How I Lost EVERYTHING in Las Vegas (Gambling Addict)

How I Lost EVERYTHING in Las Vegas (Gambling Addict)

Most people don’t know when to stop. They take their last dime, or their last $25,
or their last 25 cent and they put it in the machine to try to get back. I’ve done that. I’ve gambled all the way to where I just had
changed and I was like, okay, cash this change in and now turn it into $2. Then took the $2 back in. Maybe I can get that money back. That’s when you know that it’s hit you pretty
hard, or when you go and you borrow more money, you go to a payday loan place or something,
or a pawn shop and you go and you pawn your computer. Then you go get the money and you go right
back to the casino. Like I said, I got to go to plan B. Plan B
was, now I’ve lost a total of $1,000, $1,040 I’ve lost. I’m not very happy with that. Not only have I lost that money, but I lost
two computers. Now I’m getting ready to go lose my camera
and my … I’m not losing it, but get a loan on it. One of these days I’m hoping that maybe I
will hit it big. Maybe I will be able to win $15,000 or something
like that. So that where I can just, you know, pay a
lot of bills off and get back on track, you know, but right now it’s very difficult. So the time right now it’s 4:09 in the evening. So we’ve been out for a couple hours now. I got off of work at 1:00. That’s the Super Pawn facility right here,
located in Las Vegas. It’s one of them. People come in here and you know, pawn their
worldly goods and whatever but I’m coming in here to see what I can do at the same time. My name is Tony McDew. I’m from California, 46 years old. I’ve been living out here for seven years. I got involved with gambling and it kind of
took me down. The last seven years I spent probably about
$35,000 or more. Now I know why people go out and kill themselves. Now I know why people going through the things
that they do. I never experienced that until I started gambling,
going through that process, I started recording myself, looking at the losses, looking at
the wins and a lot of losses. It’s a visual recorder. I use it like a diary, so you know, just recording
myself was a way for me to look at myself and go, hey, you know what? You know that was real stupid what I did. I would record myself going to pawn shops,
to the casino, back to the pawn shop, supporting my habit. So now I just want to share my story with
you. This is my story. As you can see, I just hit a bonus. Action Max, my favorite machine. I’m going to hit the cash out button right
here, bam. As you can see, I’m cashing out $565. How I got hooked is just basically I put $5
in and I ended up winning like $80. I was like, wow, this is free money. Eventually the more money I made, the more
money I would put in the machines. I started off with maybe $5. I started putting in hundreds. I started putting in thousands of dollars. I got $1,600. I will try to count it out to you. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. That’s basically how I got hooked, you know
from $5 on penny machines, from penny machines to spinning thousands of dollars. I thought that would be a way of paying off
all my debts, paying all my bills. I found out that wasn’t the way. They’re blowing the horn at me. I’m trying to get all of it. Here at the Palms, only here at the Palms
can you win like that? You know, like I said, sometimes you can lose,
but it feels good right now. It’s like you’re getting high and I’m not
the kind of person to get high. I really can’t compare it, but I would say
it’s like a feeling of getting high where you just you’re on cloud nine and no one can
tell you that, hey, what you’re doing is wrong. My sister brought me out here and I was going
through a divorce, so I was kind of down. The divorce was hard. After I got to Vegas. Vegas kind of washed it away. If I have money, I’m definitely going to spend
it, I feel like you should enjoy yourself, not just stack it up. Here I am [inaudible 00:04:39] once again
at my favorite machine. It’s called Max Action. When you win that dude right there, he hits
up with the girls. I felt like I put all this money in and it
would appear to yours, it’s going to pay off. I’m going to get it back. I just felt like I just wanted to keep on
going until like I got what was due to me. I got 30 times two. I just out the Palms. I’ve been in there for, I don’t know, about
30 minutes, maybe a little longer, but I ended up losing. Sometimes it happens. Like I said, I end up losing my money. I had $47, and I put it in the machine. When I lose, I do not want to make a video
tape. I don’t want nobody to know and that’s what
most people do and they kind of bury it. What it does, it causes you to be depressed,
you know? I’m trying not to be depressed. I got to keep on going. I’m getting back in the van through the passenger
side, once again, the driver’s door isn’t opening correctly. I don’t want to break the handle all the way
off. You know, sometimes it works and sometimes
it doesn’t. So I just decided since I bought the van,
not to even use that handle. Not to even use the driver’s side at all except
for getting out. So I’m in the van, boom. All I needed was about 75 bucks because I
needed to pay a half of my electric bill or whatever. So it looks like I’ll be picking up about
another 200 bucks. I’m going to take one of my computers in to
Super Pawn. That’s one of the things I didn’t want to
have to do, but you know, when you don’t have enough, you got to do what you got to do. You got to compensate. Bare with the cinematography. I considered the pawn shop my bank. It’s the bank for people that didn’t have
very good credit. Between the payday loan and the pawn shop
those were my two major places because I didn’t have credit. Those places offered me substantial amounts
of money. There’s my mini controller and there’s my
other one. All right, we’re back to make another transaction
with you sir? None of my merchandise is stolen or anything
like that. It’s my own merchandise and everybody knows
me, so they said, “Hey, you’re a real good customer.” You know, I have put thousands of dollars
in this organization,. When you need a loan this is what you do,
I got 200 bucks, bam. You know, there’s people that go in there
and spend, you know, $20 or whatever. They just go in there and they do it as a
fun thing. If you go in there and you do it as a fun
thing, I mean, sure you can have fun with it, but I didn’t treat it … I started treating
it as a money making system. I thought that it was going to be a money
making system for me. I didn’t look at it as being fun anymore. I’m having a good day at the bus stop. It’s all about enjoying life and it’s a beautiful
day today, isn’t it? I think it sucks. You think it sucks? If you live here it sucks. Can I interview you? Go for it. Tell me a little bit about it. The city doesn’t want to pay enough to even
survive in here. You barely make check by check. Try not to gamble too much if you live here
because you’re going to be broke. You’ve got to have a lot of will power to
even survive in this damn city. What’s your name? It’s Paul. I’m from Ohio. I’m Tony. Nice to meet you, man. I’m for Sacramento. Tony, Ohio. So basically you’re saying, it can suck you
dry if you don’t … If you don’t manage your money. If you don’t manager your money. Exactly. This is the whole thing. That’s what I’m … You get addicted to that fricking gambling
bug, which is exactly true. That’s all I got to say. All right, thanks a lot. Enjoy Vegas, come and have fun, but don’t
try to live here. Meeting other gamblers and meeting other people
out there, it was sort of a deterrent. You know, they told me, “Hey Vegas was built
on people spending their money.” I didn’t believe that. I believe that you can come out here and you
can really win some money. You know, I’ve seen the stories of people
winning $50 million or 100 million on machines and they had them posted up in the casino,
all these pictures of these people that won. My day is going to come. When is my day coming? It’s coming soon, but I’ve got to continue. I can’t go by what everyone is telling me
out here in Las Vegas. The money that I spent yesterday was ridiculous. It was kind of stupid to go in there and do
that yesterday. Theoretically, I could just say, you know
what? I’ll just leave that in there and I’ll just
go home for today, but I got a feeling. I got a pretty good feeling that I’m going
to hit something today. This is what I try not to do. I tell myself I’m not going to do, but this
is something that Las Vegas people do. They say you’re not going to do it. Maybe you start off with just a little bit
and the more you make, the more you spend. Right now I’ve already spent like $800 yesterday. Today I’m going to try and get some of that
money back. I am going to get some of that money back. I shouldn’t even say the word try. I used to go with my cousin and I used to
go with my sister and they would tell me, “Stop, you’re okay. You know, cash out, cash out. You got 150 bucks.” Whatever, cash out. I’d be like, no, it’s not enough. You don’t know what I lost. You don’t know what I lost. I got to get this money back. So it’s almost like a crack addict, I guess
you would say. You know, you got to have it. You got to keep on going because in your mind
it’s not enough. In someone else’s mind they’re like, Hey,
you’re okay, you’re at a good level. You’ve got $200 in machine, you know, get
out of here. They’re like, no. I’m like, no, I’m not going to get out of
here. I got to get more. I got to get that money back. I just lost $700, but they don’t know that. Even if they do know that, they’re going to
tell you, Hey, you know what? You just lost $700 take your loss and get
out of here. So it’s one of those things where you almost
can’t control it. Well it didn’t happen and I’m losing the 2:40. I’m out of here. I’m going to go home. Looks like I can bring the camera back over
to Super Pawn, so I go pay this bill. I have no choice. They’ll give me a hundred for that. Then I’ll take my tripod in. They’ll give me a hundred for that, so that’s
200 bucks. Looks like I’ll be taking the camera in. I’ll show you what it looks like. I don’t want to take it in, that’s my baby
but I got to do. I’m going to take the camera and the tripod. They’re going to give me 200 bucks for that
today. Most people don’t know when to stop. They take their last dim or their $25, or
their last 25 cent and they put it in a machine to try to get back and I’ve done that. I’ve gambled all the way to where I just had
changed and I was like, okay, cash this change in and I’ll turn it into $2. Then took the $2 back in. Maybe I can get that money back. That’s when you know that it’s hits you pretty
hard or when you go and you borrow more money, you go to a payday loan place or something,
or a pawn shop and you go and you pawn your computer. Then you go get the money and you go right
back to the casino. Like I said, I got to go to plan B. Plan B
was, now I’ve lost a total of $1,000, $1,040 I’ve lost. I’m not very happy with that. Not only have I lost that money, but I lost
two computers. Now I’m getting ready to go lose my camera
and my … I’m not losing it, but get a loan on it. One of these days I’m hoping that maybe I
will hit it big. Maybe I will be able to win $15,000 or something
like that. So that where I can just, you know, pay a
lot of bills off and get back on track, you know, but right now it’s very difficult. So the time right now, it’s 4:09 in the evening. So we’ve been out for a couple hours now. I got off of work at 1:00. That’s the Super Pawn facility right here,
located in Las Vegas. It’s one of them. People come in here and pawn their worldly
goods and whatever but I’m coming in here to see what I can do at the same time. There it is. There’s the tripod. I will be back to get it next week. Here I am at the Super Pawn facility. Later on I got into title loan. Title loan is where you pawn your car. So I did that. If you continue with to use that system and
think that the casino is going to give you that money back to pay those guys, that’s
where you’re wrong. That’s where I made my mistakes, thinking
that the casino was to give me that money to pay back the pawn shop and I ain’t losing
a lot of my valuables. Like I said, they just gave me 200 bucks,
no questions asked. It’s emergency money if you need it and right
now, it was an emergency money. Right now I’m going to head back to the Palms. I don’t want to really get back to the Palms,
I’m starting to hate the Palms more and more. I’m actually embarrassed most of the time
when I don’t hit anything. When I lose my money, like I lost the money
today. I lost money yesterday. I’m very embarrassed. I’m spraying this water on my face right now. This is very embarrassing, but hey, I don’t
have air conditioning, but once again I’ve got it’s Tony [inaudible 00:13:27] Astro van
air conditioning. That’s what I wrote on the bottle Tony [inaudible
00:13:30] Astro van air conditioning. So without this bottle of water right now,
I don’t know if I would be able to … I would probably pass out. I had coworkers and friends tell me, “Don’t
go.” I would go back and I’d spend the money. I would lose it. Then I’d go back to work and then the coworkers
say, “Did you go?” I would just feel lower and lower because
I didn’t want to tell them. A lot of times I would lie to them and say,
“No, I didn’t go.” And I really did go. So it was a moment to where you start lying
to people. You start covering up your mistakes because
you don’t want people to look at you a certain way. Tomorrow I might have $2 in my pocket, I might
have 50 cent and I’m just surviving. I’m just still trying to survive, like everybody
else. Sometimes I do stupid stuff, stupid things,
sometimes I do things that are kind of cool, but it’s life. I’m not going to go out and kill myself and
hang myself. Although I’ve thought of that because of some
of the things I’ve done. You know, you want to beat yourself up, you
want to crucify yourself, but you can’t do that. So here we are at the Palms once again, this
is the second time arriving here. I arrived here with $240 earlier. I spent the $240. I’m going to come back over here, basically
try to find a parking spot and get back into our same routine except for losing. unsuccessful. I actually doubled my money, actually I got
up to like $198 ended up spending it back in the machine. I got greedy, started spending $1.50 instead
of 60 cent. I was playing 90 cent and that’s when I actually
hit. So I’m out of here. That’s pretty much it for me. I barely got enough gas to go home now. This is the gas gauge, I will show you what
it looks like. I had 600 bucks a day basically and now I’m
down to, I got some change in my ashtray. I didn’t count the change in my ashtray, but
I’ll just show that for the record, you know so I keep everything real. Some change in the ashtray probably got about,
I don’t know. I got some change in the ashtray and I think
I got some more change I found yesterday. One of my computer bags, so now it boils down
to that, that’s it. That’s it for me. You know, that’s it for me today, sometimes
people, they bottom out at a certain level. I’ve bottomed out today. I got a couple of other pennies, but they’re
stuck in my ass tray and that’s how I keep it. They’re stuck in my ashtray. I sprayed some water in there, they’re stuck
because I had some candy or something in there. I’ll do it again just to show you the process. There’s a couple more pennies in there. So to be honest with you, I got probably like
6.25, 6.30 somewhere around there. Maybe a little bit more. If you go to the casino and you get your paycheck,
it could be $1,200, it could be $1,500, whatever it is, and that’s for two weeks and then all
of a sudden that’s two weeks of work that you worked for and it’s to pay a certain bill. You got to pay electricity. You got to pay rent, whatever, and you lose
all that, it’s so foolish and you can’t talk to anybody about it. You can’t go talk to your mom, you can’t talk
to your children, you can’t talk to your coworkers. All you can do is kind of like just curl up
and just, you feel like you just want to die. I would just come home and just go to sleep. I would just, I got a blindfold, put my blindfold
on and just kind of curl up, go to sleep. I would pray about the situation. I’d pray to God and just try to … That God
take me away from the situation. I lost about $35,000, it would have been nice
to win that. After I looked at it and added it up, it was
like, no more. After going through that, I had my fun, I
had my greediness, I had my downs, and my losses and and now it’s like I don’t even
want to deal with it anymore. My whole concept on gambling is, leave it
alone if you don’t really need it. I tell people I don’t encourage, you know,
not even going and putting even a couple of dollars because you can get hooked easily. You know, I got hooked on five bucks. I’m now at the point of not gambling anymore. I’ve successfully stopped. It’s in the past. It’s all in the past, but it’s an experience. It’s something where I can say, you know,
I can look back on it, it’s going to help me to not go back and do that again. It’s a reference point that I can say, wow,
this is where I was. This is where I am. I’m not going to go back to that again. I’m going to go back to that same level. I’m Tony McDew and I’m homeless in America. Vehicle, it’s a nice vehicle, it just has
some problems. It doesn’t run right now. It won’t start. The transmission is bad, I think. It doesn’t go in reverse. I’ve been homeless for about three years. I’m not ashamed of it, I wasn’t … I guess,
you know, we all have some type of a … I guess I am ashamed sometimes, but I’m not
… You know, things happen. I lost my job almost three years ago, 2015. I think it was November 2nd, 2015 it happened,
I remember that. I lost my job, so I pretty much lost a lot
with that. You know, I lost my house. I lost my van, I had a car, I lost the car. I had storages, I lost my storages. I got some of my belongings. I’m 54 years old, so I’ve been around for
a long time. I’ve been married, divorced, you know, the
whole nine yards. Here, your boy Tony,
I’m back. I just want to say, Hey, about ready to start
my night here. I’m out here in the courtyard, just to show you what’s going on, we got tables in the background. You can see there’s absolutely no one here. No one is here. They just shut down. They shut down at 11:00. I’m on wifi right now. I’m using their wifi, but the wifi will be
good only until midnight. So that’s okay. I’ve got plenty of movies to watch. All that kind of stuff. Believe me, I got hard drives. I got like eight terabytes with me right now. So I’ll be watching stuff, or whatever, chilling. I got the broadcaster parked over here right
behind that pillar right there. So I’ve got it kind of facing in, that way
the wind doesn’t hit me that much because it’s going to get windy. It’s definitely going to get windy tonight. So this is a camp out. I never went camping when I was a kid. I never went camping, hanging out. I never slept in tents and things like that,
so this is like my adventures. This is Tony from Kelly’s adventures. I’m just kind of, this is like camping out. Most guys go out to … They go out to the
Mount Charleston and they camp out and they put up a tent and light a fire and all that
kind of stuff. So this is my way of camping out. This is probably the extent of that. I’m not trying to sleep on the ground, I’m
not trying to be walking around and begging people for food and all that kind of stuff
with the signs and all that kind of stuff. I just do my thing, I broadcast. So once again, I’m here and we’re going to
do a quick food review here. So you guys just bear with my cinematography
here for a minute. What I’m eating, we’re going to kind of show
this a little bit, but I won’t be spilling it hopefully. It’s ravioli. When I talk to other people and I see that
a lot of things that other people are going through, it just makes me more thankful. You know, I’m sitting here eating ravioli,
boom, bam. Thank you for this meal that I’m eating right
now. Thank you for me being able to … My eyesight. Thank you for me being able to talk. Thank you for me being able to hear and be
able to smell. We’re always thinking about what we don’t
have. We’re thinking about, oh man, my scooter broke
down or my car broke down and this and that. I don’t have this. I don’t have enough money to pay my insurance
or pay my rent. Don’t think about what you don’t have. Think about what you do have. You know, I’ve got blood circulating through
my bones right now, blood circulating through my body, not through my bones, but through
my body. I got … I’m not a doctor, but you know what
I’m saying? All of the things that’s happening. My heart’s pumping right now. My heart is pumping blood. My lungs is pumping. All this stuff is happening inside of me,
but we take for granted those things that are happening inside of you, so I’m thankful. I’m 54, okay. No, I’m 55 and I’m looking 55 right now too. Anybody needs any AV work, you can call me,
500-44-63, that’s my number (702) 500-44-63 I can do a lot of AV work. Like I said, for the people just tuning in,
and they don’t know what I do. Computer animation, three dimensional, hard
graphic, digital, video, broadcast, special effects engineer/senior audio visual telecommunications
specialist/broadcaster, not broadcaster. I’m a reality show. Born in 1963, all in HD. My name of my channel is HBTV, channel 63.


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  24. Makes me realize how one day to the next day can change so dramatically with the choices u decide to make especially when u don’t have much family or friends to protect u much love this dude for staying as strong as possible

  25. I was here two years ago in his position. I lost 55k in 3 yrs. But i finally gave it up cold tutkey. And started online sales, and im back. Never again stepped foot in casinos .

  26. on the other side there are fake online slots gamblers that encourage and glorify gambling. they have thousands of views, all potential gambling addicts.

  27. There are tons of video's on here about winning big on slots in vegas. Thing is, they never show how much $$ they spent to get that 1000.00 handpay. A couple are honest but most don't mention their losses, or how many days it took to get that big handpay .

  28. I’m so glad you have been able to combat your gambling addiction. This video really hits home for me in a lot of ways. I wish you the very best. Thanks for sharing your story.

  29. Thanks so much for sharing your story- i def can relate as many others do.. I never would have ever thought I too would have been addicted to the casino, and after a friend begged me to go, I won 800 bucks the first time and was hooked..I live in Oklahoma and casinos are everywhere, so I understand the temptation. Banning didn’t work for me- I still could get in and lose all the money I wanted. The state thinks it’s wonderful with all the revenue it brings, and will deny there is a lot of pple with gambling problems. They want problematic gamblers to keep coming- that’s how they make money- not the occasional gambler…I myself just had to get tired of being broke and feel the losses to finally quit. I’ve lost much more than I ever won. Not to mention time, pawned heirlooms, you name it. Never stole though. Probably spent conservatively over 100 thousand in the 8 yrs I gambled. It adds up even when you bet small bets. Just have to take one day at a time.

  30. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in life so far, from having money, talent and intelligence to being homeless and everything in between due to mental problems. I have never been content, if you can find that no matter if your homeless or in a mansion, I envy you.

  31. I was thinking about moving to Vegas within a year and I like gambling.. maybe I shouldn’t I know how tempting it is to keep going to the casinos..

  32. It was very responsible of you to post this video. Well done. There’s way to many of these get rich with gambling 🎰 videos and people think it’s easy… they try get hooked and end up like Tony… THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS!!

  33. Great video my friend thank you for being so courageous and sharing your story, your not alone its a very easy trap to fall into….prior to 2011 i had maybe been inside a casino 5 times in my life, in 2011 my girlfriend and i stumbled into a casino after a detroit tigers game i put $20 into a $1 slot machine and hit for $1800 and my life has been a living hell ever since…I feel your pain brother, stay strong…

  34. I don't get it. You have skills. There are plenty of jobs out there these days. You beat your gambling habit. Go get a job.

  35. I commend you 100% – most people don't understand ! I'm in the middle of my recovery also ! . When I looked around and seeing the people that I was hurting and not just myself change my life forever . I just didn't have the heart to hurt those who are around me . That's exactly what happens when we are broke sitting in a casino slot machine not home for Thanksgiving or Christmas because you were spending them money on a machine . I went cold turkey and seek counseling and it's done wonderful job in my recovery ! . Let no one put you down and I wish you the same ! .



  37. I was just scrolling and saw this and had to comment cause this shit is really a problem I just dealt with I had to sign myself out cause I got lucky and seen what was happening

  38. Las Vegas is built on the backs of the legions of gamblers. Those casinos cost $800 million to $10 billion a piece to build. Where did all those monies come from? I know I have lost a good sum over the years. That is reality.

  39. Really respect you for your blunt and direct honesty. I'm sure many other people need to do the same, to realize the issue for themselves. Take care of yourself.



  40. It annoys me to see all these glorified gamblers on youtube who always post videos of them winning making it seem like gambling is just a game.

  41. Idk if I can say you’re a major gambler man. Hope u stop gambling but 35k in a few years is literally nothing to a real degenerate gambler. Also I see u played slots, major rookie mistake. I’m not a big gambler but I probably lose 10k a year. My bro and his friends have lost millions in the past 7 or so years

  42. I don’t feel bad for this guy gambling addiction! Take responsibility for your actions instead blaming the casino . You could of volunteer on your days off from work or gotten a part job keeping you away from the casino.

    I gamble many times at the Palms but, never went over my yearly gambling budget. The House always wins in Vegas . My advice to new slot players stay away from casinos during Holiday Seasons! Don’t gamble on super bowl weekend in Vegas!

  43. I've paid house off and car I lucked out Yes liost some but won two big jackpots flipped into something way ahead on my winnings just got taxes done . when I would win over 1000 I would walk out and not go back for 4 or five months . once I won big I invested it in gold and silver then second big one paid off house and car . now I only go once in a while for fun with couple hundred . you just have to know when you win big don't give it back to casino …. complete discipline all it takes….oops misspelled texting to fast .so thank you casino I'm debt free on the house….

  44. I wished I knew how to give you some money so heart breaking your homeless … your video will probably help so many people out . never go to casino with Money you can't afford to give away and just know when to walk away and my story of my winnings was pure luck but I was smart enough to invest it and get out of debt but I'm sure my story is unusual I've seen people win and put it right back in machine you have to be totally in charge when you walk in grounded if I lost my couple hundred I would walk out . great information I'm sure you really have helped many out with the mistakes you have made .

  45. Tony, I can tell your a good man…. I’ve lost several 100k doing the same thing…… your genuinely great person. Just stay focused.

  46. If more people played games with a better player control and better odds like poker or blackjack, they might not become addicts. I've been playing blackjack and poker for well over 20 years and not once have I felt addicted to it. You have no control over slots and it is a fools game. I can stretch out $300 over 7-8 hours of playing poker or blackjack and come out with a profit. I've pissed $100 away in 10 minutes on a slot machine. Waste of money.

  47. Couldn't finish the video, talking too fast, making ye feel on edge. No1 deserves to lose , apart from if the only thing you play is slots then yes you do

  48. SAW A LADY win 50k one night at an indian casino while i played poker. some guy came in about 4 hrs later claiming some lady just lost 50 k at the 25 dollar slots.

  49. As sad as this is, he's good with it and it's none of our business to judge the dude for living his life how he lives it.

  50. This is so sad, that optimism of clear denial. I'd like to say I've always been gifted quantitatively, I have a natural proficiency for understanding numbers, and it's so simple that for one person to win 20 million dollars at a casino, at the very least, 200 people would have had to lose over 100k. I'm happy I have an ability to remind myself of this with ease around gambling, but there is no overestimating the power of the feeling. The rush is real when you get lucky, winning more than 2x your original buy in does something to you, it makes you feel invincible, like God chose you to beat the odds. Logic means nothing without some type of feeling, so the idea of losing paper bills for the prospect of feeling the attention of fate and the rush of power is just nothing to a gambler. It's so easy to have your mindset corrupted, just as it is with any addiction, to which you simply just can't see through it. Thankfully I've never lost a significant amount of money gambling, I've definitely felt the pull.

    Even if you know that it is dumb, and you know you shouldn't do it, you will never be able to anticipate just how insanely real the rush feels when you win, even just when you're playing as a matter of fact.

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