How LSD and shrooms could help treat anxiety, addiction and depression

How LSD and shrooms could help treat anxiety, addiction and depression

It was the most peaceful, joyous, incredible,
life changing experience I’ve ever had in my life. There were scary parts, foreboding
parts … I always knew there was beautiful and joy and peace on the other side of it.
It was freeing, it was really freeing. This is Alana. She’s describing what she
felt after she took a dose of this stuff — psilocybin. It’s a naturally occurring psychedelic compound,
the kind you find in magic mushrooms. But she wasn’t tripping in a dorm room or
at Woodstock — it actually wasn’t recreational at all.
If anything became unreal or I was feeling nervous or not in touch with reality, I would
squeeze his hand and he would squeeze mine back just to reassure me that I was okay and
everything was alright. It was part of a controlled medical test to
see if psychedelics could be useful in helping people quit cigarettes. Alana had been smoking
for 37 years before her session with psilocybin, and she hasn’t had a cigarette since. Research on psychedelics for medical use is
preliminary. Most studies suffer from really small sample sizes. That’s partly because the
federal government lists LSD and psilocybin as Schedule 1 drugs. So researchers face extra
red tape, and funding is really hard to come by. Vox writer German Lopez reviewed dozens of
studies that have been done. He found that psychedelics show promise for treating addiction,
OCD, anxiety, and in some cases, depression. One small study of 15 smokers found that 80
percent were able to abstain from smoking for six months after a psilocybin treatment.
In a pilot study of 12 advanced cancer patients suffering from end-of-life anxiety, participants
who took psilocybin generally showed lower scores on a test of depression.
And smaller study suggested psilocybin treatment could also help people with alcohol dependence
cut back on their drinking days. We don’t have all the answers as to what
exactly these treatments are doing in the brain. But they seem to work by providing
a meaningful, even mystical experience that leads to lasting changes in a patient’s life. The issues that I talked about, or thought about, or went into during my experience were transformative in the sense that I got to look at them through a different lens. I know this sounds weird, I feel like I have more connections in my brain that I couldn’t
access before That feeling that Alana is describing is actually
pretty spot-on. When you take LSD your brain looks something
like this. You can actually see a higher degree of connectivity
between various parts of the brain, it’s not limited to the visual cortex. This communication inside the brain helps explain visual hallucinations — and the researchers argue that it could
also explain why psychedelics can help people overcome serious mental issues.
They wrote that you can think of psychiatric disorders as the brain being “entrenched
in pathology.” Harmful patterns become automated and hard to change, and that’s what can make
things like anxiety, addiction and depression very hard to treat. That’s Albert Garcia-Romeu, he’s a Johns Hopkins researcher who worked on studies of
of psilocybin and smoking addiction, like the one that Alana’s involved with. He says that when participants take psychedelics, One of the big remaining questions here is
how long these benefits actually last after just the one-time treatment.
A review of research on LSD-assisted psychotherapy and alcoholism found no statistically significant
benefits after 12 months. And a recent study on psilocybin and depression
found that benefits significantly dropped off after three months. And of course are some big risks to using
psychedelic drugs. It’s hard to predict a patient’s reaction
and some might actually endanger themselves. Those predisposed to psychotic conditions
are especially at risk for having a traumatic experience while on the drug.
It’s difficult to draw solid conclusions from the existing studies.
But there’s more than enough promise here to merit further research and further funding
for that research. As Matthew Johnson of Johns Hopkins said,
“These are among the most debilitating and costly disorders known to humankind.” For
some people, no existing treatments help. But psychedelics might. One thing you might still be wondering is why so much of this research is so new, when we’ve known when we’ve known about psychedelics for thousands of years. Well since these drugs are so old, they can’t be patented, which means that pharmaceutical companies don’t really have any incentive to fund any research into them. So that really leaves it up to governments and private contributors to fund all these studies. And there actually was a lot of research done into these drugs in the 50s and 60s, but there was a big enough backlash to the abuse of psychedelics in that period, especially around events like Woodstock, that funding really dried up, and research stopped. And that’s why it’s only now that we see this research happening, with private, not government contributions.


  1. It sounds so cliche, but the first time I did shrooms was kind of life changing. I was with friends, and some people I didn't really know. There was like, 6 or 7 of us. And we sat in a circle, put some music on, and just talked. I remember it was one of the best feelings ever. And this is from someone who, at the time, was really not good in social situations. I remember when we got up, and were leaving, I had so many thoughts. It completely changed how I viewed myself and the things I thought about. It was like what the woman in the video said, it felt like there were more connections in my brain. It felt like everything was working as one, when normally they don't. I remember thinking, even just a few days after that, that my mind couldn't go back to the way it was before. It was changed permanently, for the better. I believe that helped lead to one of the happiest years of my life.

  2. Set and setting is everything when taking LSD or mushrooms. You can have mental disorders when taking them just have to have the right set and setting and a good trip sitter if your new to it.

  3. Every LSD story I've heard was basically terrifying. Bleeding walls, demons, etc. I… know a lot of druggies? Never been terribly interested in doing drugs myself, but I hold nothing against proper, necessary use. Maybe LSD treatment isn't well researched because a large percentage of people have really bad trips? It's a matter of medical ethics.

  4. I tried the Ketamine infusion. That was bad. I thought i was dying. it was a seriously bad trip. I think the nurse measured the dosage wrong.

  5. I do not recommend doing this on your own. I have fueled my anxiety and depression more by trying to micro dose properly on lsd. Which led to me in the hospital due to how bad. This is very much true and how it works for people. But unless your in a scientific study of that sort. Don’t go trying to self cure. As I have only made things harder for myself. This is only my experience and there’s many others. But in my case I wasn’t trying to get high. I was trying to solve an issue. If you have anxiety or depression. I recommend going to therapy. Using these methods aren’t the best way of treating such things

  6. Pharmaceutical companies don't want to research it because they can't patent it, as you pointed out. Of course they might find something closely related they could patent, so if the Schedule I thing could be lifted, they'd probably chuck in some cash.

    Government doesn't want to research it because they've already declared it evil, useless, etc. and ruined people's lives because of it. And now you want them to fund research that might prove they were wrong all this time? That THEY were being evil and useless?

  7. I wonder how we can discuss psychedelics without mentioning Terence Mckenna. His advocacy for the responsible use of psychedelic plants before his passing in 2000 is often under-looked in such discussions.

  8. Can you link the whole document shown at 2:46? It seems incredibly interesting and I would love to explore more of the research and conclusions of this doctor. I feel like providing detailed information about the sources in the description would only serve to increase your credibility, without cluttering the point made in the video. I use YouTube as a starting point. People like your channel present me with new perspectives and ideas that I wouldn't have stumbled upon without the Internet. But after the video instigates an interest about the subject, I like to research it further. By doing what I recommended, you can bridge this gap and help people like me to easily access the relevant information, therefore, I think, fulfilling the purpose if this channel. Doing what the end-of-life anxiety patient said, giving us a new lense.

  9. I was withdrawing from dope (bad) and took mushrooms…… I was laughing and felt love. No way I should feel like that while off the spoon

  10. I've been micro dosing on shrooms for the past 2 months and I have NEVER felt better. No anti depressants have me feel this good.

  11. Its not necessary to treat depression if you are depressed and trip on magic mushrooms your health could become worse so use it when you wanna feel alive and you are mentally stable when in case can handle yourself


  13. I tried ayahuasca and it didn't do anything for me. I think I was resisting too much, feeling very hopeless and afraid. Does anyone think doing shrooms or LSD could be different? I'm so depressed and have OCD. I don't know what else to do.

  14. Its kind of cliche to say but my experience with DMT and LSD was always very positive and was life changing in many ways. These drugs can take you to many different places and for me with DMT it was the dawn of man, watching man from primitive hunter gatherers to what we are today play out on a wall in like almost a flip book fashion was incredible and it was all of a sudden clear where my place was. Some of the best memories I have of my teenage years are tripping with my friends on mushrooms in the woods, 4 or 5 people with their psyches laid bare, experiencing things we could hardly believe of comprehend, seeing things like colours flowing like smoke on the leaves or tree bark that is seemly breathing and shifting upwards and downwards and watching runes and hieroglyphs start to take shape like nature is trying to communicate with you. It's actually quite amazing what these drugs can do to our perceptions. I don't think I will ever stop tripping.. not that its something I do on a regular basis but sometimes our brains can use a break from the gun metal grey and drab of normal life. I wholeheartedly believe everyone should experience a psychedelic at least once in their life.

  15. The first time psilocybin had lasting impact for almost a year. The lasting impact became less the more I took it. Personally, the first vew times gave the most insight. After that it felt like I got the message and there wasn't anything major left to take from the experience. No regrets but no need to go back to psilocybin.

  16. I ate shrooms and I suffer from PTSD, Depression and Anxiety and I feel much better. I ate shrooms like a month ago and I have had a major rebirth. Shrooms is powerful, extremely emotional, you cry, laugh, and true enlightenment. It is undescribeable. After it was over I felt like a monk.

  17. It’s ok to do drugs when you’re a trust fund baby because of the safety net just Incase you go crazy. If you’re poor af stay away from any type of drugs or else you’ll end up at Skid row in Los Angeles.

  18. Love mushrooms they have help me with depression OCd an helps my add and make me not mean I feel lots of locations the lord for every 🍄 in the world blessed asf 😂 lol

  19. emotional freedom technique its the most effective and natural way to heal anything including anxiety. and yeah i can say that because ive healed many things for myself and recentely working on my anxiety and ocd now and its already dramatically reduced

  20. I’ve never tried LSD yet I believe that it will unlock my brain when I finally decide to take it. I really want to it’s just I don’t like to be “high” for more than 2 hours. Idk why I just can’t stay high for more than 2 hours or else I’ll get sick. That’s why I don’t eat edibles.

  21. I’m a mom. I take acid at least 10 times a year and it really help me clarify a lot of things and gives me a reality check. ❤️❤️

  22. Gotta love it, mushrooms and lsd are next schedule one with heroin. Yet we sell cigarettes and alcohol to everyone. Not at all backwards in any way.

  23. It’s a danger to have a traumatic experience on psychedelic 😂😂😂 Yes. That’s true. But than we have to say that’s it’s danger to have a traumatic experience in a childhood from your own mother or just going out to the street. Let’s than make a life experience prohibited .

  24. I’ve done acid 4 times now and gotta say it’s an indescribable experience and I think that even in low low I’m talking quarter size tabs might just be a great mood booster not a lot of visuals

  25. But if we're gonna use shrooms or LSD to treat mental illnesses wouldn't that make the patient dependent on the Shroom/LSD?

  26. Taking hallucinogenic drugs will destroy someone with panic attacks and send them to they're own personal hell for eternity !

  27. There is not enough evidence or people trying it for depression anywhere. I’m talking full on in detail of how they are feeling. I am seriously depressed I don’t want to take lsd or shrooms for the high. I mean it will be fun, But I want to see if it legitimately can help and document it. Hmu film makers. I’ll be the patient.

  28. Fungus must be cultured, and then it must move through a production that involves anhydrous hydrazine or chloroform. Both of these elements are considered carcinogens, and people working with them are often encouraged to wear skin, eye, and lung protection. But they are used in a drug people are expected to ingest. Clearly, that cannot be considered safe. Do your research before you try and do a dangerous drug that youtube channels claim to be "healthy for your brain". This video should be taken down.

  29. Over the last 5 years I had started to have progressively withdraw into a downward spiral of depression. But now w ith this depression treatment “fetching kafon press” (Google it) I can totally focus my energy and .
    ideas into a decisive line on how to make my life better continuously. I`m pleased and savoring several social actions..

  30. LSD made me feel like a little kid again like I kept giggling for so long, my cheeks felt inflamed. I was reliving my childhood in the sense that I view people, objections, and situations through the eyes of my child self. Such an amazing nostalgic trip!

  31. Psychedelics were not made illegal because of abuse! Woodstock was a peaceful success. They were made illegal SOLELY because it threatened capitalism.

  32. I dont necessarily need to treat anything with psychedelics but they sure have answered a lot of my questions about the nature of the world around me and within me

  33. I seriously almost died laughing the last time I did psychedelics. It was the best time of my life, I literally could not breathe from laughing so hard! Not sure what’s so wrong with getting out of your head for a few hours with a few close friends in a safe environment. What’s wrong with laughing?! Nothing! And I felt great the next day, like nothing ever happened, I was just unusually happy. Can you say that after a night of drinking? Ugh, hangovers are horrible! I’d 100% take psychedelics over alcohol. 👍🏽

  34. I knew someone who attempted suicide twice, and was on death’s door for about 4 months after her second attempt. Her family moved to Portugal for a while where she took LSD one time (drugs are decriminalized there). She came back to the states and she looked so happy, she actually has a job, she never starved herself, never cut her wrists since the LSD, found a passion in painting and knitting as a hobby. She experiences occasional depression but after 2 years of that treatment she’s still her happy self. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if she hadn’t gone for that treatment. She would’ve most likely be dead if she hadn’t.

  35. Get medical help, stop using drugs like lsd and shrooms, they are bad for you on the long run. Using drugs isn't the solution for your problems

  36. No statistically significant benefits after 12 months? From just one dose? Why would you phrase it like that when you could've said, extremely significant benefits for 3 months after just one dose?

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