1. deactivate activate deactivate activate deactivate activate deactivate activate deactivate activate deactivate activate deactivate activate deactivate activate deactivate activate deactivate activate

  2. YourBrainOnPornDOTDOTDOTcom, it will change your life, I was skeptic too but check it out.

  3. Solution of Facebook addiction. Lobby a bill under federal government to push a prohibition of Facebook. Start with yellow journalism saying Facebook causes violent crime and that Facebook is popular with minorities. After the bill is passed, go after every single Facebook user and lock them up in for profit prisons.

  4. Do sports, I read that it's kind of the same and it is actually…
    Now I am addicted to sports, but hey ๐Ÿ™‚
    (little bit of sarcasm here)

  5. i personally got off of facebook and the first step is to delete facebook form your phone and ipod/ipad. Then delete the links or book marks in your google chrome. with those steps you will be on the right track to get off of facebook.

  6. I don't have a fb addiction ANYMORE cuz that's when I first got it.. My sis is addicted to it…my addiction is minecraft and YouTube OMG

  7. 1st off I think this guy has something wrong with his eyes (just watch him) 2nd, getting rid of fb would be like deinventing the wheel. It is progression of humanity. Whether you like it or not, its true..

  8. umm…honestly..nope…i didn't fell for it…but i'm sick of this type of retarded comments made by retarded nolifers…simple as that…

  9. ..how the fuck should i know what's in the comment if i haven't read it…? lack of logic…told ya you're retarded….

  10. if you say so…anyway, i'm done here…i have better things to do that dealing with a crack head like you…

  11. he need to make a video about how to break your #twitter addiction cuz these lil' girls always fighting bcuz of twitter. smh…. :/

  12. I'm just joking really. But I am on longer than two hours to keep up & in touch with people I used to live around and my family on the other side of the world. So I see nothing wrong with it unless your on everyday just bullshitting and not doing your responsibilities.

  13. It wont work i tried to delete facebook from my android BUT SINCE MY AUNTIE IS TOO ADDICTED SHE SPANKS ME WHEN I TRY TO DELETE IT!!!!!!!

  14. Get a job. Even if you're retired. Don't have a FB app on your phone. Block it. The friends you have on FB are not your real friends. "It's an illusion". They're addicts like your are. I'm sick of it.

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