Guess Which Drugs I Use | Lineup | Cut

Guess Which Drugs I Use | Lineup | Cut

– I’m a cult leader. It’s called the First
Church of David Bowie. – No way! Really? How many members do you have? – I don’t know, just like
four or five at this point. – Oh. (playful music) – My name’s Carlos Dillard. – I’m Rain. – My name is Ellen Naquario. Oh my God. Like, not much. I’m like a drug virgin. – I’m done Molly, Ecstasy. Yeah, I smoke the fuck out of weed. I smoked before I came here. – Shrooms, LSD. I can’t remember what it’s called, but they told me it was like a horse tranquilizer or something. (laughs) – My mother was a drug dealer
in my house when I was a kid, which ended me into foster care. So I grew up around drug
dealers and drug addicts, pretty much the majority of my childhood. (laughing) – Hoo, ha. (laughs) Okay. – All right, come on down. – I’m Henry. – Henry? Carlos, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, Carlos. (laughs) Damn. What does your drug do for you? – Pleasure. Do you like having fun when you have sex? (laughs) (snorts) My drug I like to use… – Okay. – Has a lot to with sex. – Oh! – I’m kind of wondering
if you’ve used what I use. – Oh. – But I’m stereotyping you. – Because I’m black or gay, which one? – Gay. – You’re all about that Viagra. – Ecstasy! – Oh! Poppers. – Right. – What the hell is this? – Poppers. – Poppers! – It’s always in liquid form? – Mm-hmm. – And you just go, doo doo. – No, you don’t drink it. – Oh. – No, no. You inhale it. – What happens to you if you do? – You can die. – That’s why it says keep
out of reach of children! (laughs) How does that affect you? – It makes you easier to have sex… Well, anal sex. – Like, what, like– – It relaxes things. – Okay.
– It relaxes your muscles. – I love poppers. I don’t know why they are illegal. – They’re not. – Oh, they’re not? – Mm-mm, no. – But why do you have to
go to the shadiest places to buy them? Like, one of those glory hole places and it’s kind of like really gross. – Buy your poppers, stick
your dick in a hole. (laughs) – Hi. – Hi, what’s your name? – Mimi.
– Mimi. You have Xs on your face. That’s hella creative. Like, bitch, come on. – I wouldn’t be surprised
if you like huff spray paint or some crazy ass shit. (laughs) But yeah, you’re good. You’re fun to look at. – What would you say are your
hobbies during the weekend? – I go to drag shows. I go to parties. – So you’re a partier. It sounds like– – Oh, absolutely. – You’re very active. – I love, yeah. – Okay. – The nightlife is for me. – The nightlife, you want to feel good. I would say the main two
would be cocaine and Ecstasy. – I would think DMT. – Why is that? – DMT is literally used to
open your brain, be creative. – My favorite drug is acid. – Why? – It’s a way of getting
out of my head a little bit and thinking about my
surroundings and life differently. – Okay, I can see that. – ‘Cause when you’re on acid, it’s like– – Yeah, tell me about what it’s like… I’ve never done acid before. – Well, I only do it every few months. I’m not like a weekly acid user. One time I threw up at the zoo on acid. (laughs) – That was good? – Yeah. – Uh… You’re like a normal person. (laughs) – So when did you first do drugs? – Man, I was in seventh grade. – Seventh grade. I’m gonna lock my kids up. Seventh grade. They’ll probably just
end up doing more drugs. – Probably. – Yeah, okay, never mind. – That’s kinda what happened to me. I just had a rough childhood
and grew really bored. – Meth? – I like your boots. He has Doc Martens on
which are very expensive. He probably likes a higher class of drug. (laughs) Because–
– I guess, thanks. – You know, yeah, he’s like
real put together, maybe. – You seem super chill, so I’d say your worst would be cocaine. – He does coke. – Tony, tell me what your drug… – Um, so I used to be
addicted to painkillers, prescription painkillers. – Oh! – Why don’t you do it anymore? – It just ruined my career as– – What was your career? – I was in the Army for six years. – See, that’d do it. – Are opiates addicting? – Yeah. – Like, chemically addicting? – Yeah. – Okay, I see. Shit. – I mean, even just talking
about it makes my mouth water. – Damn. Okay. What drug do you do? Let me guess. Like looks will tell me anything. – Common or not common? – Extremely common. – Is it social or is it
like a personal thing? – It’s social in like getting
it, but once you get it– – Then you go home– – You like go home and lock the door. – Huh. – What’s the worst reaction
that you’ve ever gotten from it? – They cut it with something really weird and my whole arm got these
welts and red spots all over it. – I’m gonna say heroin. – Are you addicted? – I was. – Oh, you were. Alcohol. – I was a heroin addict. – Whoa! – Yeah. – Oh, man. – Was there a spoon involved? – Oh, yeah. That’s how you cook the dope so you can shoot it into your arm. My dad found me unresponsive
in my room a couple times and he revived me and… – Oh, my gosh. – After that, I told him
that I couldn’t live anymore. And I decided to go to
treatment one more time, I had been about 13 times. – Oh, my god. Come here. (laughs) Wow. – And I got clean and then a
year later, I loved my life. (sighs) – Wow. – I’m so happy that you’re past that. – Yeah, me too. (moans) (laughs) I feel like you need a hug more than I do. – I know, I need a hug! – Okay. (laughs) – I’m so glad you’re okay! – What’s your frequency of usage? – Once a week. – You’re just go on a party once a week. Just whoo, let it out, and then let it go. – It’s not a party. – What would you call it? – A ceremony. I’m a cult leader. It’s called the First
Church of David Bowie. – No way! Really? How many members do you have? – I don’t know, just like
four or five at this point. – Oh. – When you do drugs, what are you chasing? What kind of feeling are you looking for? – It’s a religious experience. – Oh! He might be like a kombucha tea guy. (laughs) I’m sure it’s not kombucha but like– – Are you thinking of Ayahuasca? – Yes, that. (laughs) – DMT. – Mushrooms. – Is it LSD? I think that’s what it is. – It is not LSD. – I need to do more drugs. – I can tell her? – Yeah! – I use psilocybin
mushrooms, magic mushrooms. – Oh! – I got it right! – Can you describe what it feels like? – It’s kind of like stepping
into an open volcano and just getting blasted up. Like your whole body could be shaking. – Okay, I’m vibing with that. – And I get these visions
of black iron fortresses, sheets of flame, devils
dancing and everything because I am channeling
that energy and that spirit. – And you’re feeling it. – You don’t ever get sober
and go, that was weird. It was intense. – No, I’ve basically spent
the last year wondering if I was having a psychotic breakdown, but I’ve determined that
I probably am not, so… – Hello. – Hello, Kate. – Kate. – Yes. How’s it going? – It’s going, Kate. Shit.
(giggles) – Okay, let’s get this rolling. – When’s the last time you did it? – Um, this morning. – And what’s your frequency at this point? – All day. – She looks hella normal. I think it’s gonna be an internal drug. – Internal how? – Like a pill. – Oh. – Do you do Xanax? Are you the Xanax one? I had a lot of friends in
high school who did Xanax. It was like this. – What do you like to do on the weekends? – Party and I work a lot. – Is it a problem for you? – I think anything can be a problem. – Oh… Alcohol. – Coke. – Cocaine. Did I get it right? – I do do cocaine. – Okay. – But I’m actually here for weed. – Oh, shit, no way. (laughs) What are all the drugs that you’ve done? – Oh, my god. – Would you say? You know, list ’em off. – Um, weed, coke, accidentally
did meth, that was awful. – Accidentally did meth? – Accidentally. Crack. – So something was spiked, shit. – Mescalin, ayahuasca, ketamine, DMT. But mostly cocaine, mushrooms, and weed. – So you don’t think it’s a problem? – I think that sometimes the way that I do drugs is a problem. I don’t think that I have a problem. – How do you do the drugs? – I do everything excessively. – Why? – To deal with a lot of
scars and emotional trauma that I can’t really seem to get through. After listening to
everybody’s stories today, it’s like been really, really beneficial to kind of see how drugs are used, how they’re perceived, and… – I can really feel your emotion. – Yeah, I’m emotional today. – I know, shit. (laughs) I could feel it. – So do you just wish you
did a little bit less? That’s it? – Yeah, maybe. I wish I had more control. – Huh. You look like you’re
someone in control, but… – Look good, feel good, you know? – I know, but doesn’t that wear you down? – Absolutely. – Then what are you left with? (inhales) (exhales) – Um… Damn it. (laughs) You got me. (whispers) Ah. (inhales deeply) – I’m sorry. – It’s okay. You did this! This is your fault. (laughs) – Well, if you ever want to
happily smoke weed with me, I would love to. Actually, that sounds like
a really nice fucking day. (laughs) It was so nice meeting you.
– You, too. – Can I have a hug?
– Of course. – Thank you so much for
sharing that with me. – Of course. – I’m much like her. I think, I just do a lot of weed and I use drugs to kinda
regulate my emotions. Sometimes it’s toward the negative and you can use it towards the positive. – Um… No. Drugs seem to be more of
an escape for everybody. That seems to be the
common thing that I see. – There’s some stereotypes with drugs. Like with heroin, you just
imagine losers in a way when that’s not really the case. Anybody can be addicted
to any of these drugs. – I’m gonna go smoke a
blunt and call it a day. (laughs) (applause) – (laughs) Oh, my god. I’m supposed to go on a road
trip with the fucking kids. (laughs) Oh, my god.


  1. I dont really like how the black girl kinda has a chill or like its not a big deal approach to these kinds of things. Like she acts like its normal to do drugs and its something she wants to do and other people to do but drugs are not a fun thing or at least shouldnt be thought of like that. Drugs are not something it is normal for everyone to do, it is a serious problem in the world and for drug users. I really dont like how she treats drugs like something cool.

  2. Damn. In the end, we all the same. Carrying around big bags of emotional bullshit in our heads that we just can't process or let go of. Everyone just needs some fuckin' love in their life, is what it comes down to.

  3. Before knowing what the white girl in black did i was guessing lean, im surprised nobody said lean tbh even tho its pretty popular

  4. after watching all this now i too need hugs 🤗
    though iyam not even a user..

    but seeing all that bonding, empathy.. makes me reflect.. how alone iyam😞

  5. now my entire google search history is, acid, dmt, poppers, lsd, heroin, and now the police are prob on their way here to arrest a basement dweller pc gamer

  6. As a recovering drug addict I don't think the people who have worked or participated on this video have any idea of the effects narcotics have on people's lives. Appealing to drugs this way is both irresponsible and not genuine. Youtube is a very popular platform and it makes me sad that someone took the decision to influence people this way. I hope you can reconsider the making and release of this video.

  7. I feel like everyone except the camera man has used drugs…
    Its like everyone is insecure about living, the mushroom guy is cool though.

  8. I enjoy these videos alot. Interesting and intellectually engaging. But I will rant a little, marijuana is not a drug! Videos on the internet that are of an open engaging discussion like this need to stop calling marijuana a drug, so we can get over that stereo typical wall and legalize a harmless healing plant that is nature. Putting marijuana in the same category and calling it a drug does nothing for the education needed to break the stereotype/engraving that's been placed on most of the world's population.

  9. Accepting and admitting while not being in denial is first step to recovery. It's a way to escape and mask problems instead of accepting it

  10. I can't not judge these people especially the blond woman cause, it the same sob story my life so hard? the majority of people live shit lives, you not going through nothing special.

    The desire to live any part of your life incoherent is without doubt, the dumbest decision you can make, moments change everything, not actually being in that moment or having any real control in that moment because you need to feel high is sad.

    It's just questionable to me how susceptible people are to even making the decision to partake in hard drugs. It speaks volumes of how incapable we are of supporting people or teaching them to just be comfortable with themselves.

  11. I been shooting up black tar for 10yrs I wish I can stop but I can't I just wish I know one way to stop with out killing myself I really do want to kill myself cuz I feel like I'm just a you wasted life fuck it I'm just going to do it n it's cool y'all can talk shit about me cuz I know there's going to be alot of people telling me who cares do it n it's cool so y'all can talk shit I'm not going to see it anyways I'm killing my self today my name is Jr from east Dallas so if someone see this that I know I'm sorry I just don't want to do this anymore

  12. i just wish my cousin had the realization that the ex-heroin girl had. heroin is a horrible horrible drug and my cousin couldn’t beat the addiction.

  13. The list of drug I’ve tried lsd,mushroom,dmt,catamine,solarish,exstacy,meth,hash,weed,xanax.
    But am not addicted 😊

  14. In the eyes of society these people are ALL labeled as drug users and abusers, but i think the fact that these people have such kindness and perspective after all that they've been through really shows that the only label that should be used here is HUMAN.

  15. How many ever times i rewind the guy with black cap and black talent shirt at 3:57– 4:03 I couldn’t understand what the fuck he was saying about the drug and his profession

  16. More people in here shouldn’t judge. If u haven’t been in their shoes, or place then don’t judge. Drugs is a escapism , a more comfortable way to cope with trauma or life in general. Of course some drugs are bad, but try to understand and less ignorance and have a open mind for things.

  17. So she did all those drugs, but she accidentally did meth and it was horrible but the crack was good ? And no one is gonna talk about that ? Just me ? Ok…

  18. 1968 Trichlor ethyleen sniffing, hasj, weed. 1969 – Amphetamine, Dex Amphetamine, Pervetine (= chrystal meth), Opium. 1970 – Morfine, Cocaine, LSD. 1971 – Alcohol, DMT. 1972 – Heroine. 1975 – Mushrooms. 1989 – XTC and today only Cannabis. That's all folks…….

  19. It's crazy how differently different drugs affect different people. I have tried most off these and they way they describe the experience so so different from my experience, especially the mushrooms.

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