Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Lab Explores the Use of Psychedelic Drugs

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Lab Explores the Use of Psychedelic Drugs

-It does feel like
a lot of people are trying to take more
responsibility for their personal help
these days. Do you feel like — I mean,
was that one of the reasons you started goop
in the first place, and do you feel like that’s
why people respond to it? -Yeah, for sure.
I mean, I think I started it because I was really looking
for a place on the Internet where I could find
great information about — not only health but, like,
emerging wellness modalities. And where — I don’t know. I feel like myself and my
friends, we kind of felt like we wanted a little bit more
agency over our health and we wanted to understand,
like, you know, why do we feel better
if we eat cleaner? Or, you know, do saunas work,
and does acupuncture work, and all of this. And this is like 11 years ago,
so it was — I mean, now, it sounds
all kind of obvious, but at the time, it was more
of a nascent concept. And, so I think there were a lot
of people in the world who are really interested
in optimizing themselves, their bodies, their sex lives,
their marriages, their relationships with their
kids, and it’s like, we’re living in this age now
we have all this great information and resources
available to us, so that’s really
what goop is. -And with the show, you pick
topics, like, you know, again, the clip was about psychedelics.
-Yeah. -And can they be tied
into health? How did you pick the topics for
the episodes for the shows? -Well, the psychedelics episode
is really interesting. I don’t know if you know this,
but there’s a government-funded study right now going on to
study the effects of taking psychedelics
for PTSD, and I think it will
soon be legalized to help various kinds of trauma. And so, we were really
fascinated by, you know, again, that this idea
that’s very disruptive and new. Like, can — if you take
a psychedelic with a psychiatrist and it’s the
right set and the right setting, like, is it — does it have
potential for great healing? So we wanted to test it out
for ourselves. -And you have so many
different lines within goop. Clothing lines and podcasts. There’s going to be —
you’ve announced a goop cruise. -Yes.
-So explain the goop cruise. -Are you coming?
-Have you ever been on a cruise? -I have never been actually
on an actual cruise. -Yeah.
-I’ve always wanted to do it. -Yeah.
-Have you guys ever been on a cruise?
[ Cheers ] Yes? -And real quick, any of you
from New York? [ Cheers ] -Yeah. Me, too, yes. So, I’ve always wanted to go
on a cruise. And we were approached by Royal
Caribbean to do this cruise. This, like, sort of
a collaboration with them, a wellness —
a wellness one. And so, we’re really excited
about it. -‘Cause I do feel it will be
very different than most cruises, because
the thing I hear about most cruises is that it’s just
— there’s an insane buffet. -Oh.
-And that, like, maybe not the healthiest
food that people eat a lot of. -No. We’re going to have
healthy food… -Gotcha.
-…and wellness programming. -Gotcha. Candles? Will there
be candles on the boat? -There will be — -Of all different —
all the different candles. -Can you burn a candle
on a boat? -I don’t know. I mean, I think
they’re probably not just, like, made of
rickety wood. [ Laughter ] I mean, I don’t think you should
burn a candle on a raft. They say never do that.
-No, I think that too. That’s what happened
on Titanic. -I think I just said
Royal Caribbean instead of Celebrity
Cruises, by the way. -Oh, you did?
Did you get the cruise wrong? -I got the cruise wrong because
I’m on mushrooms. [ Laughter ] And it’s Celebrity Cruises, it’s not the other one.
-Gotcha. -Here, like, just in case
we want to make an edit… -Yeah. Okay.
-Here, why don’t you — -Oh, thank you.
-We’ll try to cut this in later. So, just say who does —
who’s doing it. -Yeah, so, it’s Celebrity
Cruises, right? -Oh, now we’re double-checking.
-It is right? It is, right?
I feel like I’m hallucinating. -Yeah. Is it?
It’s Celebrity Cruises. It’s Celebrity Cruises.
-Okay, great. Yes. -So I know you have a
partnership with a company you’ve long been a fan of.
-Yes, Celebrity Cruises. [ Laughter ] I’m so excited. We’re going to do this amazing
wellness cruise with them, a collaboration.
-That’s great. -Yeah. Mushrooms, anyone?
[ Laughter ] -Hey, thank you so much
for being here. That’s Gwyneth Paltrow,


  1. Yeah goop sounds great when she explains it like that when in reality shes selling candles that smell like her cooch and stickers that “raise your frequency” for like $50-100 each… trash

  2. Even in the trailer for her crappy show, she says that he stuff is a con.
    I like her as an actress, but this whole goop thing is just a con and nothing more than a rip off.

  3. She says people want to take more agency over their health. Here's an idea, they should pick up some high school biology and chemistry books from their local library and this time actually read them. Then they'll know better than buy into Gwyneth and her goopie nonsense.

  4. Whoo boy ! Can you burn a candle on a boat ? Now let me feed you powerful psycidelic drugs. Trust me Im a movie star.

  5. How to get rich:

    1.) start a “wellness” brand (meaningless broad term)
    2.) spew a bunch of nonsense in sentences with uplifting tones and no actual data to back up your claims
    3.) hire pretty people for push your bullshit
    4.) wait til it catches on with dumb people and watch the money roll in

    I would shake her hand if I met her. But I would look down on her and never respect her

  6. Shame, I thought he would have grilled her.. but unfortunately seth seems to have hands in the cookie jar aswell….

  7. Such good intentions. But first look into partnerships with paych md's as they distribute SSRI's which are proven by their makers to be placebo and to cause suicidal ideation and violence.

  8. Wow, this is really only possible in America. We start a company because we have NO CLUE about it.

    "We inform people about drugs because I was looking for a place to find out about drugs"

    "We do cruises — no, I have never done one"


  9. For fucks sake, Seth! Why on Earth would you give this lady a platform?! At worst what she sells and promotes is harmful and breeds ignorance. At best it's pseudo-science and hot garbage. What is the upside here? This seems like a real bad call and feels disappointing to me given your show's level of quality and intelligence.

  10. Love how basically every comment on this video is shaming seth for having this con artist on the show.
    And just for the record, DON'T PUT THINGS IN YOUR VAGINA UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN RIGOROUSLY TESTED AND PROVEN TO BE BODY SAFE (or if it's a dick those are fine too)
    For one of the most important parts of the human body we sure like treating it like a dumpster, huh Gwen?

  11. people like her and the mercers are going to be what ruins psychedelic therapy. just like corporate forces ruined the internet when it was supposed to be this magical new tech that was going to make everything better.

  12. I'm genuinely disappointed to see this channel giving this hack a public platform to spread her dangerous BS to even more vulnerable people. You're better than this, Seth.

  13. What a waste of interview. She paddles expensive snake oil and shits on gullible people and their health, but yeah, let's not ask her about that. So disappointed.

  14. Hey Seth, I am a celeb that ran out of fame years ago. I want to use what's left of my name to sell snake oil, when can I drop by to promote my fraud?

  15. She is a QUACK!!!! Any Doctor will tell you not to listen to a word she says! She is dangerous!!! Has hurt so many!!!

  16. Oh ya lets go on tv stoned on ILLEGAL mushrooms. What an idiot. Hate to think intelligent get scammed by her. grrrrrrrrr NEVER HAVE HER ON AGAIN —- EVER!!!!!

  17. Wow, I thought Seth was campaigning AGAINST compulsive liars, con artists and charlatans. Now one gets a 10 minute comercial? I'm utmost disappointed.

  18. Woman dies from bee sting therapy promoted by Gwyneth Paltrow. Seth, i'm disapointed that you have a dangerous woo peddler on your show.

  19. What Psychedelic Drug is Gwyneth Paltrow even talking about. she dosent mention DMT but i hope they study and legalize it soon.

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