Grey’s Anatomy 15×14 Promo “I Want a New Drug” (HD) Season 15 Episode 14 Promo

Grey’s Anatomy 15×14 Promo “I Want a New Drug” (HD) Season 15 Episode 14 Promo

People are dropping like flies all over the park. There’s a bad batch of something out there. I got an emergency here took meth and opioids. Betty! Amelia may never see that
little girl open her eyes again. She’s gonna need us. ♪ Cause you never know what tomorrow brings ♪


  1. Can you just stop killing people ?
    Srsly I have never seen this amount of death in any tv show or even in real life .
    It’s like everybody on this show unnecessarily dies

    Can you make us happy for one week only
    … Please ?

  2. Amelia is really hard to like. Yeah, I know, brain tumor. BUT she's produced a lot of really nasty behavior over time. OF COURSE I remember she's just a character. And she's a lot better "person" than some other past characters. (Talking about YOU Cristina!) If we get lucky, some of her other sisters and maybe her mom will come back for guest appearances. Here's hoping.

    I don't see how Amelia can ever be happy if she continues to be Betty/Britney's guardian. She's a nervous wreck, always worrying about Betty and going to search for her.

  3. God I love Caterina so much. Her performances bring me to tears, she has so much talent and in real life she a wonderful human being.

  4. I cried watching this promo 3x in a row – I hope Betty doesn't die :((((( it just shows she should have stayed with Amelia and Owen..

  5. this hole betty situation is so tiring , seriously is pretty annoying , plus why shonda made thing so complicated , what , just , seriously shonda

  6. Wait was that Amelia’s daughter? Like her foster child? Oh it is. I just rewatched it. That’s awful, last I saw she was doing well.

  7. I live in Austria and I watch the new episodes always in the morning before my school starts… I CAN‘T WATCH IT BECAUSE I CANN‘T CRY IN SCHOOL 🙁

  8. Ooh Noo Amelia she's a great actor… Seeing her breaking down like that broke my heart cos she's potrayed as a strong character. She's been through a lot she deserves some happy story lines.

  9. Amelia deserves some happy storyline. Sheve been through rough chapters for a long time. Seeing a strong character like her breakdown is heartbreaking….she's a great actress

  10. 15 years of Grey's anatomy and people still don't understand Shonda.. C'mon fellas.. If you don't want something to happen,thats definitely happening

  11. Owen and Amelia really need a break. They are putting them into so much pain together. Why the hell can't they be happy for a fucking, don't know, half a season?!?!?!?

  12. If the lyrics of that song in the background are any indication of Betty’s (Brittany) fate, she will die in this episode. I’m going to need a whole box of Kleenex this Thursday! 😥

  13. I don't know where else to put this, so I'm going to put this here. Warning, this is a rant, and #TeamMerluca is not going to like it.
    Meredith should not be with DeLuca!
    Here's the deal: Meredith loved Derek Shepard for a long time. A LONG time. It was a true love, and then it was gone.
    Derek was an amazing guy. Sure, he had his flaws. But he was committed to their relationship, and he was committed to Meredith. He wanted to do whatever it took to make her happy. He understood her. He accepted her, flaws and all. He was a confident, knowledgable doctor, a renown surgeon, well connected, well established, and he loved Meredith. At least twice, he could've had someone else, and he chose Meredith.
    DeLuca barely knows Meredith. All he knows is that she's his boss. That's strike one. We have no idea what he'd be like with her kids; that's strike two. The last time he was with someone, he seemed to love the woman beyond reason, and the only reason why he said goodbye to her was because she had to move out of the country. We're left with the question whether, if that woman came back, he would choose her over Meredith like Nathan Riggs did. That's strike three. And yeah, DeLuca good looking, but he seems to use his looks as a way to manipulate Meredith when she's supposed to be working. Derek never did that. That's strike four. DeLuca seems, and I hate to say it, desperate for Meredith's approval and attention. That's strike five.
    The fact is, if we're supposed to believe that any guy who comes into Meredith's life is worthy of her heart, then we need to believe that on some level, the guy could compete with Derek. Not win, of course, no one could win over Derek Shepard. But be a competitor. And DeLuca? I'm sorry, but DeLuca is not even a competitor. DeLuka is a distraction.

  14. I have a feeling betty will either die or be in a vegetative state. If she pulls through, it will be a miracle.

    amo OMELIA

  16. every week I watch this show with my mom and if Betty die I know I will cry and then my mom will call me a baby but who cares to many people I care about on this show keep dying

  17. i’m really late but i’m trying to find out betty’s boyfriends name in the show or maybe even actor name. they never seem to talk about it but i can’t go back to the episode she talked about him…

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