How China Is Curing Teens Of Internet Addiction

How China Is Curing Teens Of Internet Addiction

china is the first country that has
labeled internet addiction a clinical disorder and as a result we are seeing
be’s a treatment centers these boot camp style treatment centers popping up throughout
the country where they are trying to help teenagers kick this addiction to the Internet now Internet addiction in my opinion is
definitely a serious issue for some people so just to give you guys a few
examples some people actually died exhaustion
after playing online video games solidly for days and in korea I remember reporting this story
about a couple that was going to an internet cafe and
playing this game where they take care there are virtual family and in the process of
doing so they were neglecting to feed their three-month-old baby and
three-month-old baby died no yes so it doesn’t really really sad
story from a few years ago so Internet addiction does exist and I think that
some people might actually need treatment for so the intentions are good however in
China the execution here is not appropriate so I’m what they’ve
done is they have these ok almost like camps and
it involves military physical training medication therapy sessions and control
diet in order to reconnect them with society the ironic thing is in the upper in the
up it would be intention a reconnecting them to society
what they’re really doing is the art kinda taking them away from
society putting them in these like jail like cells and breaking them down yeah and it reminds me a lot you know
these residential treatment facilities we have here in the united states where
teenagers who are addicted to drugs get sent there and then they’re mentally
and physically abused and they come out all screwed up so chap it seems like
that’s what’s happening in China and by the way there’s a documentary about this
that at that was premiered at Sundance it’s
known as weather junkies and they went inside these boot camp style facilities
and sounds scary why don’t they just had why
don’t they just bring those it people who are addicted to the internet
bring em on Maury have a drill instructor school scream at them and that would fix his
kids today I talked about the other people show they bring either if that’s
how you pick the kid you to scream at the men always because
that’s what was the problem use the kids who are popped up on drugs
just bored screamed out enough I it had passed the pets wanna fix them that yet it’s that same period the
people in prison were hitting up his kids right you ever hear that I’m glad my
pertain to the cat meow to prison all yeah that’s what prisons are full of people
just won’t be to open up that would be interested if I know what happens in
these camps and to what extent this is sort of a voluntary thing the family
send their kids yeah the teams are not done otherwise he
really going to these camps other sent there by their parents on and if they’d just really does remind
me a presidential treatment facilities here in the US are I’m not bad at the presidential trial I
did I don’t log on at you I should check it out at YouTube dot-com bust and perhaps period
not a big deal help but there was there was an
investigation into many abuse treatment facilities that these teams are being
sent to and there have been cases at somebody’s
facilities where the children their children or teenagers were so
malnourished that they died as a result Nokia N yes %uh some of them get beaten some of
them are forced to really all up in front of a group of
people it’s a hideous heinous things about themselves like I like the girls would say things like I
am a dirty slut or whatever and it’s a wave emotionally
breaking them down and then building them back up again but
its it doesn’t work they come out in there with severe
mental is wow yet so I’ll just I was just gonna say I
this does not seem like the way to fix it but as you said Internet addiction is a
real thing it is and I think there’ve been their number
different revolution throughout me you know human history
that you can’t get too high for Cultural Revolution industrial revolution where
there’s been massive changes in society these things happen in the
past they happen over many generations and they’re very rare
every generation thinks that their generation is the one where stuff is
changing and really fundamental way they were all
wrong in the past this is actually it right now and more changes happening
in the way that we orange ourselves a and structure society
how we communicate with each other and we don’t know how to deal with it
Chinese government does not to deal with it and Americans definitely don’t know how
to deal with it I don’t know the solution is but weird were doing real damage to
ourselves in so many different areas you know I think part of the problem is
we don’t bond rehabilitation another in the country so
and its I don’t know if it’s true China but
this story makes me reflect on the way that we treat people with addiction here
in the United States and oftentimes we treat people with
addiction as though they’re criminals instead people who need help right so
we’ve been like that with people who have drug addiction up and we’ve treated people who %uh you
know are in homosexual relationships for
instance as if they’re their deviant and they need to be punished and rehabilitated need well end up to
they are more per bird don’t you watch The Bachelor you know this reference to sorry we did
yesterday bachelors that gay people are more herbert more pervert
yeah hook but the pic I access anyway but but we need to
change our mindset we need to stop treating people as if they’re criminals
when in reality they need help and it’s true love those who have an
Internet addiction


  1. I call bullshit on this. There's no such thing as addiction to Internet. I see it as having world on you fingertips and every book and piece of knowledge there open to read. 
    Videos of stuff happening "In the real world" are uploaded and shared across the globe for everyone to see.
    So to truly tap into "internet addiction" is to tap into what actually makes us human and that's curiosity, fun, social endeavour which is all available on internet and you can access it in matters of seconds.
    Things as neglecting their own health and health of others due internet has nothing to do with internet. Its people being batshit mental.

  2. Ana and the guy on the right are great journalists and the middle guy is a fucking idiot who isn't on point all, he straight made fun of his peer in a very unprofessional way in this episode. I'm sick of him.

  3. If treatment centers are needed, then how about showing the kids how much fun it can be to go out and have fun with your friends. If the parents had done a good job in the first place, these kids would not have problems. I always monitored and limited my kids internet time and they were put into organized sports to keep them busy. They were also told that if they got poor grades their phones would taken away. Luckily I never had to do this.

  4. The Chinese are not treating internet addiction, they're trying to use fear and brainwashing to stop people from breaking through the fire wall of China. If the Chinese government gave a shit about the health of their citizens they'd probably stop polluting the air with coal before they stopped their citizens from learning about human rights and freedom of speech. 

  5. ad·dic·tion
    noun: addiction; plural noun: addictions
    the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, which introduces an external chemical to induce an altered state of mind.

    The internet can not be addictive.

  6. Internet addiction is complete bullshit in the same way that the statement "Alcoholism is a disease" is. Its a way to shift the blame away from these people who neglect themselves, onto something else. People with an "internet addiction" aren't addicted, they don't start convulsing, they don't vomit, they don't even get a mild nocebo effect, they just get really fucking board…

  7. I remember that, a boy died playing league of legends at a cafe ( felt bad but did appreciate the boost), the other game where the parents neglected their child was Prius online where you have a small child called Anima. ( I miss that game ). I don't see how someone could neglect  their real child over that.  )= sad stuff.

  8. "People have died of exhaustion after playing online video games solidly for days…"
    Another round of natural selection at its finest.

  9. I don't like this idiot. "We are doing real damage to ourselves." No, you fucking moron. Things were not better fifty years ago. We live in an amazing world of science and technology; if you can't keep up, then put up and shut up.

  10. lol internet addiction that was the funniest thing ive ever heard. GL going anywhere without the net. it is a part of us now. lol china puts every person in Boot camp for 2 yrs its mandatory service so /finger twirl .  this chick is kinda dumb for sure.

  11. To clarify, the guy who died from playing WoW for 2 days straight, he died from a blood clot from sitting for so long.  It wasn't exhaustion.

  12. Yah, this is more likely another step in China's censorship campaign. I think the parents may to be the ones doing the sending at least not voluntarily. 

  13. Here comes the endless train of emotional, subjective 'reasons' why people hate this now that they, too, are experts on Chinese internet addiction treatment: how it compares to other Chinese treatments, how long they've been doing this; how long 'patients' stay; the outcomes, etc…

  14. Rehabilitation and mental health care is treated like a redheaded stepchild in our government funding. It also carries huge social stigmas in america and that needs to change

  15. I live in canada and im in school, i can say that almost every kid here has internet addiction, might not be online games or computer but their cell phones. Every teenage girls would sit in their room all day and go on social media, teenage boys would just play video games all day. And this is an srs issue, i totally agree for kids to go on train


  17. When parents are too busy, tired, stressed by life that stop being with kids emotionally close then kids search for that emotion food elsewhere.
    I feel that positive emotions need to be fed during whole life to stay mentally and physically healthy but most important during first 25 years when brain is still developing.
    So 1) parents needs to be teached to deal with stress, manage life (free government programs)
    2) parents needs to be teached for free to help kids in different age deal with stress, manage hard emotions etc.
    3) lot off family activities and parks and etc. Needs to be for free.
    Result – more happy citizens – better and healthier population during ages, better economic for all.

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