How to be Stupid

How to be Stupid

We all know those people, the few dim bulbs of the group, Now, they don’t necessarily have to be called “Stupid”, but their actions just make you go… …ugh. Now, I’m fine with people not using the full extent of their brain cells to do things, but when their stupidity starts affecting ME, then we’re gonna start having some problems. The Rule Disregarder Someone who either doesn’t listen to rules, or flat out ignores them. I had a class with this one person. I’m just gonna keep his identity a secret. He… [sigh] I don’t know what was wrong with him… He did lots of questionable things that made the class just shake their head. One time he asked the teacher if he could use a pen to fill out a bubble test. And… if you don’t understand how bubble tests work, normally you get a bubble sheet, fill out a multiple choice test corresponding to the letters on the test, and the teacher gives the filled-out forms to this machine, and it grades the test a lot faster than the teacher can. But the machine only works when you fill it out with a No. 2 pencil. Maybe the guy didn’t know how they worked, so… I guess it wasn’t a bad question. But a few weeks later, when we had another test, it turns out the same guy used, yep, a pen to fill out his test. Really guy? Really? and as the teacher was yelling at him for being so… ignorant, it was noticed that he didn’t even put his name on the test either. The Advice Ignorer When you give advice to someone, they ignore it, and they end up in this huge problematic situation that you predicted perfectly and they could have avoided if they just took your advice from the beginning. Tori, do you think I should date Erin or Jack? Erin has had at least 24 girlfriends, and he’s cheated on all of them. I’d say Ja- OH MY GOD GIRL WAIT. Erin just asked me out to the carnival tonight I have to go with him I’ll see you later. Oh my god Tori, Erin bailed on me for some blondie blonde who isn’t even hot you have to come pick me up Erin was my other ride home, and I’m getting hecka wet in the rain! The Non-Future Planner Someone who doesn’t think of the consequences of their stupid actions before they make them. Once when I was in fourth grade, I was in the school bathroom and as I was walking down the little corridor to go into the stall, some girl randomly started yelling “I’M GONNA KICK THE DOOR OPEN!!!!” and all of a sudden I heard this sound: “BOOF!” as one of the stall doors FLEW OPEN AT MY FACE. Now luckily, I was a master of karate arts when I was little, so my reflexes were lightning fast. and I was actually able to block the door with my arm instead of my face! and, I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty proud of myself because I’ve never done anything that amazing before. but I mean, come on. If it wasn’t me standing there and instead some, I don’t know, poor little kindergartener, who couldn’t block the door if they tried, there could’ve been some… major issues. I even had a pretty bad bruise on my arm from where I blocked it! The Ignorant When someone doesn’t pay attention to their surroundings, when they could be a hazard to something or themselves. JEFF, WHERE DO YOU WANT THESE KNIVES? Oh hey Jeff, didn’t see you there. I- uh, Don wanted them… ov-over by the cabinet over there. HEY DON! JEFF SAID YOU WANTED THESE OVER THERE! WHAT? NO THE- THE KNIVES YOU WANTED! YEAH! YOU SURE? OKAY, CATCH! no? OK I’LL SPRINT ‘EM OVER TO YOU! The Important Detail Overlooker Someone who is told important details, and immediately forgets them. Okay so, for the party tomorrow, you said you can… bake the cookies? Yep! Do you want a specific kind? Nope, I can eat everything but peanuts, so everything else you want is fine. Hey! Glad you could make it. What did you bring? Peanut butter cookies. You want one? They’re still warm! [shuts door] Hello? [Music]


  1. No idea how I ended up this far back but I'm sure in the videos from this until now Jaiden has told us of a time she was each and every one of these people.

  2. My intelligence was declining for a long time before I eventually noticed how often I blamed my mistakes on being tired and realised that the solution was to, like, sleep. It actually took me MONTHS to figure this out and it’s better now. 🙂

  3. i had this kid from grade 1-6 (who hated me) who asked the teacher words that everyone should have known (and 1 time i swear he asked the teacher what a detergent was) and everytime he asked the whole class just shook their heads,facepalm or just go "uuuugh,for real,bruh?! you should have already known that word when you were like,5!"

  4. I always forget stuff
    I can memorize my history book WHOLE but i cant remember simple tasks like instead of bringing my mom her phone i bring her a glass of water. She looked at me like😐😐😐

  5. ‘Jaiden Animations makes How to be stupid’
    me: sees the video
    me: “ how to be stupid? I’m already an expert at that!

  6. I’m already stupid so I just need to know how to be MORE stupid
    👇🏻like if your stupid too(aka) I feel lonely ☹️

  7. -chew on your hoodie stings in high school
    -singing minecraft parodies in the hallway
    -refusing to take part in group projects because you took way too long on one question

  8. i have a freind group and everyone in it except me have all of these traits times 10 and they honestly are stupid and im not even lying

  9. This one stupid kid thought it would be funny if he kicked my sprained ankle , respraining it.And this kid had one of the best gpa in the class.(I was the most athletic and tall and strong and had the highest gpa and know self defense which he knew.)

  10. Also… do all the drugs. I happen to be immune to the negative and addictive side effects, but have never met someone else who's immune… Guess I'm a terrible person for not stopping them for my own selfish indulgence, cause they definitely got hit with all those negative side effects you see in the news, while I'm here side effect free, realizing those are just recreational things and not a lifestyle

  11. My math teacher said pens do work but they recommend number 2 pencils because they are dark and you can erase it but still that kid is dumb

  12. I was in the middle of the video when I saw the type of person that was basically me, and I was all like "Is Jaiden calling me stupid?!". Then I read the disclaimer, and I was much calmer after that.

  13. This is the easiest thing to do
    Excited people: WHat what?!
    Me: being stupid
    Slightly excited people: 😩☝️…. 🤔

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