1. I know how hard it is to kick a Energy Drink addiction, trust me, do everything you can to drop energy drinks, i was drinking 2 a day, they are really bad for you..i quit Jan 1st

  2. I hate to tell these guys but if you avoid all of those ingredients you'll find it almost impossible to eat anything. Those ingredients are in EVERYHTING now a days except plain fruit./veggies and meat. Virtually everything else has some form of sugar in it.

  3. Hmmm. Interesting stuff but I'm gonna have to do a little bit more research than just following those simple steps. Simply because not everyones body type is the same which allows them to use this kind regime method.

  4. when I hear something of the sort "nutritious smoothie" or something like that, or whatever saying how really good it's for you because of all the vitamins and minerals or whatever, I just feel disgusted and It's highly likable that I won't soon try the "recommended delicious, nutritious food. " and instead eat whatever comes to mind first and a lot of it. Don't know if it's just me…

  5. Damm, sugar addicts are out there!!! Have you ever seen a child HIGH on too much sugar? I saw one try to run sideways on a wall like the Matrix, LOL

  6. like i said u would have to starve because almost every single thing you buy that you will actuly eat has some sort of sugar and anything that doesn't have sugar in it probly something u wone eat anyway

  7. yeah, i don't get why they recommend switching your perfectly fine low sugar breakfast with a sugary smoothie.

  8. Hey Punk, why don't you go Troll on another site.
    Or maybe you can go take a class on manners. You are very rude. You don't know me and you call me a moron. Would you call me that in my face. I don't think you would…

  9. Water or Sparkling Water xD Lol. Sparkling, then what's the other stuff? Pond water? LOL. I like my candy though, candy is my opium. I'll follow these steps when I start getting fatter ;D

  10. I was taught that everything under glucose is fine, like maltose and lactose. But in moderation. Fructose is better natural than sucrose(table sugar).
    I just can't help it when I need energy its chocolate chip cookies for me
    no willpower = fail =[

  11. No I don't think you would say any thing to my face.
    You are a TROLL who like to start crap with people that you don't know. This was a vid about sugar of all things and you are a rude person… Go away little troll, take your hatefulness somewhere else.

  12. Silly vegans… Meat good! Sugar good!

    … just exercise a little and stop wanting to be anorexic (malnurished).

    There's nothing evil about some delicious chocolate milk or a hot pocket.

  13. yeah I think it's difficult too, it's the same situation for me =

    I have stubborn belly fat, and maybe I haven't been able to loose it because I haven't dedicated myself enough to physical activity.. but I mean, come on, HONESTLY…

    I've eaten healthy for my whole life and there are peers skinnier than me who seem to be able to eat anything!

    Sorry, I digress.. all I meant to say was I agree with you 🙂

  14. no you are wrong. it tricks the taste buds into thinking its sugar. no insulin is produced. its the chemical reaction from digestion that produces insulin. anything high carb or citrus will produce just as much insulin or more than sugar. i know my mom is a brittle diabetic. she needs to take more insulin for a slice of orange than a peace of candy. drug ya right. its a plant it comes from the sugar cane tree. what you going to say next corn bananas ect. are drugs?

  15. SKIP THE SUGAR EVERY 5TH DAY, YOUR CRAVE WILL COME BACK. Seriously it's only about 1 month in your life then you don't want it anymore. Hold tight, don't eat sugar!

  16. You know that sounds well and good, but the acids, sugars, and chemicals, rot your internal Organs (no joke) and destroy your digestion. Not to mention they skyrocket your chances of diabetes. I would cut it all out…

  17. @dimomarg

    They don't mean pure sugar…

    Pure sugar alone tastes like crap, but, added with flavors and many other things that can kill you over time… I can understand why people get addicted.

  18. @printvapour Too bad – sugar erodes your health. Education will motivate you. See Suicide by Sugar.

  19. to non-believers…. this do work: you do feel better, and you notice if you sudenly eat a lot of sugar (the normal amount for others) because it will cause headache.
    It takes the body 3-4 days to ajust to the change of sugar, it takes about 2 weeks to grow out of soda, drink coffe and tea for the caffeine…… and think of all the money you will save on a year if you only give up soda¡

  20. @turntapzap
    that because comercial honey is either not really honey but sugar syrup flavored; tampered-with honey that has had sugar and preservatives added (and changes the flavor) , or was heated trough the packing killing all the good things in the honey and rendering it to syrup

  21. well if you avoid sugar's you might as well stop eating Everything has Sugar in it even if It;s just a little

  22. Wow even though someone would want to stop their sugar addiction this video is too stupid to follow. Who the hell could do all that?

  23. Yup i too am guilty of diet jumping as well, I must have tried every weightloss system that was available but in the end none of them helped to lose and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time with the Nutrisystem weightloss program because I received a 3 month membership completely free and so far to date I am proud to say I have lost 33 pounds in 4 weeks! If anyone wants a

  24. I really don't like heart candy
    It makes me nauseous so does peppermint. I don't know if I'm allergic to them or my body just doesn't like them

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