Helping Children Born Dependent on Opioids I NOVA I PBS

Helping Children Born Dependent on Opioids I NOVA I PBS

They’ve had a lot of major issues. Noah had this horrible rash all over his face
and his bottom. And I asked the nurse, I’m like ‘where
did this come from?’ and she told me that when they’re in the womb and they detox,
they will move vigorously. And it makes his face raw Scottie had actually seen them doing drugs
because of the way he would grab a belt and put it on his arm and pull it with his teeth. Um…that was probably one of the most… I’m sorry…. Children with NAS typically have impaired
pain sensations, and they have a harder time organizing their sensory system. This is a really hard activity for him. I’ve really worked a lot with his feet, because
he’s not using his feet muscles to of maintain his balance. And that’s something that we will continue
to work on. A couple of months ago we had a video sent
home, Scotty was jumping on tables, on chairs, the teacher was asking him to get down, he
would tell her no. You need to stop. You need to stop! Children with N.A.S. typically have a difficult
time paying attention to an activity and they need to move more. In our educational system, kids are meant
to sit at a desk and attend for an activity for a period of time. And the analogy I use is these children are
square pegs that we are trying to stick into the round hole. If we teach them in a stable, loving, calm
environment, then children can actually relax. That’s when you learn,
that’s when you engage, that’s when you learn your social skills, your communication
skills. These children in my humble opinion are the
innocent victims of the opioid crisis and our drug crisis. And that’s why we really as a society need
to be working on how we’re going to help these kids survive. When you make a breakthrough, it’s like
they bring out this little light in their face, like somebody does care, somebody is
here just for me! And we feel like this is our part to do what
needs to be done. Because these kids are worth fighting for.


  1. Child abuse. Condemning a human being to a lifetime of suffering because of irresponsible parents/mother. There should be a law that either a mother who is on drugs/drinking/etc. during pregnancy gets an abortion or goes to jail.

  2. But in the state of VT a heroin addicted mother can give birth at the hospital and not be arrested for abuse . Not only that they get custody and take the child home to the welfare system a mother who who is a screw up. Parental responsibility laws need to be implemented by congress.

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