help with my alcohol addiction  – how to stop drinking – advise for alcoholics

help with my alcohol addiction – how to stop drinking – advise for alcoholics

Yes One thing that does happen when you stop
drinking , the feelings amazing ,you know, you feel, you feel more confident, more stronger
and you know where you going in life. you don’t have to battle this thing all the
time. You have so much time to think, rather than thinking about drinking. You will be
surprised by your friends and your family the time they’ll be shocked by what you look
like. its almost a feeling , that feeling like
I didn’t know you could do it, you know I, didn’t think you’d make it. And I mean a lot
of these people, they would have advised you what to do on the way down and low and told
you what to do and how to do it, and how bad you looked, especially how bad you looked
all the time. But you’ll find that a lot of them, don’t speak
much about when you are getting better and never, you look great, you look this, it is
that you have to spend a lot of when you were down and when you come back up, it’s just,
just normal , they are just trying to get on as normal, thats just what happens.
Don’t expect no big bouquet of flowers or anything. You deserve it to yourself to be
normal anyways, so don’t expect a prize. When you see them, its almost like a guilt
shock sort of look, that’s what the look on there face looks like, almost guilty sort
of thing, as if like they didn’t give you the benefit of the doubt. Trust me the probably
did many ,many, many times, one thing you have to realize you during all this part of your
drinking, they’ve had to put up with so much hell. There life goes on as normal. You know they
give you the benefit of doubt so many times. For them to see you clean and sober, and look
at healthy, it’s a shock to them. The never thought you would do it, because the amount
of times you lied, all the stuff which wasn’t true, Said you would do things you never did
them, you know, they call it gunna, I’m gunna(I’m going to) do this, I’m gunna(I’m going to)
do that. Going to do everything. you can get yourself to the point where, well you do,
you get to the point where, I’m no longer at Beep.Beep, I’m no longer Fred Blogs you
get to the point where I’m no longer Fred Blogs the alcoholic, I am just Fred Blogs,
Fred Blogs the brick layer, Fred Blogs the joiner, I’m not fred blogs the alcohol anymore.
When I work now, i do see a lot of people and they have no idea about me having an addiction
to alcohol. Just no me as’ Fred Blogs. I mean they don’t know me as the person who used
to drink 2 liters of vodka every night. don’t know me when I couldn’t sleep all night and
crying all the time, in absolute agony, guilt and anxiety. You know I mean it’s, the whole
alcohol thing is absolutely crazy, as you know ,from the day you stop you will have
the sweats you go through the most intense pain, you probably have felt, you know, I
had it all the cramps the sweats, i was hallucinating. Going through it all. It’s not pretty,and
not nice. after about three days it does stop and you come down and start leveling out.
You know the point that I was working full time job I just separate business on the side
I was drinking all of it to work. I mean businesses, I was performing live on stage, I was in recording
studios and stuff and i was trying to hold it all together. I kept doing that for many
years and in the last four years and the wheels just fell off all at once. It was inevitable
it was going to happen, just when, death in the family and you know marital problems,
the lot, everything happened, lost the business, lost me wife, lost me the job, me respect,
me dignity, you name i lost it. that was four years of intensiveness, it got
even worse and worse and worse and then i made the choice to stop drinking, and went
into rehab for the second time. i excepted the help and took what was offered
to me, I took from it what I could, you’re in a bit of a state anyway, obviously through
drinking. I wanted to do it for many years, and when I actually started to do it, was
unbelievable you know the effect it started to have more body, my skin my mind, my thought. I wasn’t able to sleep for 4 years, probably
20 years. hadn’t , had, what you could call asleep. My mind stopped thinking about everything
all the time. Put everything in the past to change but to really evaluate my life, I didn’t
miss anything. Back at home or anything really, i mean that didn’t have anything left to Miss,
To be honest, I lost most of it. just in the process of getting it back now, you know,
and getting back what I want to have back , some people are just some people and you
just don’t get on, things do happen down the road, people are only people and can only
tolerate so much, some of these things you might never get back but that’s just life
you know. Just move on and be content with your lot you’ve got is what you’ve got now,
if and when you stop drinking when you get there its truly amazing and you won’t believe
you actually were like that anyway, your in a massive whole at the moment and there is
possibility to get out that’s not impossible. Well yeah, I thought it was impossible. Played
the game for ages, pretending i wanted to stop, then I wanted to stop. For a couple
of years it was really hard for me to try to stop, you know, probably if i never chose
at that point to go into the rehab center, i may never have stopped. probably got worse
. Good job. I looked at it like, go to rehab or end up in prison, because in the end that’s
what would have happened, because the police had got a bit sick of me buy this point. I’m
a remember the superintendent pulled me aside in the police office and said he never ever
heard of me before, and told me in the last year he had 33 contacts with me,
it was obvious to everybody the wheels were falling off, from a man who has never had
any contact with the police, there was obviously something going wrong, you don’t help yourself
falling around the place in public, they don’t want to see it, it was embarrassing and in
the end that’s really what was happening. i mean, before i got to that point, i used
to be able to perform on stage, go to work, you know everything was good. but I still
needed them drinks to make it work all the time, you know get up on the Morning and do
it all again, until one day bang, everything fell off i couldn’t hold it anymore, couldn’t
hold up all these lies, all this weight, you know, just wanted it to stop. after all said
and done when I got the self back sober and chose a different career, the carrier I was
in, It was hard, there was drink around me all day every day you know, recover from the
fact of been addicted to it, it was, it was hard, now I’m not around it all day, its not
a problem. You know watching people go and get drunk. . You know life has never been
better for many many years for me. I can’t stress how different it is how you know everything
seems real for once, you know I’m laughing because it’s funny and laugh because I’m enjoying
this, I’m not laughing because it’s a stupid drunken laugh, as if I’m insane, laughing
at minor things, the slightest stupidest thing,walking around like a drunken fool. I’m going to put
up more videos of explaining, the effects of going into rehab, what to expect ,what
not to expect, the effects of stopping drinking, you might get headaches, all these things,
your body has been numb to the alcohol for many many years. I had problems with my teeth
and headaches obviously been there for years, it was all masked by the fact of the drinking
that’s what it was. I’ll talk about the different types of protein drink you can drink, nutrition
drinks you can have. during your detox program, because if you have these things it’s a lot
easier to get all the nutrients in one small drink, than having a meal, which I know its
really hard for you to eat, your diet will be all over the place. I worked a good way of doing
this with using products like Complan and Aymes shakes. It’s just built basically just
full of protein and 380 calories it like have a meal, for the first three days and after
that start on real meals and start eating properly, then I can help you with your diet
diet plan, to suit anybody. its not about living in luxury any more it about getting
your body back to normal/balanced. you’ve been over balanced for years, once you re-balance
all of these things out, once you re-balance your life, every thing falls into place, you
can get everything back to normal balanced life. and continue in life being a nice person
and you know your making sound decisions in your mind and not making snap decisions, based
on stupid ideas that you have in your head. making decisions and choose the right move.
since stopping drinking, i don’t really make any wrong moves and if I do, I apologize, my
thought process has all changed. Sounds ridiculous but it is has, you know, I can’t explain
it, even for a person who only drinks a few times every week, you give yourself that break
and you will feel the difference, I’m not spiritual, not religious, I’m telling you
something that actually happens. And for the mind body and soul. for every hour you sleep
you need to be alive a bit, you know, you can get a balance, your mind, your body and
your soul, all them thoughts, leave them in the past, forget, about it. them things are
in the past, were moving to the future now, what do i need to do for work, do i need to
take much time of so i can completely recover, or go back into a line of work where people
who are not looking after me all the time, covering for me. people say that you learn
from your mistakes. Yeah it’s, learning to live with the mistakes you made. You don’t
have to live with them anymore. Just let them go. You try your best now a box everything
off, start a fresh, move forward, forget about what they did to you, what you did them and
all this stuff, Life’s a very short cycle, I’ve got many years I can enjoy left now,
I did enjoy many previous years, but I just think these ones are going to be better now, at
least I’ll remember what happened. If there is anything you would like me to
talk about, or any questions you would like to ask me, please message me, will be posting
up more videos, so please share with people who need help, please Subscribe. Thank You!!


  1. Thanks for this. It's very helpful. I am not drinking anywhere near as much as 2 bottles of vodka but I'm drinking 2 bottles of wine a day and maybe a few beers here and there. I don't consider myself an alcoholic but I know I'm drinking too much and heading down a dangerous path. Had my last bottle of wine last night and went to bed early for a change. I'm concerned about withdrawal since I've been drinking like this for about 3 years now but I don't have access to an English Speaking doctor so I'm just going cold turkey.

  2. " at least I'll be able to remember what happened" 🙂 same hope for me.. .. all the best my friend

  3. i have slight alcohol issues drinking 5 times a week currently about a bottle of wine and a few beers each night, I can feel it becoming harder to break the habit, this video has made me think a lot, this is a really good story, I am proud of you man : )

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