Homeless man talks openly about being addicted to heroin. We have an opioid crisis in America.

Homeless man talks openly about being addicted to heroin. We have an opioid crisis in America.

– [Interviewer] Keith, you’re out here in Hollywood homeless. Tell me about it. – Well, let’s see, there’s
not too much to tell honestly. I could probably get off
the streets if I tried a little bit harder, applied myself. It’s not really that
dangerous like everyone says as long as you stick by
yourself and don’t hang out with other homeless people,
you’re usually pretty okay. My problem is I’m addicted to heroine so that’s basically why I
can’t get off the street. I ended up losing my job in
the housing industry when the market went down and I was
addicted to painkillers and when the painkillers got
too expensive, I switched to heroine, and everything
went downhill from there. I lost the apartment, the
girl, the dog and ended out in the street, which I
basically gave everything up for heroine, you know,
so if anyone like ever asks what it’s like to shoot
heroine, it’s probably the only thing that’ll
get a man to give up money, job, family, pussy, you know. – [Interviewer] Takes your life away. – Yeah, it does. I mean, basically,
there’s two sides to it. It sucks because it
does take your life away but at the same time,
it’s taking your life away because of the nature of
it like being scheduled a narcotic and like, you
know, you can’t get it. Your only options are to go
and like get on methadone. – [Interviewer] Are you
on methadone maintenance? – No, I’m not gonna. Methadone maintenance is actually a lot, I mean it’s legal, but
it’s a lot more evil than heroine because
heroine, if you kick it, it’s like an eight-day kick. If you kick methadone, it’s about a month and a half of like pure hell throwing up, shitting yourself, so I choose. – [Interviewer] Have you tried to kick? – Yeah, I’ve tried a couple of times. – [Interviewer] Just not ready yet. – Well, yeah, I mean, A,
I still like it too much and I still have, I’m still
able to get it every day. So I still like it too much. That’s part of the reason why I won’t kick and second of all, you know,
you try to kick on the street and once you get to a
point in the sickness where you’re like two, three days into it, you know that it’s basically
only a phone call away to like feel right again, you know. – [Interviewer] I couldn’t. I have 16 years sober. I was out here 16 years
ago, and I couldn’t, oh my gosh, there was no way. If I got dope sick in a
park, I’d be vulnerable, you know what I mean? There’s no way that I was
gonna get sober out here. Plus, it sucks. – Right. – [Interviewer] What’s your future like? What are you, I mean, you’re
a smart guy, you know? – I just realized that
basically there’s no, wait for the siren to go past. – [Interviewer] Well, thank you. (laughs) – I mean I basically
realized there’s no future until I actually get
sober, so basically like the way I look at it
is just like my life is kind of just on pause right now. It’s like I’m 35 and I
know when I wanna quit. I mean I can get everything
back easily, you know. It’s just I actually
have to quit and do it, but I’m just not ready to do it yet, so I’m not gonna like kid myself and say, “Oh, yeah, you know I’m
out here lookin’ for a job or I’m trying to” do this
or that because I’m not. You know, I actually do not
mind sleeping on the street. I don’t mind at all. Like, I have a spot down here
that I stay at by Fairfax and it’s quiet, nobody bothers me. I get great fuckin’ sleep
every night, 10 hours a night. You know what I mean? Like, I go to sleep around
10:00 at night and I wake up around 8:00 in the morning, you know. – [Interviewer] Well,
you’re also doped up, too. – Well, exactly, exactly,
you know what I mean, yeah. Yeah, you know, it’s like I do my shot. – [Interviewer] In fact, I
know I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since I got sober. – That’s part of the reason
why I’m not ready to quit yet. You know what I mean,
it’s like, ’cause I know what it’s gonna be like. It’s gonna be pure hell, you know. – [Interviewer] But you could do it, dude. – Yeah, I know. I know I can do it. I know that right now,
there’s no way I could do it because I don’t wanna do it yet. – [Interviewer] Right, right. It’s your choice. – Exactly, so you know. I don’t know, man, I guess
like the way I look at it is is I put it in perspective. It’s like I’m not one
of these homeless people that thinks everybody owes them somethin’ or I’m like bitchin’
about it because you know, I still eat better and
live better than probably 95% of the world’s
population, so it’s like, you know, to me it’s not rock bottom yet. So, you know, when I do
feel like it’s rock bottom or I just can’t go any further or I start to lose my mind, then maybe I’ll end ’em. – [Interviewer] Well, your
socks are rock bottom, dude. – Yeah, no, they’re the
socks are horrible man. – [Interviewer] Yeah, you’re
ripe for some new socks, so. If you had three wishes,
what would they be? – Ah, see, I’d probably
wish that I could take some type of pill that would
make me never remember what opiates feel like
and then, let’s see, second wish would probably
be to have my dog back and the third wish would
probably be to have my cat back. Yeah, that’s what I’d wish for. – [Interviewer] Well, thank you
very much for talking to me. – Oh, no problem, man, thank you. Take it easy.


  1. “I probably eat and live better than 95% of the worlds population” .
    Ye man being hooked on herion and sleeping rough on the street is a good way to live

  2. From a pill user who was doing 3 oxy 80s I got clean cold turkey . I no this guy can do it once he’s ready. Biggest thing is u can’t force someone addicted to opioid to quit if he don’t want to. U can send him away but when he comes back he will relapse. Like he said he still likes it to much but I’m sure once he gets tired of the high and relizes he’s only doing the drug to feel
    Normal and not sick he will quit

  3. I can second this man's wish for a pill to make you forget what opioids feel like… Once you get off pain meds/dope your receptors don't work like they used to and you can only feel happy maybe 10-15% of the time. While you are going through sobriety in a life that most people who've never tried opioids are satisfied with, you remember being the happiest you ever were while simultaneously creating the most pain you could in your life. When the balance tips over into "I NEED to be happy again", you go back… We all know how that goes.

  4. Wrong ……….heroin is not the only thing that makes a man lose everything. He’s full of shit, “not quitting so he can get his 10 hour sleep”. 2 out of his 3 wishes were to have his dog and his cat back. What about your life and your family’s life and the destruction you left behind??? Grant a wish for them, Idiot. People NEVER feel sorry for drug addicts. These selfish no good nothings will destroy you or kill you to get their fix. Conniving 100% of the time. They should all disappear. That’s my wish . END

  5. Man…methadone may be hell to quit (and I've done it…twice)…but when I didnt stay sober the second time i just had to accept that I had royally fucked up and may have to take methadone for the rest of my life BUT my life will be in order and full….now when/if I do decide to quit at least I'll have a bank account full of money so I can buy everything I need and I'll have my own home to stay in while I crash for a month. As of now I work for myself so as long as I keep going then I'll eventually reach a point where I can face the music, so to speak, and wont have to worry about work or money or whatever. After that month or two is over I'll just pick back up where I left off and continue my life sober.

    That is my plan.

    When I was homeless and on heroin that would NEVER be possible. Methadone is helping me forget that great opiate high so that I can actually kick and be done 100%…
    I havent touches shit for 6 months now and before that ONE lapse it had been three months. See…even when I was working full time all my money went to heroin bc it was so god damn expensive and I couldnt help doing the whole gram every other day, I was probably shitty at shooting and missing a lot but ultimately it was a huge waste.

    Heroin being illegal makes it the worse choice. With methadone maintenance and the right tools to quit. I will be fine and stable when I choose to quit instead of withering on the fucking street and then worrying about getting a job after the fact while being depressed.

    Also…methadone isnt a month of throwing up and shitting yourself…it sucks like a motherfucker but the throwing up/shitting everywhere part is only a couple days/a week and can be maintained with proper tools. The detox does last 3 to 4 weeks and the mental detox a couple months.
    I have never felt so dirty as when I was homeless and on heroin.

  6. Hey dude making the video….why didnt you buy this dude a new pair of socks if they were so fucking bad? He talked with you for your video, you're making money off him…buy him a couple pairs of socks for Pete's sake! It's only like $5, $5 that he will prioritize for dope and will never use for socks bc…heroin fucks ones priorities up, you said you were an ex addict….you should know!!!

  7. He can't pay rent but he can pay for a needle in his arm? I don't feel one ounce of pity for this fool. He needs to get his priorities straight.

  8. It’s so crazy when you meet a random homeless person that’s some what of a normal guy. He probably has some what of a decently high I.Q. which leveled out his train of thought because where I’m from someone who’s that level and homeless is almost impossible to ever meet

  9. It’s easier being a homeless heroin addict when you don’t have to deal with snow 9 months out of the year, and when heroin is cheaper than it is in Canada. BUT those are just 2 more reasons as to why I quit! Hopefully that dude is still around & has got sober.

  10. I hope he finds some big reason to motivate him to get off all drugs because i think he is grest guy, and he can have nicer life ..

  11. Taper off, get a supply and someone you trust. Let them slowly reduce your dosage. It works. Your not trying to feel good your trying not to feel so bad. A slow taper is doable.

  12. I like his honesty. You can tell that this man is intelligent and has fallen on bad times along with making some bad decisions ofc.

  13. mis respetos pa toa la gente que siempre presente en la sustancia tuvo que agarrar sus varas y jalar pa la lleca! Dios los bendiga

  14. I remember being in la 2012 and it was such a cool place to be
    Lots of hipsters and lots of people who looked just like this guy
    Shame to see him sick and addicted
    Also sad to thing he was 35 when I was 20 and is now probably like 43
    Really hope he was able to get his life together

    Is la still filled with hipsters ?
    Ive been in the bay since 2013 and from 2013-18 we had a renaissance of our own here with art and hipsters and they have all seemed to disappear this past year
    Wonder where they all went and what the next “it” city or place is right now

    Anyone know?

  15. Heroin is like Obama. It has a great smile, really charming, makes you feel like you've got a friend for life, a feeling of hope and euphoria but delivering nothing but pain and ruin in the end…

  16. Has anyone tried cannabis oil to get off heroin? I just read how it cured some guy who had 12 brain tumors. Other cancer patients have had similar results. Maybe it could work for addiction too?

    I wish this guy would see this and reply. I feel some connection to him.

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