Heineken 0.0 | Non alcoholic Beer Review in Hindi #heineken #0.0

Heineken 0.0 | Non alcoholic Beer Review in Hindi #heineken #0.0

what is up guys? welcome to bar gains this is your channel for alcohol and fitness today we are going to review heineken 0.0 which is a non alcoholic beer so lets see how does this beer taste so lets start intro- music Heineken belongs to Netherland and this particular beer is also manufactured there and in India this beer is imported by United Breweries united breweries is the company that manufactures Kingfisher beer I had told you in my Kingfisher review that Heineken owns about 40% of kingfisher this is the reason why United breweries imports this beer for heinekens this Heineken can contains 330ml of beer this contains a total of 69 calories this can costs rs 70 in Uttar pradesh even though this beer is said to be a non alcoholic beer it is said to have a small negligible amount of alcohol content even though nothing of this sort is mentioned on the can according to the can the ingredients of this beer are water , malted barley , carbon dioxide,and hop extract it reads – brewed with passion for quality the packaging of this beer is pretty similar to the regular alcoholic Heineken beer alot of fruit beers are already available in india you might be wondering if the taste of this beer is similar to the fruit beers in the market the answer is NO this beer is like a regular beer and the process to make this beer is also similar to the process of brewing regular beer the only difference is that after completing the complete procedure of brewing there is an extra step to make this non alcoholic beer the process starts with double boiling the malt followed by fermentation and finally careful separation of alcohol Heineken is the 2nd largest manufacturer of beer in the world And this company has spent 6 million pounds for the promotion of this non alcoholic beer in the United Kingdom as i have told you that this beer is considered to be non alcoholic but after some research we’ve found out it contains alcohol below 0.05 ABV and that is considered to be non alcoholic this non alcoholic beer is available in normal grocery stored and not in a beer/ liquor store so lets see can this beer really replace a regular beer this is a clear golden amber colored beer looks pretty mush like the regular Heineken beer the froth was also decent it has a malty and fruity aroma it had a white head which seems to be short lived so lets taste this beer cheers!! this is quite a fresh and crisp beer it has a clear taste of cereal grains it tastes quite similar to the regular beer but the absence of alcohol is definitely noticeable if we compare this beer to the regular heineken the bitterness is quite low in this one this is a pale lager beer as i have told you the process of making the beer is similar taste is quite close to the regular heineken this beer is artificially carbonated and there has been use of artificial flavoring too And the absence of alcohol is really felt i am not going to do a food pairing for this beer as its a non alcoholic beer but on a day where you decide not to drink if you are on detox, or going for a party you have the choice to opt for this beer also if you don’t consume beer from the point of view of health and fitness this beer can be a good option due to its low calorie content if you compare this drink with any other cola, or non alcoholic cold drink there is a lot of difference in the calorie content and this doesnt contain artificial sweetners rest it depends on you if you like the taste as it is a subjective matter that’s all for today folks if you found this video informative and helpful like share comment and don’t forget to subscribe and we will meet soon with another beer review until then buh bye always enjoy your beer but do drink responsibly


  1. Wine shop me milega Kya..or me jab wine shop me gaya woo Jo bear mujhe Diya usme 4.5 alcohol he..use pine se kya hoga kya

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