How Does Cocaine Affect The Brain? – How Drugs Work, Cocaine, Preview – BBC Three

How Does Cocaine Affect The Brain? – How Drugs Work, Cocaine, Preview – BBC Three

Our brains are composed of networks of billions of tiny nerve cells Signals race around these networks crossing the gaps between the nerve cells using chemical messengers One that work is dedicated to making us feel good When we do something that is essential to survival such as eat drink or have sex Normally when this network is activated the nerve cells in it release the feel-good chemical messenger dopamine Dopamine travels across the gap from one nerve cell to receptors on its neighbour triggering a chain reaction, which makes you feel good This dopamine then returns to the nerve cell that released it for further use Cocaine hijacks the feel-good network in the brain It causes huge increases in the amount of dopamine throughout the network flooding the brain with feel-good chemicals And it also stops the dopamine returning to the nerve cells that have released it meaning more and more builds up Cocaine blocks something called the dopamine transporter and what that does is it mops up dopamine that sits in the space between two cells and if that Reuptake is blocked. What you get is an awful lot of dopamine floating around this space The flood of dopamine sends the feel-good Network in the brain into overdrive Producing a sense of euphoria and self-assurance making the user more animated and talkative


  1. Ok let's be real about drugs. Everybody is different. Hell you can smoke everyday of your life and never get cancer but the guy next to you can smoke a year and die. It depends on how your body reacts to stuff. It's a risk you gotta take.

  2. The video should've explained synaptic plasticity that occurs during usage of cocaine.
    After prolonged overexposure to high levels of dopamine, the dopamine receptors become less responsive to the neurotransmitter and more is necessary to achieve the same effect, which is why cocaine and other dopaminergic drugs cause tolerance and eventually addiction.

  3. The thing that i want to know is HOW does certain neuron connections firing change how one feels/body reacts?

  4. @Major Catastrophe – As far as I know the way it works is through excellent coordination in the brain. Certain neurons firing at a particular place give our brain the feel good factor. Likewise, certain neurons firing at another place, i.e. pre-central gyrus cause us to feel pain in a particular place. Everything we touch, we feel, we remember is arranged in the brain in particular locations.

  5. Ive never touched hard drugs or any drugs , had weed here and there.

    I always wondered what it mist feel like but im scared to touch it.

  6. Before my dad died. (Age) he could snort snow one day and touch it next year. Luckily I'm the same way so if you have addictive personality don't try it. It does not "Make you a addict slave" LOL.

  7. I've seen cocaine ruin people's lives. It's awful but I've also seen people as recreational users and have no problem. Everybody's different I guess. But to be sure don't even try it.

  8. Yooo i'm just looking at this because i just did three lines of cocaine for the first time and its 6am and i'm still fucking lit

  9. Glad I recovered from anorexia, stopped abusing alcohol, and totally quit cigs and cocaine, I swearr everyone can do it, don't use this shit to cover your mental problems

  10. it has the opposite effect on me, it gives me headaches and anxiety!!!!! these symptoms are way more common than people think

  11. its 5.45am i just done a g in 5 lines its shit stuff no more in uk bullshit wast of my and go to the main place on earth….

  12. I'm looking at this because: One day I brought flour for a biology project, but the small bag in which it was stored dropped me all over the table in math class, and since my institute has a lot of problems with drugs and the national police Sometimes comes, the teacher believed it was cocaine… in the end they sent me to headquarters and they gave me a serious warning and I was almost expelled. From this moment all the drug addicts and smokers of my class invited me to their gang (although they knew that it was flour)

  13. Weak minds snorting 25% cocaine 75% waste at best and feel powerfull for a while.
    Strong minds need no cocaine to feel powerfull.

  14. played with coke everyday for 4 years to say the least and just stopped one day made life a little hard for a week but kicked it with no help and worked everyday dont think its to bad to quit….

  15. played with coke everyday for 4 years to say the least and just stopped one day made life a little hard for a week but kicked it with no help and worked everyday dont think its to bad to quit….

  16. played with coke everyday for 4 years to say the least and just stopped one day made life a little hard for a week but kicked it with no help and worked everyday dont think its to bad to quit….

  17. I did it once a week ago and feel like such a dick head I hate myself. Am I permanently changed now or will I go back to normal if I never do it again, please reply

  18. I am here because i watched Scarface for the 100th time and i just want to know if the cocaine high differs from other "stimulants".

  19. I quit a few months ago after 2 years of abusing it, but my nose still hurts like iv been punched in the face … I don't have any holes in my septum. but it hurts. any advice anyone ?

  20. I would never do this but the only thing I will ever do and that's weed.Weed is good! Better than any other drugs like this, that's for sure.I'm sticking to the harmless plant herb that almost half the world's population smokes.Besides weed has helped me more in my life anyway, this would probably reverse that.Alls you need to do with smoking weed is be on an empty stomach so you don't pull a whitey, then its okay to smoke it.It will be legal soon, keep it positive, then the government will legalize it.

  21. I was overdosed with cocaine like one and half month before and I'm still not feeling well. My head is still hearding. Can anybody tell please

  22. I'm glad I didn't drink cocaine and drugs! Im just a kid. But my classmate (male) names Eldrick Limba Just smoking in school, cocaine, and he said smoking was good! But it doesn't. So I dont use cocaine.

  23. Cocaine is crushed Paracetamol ,such a dangerous drug,chemical , wouldnt pay a Penny for It ,destroys your body and ruins your pocket

  24. cocaine addiction is not fun, everytime I get my paycheck my heart starts racing I start sweating and I have a panic attack until I do a line and the first line doesn't get me high, it makes me normal again. I attend recovery three times a week to try to get rid of the cravings, if only I knew how addictive this shit was before I tried it I would have never even touched it. don't do it and if you're going to do it if you start having thoughts on doing it again because the experience was "fun", don't. That's your brain on its path to addiction because if you keep doing it it will go from feeling like doing it again because its fun to full on craving it and you cannot function until you do a line.

  25. Cocaine is a tropane alkaloid with central nervous systems (CNS) stimulating and local anesthetic activity. Cocaine binds to the dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine transport proteins and inhibits the re-uptake of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine into pre-synaptic neurons. This leads to an accumulation of the respective neurotransmitters in the synaptic cleft and may result in increased postsynaptic receptor activation. The mechanism of action through which cocaine exerts its local anesthetic effects is by binding to and blocking the voltage-gated sodium channels in the neuronal cell membrane. By stabilizing neuronal membranes, cocaine inhibits the initiation and conduction of nerve impulses and produces a reversible loss of sensation.

  26. I used to take a lot of party drugs in my early 20s (E, coke, ketamin, shrooms etc), and felt like I could "handle" it. I could easily get through 2g of coke in an evening without too many physical drawbacks. I gradually managed to cut out everything except cannabis, which is still a daily habit for me, although I'm quite functional with a full-time job. I don't even drink anymore.

    I'm now in my mid 30s and recently I was offered a little bit of really nice coke (£40 for half gram) and said yes, partly for nostalgia and partly because I was curious as to what "nice" coke was by todays standards. It came as a solid, brilliant white block with tiny reflective surfaces that added to the brilliance and made it glisten, and it was very hard to crush into powder. I don't know if street coke is more potent than it used to be 10-15 years ago, or if my metabolism has changed or what, but I couldn't cope with it.

    I had one line about 3mm wide and 20mm long; small compared to what I had been used to in the past. It was very enjoyable for the first 5 mins, my face went numb and I felt the rushing feeling and some euphoria, but then panic attacks and problems controlling my breathing ensued; it felt like if I didn't consciously micromanage my breathing then I was going to pass out from lack of O2 or build up of CO2. Imagine not being able to think about anything except your breathing like your life depended on it; it wasn't fun and at one point I wondered if I was going to have to call an ambulance. I'm not normally prone to panic attacks, had a couple as a kid in stressful situations but I'm normally very lucid and in control. This wasn't the come down either, this was the high. It was a relief when it started to wear off tbh. I still have the rest of the coke stashed away but I've lost all desire to take it. I'd rather not have to go through that again.

    My advice now is if you insist on trying coke take very small lines with lots of time between them. And don't mix with alcohol until you know what sort of stuff you have; alcohol can make any unpleasant experience worse, although admittedly can also make the nice feeling nicer. I know from experience that both of these things are easier said than done; I used to mostly look for coke only when drunk because it's a great idea then, and of couse coke makes you greedy so you make bigger lines. But try to have some self-control in the moment, you will thank yourself.

    If you're really not that curious to try it then don't be pressured to; it's an experience you pay more for than what it's actually worth, both financially and physically. And you'll need to grow out of any habit eventually, so why start something you know you will have to stop but might not be able to? Even if you don't become physically addicted it can take upto 6 months for the psycological cravings to pass; that feeling that you could really do with a nice bit of yay right now can just creep up on you, and it can be difficult to dismiss until your brain begins to forget the experience of coke.

    This is all advice I wish I'd had in my late teens and early 20s. The drugs advice I had when I was young was 100% negative, which when you then go on to have a positive experience gets discarded as lies. Coke can be very fun for a very limited amount of time, until it's the opposite of fun for a prolonged amount of time, and this is true of any party drug. There are a lot more "research chemicals" and things like fentanyl about these days that frankly scare the shit out of me, and I'm a reformed headonist. You gotta be careful.

  27. I've gotten this kind of explanation a lot, but I want to know even more, I want to the know the exact details. How does this feel-good network hijack actually work? How does it get flooded? How does it get blocked?

  28. The difference between cocaine n heroine are 3
    1 .money
    2.cocaine ll kill u fast
    3.cocaine make u psycho
    Its more easy to cut the heroine than the cocaine..even worst is the alcohol but it take more time to be addicted,but when u become one theres no turning back with alcohol.

  29. Lmao crazy how junkies are in here all proud of taking it while watching… they live for cocaine ahah

  30. Brain is composed of networks of billions of nerve cells
    Signals race around the network using chemical messages
    Feel good – dopamine – essential to survival – messenger

    Cocaine hijacks the dopamine network


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