Healing Core Wounds – Matt Kahn

Healing Core Wounds – Matt Kahn

and to start with this you know
oftentimes in a spiritual path a spiritual teaching will offer you
questions to ask yourself because questions help you get to know yourself
questions are things in which we let people know I’m engaged I’m open and I’m
listening right oftentimes we let people know how
engaged we are by the questions we ask and the questions often give us
invitations to know deeper and deeper things about ourselves and others
so of course questions are very important and when we are engaging with
others and people don’t ask enough questions we walk away thinking they
didn’t like us and want to know more about us so questions are really
integral in a spiritual path and as far as what I know and what I see and what I
perceive on the spiritual path and then redefining it it has a new spiritual
paradigm questions are really essential you just have to make sure you’re asking
the right questions because a question can take you on an adventure of inquiry
and an end venture of inquiry can go on for an infinite amount of time but if
you’re asking yourself the wrong questions
you’ll go on an infinite adventure in the wrong direction and when I say wrong
cuz a lot of people here then go well Matt there’s nothing really wrong with a
question but what I mean by that is a question that is wrong if it does two
things a question is technically not the right question if it creates more
compulsive energy in you that’s not helpful or if it helps you use the
question against yourself so if it creates more compulsive energy and more
self-doubt it’s not helpful and if it’s not helpful I call that wrong because
that’s just a way for you to go wrong way do a u-turn let’s go back in a
different direction and a right question a right question
we’ll bring you into greater communion with yourself will help you heal your
wounds and to help you cultivate greater connection with the love that you are so
I’m gonna open up this morning’s teaching by identifying a question that
I think is unuseful for you going forward it’ll be no surprise if it’s a
question you may have gotten familiar asking yourself but the good news is I’m
gonna replace it with a better question so I’m gonna take away a question but
I’m gonna give you a new one so we’re not gonna lose anything we’re in a game
and this question that we’re gonna start off eliminating is because it meets the
two French here that I speak about it helps you create more compulsive energy
and it helps you create greater self-doubt and that’s just not helpful because there’s no spiritual being who
needs more compulsive energy and self-doubt in order to ascend so I have
to take away the question that does that because that’s not helpful so I’m gonna
tell you what the question is we’re all gonna go whoa and then I’m gonna tell
you why knowing what question does not help you is eye-opening and when I
explain why it’ll be more eye-opening so the question and it’s a question that
the beginning of the journey is very very helpful for a very small amount of
time but we are all very seasoned veterans as evolving Navy SEALs of the
spiritual journey and when you make it to this kind of a level this question is
not helpful here we go the question is how am i
doing this is an unhelpful question and I’ll
explain why because otherwise you’ll be like you come home so what did you learn
from that today I think he taught me to not check in with myself but I’ll
explain why and give you a better question how am i doing why is how am i
doing not helpful here’s why how am i doing is either assuming self-doubt as
if you’re not measuring up to the perfection of the moment that’s already
been created as if it’s up to you to do well and if you do well you will then
receive well that’s reward and Punishment how am i doing first of all
what does that matter how you’re doing let’s see it started to resume and
here’s an interesting thing about how am i doing how am i doing is actually a
question seeking outside approval how am i doing as if your perception of
yourself is not enough and you need somewhere else to reflection now there
are times in life when stealthy the game of reflection but how many times do we
ask ourselves how am i doing and I can tell you this because in my in my
earlier spiritual years I would ask the givers all the time how am i doing how
am i doing how did I do and here’s what’s weird most of us are asking the
universe how am i doing and I’m gonna say that asking the universe how you’re
doing is a form of outside approval and a lot of us would be confused we go no
but Matt the universe is inside of me I’m not seeking outside approval but how
many of us envision the universe above us and so because we imagined it above
us we then perceive it as an object outside of us and we’re still relating
to it like it’s an outside source like you would a parent or a friend or
whatever so even if you go the universe is within me if you are the universe then how small of a you must you have to
become to fragment yourself off to be a little piece to ask your bigger piece of
the question so by asking the question you’re asking yourself I’m gonna be a
small me so that I can ask a bigger me to tell me I’m doing a good job that’s
actually a very subtle form of spiritual ego and it’s not coming from the wrong
place spiritually ego doesn’t mean our sysm that’s one form of it spiritual ego
is a spiritual form of self-doubt how am i doing because we cannot trust
two things we cannot trust our own perceptions because of the feedback we
got we were younger and we certainly can’t trust that the universe is always
gonna give and give and give no matter how good or bad we think we’re doing the
reason why how we’re doing is a foolhardy question that no longer will
serve you is cuz how you are doing is simply the momentary climate of your
spiritual healing process so how you are doing is not a measurement of how good
or bad you’re healing how good or bad you think your healing is just the
process you’re in so through the eyes of the universe how you are doing fantastic
but that’s not enough because it’s the self-doubt inside of us that’s asking
for a measurement and a reflection of our effort and we’re asking for a
measurement and a reflection of our effort because the constant need of a
reflection is reinforcing a separate self one who is one with the universe
does not ask how they are doing doesn’t even question how they’re doing
it would be like the finger asked in the hand am i doing a good job and the hand
politely says yes the wave says to the ocean am i measuring up to your
expectations and the ocean says yes well the wave says is there anything else I
can do to serve your will and the wave says stop it stop it how am i doing no longer a
question we asked here’s a better question more poignant question instead
of how am i doing simply because here’s Lu Assad if you
heard a voice respond back to you said how am i doing and the voice says
atrociously once you heard that what the hell are you gonna do about it and even
when you get the feedback you’re doing great that’s just on the inside gives us
something to slightly disagree with you ask the universe how am i doing oh my
beloved child you’re doing magnificently you are the light of the Divine in
physical form and on the inside you’re like but thank you I disagree and I’m so
afraid that someone’s going to tell me I suck so I keep asking cuz I’m afraid
there and tell me and I keep asking waiting for it and the truth is only I
think I suck today’s healing journey is from I sucked
I am in that is accurate how come I can’t abide as I am now you’re still and
I suck so let’s get out of I suck territory and I buy as I am and how we
do that it’s by asking a better question instead of how am i doing the question
is what do I need there’s not a better question there’s thanks of oh I feel so
much better cuz you’re basically saying look point out what I need to balance
out whatever deficiencies are there and and and let me be a part of this what do
I need and when you ask the question what do I need the universe is being
asked that question by someone who’s ready willing and able to take
self-responsibility hey I’m willing to do this thing I don’t see what I see
maybe I have some blind spots what do I need not what am I doing wrong what do I
need what do I need so ask yourself this question let’s sit here for a moment
I also pack all these new teachings nice and gently what do you need
here’s a really fun question what do you really truly need that causes you to
compulsively ask how am i doing if you’re already an energetically
sensitive being you can take a permanent vacation from how am i doing how am i
doing should be a question narcissus asked because they don’t care how people
are doing that’s why they should afford to ask that question but those of us
that are already sensitive we’re often asking that question and
we’re seeking feedback from people who aren’t equipped to give it to us either
because you’re in relationship with narcissus who have no sense of self
outside of themselves so that’s not gonna work or if you’re asking another
empath or codependent the same question they’re gonna ask you say how am i doing
you may say how am i doing are you okay cuz if you’re okay I think I do be okay
you’re not okay I don’t think that we’re here do you ever play that game for like
forty thousand years isn’t that funny how codependency is not actually reserved for relationships with other
people you can go into a cave and meditate with nothing around you and you
will sit there and say how am i doing and you have your own codependent
relationship with yourself so let’s ask what do I actually need that causes me
to constantly ask the universe or others how I’m doing what do I actually need
that causing me to believe I might not be doing enough what do I actually need
that causes me to believe I’m capable of failing someone what do I actually need
so that if I did get the feedback that I’m failing someone I can honor their
journey and making it my fault what do I need what do I need just let’s sit with
that for one moment what do I need because I’ll tell you my life what I
needed it wasn’t a healthy dose of confidence I already was born with that
what I needed was the willingness and the worthiness to actually receive it I
needed to know that it was safe to be as confident as I naturally am because when
I was younger I was a very confident person as I am right now but I had an
adult level confidence again it’s how did confident they would rub kids wrong
way because they were raised to be insecure and they would look at me go
makes you so confident I didn’t know it was wrong I was eating myself when I was
a kid I was more confident than factual you ever had that where I could say the
answer and one of my teachers would step back for half a second to chat there’s
that real maybe I’m wrong I needed to know that my confidence was a gift and
not a curse that’s what I needed I needed worthiness to say in that stand
tall and be who you are you’re confident for a reason and I didn’t get that
message for 40 years instead you know what I did I tried to win the popularity
contest with insecure people never tried that one and what you’ll find out is
trying to win a popularity contest with insecure people makes you an insecure
person and the reason why you can’t win a popularity contest with insecure
people is because all insecure people are trying to win the popularity contest
so no one’s serving each other we’re all just political candidates
positioning and angling trying to get everyone to like us and the truth is the
more time we take trying to get other people to like us it builds up a residue
of I’m not sure I like me so when we talk
loving what arises it’s about stopping where you are and facing yourself which
is facing the you that you think you may not like at taking a deeper look to see
what’s really there and if you look deep enough you might find nothing but love
but you have to kind of look deeper than the dislike of yourself in order to see
the deepest love within yourself and that’s what the power of a question can
give you that entry point into the love that you are a step beyond dislike and a
step into love and the question isn’t how am i doing the question is what another reason why how am i doing is
irrelevant is because how you are doing cannot and does not interrupt your
healing process however your healing process can certainly frustrate disturb
and interrupt your ego so if your ego can’t interrupt the healing journey but
your healing journey can interrupt the ego that’s why we need unravel that
thing and we do it mercifully and lovingly and unravel the ego and say
thank you for being here you did a good job mission fulfilled time to go
how about you so let’s really have a deeper look and you know I always do
this I always teach everything from a different angle let’s have a different
look at ego today and I always strive to offer you a compassionate loving look at
ego and as you can tell and feel the energy in the room as untranslated is
already doing the healing work as Ford is proceeding on this and I’m doing that
unfolding and teaching nice and gently like I’m telling you a nice bedtime
story once upon a time there was a being who woke up that’s the story
so ego are the compulsive patterns that orbit your personality ego are the
compulsive patterns that orbit your personality not the illness of having a
personality that’s very specific to notice that because there are a lot of
old teachings that make ego synonymous with human personality and we refer to
our physical reality as Maya and illusion and we discount physical form
which is the only domain it within which the eternal is playing so to discount
physical reality as a judgment against truth ego are the compulsive patterns
orbiting your personality not the illness of having a personality so we
are here to reform our personalities by healing the ego within it and we all
have ego it’s not a bad word if I didn’t have an ego working so integrative liam
in my field i wouldn’t be able to transmit healing energy and do so
powerfully what i do for you in the world it’s just not an unconscious ego
it’s not a self-destructive ego so our egos become integrated it goes through
our reforming process your ego gets rehabilitated not renounced and the
compulsive patterns of ego are reflective of four prime wounds within
our ego structure and when these four wounds are unresolved inactive how
active and others solve our wounds are is reflective how compulsive we tend to
be in our lives and that’s part of the healing process of addiction will we go
Wow I’m only compulsive not because I should label myself an addict but my
addictive compulsions are just showing me that there are something unresolved
wounds inside of me so let’s unpack these wounds and heal them so we can
bring these compulsive patterns to an end I’m in doing so we will cultivate
more of the love within us so we can wake up out of the dream the dream
called dislike because I don’t necessarily utilize the word illusion
sometimes I always use it very relative terms not absolute terms but if life is
a dream that you wake up from the dream that you wake up out of is a dream
called dislike that’s a more accurate way of talking about it from a heart
center perspective and in the dream of dislike either there’s someone else you
dislike there’s a belief if someone else dislikes you or you’re the one that you
dislike that’s the dream of dislike so maybe we can just kind of boil it down
to one way of measuring how deeply entrenched in the ego we are is how
deeply do you dislike another how deeply do you dislike yourself or how many
other people do you dislike your relationship with dislike can measure
the density of your ego another way of measuring the density of
ego is how compulsive you are how compulsive you are is based on how
unresolved these four prime wounds are so what are the four prime wounds of ego
they are neglect abuse codependency and loss neglect the first
one neglect is the overlooking or refusal of affection affection is the
willingness to provide basic needs for a human being and one of those needs that
the human being needs is encouragement and attention when we don’t offer
encouragement we don’t offer attention we are deprived in an affection we are
deprived of affection we feel neglected when we feel neglected we are trained to
either and neglect ourselves which means someone else didn’t fulfill my needs so
I’m gonna become a person who doesn’t know my needs or I’m gonna manifest a
partner who’s not in tune with my needs neglect what’s amazing about neglect is
that neglect registers by the nervous system as traumatic as abuse so abuse is
an expression of domination projected onto another and you can say neglect as
almost its opposite in some ways because with abuse there is a great amount of
unconscious presence where someone is receiving all the attention and from the
most unconscious standpoint and neglect is not receiving any attention but the refusal to have your needs met
in your most formative years and being completely dominated by the presence of
someone’s shadow registers is the same level of trauma so that means for all of
us in the room and on this livestream you might have been neglected you might
have been abused and your pain is the same so we don’t judge
we don’t categorize we don’t come here and then some of us had the combination
of I was abused and dominated by someone in my life and then the other parent
didn’t come to my rescue or listen to me so one abused and one neglected but I
say this with great compassion then we have the third kind of wound when I know
extremely well codependency let me put codependency in very specific
words codependency is the annihilation of your boundaries I love my parents I
love them to death here’s the thing my boundaries were annihilated annihilated
and what was confusing for me as a child is that when my parents were set off
because they came home from work and they’re triggered by their bosses and
had a long day and just wanted some time to rest and they’ve been working all day
in the role called employee now that I step into the role of mother and father
and when they didn’t know how to give themselves the space they needed because
of their mind if I took time for myself now being a neglectful parent so yeah I
get to spend all the time in the world with a parent who’s completely out of
alignment with her heart yay because after all they don’t want to be
neglectful then any little thing idea to set them off which triggers their ego to
let them know hey you’re being triggered because life is telling you you need
some space you need to have some ton of yourself and have I triggered their ego
as a child I got in trouble and was made to believe I did something wrong that’s
when I start to miss perceive life as oh when I asked my mom and dad a question
I’m too much for them oh it’s wrong to ask a question I should just keep that
inside myself oh my parents asked me how my day was I told him I had a bad day oh
that’s more for them to take care of they got short-tempered oh I should you
share my feelings what done do you see what I’m saying and and because you
trust your parents to give you the feedback of what’s right and what’s
wrong you’re actually learning to be a servant to their ego structure and
serving someone else’s ego structure as priming you to be a servant for other
people’s ego structures whether it’s a narcissistic boss or an emotionally
unavailable part codependency and let’s say you didn’t live a
neglectful childhood let’s say you didn’t live an abuse of circumstances
and you weren’t around codependent people let’s say you lived in a very
well-adjusted unconditionally loving family with someone with someone with
has some of us have more than others let’s say you had the best upper team
possible no reason to assume all of us have atrocious childhoods mine wasn’t
atrocious but the codependent parts were horrible I just didn’t know it at the
time so let’s say you came from an unconditionally loving family the pain
and healing that will take place will then be when the people that represent
that unconditional love cross over to the other side and you experienced loss
so even if you had the best relationship possible it is through a loss that you
come into contact with the wounds I need to be healed to help you integrate your
ego so it’s either gonna be some form of neglect some form of abuse sub form of
codependency or some form of loss and then we can cross-reference them I felt
neglected which means either attract more neglectful behavior or even
attracting abusive behavior because the consciousness if it opens really slowly
says I’d rather have the attention of an abuser then the loneliness of neglect
and that’s perpetuated an abuse cycle or the relationship between codependency
and loss that says I’m so codependent Lea attached to my partner because I
can’t bear to deal with losing love when I have it or I’m so afraid of how
attached and codependent I get when I open to love I’m just gonna push it away
and stay in the loss cuz as long as I stay at the loss I can’t lose any more
I’ll just stay afraid of game you can cross-reference all these little
quadrants and someone somewhere along the line you’re gonna find the formula
of your hurt the recipe of your pain that you didn’t create that is just
orbiting inside of you waiting for your conscious recognition and the more we
use our pain as our healer instead of our pain defining us our pain can divine
us so in the name of our healing let’s just try repeat out
repeat after me out loud I allow all patterns of neglect abuse codependency
and loss associated with mother or father to be forgiven now I allow patterns of
abuse neglect codependency and loss associated with others to be forgiven
completely I allow all patterns of codependency abuse neglect and loss
associated with the dimension of time any and all incarnation blamed on the
universe on to God or perpetuated by myself to be forgiven completely now I allow patterns of abuse neglect or
dependency and loss from all ancestral bloodlines
whether male the female female the male male the male or female to female to be
forgiven completely now and knowing it is so I allow neglect abuse codependency
and loss to be forgiven completely for the greater good of all and so I’m you you feel that deep I can so gently walk
you through repeat after me like that because we’re talking about this is such
a high level of consciousness there’s nothing being overlooked or missed we
can allow this so beautiful angelic presence of energy to just in such a
heavenly way just find all of the hurt inside of us and blow it out
you know one of the reasons why people work at healing for so many years and
never get to the other side of healing because they don’t approach it gently
enough well as people if they approach titties gently they don’t give it enough
attention if they give it enough attention they approach it too
aggressively we have to learn is to approach it with complete focus an
absolute gentleness and respect once you get that combination right all this
healing is instantaneous that’s why when we get together things happen it’ll mess
around Shredder’s repeat after me out loud I
allow all associations in my subconscious mind that make neglect
abuse codependency and loss familiar to be cleared out of my energy field return
to the source of its origin transmuted completely and healed to completion now
and that means as of this moment I command my subconscious mind to
recognize and label codependency loss neglected abuse as foreign experiences
so to delete out of my conscious awareness any and all realities that
reflect those labels so to eliminate out of my field any potential of
codependency loss abuse and neglect and in knowing it is so
I allow my subconscious mind to acknowledge safety homeless fulfillment
abundance inspiration and joy as my new familiar experiences attracting into my
conscious awareness these new familiar experiences now that I’m instructing my
subconscious mind to identify with inspiration homeless confidence
abundance and fulfillment identify with it I attract it it is one with Who I am
and will not settle for anything less and so I am healed so we took all of the
wigs of ego we took it out of familiar we made it foreign and what we made
familiar instead of foreign or all the things that we keep running towards and
trying to be good boys and girls waiting for the universe to bless us with here’s
a news flash your good behavior won’t bring you what you want your self-worth
will I remember being a child and sitting in school them teacher would say
if you sit quietly you can leave early and I would set as a good little boy
little obedience statue waiting to be recognized any moment now look how good
I’m doing and I did that in the first half of my spiritual path look what a
good little spiritual boy I am and you know what I learned that’s not the game
no one but me is watching me and that didn’t cause me to go screw it screw the
rules okay not like a sure like an obedient little
Buddhas now walking around wearing a leather jacket or something I just
realized that it wasn’t about being a good little boy a good person I’m a good
person because it’s just my nature if I was given the option not be a good
person I wouldn’t go thank god I can finally get away with it thank God I can
step on people now oh who would want to do that for a while that’s not inside me
I don’t have a desire to like you know like some people have that dream and go
whoo if I could get away with it I just go crazy I don’t have that I don’t have
that I’ve given the option I would be like and I choose politeness Matt you
can go on a rampage and you you’d be totally forgiven and it
wouldn’t even matter I choose politeness no rampage needed
sounds exhausting but the reason why a lot of times abundance inspiration joy
and wholeness seem foreign or seems so far away from us as cuz our self-worth
has not been cultivated and what’s is the way of self-worth is just the wounds
of the ego because if you look at the wounds
if losses the wound that means there was some sort of presence in my life and
when it was taken from me it hurt me so the subconscious mind says I’m not
allowed to gain because loss is gonna be more painful we’re afraid to gain
because we’re even more afraid to lose that makes sense so that’s how that gets
deleted out of your subconscious mind that’s why I’m helping you shift this if
the wound is codependency then it’s often like oh I can’t be successful I
want to be successful but I can’t because I’ve have wounds of codependency
which means I’m afraid of being so big everyone’s gonna want me and it’s gonna
rip me to shreds who’s gonna be no me left wanting to be successful but a
frame of afraid of the attention that’s what codependency will do to you and
that will delete all that possibility out of your field until you filled it or
if you’ve been neglected oh my god I can’t be successful because then there
won’t be any time for me and I’ll be neglected which is reflecting those
wounds or oh my god if I become successful on whole and joyful I’ll be a
bigger target to be wounded by someone if abuse was your pattern so you see how
these patterns tell your subconscious mind it’s too unsafe and too threatening
to actually be who I want and to have what I want so I’m just gonna hide
fantasize about it that’s what we do and I don’t want you to hide and
fantasize about it I want you to come out of hiding and receive what you’re
destined to be in order to do that we have to face and confront the rules of
ego which we’ve just done very politely and nicely and now that we’ve addressed
those wounds we have to actually now look at our personal belief in safety
and to do that I’m just gonna walk you through whatever decides to speak
through me but notice as you sit in these chairs notice how you don’t have
to keep asking is the chair okay to keep yourself from falling you are safe
enough to sit in this chair and not feel threatened by the potential of falling
out of your chair or breaking apart or disappearing I mean the chair is made up
of empty space like everything else so what keeps it from just forgetting it’s
the chair disappearing like what if the chair wakes up out of chair ego like
what if I’m transmitting such an energy that the chair goes oh my god I’m not
this chair and then you all fault none of you are afraid of that you are
allowing yourself to be intrinsically supported by this chair and you’re not
afraid of a disappearing and failing in so if you’re not afraid of this chair
failing you if you are not questioning the safety of sitting in this chair
where does your unsafety be in let’s think about that not in your life just
right now where for you does your safety get questioned or
challenged what makes you unsafe and if it’s if
it’s either some memory of neglect abuse codependency or loss forgive that person are you saying your mind I forgive this
person in order to reclaim the power of my safety because your first moment of
power is just feeling safe to be you safety isn’t knowing nothing can get you
safety is the realization that if anything is meant to get you it’s only
gonna make you better that’s reality that’s gangster safety
right I’m not here to have you surround yourself with a bubble of likely nothing
can get me and then something gets you real safety is if something’s meant to
get me it’s only gonna make me better maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but
sometime in the future I’m gonna see that this was only here to make me
better that’s real just like you ask yourself
the question how am i doing in the universe as you’re doing fine I don’t
believe that yes the universe is anything gonna get me he ever says no I
doubt that and we all walk around like something is unto you do you know what’s
hunting you your own awakening consciousness it’s hunting you it’s
trying to get you to sit still for five minutes so it can jump outside your body
and blow your wounds up just that’s what meditation is it’s a
conspiracy of the universe going let’s sell the world on meditations they can
sit still we can jump us other body and below this crap up ohm is the primordial sound of the
universe it’s also letting the universe know what ego to dissolve next I guess
what all means in the sanskrit oh right here we’re being hunted by our awakening
consciousness so real safety is if anything gets me it’s only gonna make me
better and you know it strangely you feel right now safer not in that old
spiritual superstition that goes if you can hold your vibration high enough
you’ll be invisible nothing will touch you if you’re in nine a vibration and
then when something affects you go I guess my vibration wasn’t high enough first of all how can a manifestation of
the divine be of a low vibration low vibration isn’t actually your energy
field it’s just the limitation of your perception low vibration as well I am
the Kingdom of Heaven made manifest in the physical form and I’m seeing life
through a rather small lens of perception and my emotional body is
telling me that I am the Kingdom of Heaven seeing things in the most
limiting and self-defeating way so low vibration is not actually your field
it’s just how small you’re seeing things that’s all that is low vibration is I could open up the
front door and see the full view of what’s outside but I’m looking through a
peephole and my world is very tiny and everyone likes to blame everything on a
low vibration just like the old spiritual ego pathology
god forbid you go to a healer and if they can’t heal you in 3 seconds I guess
your resisted never have that pathology my magic didn’t work on you I guess
you’re the state of resistance that’s a nice projection that’s a nice spiritual
gaslighting oh well I magic didn’t work on you that must be your problem it’s
not your problem you notice it’s your process you know why I couldn’t come
together a lot of magical things happen but you know what a lot of times you go
to healers and they wouldn’t wiggle their magical wand over you or whatever
they do and it doesn’t stick because life says sorry this is a gift not a
curse this is a gift called your process and to just take it from you because
your ego is inconvenienced would be to take you off your path not to put you on and as I transmit the angelic energy
helps you find a real world safety real world safety is I don’t have any to
surround myself with a bubble of light and be invisible to the unconsciousness
of the world I accept that if I attract any kind of
neglect abuse codependency or loss it is only a catalyst to make me even better
and more hired light vibrate highly vibrational than ever before and I can
clear these things out of my field so that I don’t have to interpret these
things as a neglectful abusive codependent
or the or loss I can see them as the gifts of my evolutionary salvation and
as we do that we find peace right here this moment we heal the wounds of the
ego structure we dissolve the patterns of compulsive behavior and we cultivate
greater self-love that wakes us up out of the dream of dislike as we cultivate
love love is not aligning with a force bigger than yourself love is honoring the biggest you in
existence and that means love is not greater than you love is the greatest to
you there is so I’m gonna give you a mantra and I’m gonna repeat it a few
times I want you to feel the energy within and then we’ll do a repeat after
me and we’re gonna cultivate this energy because this mantra is the mantra that
worth the power of unconditional love we will surrender the ego right now lovingly decisively confidently joyfully
with respect to the ego as a way of saying you’ll be happier when you’re
home time to go to the light here’s the mantra and just just listen to the words
coz it’s encoded because surrender your ego does not have to be a bloodbath it
can be a polite moment of divine recognition so just feel the words of
not to share with you love is not bigger than you and you are
not bigger than love I’ll break this down love is not bigger than you Unni
don’t be a small person trying to treat love like it’s the mother you never had
or the father you wanted love’s not bigger than you you are the entire
universe love is not bigger than you when love is a force bigger than you
you’re serving something you feel unworthy of receiving love’s not bigger
than you you’re not bigger than love you’re not
better than love so when you go love’s not bigger than me then we have to at
the same time go okay but let’s pump the brakes a little bit
you are not bigger than love which means let’s not make this whole discovery of
truth more important than love oh yeah loving people be nice whatever I’m about
truth I step for the truth never met a spiritual being like that I said for the
truth or if we stand for the truth then we wake up from dislike you know it’s
really weird about the old spiritual path and again I say this because I came
into this field I had all the teachings I was keep downloading and sharing with
you didn’t know the other paths started discovering to their past ago let’s see
what’s out there and it was like for me like a madhouse like what is all this
stuff that’s helping people hate themselves and I would watch teachers
God bless their souls I assumed they have the best of intentions I assume but
I watched teachers on stage who were helping people
they were correcting people no no no you have to say it with these special words
and it appalled me when teachings are not delivered with love they’re useless and our love has to be mature and smart
so it’s not impulsive and foolish you are not bigger than love so let’s not
look past it and when you’re not bigger than love that means serving your own
basic human needs is the most primal spiritual practice there is if someone
wants to have a spiritual practice if they ask me and I could ask pay x mat
please please see just a spiritual practice I say before we do that let me
go down a checklist with you of your basic human needs are you well hydrated
are you feeding yourself proper nutrition and exercising you’re getting
enough rest and the people that are the most hell-bent on enlightenment no no no
no no well that means that you’re seeking a higher truth because you don’t
like you and you don’t like you in the dream of
dislike because you’re not taking care of you you’re not taking care of you
especially we’ve been labeled by some what some other teacher or teaching as
an illusion that’s like judging God’s creation and trying to run back to God
all you’re doing is running towards yourself while running away from
yourself all within a dream of dislike nothing wrong with the spiritual
practice but a spiritual practice is the daily fulfillment of your personal needs and if you get those things checked off
maybe meditate a little bit but if you’re meditating or doing any
kind of spiritual practice in the avoidance of the denial of your basic
human needs our deal is making a new ego structure in the dream of dislike which
now becomes a dream of spiritual dislike where we get together and talk about the
dislike of humanity the dislike of the unconsciousness to this lack of other
ego structures that is like of political you know political agendas the dislike
of whatever and our dream of dislike is as dense as our denial of our own
personal needs so to surrender our ego so there’s nothing in the way of you
fulfilling your personal needs as your most important and pivotal spiritual
practice love is not bigger than you you’re not bigger than love love is not
bigger than you you’re not bigger than love I try these
words out loud love is not bigger than me I’m not
bigger than love love is not bigger than me
I’m not bigger than love love is not bigger than me I’m not
bigger than love love is not bigger than me
I’m not bigger than love love’s not bigger than me
I’m not bigger than love I’ll stop bigger than me
I’m not bigger than love love’s not bigger than me
I’m not love’s not bigger than me I’m not bigger than love love’s not bigger
than me I’m not bigger than love love is not
bigger than me I’m not bigger than love’s if I’d almost like it irons out
the creases in your energy field just a lengthening yeah that’s one of the
nicest way to surrender your ego because the ego is either going to be superior
inferior you ever notice that superior is I am bigger than at all right if you
get into the fancy Eastern teachings self-realization is the absolute
realization that you are the universe you are the one but if an ego structure
realizes that that’s was the way of saying I am the biggest spiritual object
in the world of other objects I’m the most superior object er that has ever
been objectified I will be the biggest object so that other objects can’t
affect me and it’s very painful and sad an ego is either gonna be superior or
inferior so love’s not bigger than you eliminates the ego playing the game of
inferior you go which is I’m a child of the Divine which is true and gods my
parent I want to piss off mom and dad and
I’m asked oh I met this person and I think we’re a line but let me ask mom
and dad I want to piss them off why if I date this person inferior you go
superior you go I’m the biggest big that’s ever big nothing is bigger than
me first of all if you’re the biggest big that’s ever big who the hell are you
talking to because who you proclaiming that to there’s only you so ego is either inferior or superior or
superior and then when it’s met with another superior it cowards into
inferiority it’s called pink alpha dog fyra people are very confident very bald
and then someone comes up equally bold and Alpha’s them and they cower you see
it with dogs and now a new newly appointed dog daddy I’m reading about
dodging you see a dog my my dog beautiful dog gentle dog sweet dog but
my dog thinks he’s a guard dog and my guard dog guards our house my wife and I
with a stuffed animal of his mouth any barks with a stuffed animal driver that’s like her house being patrolled by
a security guard eating a Snickers bar our dog wouldn’t take him out you know
and I learned about this because I’m the new new dog daddy you know other dogs
have to meet each other and size each other up and my dog will come up I’m the
alpha in other dogs and I’m the alpha my dog says you make a good point and
whoever’s got the biggest bark wins and whoever doesn’t towers watching and
learning about dog this is not unlike the land of ego that’s we wake up out of
like my dog my dog if there’s anyone walking on the sidewalk or walking up to
our house or walking on the other side of the street if there’s anyone in the
perimeter my dog will run to the front door and start barking and as look on
his face like I’m sorry I can’t help myself
I’m a dog and isn’t that how it works an ego like an ego is just reacting and how
most hasn’t look in his eyes like I’m so sorry I came out myself I mean the ego I
cannot help myself I’m in the dream of dislike I need to
hate someone so sorry never seen someone’s eyes where they’re like almost
silently apologizing for how they’re acting towards you I can’t stop this I’m
so sorry I already had the thought of hating you I’ve got to commit to it oh
my god if I stop in the middle the floor will
become lava we’re all gonna die my dog doesn’t have the ability to stop and to
take in a moment as if it’s different from other moments
my dog is was wired – someone’s at our front door and I’m gonna show you how
much I love you by protecting you against this invasion called the postman and my dog responds to a postal worker
and a lion the same with the stuffed animals developed or every morning my
dog wants to go outside and of course use the restroom but before he does he’s
under the impression that there are squirrels outside and before I let him
out he is jumping in front of the door I say are there squirrels out there and I
kind of agamotto but I really do I totally do
and he kind of squeals and I give her you great for the squirrels mm-hmm
and he just squeals as the freak out and let him out he runs out screaming
looking for nothing nothing there nothing there
he’s looking for squirrels that aren’t even there he runs outside barking for
squirrels which is like an ambulance with its sirens on looking for a problem my wife and I have a little fun getting
our dog little rubbed up on the squirrels girls adorable my wife did the
funniest thing psycho the squirrel says that you want to get the squirrels my
wife added in yeah how do you hear what the squirrels are saying about you why
she what the psychological route the squirrels are shaving you it was so
funny that we let a man I go really psychological really it’s amazing but
when you’re in the dream of dislike when you’re in the ego structure ego are the
patterns that no matter how intelligent you are you could witness yourself oh
here I go and you can’t help yourself so the reason why we forgive people who are
in ego is because their it’ll add a little of consciousness where you think
they have the power to control themselves nope that’s mostly you people
who are an ego do not have the ability to control themselves they get set off
and hope they got a play out the whole roller coaster ones that set in motion
hope you ever had the ability where you start to get upset and you actually can
pause and take perspective and see it differently and it stops yeah because
you’re conscious and that’s not an insult to people that are unconscious
that means you have the ability to interrupt an unconscious pattern use
great awareness to see something that you hadn’t seen instead of responding to
something as if it’s your past wound you can see it is something different and
respond with the freedom of your will but there are many people this planet
that don’t have that in the moment they make a choice oh that’s like a wound and
we respond the nervous system says foreign invasion
it’s either neglect abuse codependency or loss fight fight fight and we’re literally interacting with
people’s lack of cellular safety and this is why we forgive to help people
that’s funny clock 11:11 to help people find the safety and comfort to relax the
nervous system to wake up out of the dream that dislike it’s a cultivate
greater self-love so we can feel worthy to let in our light and to shine our
light for the well-being of all so the name of cultivating the light of your
inner light worker to shine your light of love to bring safety to others to
help others wake up out of the dream of dislike and so that you don’t have to
enter the dream of dislike even when someone’s dream of dislike is pointed in
your direction just try these words that aloud
love is not bigger than me I’m not bigger than love love is not bigger than
me I’m not bigger than love love is not bigger than me
I’m not bigger than love love is not Baker than me I’m not bigger
than love love is not bigger than me I’m not bigger than love love is not bigger
than me I’m not bigger than love love is not
bigger than me I’m not bigger than love love is not
bigger than me I’m not bigger than love and as our egos surrender if you feel
any residue of sadness defeat hopelessness that’s just the ego letting
go and so too the egos that are letting go and surrendering so sweetly with our
hands on our hearts that we say to all hurts that are surrendering their ego we
say I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you
I love you I love you we slow it down just so you can really take the time to
feel I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love
you I love you you you


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    I allow all patterns of neglect, abuse, codependency and loss associated with mother or father to be forgiven completely now.

    I allow all patterns of abuse, neglect, codependency and loss associated with others to be forgiving completely right now.

    I allow all patterns of codependency, neglect, abuse and loss associated with a dimension of time, any and all incarnations, blamed on the Universe, on God or perpetuated by my Self to be forgiven completely now.

    I allow all patterns of loss, abuse, codependency and neglect from all ancestral bloodlines whether male to female, female to male, male to male, or female to female, to be forgiven completely now.

    And knowing it is so, I allow neglect, loss, abuse and codependency to be forgiven completely for the greater good of all, and so I am healed.

    I allow all associations in my subconscious mind that make neglect, abuse, codependency and loss familiar to be cleared out of my energy field, returned to the source of its origin, transmuted completely, and healed to completion now.

    And that means as of this moment I command my subconscious mind to recognize and label codependency, loss, neglect and abuse as Foreign Experiences, so to delete out of my conscious awareness any and all realities that reflect those labels, so to illuminate out of my field any potential of codependency, loss, abuse and neglect.

    And in knowing it is so, I allow my subconscious mind to acknowledge safety, wholeness, fulfillment, abundance, inspiration and joy as my new Familiar Experiences. Attracting into my conscious awareness these new familiar experiences now that Iโ€™m instructing my subconscious mind to identify with inspiration, wholeness, confidence, abundance and fulfillment.

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