GUESS THAT YOUTUBER – Akinator (React: Gaming)

GUESS THAT YOUTUBER – Akinator (React: Gaming)

– Both character with about
100 health left. Cheetah.
There it goes. What was that noise?
What even happened? – (FBE) This Sunday,
we’re continuing our Injustice 2 tournament
with the kids bracket, but if you’re here between
noon and 3 PM on Tuesday, we are live gaming with our subs,
so after this episode, come hang out with us
on See you there. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – We’re playing Akinator.
Oh my God. This is such a throwback game. – Akinator?
Oh my gosh. This is still a thing? – Dude, Akinator,
I used to play with all the time in high school just trying
to see if I could stump it. – You have to think of
a fictional character and it asks you a series
of questions and with almost 100%
certainty, it will guess the character. – (FBE) Akinator is an
online and mobile game that guesses who you’re
thinking of by asking a series of questions.
– Yeah. – (FBE) It’s been around
for a few years and when we realized
we never played it, we wanted you to check it out.
– Okay, cool. When I was younger,
I was like, this is magic, but now it’s like,
probably some type of algorithm they have. – I’ve definitely never heard
of it, so I’m excited. – (FBE) For your first go,
let’s see if he can guess one of your favorite YouTubers.
– All right. One of the top YouTubers
that it might not be able to guess but probably will
end up guessing, is Marla Catherine. – I’m thinking of
Filthy Frank. – I’m gonna go with
James Charles because I’ve been watching
his makeup videos. – I’m gonna do Nikkie
Tutorials because I just watched her video this morning
and I love her. – I’m gonna try to get it
to guess Casey Neistat. – Markiplier.
He’s big, but he’s in the gaming community.
Let’s see if you know, Akinator. It’s gonna guess it in three-
what the [bleep]? It definitely has a mic.
It knows. Does my character run
a gaming channel? 100%, it is listening. – The first question they ask is
“Is your character from Star Wars?”
That is such a random and specific question. – “Is your character a female?”
He is not. – Is he a YouTuber?
Yes. Have a gaming channel?
No. – “Does your character
live in Los Angeles?” At the time that he was
the character, no. – “Is your character from
Grey’s Anatomy?” No. – “Is your character in
the TV show Shark Tank?” Are you just–
I think he already knows and now he’s just
messing with me. – “Does your character have
any kids?” No.
So he’s knocking out all the Shay Carls,
all the family vloggers. – “Does your character have
a driver’s license?” No, I’m pretty sure she’s
too young for that, so I’m gonna go with no.
He’s getting close. This is creepy
and you’re only on question eleven. – “Does your character know
Markiplier?” I don’t know, maybe. – “Is your character associated
with Good Mythical Morning?” No. – “Is your character
from The Office?” No.
Akinator, bro. Not doing so hot. – “Does your character
drink a lot?” No, he does not drink.
He’s a sober sister. – Linked to the beauty business?
This is that where it gets specific.
Yes. – “Is your character a wizard?”
No, he’s a gamer. He’s a gaming wizard. – “Is your character Asian?”
Okay, he’s on to something. He’s half Asian. – “Is your character older
than seventeen?” Yes, I believe he’s eighteen. – “Is your character adopted?”
I think Casey was adopted, right? [Bleep], I don’t know, dude.
Womp, womp, womp. I’m wrong, all right.
– (FBE) Go ahead, hit continue. – All right. – Make tutorials?
Her name is Nikkie Tutorials. – “Does your character
play Five Nights at Freddy’s?” Yes.
This is– a lot of gaming channels
play Five Nights at Freddy’s. That doesn’t narrow it down.
Damn it. That does, though.
“Does your character love pink mustaches?”
Yep. He knows. Dang it! – “Is your character
a thrift shopper?” I hate this.
It knows. Yes, she does a lot
of thrifting videos and they’re really fun.
Oh, I’m scared. No!
Stop, no. How did it do that? – Oh my God!
No [bleep] way! “Is your character associated
with Filthy Frank?” Yes.
“Is your character pink?” He can be.
Sure, let’s say yeah. Pink Guy.
Okay, well that’s a character that Filthy Frank does. – Okay, “Does your character
have curly hair?” Yes.
“Is your character usually named under his full name?”
Yes. “Does your character live
in New York?” Yes.
“Does your character wear shades?” Yes.
Boom, Casey Neistat. Got it right. – “Does he have a deep voice?”
No. “I think of GayGod.
Am I right?” No, he’s wrong.
I was thinking of James Charles. James Charles, makeup artist
on YouTube. Bravo, I’ve defeated him. – It’s so spooky.
I remember thinking this when I was young.
Akinator is never wrong. It’s hard to stump him. – I thought I was in
the end zone on that one. I thought I had it.
The more questions he just keeps eliminating
and eliminating. It’s basically just a Google
search and it just keeps narrowing it down
until there’s only one thing left. – (FBE) For our second round,
you can pick whoever you want. – All right, I’m gonna pick
a guy who’s pretty famous, but maybe people don’t really
use him. Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear. – ‘Cause it’s my favorite video
game, I’ma do Haley Joel Osment,
who is the voice of Sora in Kingdom Hearts. – I’m going from Wills
from the Bachelorette. He was my favorite.
Hands down, style icon. I love him. – I’m gonna say Beyonce. – I’m gonna do Stu
from Rugrats. Let’s see if they can get
Tommy Pickles’ dad. – Do dogs count? Do we know?
– (FBE) Sure. – Okay, I’m gonna go
with a dog. I’m gonna go with Kermit
from Jenna Marbles’ channel. No, I’m gonna go with Peach,
’cause I feel like she’s slightly less famous. – Again, with the first question.
“Is your character from Star Wars?” No. – “Does your character have legs?”
Yes. – “Does your character have legs?”
Yes, dogs definitely have legs. – “Does your character have
any kids?” Yes. – Have any kids?
No, though that would be a shocking reveal. – “Is your character an actor?”
Yes. – “Is your character white?”
No. – “Is your character
a famous YouTuber?” Okay, this is complicated,
’cause obviously Peach herself isn’t a famous YouTuber.
I’m gonna put probably. – “Has your character ever
been in a movie?” Yes, when they go to Japan,
he was briefly in the wedding scene. – “Is your character the mascot
of a video game company?” He’s not. – “Is your character on
a popular TV show?” Yes.
Bach Nation is strong. – “Does your character
have a cell phone?” This is weird.
It’s really funny when it’s asking questions about
a human, but obviously you’re thinking of a dog. – “Is your character
an adult?” Okay, that narrows it down.
“Does your character have any kids?” [Bleep], he’s on to me. – “Is your character more
than 40 years old?” No. – “Is your character an actor?”
He’s a TV presenter. That’s an actor.
“Is your character British?” Yes. – “Does your character often
play in action movies?” No. – “Is your character a dog?”
Yes. Are we sure there’s no
secret microphone in here? Oh my gosh. – “Does your character like
to sing about single ladies?” What?
Yes. “Was your character in
Destiny’s Child?” He got Beyonce like that. – “Was your character
killed in battle?” No.
He’s still a dude. Dave from the Chipmunks.
He thinks he got it. Syke, wrong, bitch. – Associated with comedy?
No. Romance, yes.
Have a brother or sister? I am not sure,
because he never made hometowns and I was upset.
So, I’ve stumped him. We’re gonna keep going,
but I’ve stumped him. – “Does your character have
over five million subscribers?” Yes, Jenna definitely–
well, I mean, not Peach, technically.
We’re grouping her in with Jenna Marbles,
so yes, over five million. “Is your character Thai?”
No. She’s not– That was 25 questions
or something and he guessed it.
Peach, Jenna and Julian’s dog. He steered so off course
that I was like, there’s no way.
Then he ended up getting it exactly right. – “Does your character get shot?”
No. I think it’s taking
a little more time. Ah, [bleep].
Right when I said it. It says, “Is your character
linked with cars?” Oh my goodness.
Yes. “Does your character
play with gasoline?” Yep.
Wow. Jeremy Clarkson.
Damn. He didn’t even ask me
that many questions. It was a couple.
Once he got me down, hit me with the checkmate
really fast. – “Is your character mostly–”
This is what Akinator does. He gives you the wrong
answer after the first 20 and he’s like, “Ha, just kidding.”
And then gives you all the things you wanna hear.
Yes, he was mostly famous as a kid. – “Has your character ever
entered a competition on TV?” Yes.
Getting closer. – Does he have a mustache?
No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t have a mustache.
Oh God. Look at his stupid–
’cause now he’s trying to think it’s Chaz.
No, no! No, he got it.
I consider it blue, but I guess he has
purple hair. Dang it! – Character born in Canada?
Are the Osments Canadians? No. I’m [bleep] out, dude. – “Is your character linked
to music in general?” Mm-mm.
Another person from Big Brother. No.
So, I actually stumped him. I’m so surprised.
I never did that before. – The fun about Akinator
is trying to stump it, so when you’re able
to stump it, it’s like, oh hell yeah, I got it. – It’s bizarrely addicting.
You wanna keep playing, but also every time he
gets something right or asks a very specific
question out of nowhere, you’re like,
“How did he know?” – I will never, ever share
or play this game ever again. It is so creepy.
I showed it to my parents once and we all freaked out
and deleted it. – Thanks for watching us
play Akinator on the React Channel. – I sense it’s time
to say goodbye. – Hey everyone, I’m Omar,
React Channel producer. Thanks for watching
this episode. If you’re tuning in on
Tuesdays between 12 and 3, be sure to head on over
to for sub game day with Tom
or catch our reactors battle it out for week two
of our Injustice 2 tournament on Sundays.


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  2. what but this isn't hard
    stop thinking that if you lose once it's hard just try again

    just pick harder characters smh

  3. I tried to guess RobertIDK, it took Akinator like 3 rounds to get him. He kept guessing the randomest of people then after 3 tries he was like R O B E R T !!!!

  4. Love Akinator. Got it on my phone, it’s great. Sometimes I can trick it. They use the internet I think, I thought it was magical as a kid.


  6. soooooo i just played this game person i used was christina from this episode, 90 questions and it couldn't guess who i picked

  7. I played akinador and was thinking of a chair…….. and he said I was thinking of a chairs honestly thought he wouldn't get it.

  8. I played akinator, too. I was thinking about my favorite character in webtoon Tower of God. And akinator got correct answer😅 i never imagined that akinator know Ha Yuri Zahard (my fav char Tower of God/ToG) and i played again. I was thinking Luka Crosszeria from anime UraBoku and akinator correct again😐 (i can't believe it and then i got scared😓)

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