Grandia Review! [PlayStation] The Game Collection

Grandia Review! [PlayStation] The Game Collection

Welcome back to The Game Collection! I am
SuperDerek and this is Grandia! Grandia is an action-packed turn-based RPG
with a twist. It’s got an addicting battle system and lovable characters, neither of
which will you be able to forget. In Grandia, you play as Justin, an aspiring
young adventurer living in a fantasy world in the midst of the steam revolution. Along
with your childhood friend you set off on a journey to discover the mysteries of an
ancient civilization that had once harnessed the power of the world. Along the way your
mischief gets you into a lot of trouble, and you make several new friends who help you
along the way. Gradually this epic adventure to the end of the world takes on an even greater
purpose as you struggle to save the world from an impending doom.
Because Grandia was developed by GameArts, many of the same people who worked on the
Lunar series also played a role in Grandia’s production. It was originally released in
Japan for the Sega Saturn in December of 1997. Despite being released exclusively in Japan,
this game was turning heads even in the United States. In June of ’99, Grandia was brought
over to the Sony PlayStation, then finally brought to the United States in September,
a few short weeks after the launch of the Sega Dreamcast, while Pal regions received
the game in March of 2000. Despite not having the involvement of StudioAlex
in the production of Grandia, the game still manages to feel oddly reminiscent of Lunar
in tone, despite looking and playing completely differently. GameArts really has a knack for
creating interesting and lovable characters. Personally I would have loved for Grandia
to have also been localized by Working Designs, but Sony managed to do a passable job, though
I think some voices could have been worked on a bit more. Well, a lot more in some cases.
The overall story of Grandia is large and expansive that explores the concepts of whether
the ends justify the means, and what it means to be an adventurer.
Where Grandia stands out the most against other RPGs of the time is in the battle system.
What initially seemed a bit foreign and confusing to me turned out to be a welcome take and
improvement on the concept of an active time battle system. Turn order is determined by
a progress bar on the bottom where monsters and characters race toward the right. Hitting
an enemy will halt their progress to their next turn, and more powerful attacks may cause
enemies to lose ground, or even lose their turn if you interrupt their attacks. That
alone is extremely fun, but the way magic points are handled in tiers, and separate
from skill points is really neat too. There’s too much to cover here in just a review, but
suffice it to say that once you figure things out in Grandia, you’ll be hooked.
However I do have a small gripe about magic skill progression. Magic elemental levels
increase depending on usage, which is pretty cool in some ways, but to get the best skills
and magic you’ll have to grind a lot by going out of your way to attack using magic
almost exclusively in order to level up those elements, even when just attacking with melee
is faster and more effective. Also, since certain healing spells are pretty much required
to survive in the game, you might find yourself doing some very odd… “training” at points.
When you feel compelled to walk through puddles of acid or into traps just to practice healing
yourself, you know there’s going to be room for improvement.
The music in Grandia is fantastic. And for that we can thank the triumphant return of
composer Noriyuki Iwadare from Lunar, who still seems to know exactly what notes to
play in what order, to tug at my heartstrings at just the right moment. Even just a few
hours into the game as Justin is about to set out on his real big journey to the new
world, a certain song kicks in and I choke up. It’s beautiful.
And Grandia looks beautiful too. Well, sometimes. It’s a little inconsistent in the graphics
department I think. Some areas are really interesting and detailed, while others come
off a bit garish. Environments are made of textured polygons while characters are 2D
sprites, not unlike PlayStation era Breath of Fire and Persona titles. It was definitely
a good choice to go this route for Grandia, because there are already minor framerate
issues in some areas, and adding character models on top of that would probably have
made things a lot worse. Not only that, but I think the 2D sprites captured more of the
character’s personality and style than most low-polygon models could do.
Less than a year after Grandia was released in the US, a sequel was released in Japan
for the Sega Dreamcast, and continued to receive several more entries in the series. In 2010,
Grandia was released digitally on the PlayStation Network for $6, while complete copies of Grandia
for PlayStation are currently selling for around $40.
Grandia was a lot of fun to play. It’s a long but light-hearted story most of the time,
and never came across as being particularly difficult. Possessing excellent characters
and an addicting battle system, Grandia has easily found itself a spot in The Game Collection. Hey guys, before I end this video I just want
to send a quick shout out and massive thank you to Tsurayu! One of the, I guess, fans
of this show, I guess I can safely say that. He sent a donation to my fan funding here
on YouTube, I enabled that a while back and never expected anyone to actually send me
money. I just like, turned it on and, dude just sent… sent me cash and, I’m just really
taken aback by it. And I wanted to send him a massive thank you because, because of him
I was able to get some lighting, which I was able to use in this video. I don’t know how well I used it because it
was my first time, hopefully it looked pretty good. Obviously I’m in a different room now
so my lighting situation has changed a little bit from what it used to be so, having that
come in handy was just really unexpected and a bit of a life-saver, so again, thank you
Tsurayu. I will be posting updates on my next review,
which by the way was voted to be Hexyz Force. I’ll be posting updates on this as I have
them available, they’ll be posted on the forum, I’ll link to that in the description Oh yeah that’s another thing I guess, I made
a whole new website for my Multitapped friends, and I’m pretty excited about that, and that’s
one of the reasons this review was so long coming. Again, sorry about that. This is already
getting too long for an end of video announcement, but anyways, thanks guys. I shall see you


  1. I never got into Japan rpg but bc of the vita I'm starting to collect them now. I wish the option to turn random encounters off was a thing back then.

  2. I have it for the PSN played it…all many times from the beginning to the end…I still restart it from the beginning to the end all over again because I love the battle system, the story, and the adventure : D

  3. Lighting wasn't bad at all Derek. The warm light established the lighting from the background which was good. Make sure to close up any blinds to windows that might be letting in any bluish sunlight 🙂 oh and great review for a solid game!

  4. Do a review for Parasite Eve, the first one. I love the battle system and upgrading weapons. Great storyline too.

  5. Just downloaded this to my PS3 from PSN for 5 bucks. played it for 3 hours and I need to go to work tomorrow, it's already 0245 in the morning. so far a good game indeed, and I can tell there will be a great adventure tomorrow after work when I start playing it again. oh, and just subbed to this channel. great review!!!

  6. I was just about to thumb you down expecting you'd say something negative about this game. But you didn't so you just earned yourself a sub buddy.

  7. Don't know how it happened but I missed this game at the time and found about it just a week ago i'm 20 hours in already and this is a fantastic JRPG I just love it. Only problem that I have with it is a terrible framerate on playstation I hope Saturn version runs better.

  8. Ah Grandia, I love this game even to this day. What started as (to me) an obscure title my mom bought for Christmas one year along with Final Fantasy VII, turned out to be one of my all time favorites. I wasn't going to play it until I watched one of my brothers play it. Then when I started it, I was hooked. I even bought a Dreamcast when it went on sale due to being the final production of the system for Grandia II. My cousins actually had a Dreamcast and when I had visited them, they were playing Grandia II.

    I've also played Grandia Xtreme and Grandia III, I love each one. When I first hear Grandia III would go digital, I thought it was going to be on PS4 with trophies. But nope, just a PS3 port, might as well just dust off my PS2.

  9. Ive been on a ps1 jrpg marathon lately playing my old favorites i could find on the pss. Already finished suikoden 1 and 2, final fantasy tactics, and chrono trigger. Currently going through bof4 for the first time. I have grandia waiting for me when im done. Havent played it in like 15 years. After that? Xenogears or wild arms are both calling my name.

  10. 3:34 well, fuck me, i thought reviewing a game meant explaining its mechanics, but apparently it means to stroke the cocks of people who already played the game.
    shallow review.

  11. Hi from Brasil Super DEREK! my first time here in your chanel, and a liked much more, i will folow you in the most videos, tvm!!!!

  12. There where a few points in the video where i thought: "Shut up, i wanna listen to the music!"
    That's a good sign in regards to the soundtrack, i believe.

  13. One of my top 5 games ever alongside Age Of Empires 2 , Deus Ex 1, GTA San Andreas & Half Life 2.

    Which is funny because most people know the other games very well, but then up pops Grandia up on my list and so few know about it and the few who does generally speaking thinks I'm talking about Grandia 2 first which isn't as close as amazing as Grandia 1 was.

    A true amazing journey and so long and filled with content.

  14. you should. check out a game called thousand arms. it's got a fun battle system, good graphics, very funny moments, and a good soundtrack.

  15. I played Grandia2 and never the first one, yet it was a lot of fun. They carried on with that unique turn-race battle system, which i still think is very unique. Thanks for the review.

  16. Ahh it fills my heart with joy to see a review of this game :') <3 Bless you brother 🙂 No game has touched my heart as Grandia did, it will forever be the game closest to my heart 🙂

  17. 2017 and i just started playing this game the ps1 had so many good games i have not turned on my ps4 or xbox one on in weeks

  18. i am a gamer for more then 30 years, zelda ocarina is my second best game grandia is the best game of all time because of human emotions

  19. added to my collection along with Suikoden 1, and 2. can't wait to start another timeless journey. RPGs for life.

  20. Caramba!!!
    Q saudade, q nostalgia em ver grandia!!!
    Joguei mto, me diverti mto jogando este q pra mim é um dos melhores RPGs de toda história!!!

  21. grandia is great Ive been listening to the american dbz ost and half of it basically uses the same instruments as grandias 3rd disc

  22. Haha you complain about the english voices, but lemme tell you man, the German version was suuuper awful in that regard
    It was painfully obvious that the voice actors were total amateurs and honestly i'm pretty sure it was just the translators rather than professional ones in the first place; in several scenes they also just dubbed over the english lines without actually removing them, resulting in this weird double-dub that just made the quality difference that much more grating

    still, gotta give them props for trying i guess

  23. I can't explain it but Grandia affects me heavily. The nostalgia factor it gives you is very strong. It reminds of old 80's animated films and early 90's anime series which very much shaped me as a person.

  24. Grandias music is incredible!! It always reminds me of my childhood sneaking up in the night as a kid to play more! Story is incredible, loved all the characters, the combat!

  25. I'm very conflicted about this game. I loved the characters, the combat, the music, the dialog and the overall areas but what made me not want to finish it is the same thing that made many other games feel like a chore for me: Incredibly tedious dungeons. I simply did not have fun going through them. For example the Sindar Ruins in Suikoden 2 almost made me quit. It was not exciting or challenging. It was just a tiresome process of drawing a map. I might give this game a third shot at some point because everything else is so charming.

  26. A bit like Suikoden, I like the first one, but man oh man is the 2nd one absolutely AMAZING! After all those years, I should replay it to see if it’s still on top, as the 3rd one made quite the impression on me too and I never replayed it since then…

  27. The Grandia series has by far my favorite battle system EVER MADE! I cannot for the life of me understand why there isn’t more games copying it!?

  28. except unlike the Lunar series leveling up party members levels takes practically forever ie you could enter the first Grandia games final dungeon only at a pathetic level of 20 and still have Heaven and Earth cut useable by Justin at such low levels.

    That's because weapon and spell leveling is a lot faster in the entire series then it is for actually gaining party members levels.

  29. Grandia (Japanese Sega Saturn version) is probably my greatest childhood video game ever. Have you played the original Sega Saturn version? There are many graphical changes, mostly in the battle magic. Also, are there RPGs these days that you feel can have the same standard of the pure sense of adventure? That is what hooked me on this game. Oh! Did you ever get your hands on Grandia Digital Museum?

  30. I played and enjoy the OST; everything about Grandia was fun and a pleasant journey. PS1 really had some great games.

  31. Great video! I’ve only played Grandia 2 on the Dreamcast so it was interesting to see what the original looked like! 🙂

  32. I'm probably am the only one to think that this game was a chore to play through. I loved Grandia II though.

  33. Grandia is awesome. My only real gripe with the game is that you can't explore the world map freely nor can you return to old areas (that I remember) so you're stuck doing dungeon, town, dungeon, town until you beat it.

  34. I Just Heard today on Facebook.
    Grandia 1 and 2 are getting Remastered and Coming to Switch!!! congrats you guys! 🍾🍹😉

  35. Hello there! If you're new here because of the Grandia I and II HD Remasters coming to Switch and PC, thanks for stopping by! In addition to reviews, I also cover RPG news, and create RPG discussion videos. Please consider subscribing and I'll do my best to keep you up to date! 🙂

  36. I never finished this game, because I did not have the internet to view a walkthrough for it. I was 15 when I played it, and it did not occur ro me that I could have just used the library's computers for the walkththrough. I want to rebuy this game! I had a lot of fun playing it!

  37. 3:27 "but the way MP is handled in tiers…is really neat too"

    are you kidding me that is one of the worst aspects of this game's battle system, not being able to cast howlslash because you have 4 LV2 MP even though you have 6 LV3 MP is almost insufferable

  38. If you think how limited ps1 was and how studios worked really well with the limitations, aside from a rpg here or there most of the new jrpgs are always so edgy and boring, I think the golden era of rpgs will never be back.


  40. When I used to pla PS1 a lot I got Grandia without knowing anything previously about it and the it turned out to be one of the best games I've played during my lifetime. What I like the most is the combat system but everything is good with Grandia.
    One day I'll play Grandia II

  41. If someone would ask me: whats your most favorit RPG you have played in your childhood?
    I would say :Grandia 1!
    When I was 14 years old it was Resident Evil 4 (RPG×Shooter).
    But Banjo Kazooie (Adventure) was also superb!
    This 3 Games are even now stuck in my brain.

    I love the Scene when Feena has decided to sacrifice herself and Justin is in the doubt and goes to Guido for advice. 🙂

  42. Looking forward to trying this battle system, seems rather unique 👍

  43. Iam slightly bummed that Grandia and Grandia 2 are not getting a physical release this Friday for the switch but the fact it was reworked and on a great portable system still has me pumped.

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