Honest Rocket League Ad

Honest Rocket League Ad

What makes a good game Here at psyonix. We believe in the value of hard work quality game design community relationships and a fuck ton of crates we’ve been serving up high quality gameplay since 2015 and while our player base has evolved our innovative spirit hasn’t budged one bit instead of snarkily defending ourselves on twitter We’re now moving towards a new system when we make polished advertisements to talk about all the things We’re doing to make rocket league the number one car soccer game three years in a row It’s just another reason we’re committed to providing you with the freshest crates the cleanest cars and the fastest matchmaking Rocket League now contains 69% less sodium thanks to our revolutionary band system Now you won’t have to worry about being called a mean name or that player that uses a very bad word when they lose It’s also our pleasure to finally announce that our beautiful game rocket league will be going free-to-play this year In China,We take your feedback very seriously That’s why we’re taking a moment to highlight some of your thoughts right here in this video This one’s from rocket League player “suck my nuts 98” Fix your damn server. Oops wrong one. We meant to read this one dear Psyonix, Rocket League means so much to me It’s so addicting it’s almost made me forget my parents divorce as well as my crippling depression Anyway, I was wondering if you could improve your matchmaking because I think there may be a problem with the ranking system that I’ve discovered And here’s why I have been unable to get out of platinum Despite having almost 200 in-game hours and I believe this is due to me getting matched up against opponents that are actually belonging in diamond But are getting matched up against other players that also belong in diamond But are for some reason stuck in platinum Thus creating an endless loop where players at a much higher rank Continuously match up against each other while players currently in diamond are simply there because they have been boosted. Please fix this problem as I believe it is why I’m in platinum Hmm, we’ll have to think about that one Anyway, our eSports feature is brighter than ever with 1 million dollars in our eSports prize pool this year That’ll be almost enough money to buy a single-wide octane keep saving up and even though the European Powerhouse “Enyvus” is leaving We’re adding several new orgs all with even more wild and clever names like team Domin8 which uses the number 8 instead of the letters “ate” or team newbie, except it’s spelled “new” and “bee” See how much more creative that is. So from all of us here at Salty Shores, California Just kidding. That’s not a real place. We wish you all the best After all, you deserve it, because this isn’t Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars this This is Rocket League. Psyonix does not necessarily guarantee that your Rocket League Experience will not be plagued with lag, salt, gambling ball-chasing, toxic players braindead teammates non-stop physics-based action and a Deadly amount of fun. Please play responsibly


  1. The endless loop is REAL. Except it's not platinum, it's diamond/champ. I've played with and against diamond 3 and champ 1 players that seemingly ALWAYS miss easy shots, passes, clears (Omg the clears…we are in champ and more than half the people don't have a SINGLE CLUE how to power clear the ball, resulting in a 2 minute loop of clears) They can't juke ANYBODY, ceiling shots are not even a thought for most of these people. If I have to kickoff and immediately make a save because my 2 teammates wiffed in Diamond 3/Champ 1 there is a problem with the ranking system. I swear to god I'm better with bots than solo queing with these apparently other humans lol. Bots are predictable and consistent.(yes they can't aerial so a good team will win a 1v3) Randoms are the exact opposite of predictable and consistent lol

  2. You and fluump slould make a video with me and a duo partner playing "real champs" to prove you you guys deserve to be in the rank you are at to deny the people that think differently. Btw love your videos

  3. Wow, what’s this game called? Rocketcarsoccerwithalotofshittycratesinwhichallthingslookliketheyhadincestwiththeotheriteminthatsameclass?

  4. Did anyone else get a long A$$ rocket league intro for about 3 minutes i couldnt skip it and then after the video crashes and when i replay the video the rocket league comes on again

    For stupid people thinking i was genuinely serious then this comment isn’t for you

  5. do you enjoy getting to the top 2% of the playerbase only to have rotation-cutting, double tap missing, front post camping, absolute trash that calls you bad on your team? if so rocket league might be for you

  6. TIP::::::::::: Edit….. Wait For It…… Edit To Quick Chat Options. Dude. I Wanna Say "Fudge! – Shyt – Darn!! Shucks!! and Geeze!!" (Wink wink) On Da Fly!! Edit To Quick Chat Please Mr. People HeHe

  7. This was strangely accurate, as someone who plays the ranked actually trying to climb the ranks through skill….that bit hit hard, it’s a legitimate problem, I got ranked silver because I got matched up against gold tier by match 5 of my ranking, so I lost like the next 4 putting me in silver…for months. Even though I’d win, and do well…you’d get smacked down hard.

  8. Also you forgot "look at all the new content and cars that only 12 year olds with their mom's credit card will buy because everyone just uses octane anyways"

  9. This commercial left me feeling conflicted. Conflicted.. Con..flick..ted.. ConFLICKted. New RLCS team name. Email me for licensing.

  10. Great stuff! Nearly as polished of a production as mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opvo6wt_r6c&t=

    (I joke, I have no clue what I'm doing in Premiere!)

  11. lol ahahaha being a Chinese and having played the Chinese one… Im gonna stick to the international one lolol

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