Help Others Struggling with Addiction in Loving Memory of Sabrina Tate

Help Others Struggling with Addiction in Loving Memory of Sabrina Tate


  1. See their are good compassionate people in the world this is one of them genuine heart of gold if only everyone in the world had 20 percent of this guy's Empathy the world would be so much better than it is !!!

  2. I'm sorry I can't donate I'm homeless myself but I have a good friend who lets me sleep on his floor but without him I'd be out on the street God Bless you all people ,people that are stinking Rich but make no effort to help anyone instead wasting money to show off by burning hundred dollar bills to light cigars etc they will pay at the day of judgement of the lord that you can be sure of !

  3. So so so sad oh mankind 😞, citizens need quality and proper care but the puppet government is too busy using the taxpayers money on foreign policies, selfish and greedy foreign policies that is not beneficiary to its people but rather may be harmful in the near future.
    Americans, oh Americans, rewind back the hands of time and resume from where JF Kennedy has unfortunately stopped.
    Make up your room before you step outside.
    I am saddened by the news, may her soul rest in peace.
    All is not lost, there are still some good people in you, point out your errors, unmake them before you move on.

  4. I wish I could have met her. Hearing her story moved me. She needed lots of love and patience. It's so sad to see a future lost to addiction and despair. Wish I could have see her thrive in a life of recover and redemption.

  5. RIP Sabrina I being sober for 7 years is pretty hard but let’s be strong love one another god bless you guys

  6. So sad!! In LA Ted Hayes had a homeless village called done village please look it up. Sadly Ted a black man was asked to speak at a womens Republican meeting, the LA times found out and posted a bad article on the black man who dared leave the plantation. His landlord read that article and raised dome village rent from 2500.00 a month to 20,000.00 a month. Ted had to close done village. Many homeless that lived their committed suicide 😢 ratger then go back to the streets or dangerous city hotels. Ted had that village open for almost 20 yrs. His dream was to see them all over the county. He told me the states do not want to really help these people, they use them for photo opps to win elections. It's time we all rally and call our reps out on this travesty.

  7. The awareness you bring is probably the only positive thing that could come out of this. There are thousands and thousands of Sabrina's who's life style of almost dying every day is just another day to them. Unfortunately opiates may never get the proper poison label it deserves just because of the massive corporate revenue it generates due to it's huge addictive demand.

  8. keep up the good work Mr. Invisible. I'm sorry to hear this young lady passed on. When i saw your 2013 interview with her
    I'm sorry to say she looked pretty far gone. If you can inspire even a couple of these people to stop taking drugs and get there
    act together you've done a great thing. I don't think anyone government or whatever has a solution or can help these
    drug and alcohol addicts unless they reach a point that they want to be helped. This, is a generational problem with no end in site. I donate to the Union Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army, both do a lot of good.
    By the way i was really bothered by the death of Terra in Toronto what a sad case, seemed like a real decent kid.

  9. What she & others need(ed) was (1) ibogaine (2) a sage haven to recoup (3) N.E.T. Neuro Emotional Technique by experienced chiropractor (4) someone to talk to/with (5) quality natural food & clean water (6) breathe/catch a beat THEN find "like people", a community, to contribute to. Have/find their purpose & rebuild (Maybe for the first time). There's so much APATHY & not enough EMPATHY & REAL help. Thank you for reaching out, caring, connecting. That said, our current "systems" are & have been delivering THEIR desired results. Same with our educational SYSTEM, legal SYSTEM, so called "health" (keep an sick) SYSTEM. "We" like our homeless out of sight or at the end of the freeway ramp or a movie of the week
    Please don't make me look in the mirror & see myself or you as another human being. There's a lot of shame on them & on us as a society. Just look at what we've done, let happen. Plus, there's no money in correcting the problem. Too messy. War is "cleaner", easier (no emotions-robotic) & far more profitable $$$$$$$$$$$$, eh?

  10. BTW: ibogaine has a 91% success rate. this is why is illegal. Our creator gave us these plants to help humanity. There's been a suppression of the feminine (nature, creativity, intuition) for thousands of years. The SYSTEMS aren't broken. THEY were built THIS way.

  11. I knew Sabrina, I used to travel with her and Trip, She was a sweetheart this makes me very sad to hear about, am so sorry to learn of this 🙁 .

  12. I got one man to quit. He lived in his camper and collected cans and bottles to get his dope. I had him help repair my home. I let him stay there. I took him out of state to work. He is now back with his wife and has a good job. We agree that any kind of handout prolongs the cycle.

  13. I respect you sir thank you for being who you are ,may god bless Sabrina ,I will share your page on face book ,May God save us all !

  14. I'm 18 and I ran away at 15 and got caught several time but succeeded when I was 17 and stayed hidden as a boy for 6 months…yes I even chopped my hair and didn't do anything girly. But I'm homeless currently. I ran away to escape abuse and starvation from my mother and the man she married who almost killed me several occasions and I knew I had to run away when I almost killed him with a knife in self defense. I am trying to do part time school and part time work but nothing had worked for me because once they find out hey this pretty face is homeless I get turned away automatically like not even the public schools will accept me or anything. My mother doesn't want me to succeed in life and I got a ride all the way to Clarkston Washington back to Kennewick Washington over night to rescue my dad who my mom would never let me see and I got him off the streets of Clarkston so he is with my aunt now but it's not safe for me there either so my boyfriend allowed me to stay for two months or three months and I have barely a month and a half left and I haven't gotten anywhere I've applied for about 20 jobs and they have all turned me away or want money first. I have no money or anything I'm just barely 18 and trying to make my way through society and someday be able to say yes I went through all of that to get here.

  15. We must get rid of all the crime syndicates, they use extortion and blackmail to bring in dope. And threaten federal enforcement. These cesspool international fucks have come to destroy and capitalize on us all. Pick up a gun and shoot a Greek or italian or Russian or Latino or Oriental in the brain with a hydro shock….

  16. You know Mark, I actually would like to watch a video about your past drug abuse, homlessness and stuff like that. Or is there already one?

  17. The world is truly messed up when humanity allows beautiful people like Sabrina to suffer and die. This story breaks my heart. I don't have much but I would have shared what I do have with this beautiful soul. Why. Bless you Sabrina.

  18. I felt compelled to donate as Sabrina could so easily have been me. Thank-you so much for all the good work you are doing, God Bless you.

  19. I spent seven years working in homeless hostels and now work with alcohol and drug addicts, and I'd just like to say a huge thank you for all your videos, empathy and compassion. INVISIBLE PEOPLE is one of the finest channels on YouTube. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  20. Ya, about the needle exchange programs you advocate for… I live in San Fransico, and I believe that these programs do more harm than good. I literally cannot walk down ANY street in my city without spotting a dirty used needle, or even human feces… Our homeless are crapping on the streets and leaving dirty needles all over. Sometimes I spot a homeless junkie taking a dump like this is India or shooting up in broad daylight.

    My city literally had to hire a dozen people working full time doing NOTHING but picking up dirty needles… A dozen people picking up dirty needles… 12 full time workers grabbing up needles and they can't even put a dent in the problem. They can never get ahead of all the homeless and junkies dumping needles…

    I don't feel safe living here with all the drug addicts, and homeless, and desperate people.

  21. Wow, Really sad to hear. As a person that had the same issue early on in life. Her story was honestly spoken with potential to pull out of it. Simply hart breaking.

  22. I wish that I was rich by now…Yeah from the other video I could see that though that She was shy "due to Her innocence" She was really a frank and a Beautiful #Soul and to learn THAT WE'VE LOST SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BEING IT FILLS MY HEART WITH GREAF AND PAIN… :'(

  23. RIP Sabrina.
    To the wonderful guy that posts these vids: Hang in there, mate. You are doing an amazing job – You are helping thousands through the work you do: Even showing people that the homeless are people just like them, this saves lives, friend. I am sorry I have no money to donate, but I will keep following your work and when I have money, I WILL donate. Buddhas bless, friend.

  24. I hate hearing stories like the sad to hear how addictive a person can be to a life threatening addiction not what that person just wants to forget things or forget where they are at in some loser who takes avantage of the helpless to get them addicted even use them as sex slaves.these people or scum of all scum on earth dont deserve to live when they take lifes the wau they do.

  25. 27-28 is the age a lot of people die. It seems to be the prime age when young people buckle under the weight of life. You grow up, then the pressures of society kick in and the only way out is either suicide or self-destruction via drugs and alcohol. It's tragic. When young people are turning to drugs so easily and suicide is the highest killer of young men you know something has gone horribly wrong.

    I wish I could help people more, but I'm buckling under the weight of severe mental health issues myself. The hope is that after I find some stability myself I can start helping others somehow. We'll see.

  26. In Scotland we tend to be a lot better at propping up the weakest members of society. Ignorance is everywhere of course, but more of us believe in helping drug addicts and homeless people, not shunning them and hiding our own shame by pretending they are not human. It breaks my heart that a huge amount of people in the US disagree with that due to some ridiculous lingering fear of socialism, thinking that any kind of state help will lead to communism and weakness. What they don't realise is that propping up the weakest members of society helps the entire country. It's better even from an entirely selfish point of view.

  27. Sabrina finally went home. Sadly this brutal world is never going to be right for everyone. I will continue to donate what I can when I'm able. In memory of Sabrina and all the others that have faded from this world unnoticed.

  28. so sad about sabrina dear, i so hate hearing when these senseless deaths happen like this. im now a 65 year old woman and own my own home but i too was once homeless for MANY years due to an abusive husband, then addiction, but by GODS grace i was able to make it back home and gain my family back, long story. many arent so lucky. but indeed its truly sad about sabrina, and yes, it could have been prevented.
    your work with the homeless is truly a blessing dear, GOD bless you

  29. I'm very sorry for this poor girl, RIP Sabrina _You were a very beautiful girl in life, even when standing under the bridge. It is very unfortunate that you ordered fate that way …

  30. Omg my god,whao,I can relate so much to her story,damn so sad that could of been me! I was a heroin addict for 16years two years clean now🙏 I'm 30 next month.So sad Sabrina's death could easily have been prevented. I will pray for all who have addiction problems.Can I donate from Ireland?anyone?

  31. I was very sad with the Sabrina memorabilia As of many and the other Sabrina story told me a lot of the biggest sadness of all and knowing that she was gone that had died for 3 days I can not forget I was very sad with Sabrina's sync after the entrant in the yotube, may sabina rest in peace. I want to leave here a strong hug and congratulations for your channel. MY STRONG FEELINGS FOR SABRINA.

  32. I wish i could donate, but i am fighting the same demons if you know what i mean… i am an addict. I feel like there is no way out, just more breaking and loss. I was homeless until August and have a huge story to tell. I love you Mark, you are doing what i want to do in the future. R.I.P Sabrina.

  33. We currently are living homeless and ever since I have come to realize just how easy it is to give up. We are strong and I am still working as a graphic designer. Housing costs are so high now and it hurts me to think that one day my children could have more struggles then we are now financially. We are all equal human beings. Homeless or not, no one is better then anyone. Sabrina should have been helped. We are donating to this cause.

  34. 100$ means payment if average Indian per week sorry bro I am not able to donate 100$ but I donate 100 rupees Indian currency

  35. Fiercely praying for all the souls struggling to survive
    Rest easy Sabrina

    May God bless and keep u all

    Will donate ASAP
    Thank you for all that you do

  36. My big sister is named Sabrina, living in a camper trailer in Florida which is basically homeless, and on some kind of drug. We've all tried to help, she won't answer our messages and calls. I'm near Seattle. How do you help someone that doesn't want help? I don't want my sister to die.

  37. Im homeless in seattle…at age 22. Tbh ive most likely seen Sabrina probably talked with her. So many homeless faces out here and with my shitt memory its hard for me to recall if i have seen her or not but r.i.p….im not addicted to drugs or anything im homeless because i was a dumbass with money ever simcr i got a job…and had to learn the hard way…im still homeless but i just got a job snd hopefully this will be a new phase in life…pay off my $9000 debt…get a better car…rent a apartment and go get my ged….so much shit i want to do i jusst dont want to be homeless anymore…but anyways wish me luck to whoever read thism i barley have money to get to work but i wont let that stop me from bettering my life! Have a blessed 2019

  38. why couldn't you have put her up for about a week and get her to a hospital then get in touch with her family maybe she could had her wishes come true

  39. I saw Sabrina's video that was being shared shortly after the news of her passing last year. At the time my own father was in the process of dying. And I ended up crying more for Sabrina than for him. He lived a full, connected life never wanting for food and shelter. Her life story was almost completely the opposite.

    I continue to be haunted by Sabrina's story as the hate groups in our community grow stronger. And I get angry with friends and neighbors who don't see the connection between homelessness, hate groups and the rise of the Right. So I revisited her story today, saw this video asking us to donate to the People's Harm Reduction Alliance and have done so.

    As we discuss homelessness and hate groups in my community, I want to always remember Sabrina and try to have even one-tenth as much of the strength and courage that she had…

  40. RIP Sabrina ~ I will never forget you. Donated what I could. I will also give to a homeless woman here in Portland in Sabrina's memory.

  41. Rip. I couldn’t get her out of my mind when I first seen video. Then when it showed she died. How awful. The worse part was I wasn’t surprised

  42. While I respect the work you’re doing you can’t help someone that won’t help themselves . You’re right her death could’ve been avoided if she was more vigilant in getting clean and off the streets . Especially here in Seattle where the homeless are running rampant and trashing this once beautiful place , able to get high and get free services and the cops are unable to do anything about it due to dipshit politics

  43. You can think the rich! They are psychopaths. They pretend that the money comes magically out of air… in fact, it is blood money. It always comes from someone who has to bust their ass. See, corps never pay a dime and are never accountable(supply and demand is a myth). If a CEO wants a new yacht he gives him self a bonus, the prices of goods are raised or some scheme is created to create more money and he gets what he wants. These psychopaths making 25B a year make it because of society, those that do real work like build the roads the CEO's tear up in their expensive cars or through transporting their junk they sale. Or the whatever it is… no one does more than 1000 times the work of any other human being yet there are people that make a million times as much as someone else. It's called slavery and it's big business, literally. The psychopaths thing that they have no culpability for all those that suffer due to not being able to get basic treatment. They say shit like "They deserve it because they are lazy or drug addicts"… When the story is far more complex and that is just their ignorance and justification for destroying humanity for their own selfish greed.

    The thing is, all these rich people that abuse the system are addicts too. They spread pain and suffering. Sick people are unhappy, their friends and family have to deal with it. Most people are just hustling… The high rollers are just the biggest hustlers. You can thank capitalism… the system that keeps on giving!

    Organizations don't do squat… they exist just to make money, not to help. It's cheap to house people, cheap to feed them… get them to do basic work like farming and building simple housing. A few hours a week when done correctly can go far… Society is broke, simple as that.

  44. Addiction and drugs are not the problem! It is the fucked up culture who puts $$$ over happiness… So many people just hustling… I hope you take real action rather than just talk. People need food, shelter, heath, and knowledge… yet I see no one building these things for people… not the government, not non-profits, not the rich who profit from slavery, or anyone… lots of talk from everyone about how bad the problem is but no real solutions.

  45. It’s sad she passed away I’ve been clean and sober off of heroin since March 23, 2019… her death was avoidable if she would’ve gotten the help she needed she could’ve gotten on suboxone since she didn’t like methadone it’s unfortunate and sad but blaming the homeless services isn’t fair she needed to get on suboxone or methadone she herself wasn’t ready to get the help very sad and unfortunate

  46. Aw man I feel for you,I've been clean for over 5 years& feel like I'm banging my head against a wall when I try talking to addicts to get clean,every other week one of my old friends dies( over here it's now street valium& xanex that are killing people& they are all taking crack now too)

  47. I just saw the video of Sabrina telling her story before I found this video, I wanted to see how she was doing now because she seemed like such special person. So sad to hear she isn't here anymore, we need to start doing whatever we can to help people struggling with homelessness and addiction. Thank you for doing this great work

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