‘Heartbreaking’ 8 Signs Your Mother is a Narcissist (so sad but so true)

‘Heartbreaking’ 8 Signs Your Mother is a Narcissist (so sad but so true)

Your narcissistic mother thinks you’ve made
a sorry mess of your life. ‘You were nothink like your brother and sisters.
Naughty, from the minute you were born. Mind, not much has changed…’ Every narcissist needs a sacrifical lamb.
Step up the black sheep of the family, onto whom all problems, inadequacies, addictions, and mental
health problems are projected. Count the signs that are true about you and
your relationship with your narcissistic mother as we go along to reveal your black sheep score. Sign One � Messed Up If you were to pay a penny for your mother’s
MY SON!!!’ Sign Two � Bad Egg When she’s done singing the praises of your
siblings, she confides in the neighbours, ‘It breaks my heart to say it, but our Teddy is a good�for�nothing.
sniff’ Sign Three � Finger of Blame Whenever something goes wrong in the family,
she comes after you with her pointy finger. She can’t rest in peace until she’s kicked you
down good and proper. Sign Four � Memory Lane Put Downs When fondly remembering the good old days
she gives you subtle little digs: ‘When you all was little we had a lovely day at the zoo.. until
Teddy wet himself and wouldn’t stop screaming and hollering.’ Sign Five � Absolutely Useless ‘What’s Teddy gone and made a pigs ear of
now? Let me guess, he’s lost his job… He got a… promotion? Well, I hope now he’ll
take better care of his poor, old mum! Sign Six � Out in The Cold As the head of the family pack, mother dearest
decides who’s in and who’s out. Displease top tog and your siblings will freeze you out to starve
in the wilderness of no contact. Sign Seven � Liar Liar Somehow she’s got it all rigged up behind
the scenes so that when you’re telling the honest to god’s truth about what really happened, nobody
but nobody believes you. Sign Eight � Swapped at Birth (?) The way she looks at you, it’s as if she doesn’t
quite believe you’re her own flesh and blood. ‘Teddy, did anyone ever tell you look a bit
Chinese… Only joking?’ Baa Baa being the black sheep can make for
a lonely, misunderstood life. How many signs were true for you and your
narcissistic mother? Click now to get your black sheep score


  1. My mom stupid she dont really care about me she dont let my brother be alone but she dont care if in alone and she never laughs when im around so when I go out on the porch I just lessen to how happy she and always so I tested her I went out side and hid to see what she would do if she couldn't find me she said o well shell be back and she's alwase nicer to my cousins and every kid she sees

  2. My mom always says my brother is better than me and I need to act like him, her lobster died, it got out of the small aquarium she blamed it all on me, I won’t dare touch that lobster fearing my finger would get caught, My mom won’t believe me, she yelled I was an assassin, she didn’t even think of my brother until my step father asked her then they went to my little sister but, I was the first person she thought of, Instead of hurting them I fed them many more times then they did.

  3. My mom is some type of sociopath, she's never been able to bond with me and I've never seen her show any type of empathy. For example a few weeks ago I was telling her about how one of my pet rats died and the other one was snuggling up to her dead body because she was sad and my mom said "eww", sounds like a person that has no idea what empathy is trying to guess what the right response is and getting it wrong. She knew I was very attached to my pets and she's like "oh well you have alot more to worry about than a couple of rats", she had a similar response when my dog died too. Just no regard for animals or people at all

  4. my.mom left me on the streets all December 2015 because she dint like my friends that's when my covert narcissist was the rescuer in shiny armor.and he ruined 2 yes of my life.

  5. I get told I’m like my dad. That I have a temper ect what it is, is I point out her wrong doings to me and she doesn’t like it! She calls me out my name and is actually cruel! Despite this I am still staying focused

  6. I think its a type of insanity to am extent I love my mum, shes disgusting how she's always been aggressive she has to be cruel, neglectful my brother is an amazing person and a brilliant father and all she does is put him down, funny thing is when I met my ex a few years ago I learnt how similar they were to each other it's like I must look for that behaviour, I hope I've learnt to spot it from a mile off.

  7. My mom change in this day she is being mean to my family and my sister just hold her and my mom throw her hand please help me 😢😢

  8. Wow that actually looks like my mom God don't like ugly at one point in time my mom was very pretty but very ugly in the inside that all came out to light

  9. I kind of did idiotic things I told my own life killer about my miserable life on bad time go thorw happen to me

  10. To the T. Nothing you do is ever "good enough" even if you are doing nothing wrong. They will destroy any good reputation you have. You cannot be beautiful, successful, or smart. You have to fit their idea of "black sheep."

  11. My mother has done all of these things to me. One time, she spent to much on a credit card and then called me to accuse me of stealing the card and using it. I can hear her new husband in the background making rude comments. Funny thing was, I hadn’t seen her in over four years and I live in a different state. She even told my two siblings that I stole it. I changed my phone number and haven’t spoken to her in 12 years.

  12. I am physically disabled and trapped with this evil woman. If anyone knows a way out and is bored enough to let me know, let me know.

  13. It's so fun , cause i've always though that maybe my mother was just a normale mom whit high stress level before discovering that there are mothers who don't behave like her , my mom is exaclty like this unluckily for me

  14. Yeah I thought my mom was just cranky but it turns out it’s not just that. I feel like when they blame you is not even the worst part. When I wake up in the morning she’s talking about me with me dad and my little brother that he is so little that he just tells everyone what my mom says. ( I’m the middle child😒) and I get the best grades but it does not matter I tried to buy her love.

  15. My mum blmaes me for everything ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ I'm turning13 this month and all I can say is I can't wait to move out of this hell hold

  16. I dont think I'm ever going to recover, I've lived my whole life in solitude, no outside interaction, I struggle making friends, I don't know what a healthy relationship looks like. No one believes a word I say or takes me serious.. And I made a child I think out of fear of being alone. Every relationship I've been in I was taken advantage of hella. I'm tired of being treated like this. Now since I speak up my family calls me mentally ill, they say you're just like her but I'm totally opposite, dramatic, too sensitive, emotional and much more

    she knows I'm alone so she uses this to her advantage and to keep coming back in my life

  17. Yup,mine is ultra +++narc mom.Go NO contact for 14 months,scapegoat left behind too..

  18. My narcissistic mother hated me right from the start. Said I was a terrible baby because I was up crying from colic. She compared me to my older sister who of course was a perfect child. She also said that I caused a cyst to develop in her because I was such a stressful child. Then my dad divorced her after I was an adult married with my own children and I got blamed for their divorce as well. Needless to say I cut her out of my life! I never want my children to feel the emotional pain I have endured from the person who was supposed to protect me, show me unconditional love and nurture me. She was evil to the core. However I am strong because I had to be and I developed a self confidence because I had only myself to depend on.

  19. You know I find myself believing more and more each day my mother is like this. She helps but there is a heavy price i must pay so ever since I joined the military I try to do this myself and it has worked out well to a degree. Granted the current economic state is getting better but at 22.61 an hour and 40 plus hours a week it is still difficult to buy and house especially with a wife and two children. Granted this year I should find a house that is perfect for us. After that I am still toggling the big question on whether I should stop all contact or not. The decision is not easy to come by, one side I am a compassionate person and the other side tells me dont do it. I guess only time will tell but yes I can agree that my mother either hates me or refuses to see me as an equal to everyone else including her.

  20. Her narcacism was not there but now shes started acting all narcassistic again months later again .. now that shes met someone new ?? Im confused

  21. Who here that that had narc parents have troubles keeping jobs? And if so. Do you know why? For me, i’m afraid of disappointing someone. Scared of failing so i fail, so i get fired.. totally crippled because I was told I’m nothing and worthless. Who has this too? Who has overcome this? And how did you do that?

  22. I know my mother loves me like every good mother loves her child : ) Every good mother loves her child MORE than herself : ) That is why she wants me to be happy above all : ) And I am most happy if I have no contact with her : ) If she was to defy this she would prove that she loves herself more than her child, which would be wrong : ) Bye!

  23. Idk if this narc behavior but I guess my mom doesn't love me she loves my younger bro and elder sis more than me , she doesn't listens what I said like when my siblings say anything about me she scolds me but when I say anything about them she doesn't give af to it, I'm srsly fed up

  24. My mom said That she doesn't want us (me and my brothers) just because I spilled some food on Accident and I'm so heart broken 😓😓😭😭😭💔💔💔

  25. When these people are in your life, your will to live grows weak…this is how you know. Suicides are often inspired by these types of people. Children who survive them know best how to repress their emotions to survive their childhood. The insightful kids will put up walls as to not fall too close into the emotional traps these people will set up. When it's your own mother it's one of the most painful experiences in life and then you are prone to attracting more of these kinds of people. You feel more comfortable around them because you are either trying to perfect a relationship like this with a new person which always ends in the repeat pattern (lack of love, a lot of emotional pain), it's familiar and everything else feels unsafe, ironically. It's a very hard life since these people can never be a proper parent. They are like forever children, always gathering a following to protect them and go up against you. If you understand this pain and have survived each day, you are incredibly strong and brave. If you can manage a life past survival, you have become free! Teach others how by sharing your story. Your suffering never has to be for nothing, there are skills there. The depression will set in for so many and it's a war within. Whatever you do, don't pass this cycle on to your kids or set them up by getting involved with more of these kinds of people. The world is over run with these monsters.

  26. My mom blamed me for my uncle’s death (only a few years older than I am) and told me I was weak for having postpartum depression and psychosis.

    She also told me that my entire family back in the US hates me.

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