Hope Vs Belief | How to deal with uncertainty in addiction recovery | Sobriety, Drug Addiction, AA

You might not be able to imagine life
with or without drugs. But that’s where hope comes in. But how can you convert
hope to believe? In this video, let’s talk about hope versus belief and how you can
deal with uncertainty in recovery. Thank you so much for joining me today.
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into it. Hope is a feeling of expectation and
desire for a particular thing to happen. It’s like holding on to a life ring
while waiting to be saved. It sort of gives me strength to hold on while I’m
waiting to be saved or holding out for something better. Without hope then
there’s nothing left to stop me from sinking into despair. But hope does have
some level of uncertainty. There is some doubt somewhere there. Because to have
hope means that you can’t be 100% certain. But that’s where belief comes in.
Belief on the other hand is accepting that something exists or is true.
Especially one without absolute proof. So this can be a firmly held opinion and
it’s held sometimes without much doubt at all. However, no matter how strongly
this belief is held, it doesn’t necessarily make it true — which is the
dangerous downside to belief. Because once I create a fixed belief about
something like “I’m not good enough” then I box myself in and I create limits and
any new information or suggestions I get is very difficult to believe. So if I get
locked into an unhelpful belief then it’s sometimes near impossible to get
out of it. But if I have beliefs that change depending upon new information I
get then that’s okay. I have to remain open-minded and willing when new
information comes in and I need to change some belief that might actually
be hurting me and those beliefs can be from thinking that “I don’t deserve
recovery” or that “it’s not impossible for me.” In early recovery,
I found myself moving from hope to belief. Instead of hoping that recovery
from addiction was possible, I came to see that recovery is possible. There are
so many people I’ve come across that have more recovery time than I do and
many of them are happy content and satisfied in life — in recovery. I found
these people in meetings and I would hang out with them and I started to
believe that recovery is possible. Well, what did I have before I had believed?
Well, I had hope. I had hope right before I
asked for help. I didn’t know before I met those sober people that recovery was
possible. But I had to hope that there was some other way. Hope has uncertainty.
But it’s okay because hope is a good thing. I feel like it’s the road to
belief. But many times in recovery I waver between belief and hope and
disbelief — especially when I get discouraged or things aren’t going the
way that I want them to. I’ll start to think that recovery won’t give me the
things that I want or that it isn’t even worth it but the only true loss of hope
isn’t using because that’s me giving up. If I can hold out for hope, and I can put
myself in places that allow for hope, then I can make my way back to belief.
Because I do have a belief today that recovery is possible and that it’s
possible for me and I didn’t always think that way — especially in the
beginning. I know that the more that I can believe that recovery is possible
for me, the stronger that affirmation gets and if you want to jumpstart your
recovery process believe that recovery is possible — don’t just hope that it is
believe. You are worth it because you are and you’ll get it. Thanks for watching
today’s video on hope versus belief. What do you think the differences
between the two of them are? Please subscribe for your daily dose of
soberness. And I will see all of you tomorrow and
the next video!

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