How to Break Your Social Media Addiction

How to Break Your Social Media Addiction

The famous management consultant, Peter Drucker, once said, “Tell me “what you value, and I might believe you, “but show me your calendar and “your bank statement, and I’ll show “you what you really value.” And it’s true. While I might say that I value truth, justice, and always eating my spinach, a detailed look into those two troves of information would yield
quite different answers. Digging into my bank statements
would reveal an enormous amount of money spent of coffee, and wooden gnomes from eBay, and a look at my calendar, not my Google calendar, but an actual real-time log of my life’s events, if such
a thing were possible to build, would shed
light upon way more time than I care to admit, spent
scrolling through Instagram, and Twitter, and other social media apps. And I would bet that if we were to look at your calendar, we would see something similar, if not worse. Comparisons aside, though, I think it is safe to say that most of us, myself included, spend more of our time and attention than we would like to on these apps, if we were to look at our lives from a more
rational birds-eye view. And that is why, today, I wanna give you some tips for breaking
your social media addiction. Whether you actually call it an addiction, or whether you’re in denial. Now, as astute and long-time viewers of this channel may know, I am a big fan of the author Kyle Newport, especially his book Deep Work, which actually has a chapter
called Quit Social Media. Given that fact, you may be surprised to know that I’m not gonna
recommend quitting social media in this video. At least, not right up front, and that’s because I’m an advocate of moderation, and I also recognize that social media can
bring a lot of benefits, but along with those
benefits come drawbacks, and as the ex-Facebook data scientist, Jeffrey Hammerbacher once said, “The best minds of my
generation are thinking “about how to make people click ads.” And of course, to make you click those ads, those minds also have to think about how to keep you on their platforms for
as long as possible, which means that, at the very least, these things are meticulously engineered to be huge time-sinks, but that isn’t the only criticism you can level against them. They also can make you
a less happy person, as repeated research has shown. When you’re spending a ton of
your time scrolling through these feeds of meticulously crafted posts that show the highlights
of people’s lives, including people that you probably know in real life, and you’re comparing them, sometimes subconsciously,
to your own life, the entire thing, warts and all, you can start to make comparisons that really put a damper
on your happiness. So the question is, how do you use these tools, and treat them like tools, to get their benefits, while
avoiding the drawbacks. Let’s start off with something that is very easy to do,
kill your notifications. Notifications are like that ringing bell that made Pavlov’s dogs salivate, only instead of giving you food, they deliver a quick dopamine rush in the form of a new comment, or DM, or post from someone else. Now, there is nothing wrong with checking these posts, or answering your DMs, but when you look at them in response to a notification, you
are establishing a habit, you are establishing a craving, and when those notifications come, in the future, you’re going to have fewer mental
defenses for avoiding them. And the problem, here, is that these notifications have no respect for your time, or the fact that you need long, uninterrupted periods of concentration to
actually get your work done. So go into your phone’s
notification settings, for each and every social media app that you have, and destroy
those notifications. Secondly, I’m going to suggest that you redesign your phone’s home screen to remove all social media apps from it, and this is something that
I actually did recently. You may have seen the video that I put out just a couple of months ago, on my iPhone home screen, but even that home screen layout
has now gone the way of the dodo, because it had
social media apps on there. I think Twitter was on there,
and Instagram was on there. And at the time, I kind of justified it, because, as a content creator, I use those platforms for my work. But I am also a consumer,
on those platforms, and more often than I liked, I found myself scrolling through them, wasting my time, so I just got them entirely off my home screen. I created an entire second page of apps on my phone, and I buried all those social media apps inside of folders. So if I wanna go to one,
I have to look for it. It’s a very intentional thing. Now, if you are on an iPhone, like me, there is one thing you have to do, beyond just shoving
those apps into folders, You have to actually turn
off Siri’s suggestions, as well, because, in my case, when I would swipe down to
search for a different app that wasn’t on my home screen, I would always see Instagram
and Twitter sitting there, which is basically the same thing as having them on the home screen. So if you are on an iPhone, you can go into the settings, you can
go into Siri app suggestions, and you can disable them
on an app-by-app basis. Now, to suggest another option that would actually negate the need to do all of that, what if you only used social media on your computer? The problem with social media apps on your phone, and one
of the biggest things we’re trying to get away from, here, is that they can become pervasive throughout your entire life, and that’s because your phone is in your pocket, or in your
purse, all day long, meaning you have constant,
easy access to these tools. But if you were to delete all these apps off of your phone, you’d still be able to use most of them on your computer, in a more deliberate manner. Maybe some of them are a little bit hard to access, like Snapchat. I’m not even sure if you can get to that on a computer, but most of them do have a desktop site, and in fact, my friend Martin even found a way to post his photos on his Instagram profile
using a desktop computer. So if you’re finding yourself mindlessly opening Twitter, or Snapchat, or Instagram, on your phone all the time, try deleting those apps from your phone, and just using them on
a computer, for awhile. See how that works out for you. Now, going back to that problem of social media becoming pervasive, throughout your entire
life, the next suggestion I have is to deliberately only use it at a specific time of the day. Treat social media like you treat Netflix, or video games, or anything else that you only do at
specific places and times, and if you wanted help enforcing this, you could use a Website
and app blocking tool, like Freedom, which is the one that I use, and this has been a very
helpful tool for me. I use it to block all sorts
of social media sites, things like Reddit and Hacker News, and all kinds of other places that I tend to waste time on, during my mornings, so that way, instead of procrastinating during those hours, I’m writing, or I’m reading, or I’m actually getting my work done. Now, so far, all we’ve talked
about is the binary choice of using these social media apps at specific times of the
day or not using them, but this next tip actually kind of gets into the middle ground, because social media tools and apps are actually collections of
many different features. Take Facebook, for example. Facebook has the news feed, but it also has the messenger tool, and it also has the events tool, and the groups tool, and some of those tools might actually be very useful to you, like messenger, or the groups, while others, like the news feed, may be completely valueless in your life. So instead of asking yourself, “Should I block it or should I use it?” what if you blocked certain features. And if you use a tool like Todobook, you can actually block the news feeds of most major social media platforms, and other Websites, like
Reddit and Hacker News, so you can only use the
more useful functions, and when you go to look at the news feed, you’re gonna see a to-do list, reminding you of things that you’re supposed to be doing, instead. Okay, so we’ve talked about all of the rational middle ground answers, and now we’re going to get to the question of, should you quit social media? Or should you at least stop using certain social media platforms in the way that you are
currently using them? So in his book, Deep Work, the author, Kyle Newport, talks about something called the
“any benefit approach”, which is something that people use to justify using social media tools. They basically say, if there’s any benefit that I can get out of
this, that might improve my life, no matter how
small of an improvement it may make, I am justified in using it. And, as he writes in the book, “The problem with this approach, “of course, is that it
ignores all the negatives “that come along with
the tools in question. “These services are engineered “to be addictive, robbing time “and attention from activities
that more directly support “your professional and personal goals.” So if those goals are a priority for you, then you should seriously ask yourself, “Do I need all
the social media accounts “that I currently have?” And you can also get more
granular than that, as well, such as asking, “Do I need this
particular app on my phone?” For example, I don’t
keep the Pinterest app on my phone, because I find that it’s just a time-waster, there, but I haven’t deleted my account entirely, because I do find it to
be a useful repository of design, inspiration, and ideas, that I can go look at, when I wanna, say, redesign my Website. But, on the other hand, I found, recently, that Snapchat offered me no value, whatsoever,
so I actually went in and deleted my account, there. And that brings me to my final tip, here, which is for people who feel that they are truly addicted
to the social media platforms. If of all the other tips in
this video haven’t helped you so far, if you just
can’t resist opening these apps and wasting your time on them, then try a 30 day serious
social media detox. Get completely away from all of it. And the first step to doing
that would be deleting those social media apps off of your phone, blocking the Websites on your computer, making it generally as difficult
as possible to access them. Keep in mind that your ability to maintain self-discipline
is highly influenced by your environment, so just like somebody who’s on a diet and trying to avoid junk food needs to
get all the junk food out of their house, you need to get all of the access to social media out of your immediate vicinity. And then, once that 30
days is up, you can start to slowly reintroduce these tools back into your life, and see if you can use them in a way that does benefit you, but doesn’t cause you
to waste too much time. And then, once you’ve gained back that time that you were
previously wasting, scrolling through your
Facebook and Instagram feeds, you may want to dedicate some of it to improving your creative
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will see you in the next one.


  1. I have my balance of social media. Mostly just YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat (to keep up with some people).. And I don't even rely on the other 2 that much. Ever since watching Wildboyz and Jackass again, I realize how important it is to change surroundings and go out and explore and meet new people and take new challenges. Within the past month I've already gone tubing, gotten bit by a snake, met voodoo witches that practice their craft, and went to 2 concerts. Within the next few months I'm also going on a cruise and am sorry of glad that I won't need to worry about my phone. I used to think I had clinical depression, but it was 100% caused by environment. Me not leaving the house…me saying no to events or going with friends because I want to sleep in for the 10th week in a row. I hate that person now. I've experienced so many things since not letting social media control the choices I make. That'll never happen again.

  2. Thomas thank you for the video! I go to social media when I feel lonely… maybe its tmi for a YouTube comment.

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  18. Like anything, it’s all about balance. Yes, it’s okay to own an iPhone, it’s an extremely useful tool that can be used to access the all of human knowledge in an instant. Quantum mechanics? Boiling an egg? You got it. Share your child’s first steps with his Grandma who is sat on the other side of the planet in real time. Listen to podcasts that provoke and tickle the mind. Create Artwork. Track your bank spending. Obtain health services. Get photos printed and sent via post to create memories in your home. Order your groceries. Meditate using guided meditation. Listen to music. Learn a new language. Get job offers. Connect with groups in Reddit, find out more about coffee making or sailing a boat. I will continue to use this fabulous device for all of these things.

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