Has Aaron Carter Tackled His Health and Addiction Issues?

– Aaron Carter was a pop star before he was even 18 years old. In 2017, headlines were
swirling around him; DUI, possible drug addiction, emotional breakdowns,
and dangerous behavior. We sat down with Aaron to
set the record straight. Here’s a look back. – [Announcer] We have major breaking news. – I have extreme anxiety. I wake up with panic
attacks every morning. It’s a reality of what I read, what I see, the mental abuse, the
physical stress that I endure. I’ve dealt with a lot of negativity, body shaming, saying I
look like I have AIDS, I have cancer. He definitely looks like
he’s on some hard drugs. – Aaron is here today for one reason, to help shed some light
on what’s really going on. – When I first saw Aaron my main concern was that fact that he was so thin. – I just get made fun
of a lot for how I look cause I’m gaunt and I’m skinny. – [Jorge] It seems to me
there’s a lot fear going on. What startled me the most is the fact that in his esophagus he
had these white plaques, which is a sign of having a
very weakened immune system, whether he’s malnourished,
whether he has any liver issues, whether he has HIV. – How much did Aaron weigh? – Aaron weighed with clothes 115 pounds. It’s a body mass index of of 17, so if nothing else, that
right there says something bad is going on. – I haven’t always been
the safest sexually. – [Producer] You have at your
disposal prescription drugs. – Correct. – [Producer] They don’t
have to be illicit drugs, and you take them as needed. Now you, yourself, are
defining the as needed. Do you understand where
people might see that that is a level of abuse? – It’s in moderation. It’s as needed. It’s not to get high. When you’re mixing
benzodiazepines with opioids they’re lethal just like
it was for Leslie Carter, my sister who passed away from it. – You’re beloved. I can tell you that right now. – Awe. (Applause) – You’re open and honest
about your sister’s death. – Yeah. – Do you ever worry that
you could ever overdose? – I had to kiss my sister
good-bye in the coffin. I know that there is no happy ending to any of those medications. I lost my career. I lost my Dad. My lowest point was right
after my sister died. (Sniffs) My brother, Nick, sending me picture of Whitney
Houston dead in a coffin, saying RIP to me. Thanks. Thanks for always listening cause you never did. – Aaron, it’s hard to watch that. – Yeah I know. – And I’m not you. – Just gimme a second, okay? – Aaron very openly
submitted to a drug test. Cocaine was negative. Meth was negative. THC aka marijuana was positive. Benzodiazepine (mumbles) Xanax for instance, positive. He was also positive for
opioids, Hydrocodone. But Aaron what scares me that drug panel is your sister perished from an overdose, and you’ve got a mixture
of benzodiazepines with opioids which is how many
people accidentally can die. – I don’t wanna be on these. I’ve been to multiple psychiatrists. I’ve been to multiple therapists. Nothing has ever helped me. – [Female Doctor] And truly worked. – [Aaron] And truly worked the way that this is starting to,
this show is starting to – [Travis] I’m back
stage with Aaron Carter. Aaron has undergone a battery of tests. And we’re going to reveal those results, but I wanna ask you of
every test that you had done what was the one you were most afraid of? – HIV. – So let’s start with the tests. – Okay. – Your kidneys normal. Your thyroid is normal. All right, there is no
evidence of stomach cancer. Luckily, your HIV test is negative. – Oh my God. – However, listen up here
this is really important. You may be negative, but
your system is still so weak, that it can’t fight off a yeast infection. – Sorry my heart is just
like, thank you so much. (Laughing) So you’re telling me I am HIV negative. – Absolutely HIV negative. – So you dodged some bullets. – Yeah. Even though your tests are normal, in my opinion you’re not healthy. – If I tell you there’s
help out there for you are you willing to take it? – Yes, absolutely. I don’t wanna be on these pills. – This is your chance to say, “Nope, I’m doing this,
and I’m doing it for me “because I need to.” – I’m saying yes. – Proud of you man. – Thanks man.

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