How India Can Reduce Its Dependence on The Monsoons

How India Can Reduce Its Dependence on The Monsoons

I know what you’re thinking. Sira, have you regressed,
and are being forced to relive every lesson you didn’t
pay attention to in school? And what are these clouds. Well, the clouds is
mostly there for effect. And they come
with a lightning ports. The monsoons are critical
for most of the food we grow in our country. And half of our population
works in Agriculture. So if you don’t know
about the things that are important
to half the country. Do you really know India at all? So let’s get to know our country
a little better, shall we? Here’s how the monsoon works. The earth is kind of tilted
on its axis. So halfway through the year it’s
really leaning towards the sun if you’re
in the northern hemisphere. This causes the northern
hemisphere to heat up. As you might expect, if you’ve ever leaned
towards a raging ball of fire. But land heats faster
than the oceans. And so does the air column
above it. Hot air is less dense, so the cooler air from the sea
will flow towards it. This breeze is literally
dripping with water vapour it soaked up from the sea. But now that it’s above land. It starts getting heated up too,
and starts rising. As it goes higher,
the temperature goes down, and it starts losing
its ability to hold moisture. So the water vapour
precipitates, as rain. India gets three quarters of its
rainfall in just these months. For the mathematical
amongst you, that number is more than twice
what it would be, if rainfall
was evenly distributed. Our country moves with the ebb
and flow of the monsoon winds. In tune with its rhythm. A perfect dance of nature
and civilization. Sorry, but no. Depending on Nature is not
a mark of virtue or spirituality here.
That’s just a comforting thought for those of us
who don’t have to suffer when the monsoons are
a couple of weeks late, or 5% less than usual. Almost 3 Lakh farmers
have taken their own lives since we started
to bother counting, and the most common reason
was the failure of their crop. And that’s only counting the
people who took that final step. Not the multitudes whose lives
were made miserable, and whose families
never recovered financially. This is not being in tune
with nature. It’s a problem we need to solve
as soon as we humanly can. So here are some solutions that
people have been working on. Averaging Out the Monsoons:
The monsoon is variable. Sometimes we get more rain,
sometimes less. Which is kind of
the whole problem. If we store this water
in reservoirs and waterbodies, the water could be made
available for irrigation and power generation in years
where rainfall is scarce. This is being achieved in India
in two ways. The River Linking Project,
and Lift Irrigation. The Kaleshwaram Lift
Irrigation Project is a gigantic mega structure, which is geared towards
using a system of pipes, pumps, and barrages to get water
from the River Godavari to a large reservoir. The river is at a lower level than most of the
agricultural land in Telangana. But pumping the water up
more than half a kilometer, this water can be made available
through good old gravity, bringing irrigation
to 45 Lakh acres of Land. How much water? 147 Thousand
Million Cubic Meters. This is not a Megaproject.
It’s a Gigaproject. Is there such a thing?
Well now there is! Now, it’s going to consume a lot
of power to pump all of this water
up almost 650 meters. And most of that power will come
from burning coal, unfortunately. But, you win some,
you lose some I guess. Now, some of the possible
negatives regarding this project are linked below. Using Less Water:
During the green revolution, we switched to different
varieties of wheat and rice, which increased production,
but also required lots of water compared to
indigenous varieties. This was fine and dandy as long
as our water table was high, but as our population grew,
and water needs increased, the ground water
began getting depleted. That means that when we use
borewells now, we need to dig deeper, and expend more electricity
in getting this water out. Now in order to reduce
our water requirement we can use micro irrigation. It’s exactly
what it sounds like. CIPT ran a trial using
this technology and found that amount of water
used fell to less than half, and in some cases to a quarter.
And not only did it save water, it improved productivity
as well. Pretty incredible. Tensiometers are devices
that help farmers figure out if the soil has enough moisture
for the crops they’ve planted. CIPT ran experiment in Punjab where they taught farmers
how to use tensiometers, and found that water
and electricity usage both declined significantly. In order to convince the farmers to give up
their traditional ways of figuring out
how much water to use, they even arranged an insurance
scheme which would pay out if using tensiometers
led to them losing income. This did not happen though,
their crop yields increased. Ok, they didn’t actually
explicitly say that, but worst case, it would have
stayed the same right…right? So anyway it looks
like the technology is something we might be
able to on a bigger scale. Tensiometers may not be
as magical as altheiometers, but they’re real,
and they work. Then there are these
treadle pumps which can really help out
small scale farmers for whom diesel pumps
are unaffordable. IDEI has won several
International awards and had sold over a million
treadle pumps so far, so you can imagine how useful
they’ve been to farmers across the country. These were some of the
technological solutions through which we can begin
to alleviate the effects
of a fickle monsoon. But there are economic ways
of bettering farmers’ lives too. The Prime Minister’s
Fasal Beema Yojana, for example which insures
farmers against loss of income, and not just investment. Online marketplaces, which allow
farmers to better control when, and for how much
they sell their produce. But on this channel we talks
mostly about tech and science, so I’ll leave that
to my betters. Here’s one of them, who talks
about Finance and Stocks, and other incomprehensible
stuff. Go check her out. The smell of the first
monsoon rains is one that has shaped
our very evolution. It used to mean so much
to so many, and it still does. In the years to come, let’s pray
that we can welcome it, not as a savior, but just for the cool, fresh joy
that it beings in, from the sea. I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. Like, share, subscribe,
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