How I overcame Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms – A Benzo Withdrawal Success Story

So mark here. Well hi, I did it, I finally
did. It has been years as I’ve made uh any type of videos regarding yeah
clumping or xanax but just wants to tell you all that I overcame it I’m now about
eighteen months free I’m past all the waves the the what withdrawal symptoms
I shouldn’t say past all of them but may every now and then if it still affects
me but my finally dead it and thank you God
appreciate it helping me out there a lot of Prayer a lot of just you know
sacrificing and just trying to you know do the best you know I find he’s dead so
and thanks to my family for standing firm behind me and really trying to
understand what I was going through so I’m I accomplished it and I just want to
let you know guys know that’s how I accomplished it was you know I’ve been
working you know full-time or past who knows twenty-five years while I was on
this stuff and that was a probably one of the toughest things because I’ve been
the management stuff like that and somehow I got the right but when I was
trying to get off with throw from the comp and I was down to like I kept on
shaving little bits off of it that’s down to like 0.25 actually now actually
less than that I would I think I had a a 0.5 pill and I broke it in the force so
and then I would continue breaking heads for each time I took it and I just it
took me like you know five to ten years to get me off actually I would say maybe
seven years I’ve took my time I had a game plan pretty much but I
think the key to success for me was I were through very slowly and I think
that’s how how I got off of it but once I was off of it
I developed insomnia and it was it was a very tough time it’s like for example I
I every now and then I did take a sleeping pill or two just to give me you
know try to help me in sleep yeah it doesn’t work so but I’ll take that
compared to me being on that clump for many years yeah I think I was on it for
like 25 actually I started off with as a max and I switched to clomping which
just seemed like more of a sturdier drug a little bit long-lasting and then
eventually years later I thought I got off but yeah I was on for 25 years
nightmares it was a nightmare you were like was
what happened my life was in the beginning I had social anxiety and I
went to doctors and he is I have you ever but they had an accident all right
now it’s like well he got try it see what happens
no yeah it really calmed me down and then I got hooked in the rest is history
unfortunately for 25 long years I was on this stuff but I think the success was
just with growing very very slowly that’s how I got it and I’m just
thankful that I’m still alive all that but Wow it was it was a tough ride
raising a family developing a career and all that stuff it was nuts I will have
to admit there’s times that compen did help me you know get through like the
special meetings at work and all that where I had
people I’m not really geared for that no I think most people aren’t but again now
if you’re trying to get off pumping he will suffer a lot of symptoms
mine was insomnia I think when I got off of it which was April of last year 2018
I was see my – I can’t stay focus on a subject you know I’m kind of jumping
around probably but why gun off the it it got worse for a while and even even
when I was taking such a small dose I actually got worse once I stopped
taking it and my biggest fear was going to work without confident my system and
I just remember 18 I had a couple fortune of days where I just refused to
take that stuff while I went in the sheer willpower a lot of Prayer and you
know it was tough but anyway I just wanna thank you guys for no beyblades
out there it’s like hey it is possible I’m 18 months free this stuff yeah I
just sit down and don’t get me wrong I still have issues I still have some
anxiety you know that’s why I’ll take that I’ll take that any day you know
compared to what I used to go through it was a nightmare
if the headaches sweating you know the this type of weird feeling that I was
like not really living my I wasn’t really alive it was so weird the mind
really played with me man and just claps idath but if you’re trying to get off
first of all talk to your doctor in this video I know I’m a medical doctor and
I’m member of the medical community so you know
talk to your doctor first you see what he or she you know helps or basically
obliges you with and but my thing is I I was lovely
yeah I know I’m kind of rambling here there was some meditation while there as
well I’m a lot of deep breathing and all that stuff but anyway I hope this makes
sense but I want to start making some videos about coughing and out saying
acts and my eye I do hope you guys subscribe to me because they will be a
lot more special and love them were clear I’m just doing his off with goofy
cellphone so anyway nice wrapping with you guys I
again hit the like button I would definitely appreciate it so as I’ve got
more of these videos out and I’ll catch you guys later

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