How Serious Is Technology Addiction?

How Serious Is Technology Addiction?

joining me is doctor David Greenfield he
is the founder and director of the Center for Internet and technology addiction located in West Hartford
Connecticut is a psychologist treating patients worldwide for technology
addiction a doctor greenfield really great to have
you this is an into issue of particular interest to people in my age group so I
think that might be useful first to just start out with how are we defining technology addiction well you know there to really meal components
in what I call a generation D which would be anyone in 25 to 30 honor and Egypt people have grown up
with digital an Internet technology and addiction
really means that you have to meet some pretty serious medical criteria there
has to be some degree withdrawal when you’re not using it some
degree of tolerance music meaning that you using and more and more and there has to be more importantly
some military is a really negative back your life that is causing arm like to your
relationship’s legal I’ll financial status marriage work I means academic performance if you don’t have one of those or you
know where that combination you’re probably not addicted and and only a small percentage based on
my research in my work and I’m think somewhere in the four to
six percent range really meet that criteria the rest the bass are heavy users are
abusers and I think most of us are guilty in that okay so then let’s figure out a little
bit more about that so some people who we we said
we were going to be doing this interview with you the road and they said listen
my behavior is that at work as part of my job I’m on my
computer and I’m on my at my mobile phone and I’m on email basically
throughout the day when I’m not at work I’m kinda expected
to not be too far out of reach and when I go to a movie for two hours
and I have to shut my phone off I’m definitely wondering and thinking do
I have email is there something there there may not
be a very specific negative affect its associated but they
say I definitely feel what I guess you would qualify as
withdrawal what does that sound like to you that sounds like somebody that I would
classify as a heavy use dinner earner user and it’s somebody you who their technology has on has reinforce them classically author the eight phone win expected hits them dopamine from positive
messages and texts and tweets so another worth our homes especially
how smart phones because we carry them with us everywhere we go in a sense are are Giants slot machines or not I fun she is responsible and she
some work to do maybe a third going out these positive reinforcements in the
form of communications more information that we find
pleasurable sometimes there a packed or her and email that is
something positive when that happens the brains
secrete dopamine which is a pleasure
neurotransmitter which is the same neurotransmitter that secreted when you
do drugs or alcohol at Saks do other pleasurable activities what
happens is the be eaten by other than things that phoned us to let us know
that there’s a message become conditioned with the expectation
that there may be something there for us to looking at so it’s sort of like to
thank akin to knowing that there’s a Christmas
package under the tree and another man opened yet and you just can’t wait to open it a
problem with that is edited that he is habit-forming and and technology in some senses controlling
you instead it you controlling yet it no
longer is the tool your the tool for it as opposed to being
a tool for you there are some discussions about
so-called addictive personalities are our
personalities that a that that biologically tend more to
become addicted to whatever it could be drugs
that could be gambling it could be exercise whatever it may be yeah do you find number one that that’s
if you consider that that line of thinking valid this
technology addiction ball under that same umbrella where
there are certain people who just by their very nature are more likely to become addicted to
technology on well the answer is yes and no there
really is no such thing as a biological or psychological predispose earth then for injection up now that being said there are
certainly people who come from families where there are lots objections that
have a higher likelihood of becoming addicted but that’s probably because the BX both
environmentally to that type its to addictive behavior growing up %uh you started algae growth or more complicated because
generation DG this group of people you know 25-30 in under have a different
relationship with technology than anyone asks they tree technology like my generation
which read: poster it is in bed in their culture in their social I’m in the way the
socialized in their daily living the phone is not
really a communication device partners s3 is another loving it if
integrated into their lives in such a way that on you would be very hard for them some lived with our so ask your question iron mucho mas to your question I am will so I think we follow that
there’s not its its there’s a different framework
may be for people have a certain age that wouldn’t necessarily fall under
this paradigm yeah this is a group that like for
instance you know I’m I see people I’m it call me
an email literally from all over the country and
then and elsewhere in the world and you know we’ve got sixteen thousand
euro kids that are you think that are gaining too much and i’m looking at porn
too much whenever on thats different than an issue of
somebody who is overusing their their phone a little too much to check facebook all
day long thank for instance Facebook is not
something that might help people tell apparently at the hands of a
because Facebook is work at hang out they hang out virtually they hang out in
Cyprus it been at their social network and also texting and tweeting and the technology though
digital communication are really in this
generation differentiation points from previous
generation so if I is it’s like generation these language should we eat shit it loosely speaking in its you it’s the way you guys can act
and relay so summer that is normative and solid is integrated into the social structure
this generation and for me to tell us the parent Arnold it should never be on Facebook would be
like anything like it should never go out and hang out with his friend on the other hand be spending it an hour
the damn things but and not going to school or that whole
different story yeah and then that even goes beyond the specific issue of
technology addiction because we know a lot of the negative affective kinda
living your life through your Facebook friends status updates and it shows Rep less satisfaction with your own life end
and the idea that everyone else is doing more and better things than you I’m curious with your personal kind of
technology usage I on talking to you on an aged the campground Bruce K with my smart phone
next to me with you know but I mean I mean it more
in terms of you know frequency in are you checking mail all the time on a
mobile phone no a I think it’s a fair question I mean I
got interested in you know the doctor my I’m addiction are
just so my background and I’m turn it in the area detections though I with interested in this area begin
with but I also have a background in technology and electronics some back in and need nineties when the
internet 30 heat up I actually noticed my spending and its
aftermath time on my hands back when we had iowa and
you know what you probably don’t remember for you were spending a lot of time
online but you are really getting that much done because the internet was so
slow yeah it was a slowing of something I
thought what am I don’t like and there was not content even talk you know we’re talking about hey in its
infancy yeah so I but never last with some very
compelling and that’s really what got me curious about this something about the
Interfaith the medium the internet itself well you
access it on a tablet or smartphone or laptop or computer that makes it very decorative and
they’re certain qualities like disinhibition or dissociation for
instance everybody who’s loses track a up time
and space when iran’s technology so nap is well likens it to
it what I call a digital drug it has the
capacity to of removing on truth and so to answer your question
about me ya much absolutely susceptible to it and
I have to manage it and when I give his I’m I force myself
to leave my phone at home are of course my phone to leave
it in the car if I’m going into E were of force myself to push myself of
mine consciously if you don’t consciously do
it your carry that stuff with you
everywhere you go and you will become enslaved by all right we’ve been speaking with
doctor David Greenfield he is the founder and director of the Center for
Internet and technology addiction in West Hartford Connecticut doctor greenfield thanks so much for
joining us very interesting

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