, dude, we’re so close. The next thing I eat is
going to make us an adult and then let’s eat some Zebra fish. Okay, dude, just give me
like a starfish or something. Give me a starfish. Dude, even this clown. Oh, there’s a Mososaurus out there! Even this plankton will do, probably. Oh my goodness, we’re so close! We were so close! Just give me some more plankton! Yes, we did it! Guys, it’s almost time! It’s almost time to start
attacking that Mososaurus. I just wanna get maybe,
like one or two levels. Dude, we’re doing 21 damage? Oh, what is that big? What is that shadow? Dude, what is that shadow? It’s a Mososaurus! Okay, he wasn’t attacking me or anything. Guys, that scared me to death. Okay, where did all those Zebra fish go? There were a ton of them over here. That scared me. Okay, we’re going down, our
damage is going down slowly. We gotta get some more air pretty soon. Okay, we’re level 10, let’s get to maybe like, level 11. We’ll wait ’til level 11 and then we’ll start attacking that Mososaurus. Then we can get the plan going. Guys, it’s gonna be tough, too, because dude, the Mososaurus, he won’t even try to eat me if I’m like a small fish but if I’m a big fish, I think that even happened in our previous video. The Mososaurus will try to eat me. So guys, we gotta be sneaky with this guy. Okay, here’s a cuttlefish. Eat the cuttlefish. He’s inking me! He’s inking me. Okay, watch out for
those hammerhead sharks. We might be able to take them out, but I don’t wanna risk it! Okay, you know what,
let’s have some babies! Let’s have some babies, just for fun. Four eggs. Dude, that was quick. Let’s have some babies for fun. I don’t know, maybe they’ll
protect me, too, but if anything, they could get in the way! Oh, guys, 21 damage. I just swallowed him whole! I just swallowed a Cuttlefish whole! That’s really good but guys if anything, like I said, they. Why do I have five XL? They could get in the way. They could like, make the Mososaurus try to eat me or
something ‘cuz the goal is when you’re fighting the Mososaurus, you gotta stay behind him. If you stay behind him, you can usually avoid getting eaten alive. Oh, oh, I don’t have to lay eggs! They’re already babies. Dude, that’s pretty good. Okay, it could be good to get them to grow up to be adults then I can get a bunch of coins but, I don’t know. Guys, I need to focus! The main goal is to take out this Mososaurus multiple times. I see a Zebra fish down there. This could be dangerous. I’m going for it, though. There’s a lot of hammerhead
sharks down here, too, but let’s eat the Zebra fish. Okay, we got plenty of food. Let’s get a breath of fresh air. Guys, let’s just do it. We’re level 11. I think it’s time. I think it’s time to
take out this Mososaurus. Guys, I really, really hope this works. I’ve never done this before. I don’t know if I’ve seen anybody do this before, maybe someone has. I don’t watch like everyone else’s Feed and Grow Fish videos. Maybe someone has done this before but I’ve never seen it. If they have, I haven’t seen it. There he is! Dude, he’s eating something. Whoa! What is he eating? He’s trying to eat an Ichthyosaurus! That’s what I am. That means he’s hungry. Okay, guys, let’s just try this. Let’s just try this. Okay, baby alone. Yes, we’re doing 22 damage. I got a breath of air. We’re doing 22 damage
and we gotta concentrate. We gotta concentrate on making sure we stay behind him. Dude, if he gets a hold of me, we’re dead meat and I’m thinking, guys, I don’t know how much health he has, I’m estimating it to be
between like one and 2,000! So, if that’s the case, and I’m doing 20 damage each bite, if he
has like 2,000 health, we have to bite him 100 times. But guys, like I said, as we level up, as we do more damage, it’s gonna take less and less bites, we’re gonna take him on faster and faster and faster. Guys, hopefully, this works. Okay, we’re starting to lose damage. We’re down to 18 but our
hunger is still good. Our oxygen is still good. This guy can’t get me! Look at him, trying to bite me. Dude, that’s the difference. That’s the difference between fighting him with an Ichthyosaurus
and one of the other fish. He’ll actually try to kill
me as an Ichthyosaurus. Dude, this is going pretty well! Okay, I think I’ve bitten him like, I don’t know, maybe 20 to 30 times. Okay, guys, you know
what, let’s take a break. Let’s get a breath of air. Hopefully, he doesn’t eat anything because I think if he eats anything, it’s gonna help him regain health. We can’t let that happen! Okay, round two. Here we go. Round two, he’s already trying to eat me. 23 damage! Dude, that is great! Also, when we get air,
our bite speed increases. So, that’s really nice, too. Bite speed increases. Swim speed, our damage, it’s all boosted. Oh, also guys, I want to. Wait, did we take him out? We got him, guys. We got him! We got him, he’s dead! That was really fast. Oh my goodness, okay. Here’s the plan. Um, big guy, you’re coming with me. Here’s the plan. I’m just gonna drag him
to the surface, ‘cuz once he hits the surface, he’s gonna explode into a million pieces. We’re gonna eat all those pieces, but guys, another thing I
wanted to talk about today. Dude, I wanna do videos of fish that you guys wanna see. So, I was thinking about it. I get so many comments for like different fish that you guys wanna see and I love it, but I was thinking, it could be fun to like do a poll. So, I don’t know if I’ve ever done a poll in one my videos, so I’m planning on doing a poll at the end of the video. You should just be able to click on it. Here we go! You should be able to click
on it on the video and you can vote for which fish you wanna see. I don’t know, maybe we’ll
do like Theotaku and I don’t know, some other fish. I’ll have to figure out
what will be in the poll and if the fish you wanna
see isn’t in the poll, just let me know in the comments. Guys, dude, this is
gonna be a lot of food. The Mososaurus is back. Um, I think he’s leaving me alone. Here we go! Guys, the plan’s working so far. This is a lot of bait, but look how long it takes for us to level up. I’ve eaten so much meat so far and we’re only a level 12. That’s not good. That’s not good! Okay, dude, there’s like meat that’s up in. It’s up in the sky, I think! Okay, dude, let’s just keep eating. This is what I’m talking about! We’re eating a whole Mososaurus and no other fish are bothering me. This is perfect! We’re right towards the surface, too, so we can get air anytime we want. Look at that meat in mid-air! And we can’t eat the bones. It’s kind of a shame. Dude, we’re already doing 28 damage. Our damage is going up already. Man, I am surprised how
fast we took him out! And some of you guys are probably thinking hey, why don’t
you make a family and then you all can take him out faster. It’s a good idea, but
like I mentioned before, I think it could be a distraction. It could like, it could make him turn around faster or
something, then eat me. I don’t know. Look, for whatever reason,
whenever I make a family, when they become adults,
they just abandon me. Dude, it’s like a whole trail of bones. Guys, it’s time for round two. Where’s that Mososaurus? Oh, our kids are back! Follow me. Dude, I don’t know if the kids are like, gonna help or anything. He’s probably gonna eat
them if they follow me but, well, at least we still got ’em. They’re still alive! Which actually makes me think if they’re still alive, they could be maybe eating some food
and maybe leveling up soon. Okay, where is this guy? Guys, I don’t know if it’s just me, but does it seem like the fog is like greater? Like it’s harder to see distances? Dude, I don’t know. It’s harder to find this Mososaurus with it being so foggy down here. Oh, there he is! I guess it’d be more realistic. Dude, this is a dangerous area. Dude, the Great White
Shark is right there! Okay, guys, you know what? I’m not going to be messing
with a Great White Shark. He could take me out instantly. Let’s see how we do against
some like medium sized fish. Maybe I can find like a Mahi Mahi or like a hammerhead or something. Okay, here’s a hammerhead. How could we do against this guy? We’re doing 31 damage. That’s really good. He’s running away! Oh, dude, that was fast. Okay, dude, this could be a
good way to level up, too. I honestly don’t know
if this will be faster. Okay, there are a lot of
hammerheads around here. Oh, I hear my babies! There’s my babies! Dude, I’m actually gonna
give them this food. Dude, I’m gonna give them this food. Okay, this hammerhead’s
trying to attack my babies. Don’t you dare! Okay, eat this food babies. Okay, we leveled them all up. Dude, that was actually
really good for coins. We have like 800! Okay, that’s really good but look at this! I had all the babies,
they’re all adults, and they’re all gone. They all just left me. They’re seriously gone! Okay guys, it’s time for round two. I’m level 19. Dude, the Great White
Shark is right there! Is he following him? Dude, if we get eaten alive
by that Great White Shark, if he attacks me, we’re instantly dead. Okay, you know what, let’s
get a breath of fresh air. Is he chasing me? Let’s get a breath of fresh air. We should be able to swim
faster if we need to. Okay, dude, let’s try this. Okay, here we go. Round two, 42 damage! Guys, we’re gonna take
him out really fast. This is going to be twice
as fast as before and maybe I could take out
a Great White Shark. I don’t know but dude,
he does so much damage. I only have 136 health. He could probably take me out quick. Dude, this is going really well. We’re gonna take him out twice as fast! Guys, I think this plan is gonna work! As long as I don’t get attacked by the Great White Shark or the Mososaurus doesn’t get me, I think we got this. Actually, another problem could be, dude, the bigger we get, the more food we need, I think. Did I get him? Dude, I gotta, I gotta swim. I’m stuck! I’m stuck. Did I get him? I got him! Guys, we got him. That was really fast! Dude, this is good! Okay, bring him to the surface. We need some food, but hopefully, hopefully, we get him to the surface and I can eat the food
before I get too hungry. Guys, the plan is working! That was fast! Okay, here we go. Dude, we need food but we got it! Food’s right here. Okay, we’re level 19 and actually, the bigger we get, the
slower we level up, too. I don’t know, man. This might take a while. I might run out of hard drive space. Dude, I’ve been recording
for like 50 minutes. What? Oh, no! Guys, what happened? Guys, I was just swimming
and then I disappeared! (dramatic music) What happened? Wait, resume. Dude, what happened? I can’t do anything! I was just swimming
and then I disappeared! How does that even happen? Guys, I can’t do anything! I’m pressing every button. You gotta be kidding me. Guys, we’ve been going for so long. I took out the Mososaurus two times! Okay, what can I do? What can I do? Settings, resume. Dude, if I change to a different
fish, it’s gonna kill me. What was that? I’ve never seen that before! Okay, so guys, it
actually happened, again! I got to level 16, then
I disappeared again! So, guys, I don’t know what’s going on. I got a theory, though. I think I may have figured it out. I think I was just, like, I was sprinting both times it happened, so I’m thinking maybe I was just going so fast, the map wasn’t loading or something. I really don’t know, but
guys, we’re level 30. Dude, we’re level 30. Okay, I can’t swallow him whole, but guys, the thing is, we’re level
30, which is really good. I don’t think I’ve ever hit
level 30 in survival mode, so that’s an accomplishment,
but guys, here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. The bigger we get, the
faster we get hungry. So, guys, I don’t know
if this is gonna work. I don’t know if it’s
possible to get to level 100. Guys, I’m just gonna
do the best I can, but guys, if the plan doesn’t work out, maybe we can try to take out
like a Great White Shark. That’s something I’ve
never done in survival. Dude, look at how fast we get hungry. So guys, I just haven’t been sprinting. Like, I’ll sprint to
go to the surface, but as far as like looking for the Mososaurus, I have to look for him
without sprinting, so it takes forever to find him. From the time I find him, I’d
be like starving to death. Look at this, I’m constantly
eating and still starving. Okay, let’s take out like
a swordfish or something. Dude, I’m actually pretty big. Look at me compared to the swordfish! Dude, I’m really big. I probably could take out
a Great White Shark, maybe. Okay, guys, we’re level 32. I just got a breath of air. Let’s see how fast we can take this guy. Oh! Dude, that was weird. 84 damage! Oh, man! I should be able to take him out pretty quick, as long
as he doesn’t bite me. This actually isn’t a good position. Dude, as long as he doesn’t bite me, we should be able to take
him out pretty quick. Dude, 80 damage! I’m almost the size of this guy! He’s dead! Guys, I don’t know. The plan actually might work! Thing is, it’s taking forever to level up. Okay, this is a full Mososaurus. Let’s see how much we level up
for eating a full Mososaurus. We’re level 32. Look at that guys face. So, I don’t know, I’m like
the size of his head, maybe? I don’t know, we’re getting there. Okay, let’s eat all this. Whoa! Dude, we leveled up one. We can eat these whole big pieces? Dude, that’s pretty good, actually. Okay, level 34. So, we leveled up twice. We’re leveling up two levels every time. Whoa, there he is, every
time we take him out. So guys, the hardest part,
too, is finding him, because like I said, I can’t sprint! Okay guys, let’s just see
how far we can take this. Guys, I just ate a full Mososaurus and it says we’re hungry again. Dude, that’s not good. Okay, we’re level 38. This might be as big as we can get. Guys, I can’t believe it! I just ate the whole thing and it said we’re instantly hungry. Okay, let’s just keep it going. Dude, if I could get to
level 40, that’d be amazing! Okay, how fast? Oh, we’re doing 105 damage! No, no, dude, I can’t let him bite me. He could still probably take
me out with like one bite. He probably does so much damage, but dude, we’re doing 100 damage every bite. This is good! Oh my goodness, this is really good! Okay, guys, I found the Great White Shark. I lost the Mososaurus but I
found the Great White Shark. Guys, I think we can take this guy out. Let’s just try it. We’ve got 530 health. We’re doing a ton of damage and something I realized is, dude, there’s more than one Great White Shark here and this great map. Dude, this is our first
time, trying to take out. Oh, we took out the Great
White Shark in two bites! We’re level 50! Guys, we are level 50. Okay, I don’t think
we’re gonna hit 100 but dude, I feel really
accomplished with level 50. We took out a Great White Shark. Okay, let’s see how big this
Tiger Shark is compared to me. Dude, we are a monster. That’s crazy. Okay, dude, it takes a
really long time to level up. I was hoping we would get to 100 but I don’t know if that’s gonna happen, man. Dude, I think we’re almost the same size! That’s crazy! We are almost the same
size as the Mososaurus. Dude and I’m taking him
out in just a few bites. (ramming sound) Oh! (playful music) Guys, did you see that? Okay, dude, we were doing 200 damage. I think it said he did like 500. Guys, I had over 500 health! He took me out in like two bites! Dude, that was crazy. Guys, I started recording
this video three hours ago. This was a really long process but we got to what, like level 54, 55? Oh my goodness! Look at that guy. Dude, he is monstrous, but we almost were the same size as him! That was really fun. Okay, guys, that’s gonna
do it for today’s video. Dude, that was super fun. Also, like I said, I’m gonna try to remember to put a poll
at the end of the video, something you should be able to click on, maybe the top right of the video. I wanna know what you guys
wanna see next time, but guys that’s gonna have to
do it for today’s video. I really hope you enjoyed. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button and
subscribe if you haven’t already. I will see you guys in the
next Feed and Grow Fish. If you tell me I can grab a, whoa! Okay, so let’s hit the air lock. Is this some kind of simulator? Oh my goodness! Oh, dude, its a sand worm! Oh, he’s got me! You gotta be kidding me! Keep shootin’ No, he got me!


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