Hard Cider | How to Brew Everything

Hard Cider | How to Brew Everything

hard cider is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juices of apples Since it’s made from fermented fruit hard cider can technically be considered a type of wine and is legally often defined as such In the U.S. there are generally three classifications of Apple beverages: Apple Cider which is usually the straight non-alcohol juices from pressed apples Apple Juice which is cider has been filtered pasteurized and sweetened while still remaining non-alcoholic and Hard Cider which is apple cider that’s been fermented to become alcoholic and many other countries alcoholic hard cider is just referred to as “Cider” Cider can also be made from other fruits such as pears which is then referred to as Perry having already picked apples before from earlier project last year but I let someone else help out on this one hi i’m nick butler and i’m here to steal Andy’s job now i do have a broken ankle and it’s gonna be a little difficulty, they didn’t give me any vicodin at the hospital so I’m here to make next best thing hard cider after helping pick a few apples the first step was to put them in the scratter here can you take these for me?
Yep Thank You Whole apples are now thrown in and broken down into small chunks Do you guys have any like pots to put my head? I mean, I feel like I need to get the whole experience with my head, a little Johnny Appleseed, right? Well, I think there’s some kind of technique to it and I don’t have it Working hard for my booze pretty good
I didn’t think this was going to be like hard work. do I get to crank this thing now?
No, no, not at all. Quarter done. Quarter done?
Yeah, you’re quarter done I’m all the way sweating Here we go fellows let’s get to get to halfway. You know it’s more satisfying when you get drunk you know where it came from.
And all the sweat equity. Yeah, like I literally sweat into this batch of cider You know, this is just satisfying work out here with a broken ankle just mashing up some apple. I really can’t wait to get drunk with Andy George The fruits of my 10 minute Labor Once pulverized the apples are then ready to be pressed and the juice is extracted. Ready to squeeze?
I’m ready to squeeze. alright let’s fold sack over and get going. Let’s fold the sack over. Here we go, this is more my speed really, just doing this I feel like we should be singing some kind of song like an old sailor song …like.
♫ “Ninety-nine bottles of cider…” ♫
oh woah, woah! settle down, reverse crank
Ok. I think we need some better signals. We good? Almost.
Switchy! “Switchy”? I don’t know what that means-
Alright, crank ‘er down!
Ok switchy, I get it ♫ Heave-ho, heave-ho, the apple cider’s low heave-ho, heave-ho ♫- Come on guys! ♫ the apple ciders low! ♫
♫ We’re going to drink it hard ♫ ♫ we’re gonna drink it slow ♫ ♫ heave-ho, the apple cider’s low ♫ Need some, need some oil We’re done!
That’s it! Yes! Hard cider! How long’s it gonna take before we have we have actual hard cider?
It can go anywhere from a week to a year.
A year?
A year. Let’s go a week. I’m more like the bathroom hooch kind of guy. Oh, we’re done cranking.
We’re done. Now reverse crank. Now we got to do the clean up.
Clean up? That’s for the employees give me a high-vis shirt if I’m on staff yeah apple DJ.
DJ apple juice leftover Apple waste is then tossed and composting then we got to taste some of the freshly pressed cider Do you want in on this?
I want in I’m a little eager. Ah, that’s fresh pressed But there’s still no booze in that, so they let me taste a batch of hard cider they have previously brewed. There you go, there’s your finish product folks. The finished product. Yeah?
I like. This is hard cider. That’s right.
It feels more like the wine actually more than the cider because is it? This is a bit dryer This is year vintage.
Year Vintage.
5.9% Appley.
Well the process takes at least a week I can’t hobble around my leg that long so i guess it’s PBR for me. Now that Nick’s successfully produced some cider, he’s going to go brew his own batch meanwhile i want to take some of his juice make my own unique hard cider so with “How To Brew Everything” I want to explore both the traditional beverages and also some of the more extreme examples of what can and can’t be turned into alcohol.
For ciders, which are traditionally done with fruits want to take a more interesting fruit the durian and see if I could turn that into cider Durian is best known for its smell. Right now it doesn’t have too much of smell see what happens when I cut it open. I can smell it already.
It smells…ripe pretty well-defended with lots of spikes it’s got the smell to defend itself too why would people eat this? everything about it says “don’t eat me”
Mmm…that stinkyness Can I smell it?
that smells like a wet pile of garbage.
That means it’s good That is just aweful!
I feel like I’m gutting a rotten animal that’s what smells like at least. I thought it’d be a lot worse I think it’s warming up because it’s I feel like it is getting stronger I’m really curious how the drink itself turns out. If it’s going to retain the smell or if it’s gonna get diluted interesting Interesting flavor and texture very gooey like boogers.
Let me try some boogers. I don’t know how to describe it.
Oh god. Hey man you want some? Sure why not?
That seriously feels like a booger. Tastes kind of like sweet and hot garbage. Yeah, I guess that’s one way to describe it. Gooey. So tasty. Gross smell, gross texture, gross process it’s gonna be delicious when it’s done….or not. Got one durian worth of durian meat in there now Smells so disgusting. So next we’ll add some of the cider we had Nick collect for us little too fast. Oh dude, that’s pouring all over your shoe. I had an accident Oh what happened?
Stopper went inside. The stopper went inside?
That’s probably not good it’s gone.
Want to try some durian? Oh he likes it! Likes it more than you do. Dogs love durian!
Now the question is does your dog like it or does your dog just eat everything? I’m thinking the latter. The only thing is going to eat now: $20 durians I got that all mixed up let’s add some yeast. Now we just got to add the stopper here and you’re supposed to sterilize it didn’t pick up any sterilization but we have some of our leftover mezcal we picked up in Mexico so we’ll use that was about a hundred dollars so…good use alright give it a couple weeks. While mine is left to ferment, Chris took the remaining apple cider and some ingredients we have left over from previous projects to experiment with creating some other unique hard ciders Now everything just needs to ferment for at least a week, then it’s time to try all of our ciders. Check that out in the next video. If you haven’t yet don’t forget to subscribe. And if you enjoy our content please consider supporting us on patreon so we can keep producing and don’t forget to check out some of our other brewing episodes if you haven’t yet


  1. My daf used to make hard cyder and liqur moonshine my dad has his stil in the bacement couldet by it when he was 16 so he made it

  2. Geez, I know millenials lack some skill sets, but is this this first time you've poured anything? 🙂
    You should have added some cider to the sticky fruit first to make it easier to get into the bottle.

  3. Just be careful of what the dog eats if your dog has weight problems don't give them a durian and surely don't give them the seed to eat because it contains cyanide which can kill your dog.

  4. Dogs eating durian isn't a defence of it as a food really. Dogs eat their own poop if given half a chance. Durian is one of the most disgusting foods ever.

  5. You don't brew Cider. Brewing means to boil. You brew a cup of tea, a batch of beer. If you boil apple juice you are going to wreck the flavours of the apples. Cider can be "made" or "fermentated". It's import to get this correct as some cheap ciders use boiling juice to reduce the water content to reduce shipping costs. This makes for a cheap and nasty Cider.

  6. I don't like any cider I tasted that much or as much as I should. I like beer which is strange and other bitter-sweet mixers with interesting flavours although to me cider tastes like rotten vile stuff. I can not quaff it and it gives a headache that even wine which I like less than beer does not and I still find more palatable. I want to find a cider I like although I just hate cider other than for putting in apple crisp it has place to drink I find it harder than anything for some reason

  7. God I just wanna fuckin haze this dude until he falls over. You broke your ankle and you're complaining about working. You brought this on yourself.

  8. If the wash, mash smells good the product will taste good/ok. Take 1.75 litre bottle add 1.5 litres apple juice and 1.5 cups dissolved sugar and 1.5 tsp DAP add champagne yeast and leave screw top loose until fermentation bubbles are no longer active. Then throw that shit into your fridge until somewhat clear. Then syphon everything but the yeast on the bottom into another bottle and enjoy. I take mine to 1.070 – 1.085 gravity and 30celcius until finished.

  9. Pretty sure durian alcohol is a bad idea as a chemical in the fruit disrupts the matabolism of the alcohol. People in Asia love it and make everything with durian. Especially in Malaysia and Thailand. I've never seen durian luicur and the locals warn you not to drink after eating the fruit as it gives a nasty hangover.

  10. Let me guess, you're stoners and really didn't have any real information to share…I want my 8:57 back

  11. LOL! The stuff I make is boosted with honey and called a "cyser". It comes out around 12-15% ABV and gets you WRECKED! 🤣

  12. I live in a county called Somerset in the uk which produces some of the WORLD'S BEST cider and 1 of the UK's biggest cider brands come from a farm 20 minutes down the road from me.
    Cider apples have been grown here since Roman times.
    I love driving past all the farms and seeing what homemade cider they have 'the strong stuff '

  13. erm………. wheres the boooose? like apple juice is fine and all but what the title of this video says "hard cider"…….more of that next time pls

  14. Here in France apple juice is… well, apple juice, filtered or not and cider is the alcoholic version. Poiré (pear'd) is made with pears.

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