How I Became Addicted to BTS, KPOP, and KDramas (Reaction)

How I Became Addicted to BTS, KPOP, and KDramas (Reaction)


  1. 여기가시면 휴가를 가기전 무대에서 환상적인 헤어를 한 정국의 모습을 보실수 있어요

  2. Wow Jessica, what a spec you come with!!…) I recommend that you visit Seoul and/ or South Korea soon. It's completely different & unique compared to Tokyo…. You'll see difference in people as well… Hope you have a chance to visit

  3. The Heirs 

    I’m not a Robot

    Empress Ki

    Boys Over Flowers

    Legend Of The Blue Sea

    Secret Garden

    My Love from the Star

    To The Beautiful You

    You Are Beautiful

    Sungkyunkwan Scandal


    Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

  4. haven't you seen K-entertainment living alone 나혼자산다.신서유기 윤식당. 박서준 is there . there are a lot of subtitle english chinese japanese vietnam even though french german i recommend to you watching some entertainment. of course following react or some like that~~

  5. watch Ji Chang-wook dramas like Suspicious Partner, Healer and K2 you will totally fall in love. He is my favorite actor. (I also love Park BoGum)<3

  6. i think it's pronounced "jung-cook" (well when he intoduces himself he says jung-cook but when other members are comfortably talking in korean they refer to him has "cheung-gukk" but that's not the spelling probably LOL) lol i used to pronounce it like that as well

  7. Girl! You are absolutely GORGEOUSSS! I'm not going to lie, i ship you and jungkook. I lost my wig when you said you were crowned miss Alabama USA like yesss we stan a perfect QUEEN <3

  8. So glad I found your channel and that I’m here from the beginning of your YouTube journey! ( you’re currently at 12k subs ) and can’t wait until you and your channel gets the recognition you deserve.😭❤️

  9. oh yeah we have quite many things in common … but for k dramas i would love to recommend you "Ji chang wook".. i hope you will like him, he is my favorite actor..he is damn handsome … if you have not seen his dramas then you can start with "Healer"…. i was into kdramas but when i was introduced to kpop … i am in love with BTS …. i love VMinKook ….anyways will love to see your videos …. lots of love

  10. I hope jungkook watches this and dm's you and takes you out in seoul when you visi, hope you can make a vlog out of it too! Youre fire Jes.

  11. Hello! I am Korean ARMY~ You are so beautiful and I like your all videos!! I am happy that you like Korea and BTS~ Thank you for your channel💜💜

  12. 서울 여행오시면 좋겠네요
    9월이나 10월에 날씨가좋아요
    5월도 좋고요ㅡㅡㅡ
    너무나 감사합니다ㅡㅡ좋아해주셔서
    아마ㅡㅡㅡ아미중 제일 이쁜것같아

  13. I just landed to this beautiful channel…. it's so fun watching you fangirling to JK… btw liked, subscribed and waiting for more content.. Love from the Philippines

  14. SUNG HOON wooooooo I don't know if you know but you should check him out at I LIVE ALINE… his just superb and fun there especially that he recently adopted a dog

  15. I love an old kdrama called.. Star in my Heart. Also love kpop group GOT7 💚 Their silliness and genuine souls got me. JB dance moves are just so extra and passionate. I discovered them during my trip in Korea. Their Got7ing and Real GOT7 shows on YouTube is how I got to know them all and after that I was hooked on kpop. I also like Monsta X too. Have you watched their survival show on how they became Monsta X.. called No Mercy Monsta X? It's on YouTube. 10 episodes. I cried so much. They all worked so hard and all the trainees that fought for the position. It was seriously cut throat and cruel. One of the best kpop shows I ever watched. Really worked my heart. If you have a chance, watch it. Its sooo good!

  16. Have watched Arthdai Chronicles? It's on Netflix, it's a fantasy, some say it's a Korean version of Game of Thrones. You'll see some similarities, but overall, it's very different.

  17. 한국 드라마와 kpop 리뷰 잘봤습니다. 구독도 했으니 앞으로 종종 찾아볼게요. 읽으실수 있으려나 모르겠네요. ㅎㅎ

  18. So you were Miss Alabama. That explains your beauty well. I think you deserve the title of Miss USA. Please come to Korea, where you can be a star, I'm sure.

  19. 너무 아름다우신분이 한국에 이렇게나 많은 관심을 가지고 계시다니 정말감사하네요 ~^^정말 아름다우십니다~~~구독~꾹!!!!!

  20. Recommend ‘Reply series’. You’ll be very funny once you watch it. for example ‘Reply 1988’. mainly it’s a drama as genre but there are also many ‘RoCo’ mood in there. BTW, you look like ‘Brooke Shields’ for me! I mean, you are fantastic!! 🙂

  21. 우연히 보게 된 영상이지만… 미모가 상당하다 생각했는데…
    미인대회 출신에… 배우까지… 헐… 어쩐지… 언젠가 내가 쓴 이 짤막한
    한국어 댓글도 이해 하겠지요. 즐거운 인생 되기를…

  22. Jungkook should see your videos. You’re beautiful and cute!! You know more Korean than I do and I was born here. I am 56 and became hooked on BTS and Blackpink just recently.

  23. 제시카 !~ 한국의 서울에 오시면 도쿄보다 서울을 더 좋아하게 되실겁니다…^^ 앞으로 영상 자주 볼께요

  24. Your Korean name is 제시카
    My fav Jimin
    October is good weather to travel to Korea
    YouTube channel to help Korea travel
    (Korean Englishman)
    Welcome to Seoul ^^

  25. 뭐야 일반인인줄 알았는데 역시 아니었네. ㅋ
    미스 앨라배마라니. 볼 때 마다 안젤리나 졸리 생각나는데 어떤 부분은 더 예쁜 듯.
    I hope I can see you more in the movie.

  26. Hey sis i just wanna let you know that jungkook is pronounced (jung-guk) but jung-kook ahahah.
    Very common so dont worry ab it♡

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