Homeless Contestant Changes His Life With FLAWLESS Audition!

Homeless Contestant Changes His Life With FLAWLESS Audition!

hi what’s your name sir Robbie hunts can
I ask how old you are 26 and how long have you been performing music since I
was a kid are standing in the middle of the street and I’ll sing um it’s the
every second thought you know and why’d you live Robbie everywhere what do you mean everywhere my current
status of the moment is I am homeless ah okay
I’ve been a homeless for about six years on enough to nights of every fortnight
like I’ll stay somewhere like a friend time system from my rest of time there
Kip now I’m street I sleep in doorways alleyways just trying to keep driving as a child I felt like I was a big
burden on people I grew up in a single mother family she had three jobs that
she used to work every week you know it took its toll in that so I was putting
to count at 13 years old I never really showered with any of the families or any
of the people that I got with and so it was easier for me to just shut myself
away and just put my brain into things I love to do I have always sung I don’t
think there’s anything else in my life that I do with such you know such
passion this competition is obviously a big thing it could add the element of
security it could change my life yeah definitely
you’ve obviously had a difficult life as music helped you yeah it showed me that
I’m worth it or something okay what are you gonna sing for us today
baby rice coconut skins okay I hope he’s gonna be good Robbi good luck now you can hold a hand and show how you
cry explain away your weakness so she understands they’re all over and you can
rip incisions before you crumble up inside spend your
time asking the everyone else’s permission then run away and hide you
can sit on chimney put some fire up your eyes no need to know what you’re doing
all the info but if anyone should ask tell them I’ll be like oh god nut skins
we even hanging out tell me I’ll just drop by too funky about sales error
leave us on our own now you can hold her eggs but your basket has a hole you can
have between all a single looking for today of searching for so here you can
wait for ages watch your composter Nicole but time is contagious and
everybody’s getting no thank you okay greeter what do you feel like when
you’re listening to music you know when you listen to music and when you listen
to that song at the time and the place where you remember that song and it
creates the scene yes with us I think you are more than capable of doing that
for other people about me I am really glad that you came
today someone that’s been lost for a while and
I think you’ve lost your confidence in your skill and I think you need to
realise the potential you have and how good you are yo Robbie I think you’re
very talented guy but I don’t think you’ve had a break in life you know and
I think you’re absolutely deserved Rabia I think you’ve got lots of talent
and absolutely zero confidence and that’s the only thing to work on from my
perspective Robbie we’re gonna vote right now
Louie Robbie I think your talent is am I going to give you a chance am I going to
say yes Bobby I am going to say yes okay yes you’ve got four yeses gradually go down and the first boy
good job I feel like he’s here ready to turn new page given time given the space
and given some of your knowledge yeah you’ll come back with a babe you know
bring it to me welcome to x-factor global don’t forget
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  1. He was good, not sure if that’s superstar talent it seemed average ig….I feel like that’s an honest evaluation

  2. That is how a smile looks like to a person who already gave up on life, but gave a chance for his passion.

  3. Still astounding that people look at homelessness as some sort of disease. It can happen to anyone & trust me, as a big issue vendor I see the worst that people can be,, just because something bad happened to me & I now have to stand on the street & ask for help.doesnt mean I'm not human, It's the most degrading thing to hear a mother or father say to their child, don't go near him, you might catch something. Or get a job , or just punch you because you're an easy target. When you've been kidnapped, abused, stabbed, shot at & have to listen to that kind of abuse every single day, multiple times, than you might know what I've been through.
    Saying that, there are amazing people out there who counter balance the hurt and the pain with love and respect.
    If only everyone could see the person before the image & act humane instead of animalistic the world would be a better place.

  4. Should the X factor be strictly about talent?

    Perhaps a better question: is it even possible for a show like the X factor to not be heavily influenced by the story of each contender?

  5. I cried while watching this because I could be homeless one day and no one will understand my potential unless I don’t tell them that I’m homeless

  6. This is why it's so important to do what you love no matter how hard it gets! The biggest struggle always has the biggest payout. ♡ As long as you never stop feeding your soul, doing what makes you feel the most whole! 😋😚 Look at him! He's got the face of a star reborn! 😍

  7. Yeh if you think he's good hit the streets there's a million homeless musicians out there dreaming of a break that are better than the stars. No lie.

  8. Shut up about the title jeezzz if you are so sensitivy about it get out the internet,It is for clickbait 😏

  9. He shouldn't have a problem hes talented and a handsome guy. I'm sure there are tons of ladies who would love to have a chance with him.

  10. People aren't victims of homelessness, their victims of their own bad decisions that led to and keep them homeless. Maybe he should spend less time playing guitar and more time getting a job.

  11. No confidence wtf are you people talking about?? Probably more confidence than half the artist out there absolutely flawless audition

  12. These amazing homeless singers are everywhere. I often wondered why they don't try their luck in these shows.

  13. He is so smart & handsome. Girls, find him out, and propose him. So that i can meet him too someday. 🤞😂

  14. I just searched him up now, and he despises x factor because of his backstory and I feel so bad for him😭💔

  15. Homeless?? More like lazyboy,,, there is plenty of work in this Country but lots of people want to live without working or paying taxes.

  16. Humble kind and talented see people even people like this have talent show respect buy putting a dang name on the title love the act

  17. i can't believe he is so optimistic about this while im here crying because i have a bad relationship with my dad.

  18. He’s more than “homeless” I want to know the man’s name before I click. I didn’t need to know HES H O M E L E S S, he clearly states it in the video

  19. Great things comes to great people at the right time in other note I want to find me a girl that gives me those eyes like the girls walking with him at the end of the vid

  20. Contestant: gives subpar performance
    Contestant: I’ve been homeless for six years now…
    Judges: you are a prodigy.

  21. That dude should be the front of some kind of band he has an amazing voice and can jam that guitar and probably has the passion to do it for the rest of his life and spread his love

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