Heroin Addict Who Continued To Use After 10 Days In A Coma And Open Heart Surgery Gives Update On…

drugs are more important to Bethany than anything else even herself a couple days after Christmas they put her into a medically induced coma for about ten days the doctor realized she had a major leakage in one of her valves Bethany got a pig heart valve also the doctors end up installing a pacemaker even though I’ve had heart surgery and a pacemaker put in I’m still getting fight it breaks my heart she’s just been out of the hospital a very short time yeah you know they say once they operate in our heart that if you go back to drugs you’ll die I have definitely resorted to things to get drugs I worked at a strip club I’ve done sexual favors for guys in order to get trans it’s reality time mom she’s doing sexual favors for money stripping larceny where did you think she was getting the money I had no idea have you gotten high today you brought heroin on the plane with you here right hard sub red campaign deep hurts and it seems life and you don’t really care but we just wanted Betty that cares the only chance that you have is not to treat your addiction but to treat you well joining us is Bethany her mother Charlotte and her father Clyde and Bethany is nine months sober as she says here today how do you feel good yeah you feel good physically as well you’re nine months sober and you were pretty deep into this what was the hardest thing digging out probably just accepting where I was like where I came from and starting over you were really held accountable for the first time and you had always been able to manipulate before but that kind of came to an end right yeah it was it was frustrating for me being like stopped but that had to happen right yeah what do you guys think of what she’s done and where she is at this point I am totally thrilled to have my daughter back she’s just not the same child you can look in her eyes and and see there’s a there’s a different young lady in there and new yeah Claudia how about you I this was hard for you to see at the time and and face it the time a couple of things not as bad as my heart hurt for the pain of what she was doing after looking into her eyes when she’s sober could see them then my girl was there and I could have a conversation with her a normal conversation and I want to thank you I want to tell you that God uses men to help people he know listen and God had used you to help get my girl to a place where she could get help so we want you to know that we thank you for helping but first of all we thank God for doing it I mean and for my family I want you to know that we’re very grateful to you and we thank you very much well I appreciate you saying that and trust me I tell you for certain I pray really hard that God gives me the wisdom and the words that I need to say anything do I need to say I felt like we were at a real end of the rope with you I kind of felt like if I let her walk out of here and not have a plan and a commitment I felt like she seriously might die he made a great decision I saw him tell you yeah we appreciate it and I’m really proud of you and I want you to keep putting one foot in front of the other [Applause]

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