Half Baked (8/10) Movie CLIP – Thurgood Goes to Rehab (1998) HD

Half Baked (8/10) Movie CLIP – Thurgood Goes to Rehab (1998) HD

[ Thurgood ] Man, that first day
of sobriety sucked. And l realized something:
l was a real irritable guy
when l wasn’t smokin’ marijuana. l couldn’t stop thinkin’
about gettin’ high. lt was time to get help. Hi, everyone.
My name is Thurgood. – [ Together ] Hi, Thurgood.
– Hi. l’m here today because
l’m addicted… to marijuana. – [ Murmuring ]
– You in here because of marijuana ? Marijuana ? Man, this is some bullshit ! Marijuana is not a drug. – l used to suck dick for coke.
– l seen him ! And that’s an addiction, man. – You ever suck dick for marijuana ?
– Huh ? – No. No, l can’t say l have.
– l didn’t think so. – Boo this man !
– [ Together ] Boo !


  1. The first 14 seconds of this scene, is the funniest moment EVER on this Movie….

    It's so brutally honest because I felt the same way he did when I quit alcohol…. Damn, what a classic…

  2. Unfortunately I've on several occasions have sucked Male genitalia for marijuana BUT I'm 100 percent not gay thanks for letting me share

  3. A lot of people think Marijuana is more dangerous than it really is.

    My stepfather at one point actually believed it was as dangerous as cocaine and meth.

    My grandmother believed it was an addictive substance.

    I don’t know where people are getting all this misinformation,

  4. I spent 8 months in 3 different rehabs last year, every now and then some dude would say he was a marijuana addict
    Every time in my head I would hear
    You in here for some Marijuana, boo this man!!!!

  5. Weed addiction is actually an issue if you sincerely want to quit. However weed doesnt really pose any real health risks so it's not like its a big deal

  6. A part of me loves this scene, but the other part of me is wondering if Bob Saget actually did that in the past.

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