1. Video games are for 10 year olds. I find it disturbing that teenagers and grown ass men play these games. Grow the fuck up and spend your free time fucking.

  2. ok sorry….but I need to time to understand, but I am ready for marriage with 3 months notice period as I said…….everything is Good for me….so I just want to say plz keep it simple and straight as much as YOU can…..I love YOU whoever YOU are….:)

  3. ok cool, after a long hard day at work ill just start watching mind numbingly boring TV shows, read a biased, terrible news on the state of the world in the newspaper and start pilates…. Fuck that shit! I wanna relax and play video games with my friends and socialize at hours that are normally unsuitable to be going out. I use these specific examples cos what the hell would you do otherwise after 9 on a weekday -.-

  4. guys this is for people who are ruining they're life's because of video games if you only play video games for fun and you have priority's straight (Like homework fist or work first) than your ok Stop being ignorant ass holes

  5. I love videogames, but i know some people plays just too much, like my lil bro with LoL.
    Its ok to play videogames, but it needs to be balanced with sports, social activities and studies of course.

  6. They're weren't talking about people like you who play after important things they are talking about people who play 24/7!

  7. my fatass friend plays video games 24/7 this is literally his day – wake up- Xbox-computer/jackoff-eat-computer/xbox-sleep. Repeat.

  8. Maybe video game addiction is not as important to protect. You can say bad things about it, but there is alot of money behind the crap that can really kill you. But, when you can pay off and sway people from talking about your deadly addiction, then you have nothing to worry about at all.

  9. I play video games a lot and I definitely know how to talk to real people and do something else with my life like wtf do they think we are retarded?

  10. lol if your a pro gamer (mlg) you go out ,travel and meet lots of people who don't even like games its something you love especially if it social gaming

  11. You should rename the video "How to drop one of your favorite hobbies and passtimes in which you probably met a lot of great people and shaped who you are today"

  12. lol the only time i play for 24hrs is when i get a game i love and don't have something to do tomorrow i usually just study games in the mean time of waiting

  13. lol i enjoyed the "cat video", "pussy" pun, very nice, sir. Actually, i'm 22 and have a girlfriend. That pretty much sums up why those videos are there lol.

  14. You're hitting my point here. Video games SHOULD BE for 10 year olds. These games designed for older men to escape their shitty lives is pathetic.

  15. Lol, you must be an old ass man then. Gaming industry is in and you just dont know how to play them. BTW, there are games these days that teach even the older generation new things. Also, its proven that video games help hand eye coordination. Or we can go with the Kinect or Wii, and turn games into a form of workout, either way your logic is fail.

  16. Or you could read a book, older generations don't need to "learn" things from video games, play sports for hand-eye coordination, and fucking work out once in a while instead of waving a wand around like an idiot. You're thinking it can replace things that we already have that are not in conflict. It can't. And it makes you seem like a child for playing them.

  17. Video games is more than a hobby. Its a way to socialize with friends and for some people it brings money to the table. This video is completly biased and you ignore the good things that video games have done for people

  18. why break an addiction when this one is actually fun and makes life less boring?? talk about smoking or drugs? unless you are on 24-7 then yeah rue you need a life lol???

  19. Thats funny considering athletes such as myself play games. Even professional athletes play games. There are doctors and lawyers that play games. There are soldiers that play games. Just get over the fact its something you have no experience in and get over yourself.

    P.S. We read books too *gasp*

  20. They make a video on how to stop playing videogames……..thats like trying to stop people from watching tv all together

  21. Noob I play even in my sleep

    joking joking

    Screw this douche bag, he fails as a doctor so he pretends to be a professional to the worst audience for his kind ever, we as gamers play games to enjoy what we can't do in reality, and the social aspect of it makes it even better… these guys never experienced it, these old dirt bags think they know better… what is a video game addiction? what's different is it from watching crappy tv all night like most older people do…

  22. Well, I'm not exercising my full potential by playing video games all day, so I'm kinda wasting away my life, but it's worth it, cause I said so via Youtube comment.

  23. 2 hours in the evening and 4 hours during the weekend? How the f**k am I suppose to reach the maximum level of Diablo 3?

  24. Hey HowCast. I found another symptom of game addiction. Trying to justify the need for your addiction.

  25. I will, people like this dude are just mad they suck at games. People will ALWAYS hate something thats popular.

  26. lol what are you going to do caps lock me to death. I'm not even talking so how am I going to shut up dumb ass

  27. lol sorry, just stumbles upon your wrestling obsession. Oh the homo-erotic comments I could make. If I had known this before I wouldn't have responded. lol, oh you are so not worth the air I breath. Good bye.

  28. With May Payne 3 almost out and AC3, Hitman Absolution, DMC5 in line, how could you stop… someone please bann this video.

  29. This guy isn't saying to not play video games. If you're not addicted to video games then good for you, you can control yourself. If you are then hes just saying try to control yourself. People who keep trying to rash on this guy just stop. You either are just in denial or don't understand what thos guy is trying to say.

  30. I agree with you. Most Howcast subscribers are morons, though. Majority of them seem to think it's an entertainment channel.

  31. Video Games are designed to be psychologically addictive, especially for add-content at cost games. So it's not in many people who want to do other things with thier life to play them, but curiousity tends to entice unprepared people and they can become addicted. Personally dealt with socially enforcing games, i.e. World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Diablo series, etc. Which playing them only isolated me more socially, and they're extremely unproductive in my life.

  32. I came to the same conclusion intuitively. I made some boundres then I broke them 🙂 Then created them again. Ultimately this is only the first step, to break video game addiciton you need to explore the real world and do things with objects of reality, meaning doing manual labor or work out in the gym.

    For those who are butthearted by this video, guys, if you don't wanna break any addiction that is your choice, why so much anger. Since I've broken free from video game addiction I feel a lot better in many areas of my life.

    My observation, WHENEVER someone is talking about video games there is a lot of rage going on in the comments. 🙂

  33. Perhaps this video would be better if Paul Hokemeyer described his experience with video games, and his life-long struggle to stop playing them, and how his life was destroyed while trying to navigate the maze of the final level in Super Mario Bros… or something… hehe.

  34. Well can u tell the drug dealers and murders in the outside world to turn it down. Maybe then i would feel safe to interact with the outside world instead of watching my back 24/7. You can be who ever u want in a video game and still live a better life then does who don't.

  35. People say I'm lazy because I play video games, yet they sit there staring at a tv, and they think they aren't!

  36. My parents get mad because I'm on the game but they stay in they phones like the only difference is I'm controlling it

  37. Does it throw your life out of balance? "…some games are innocent, and if pursued for pastime there is no harm. But there is danger that pastime may degenerate into waste of time. Waste of time is not acceptable…" ~ Abdul-Baha, Baha'i Faith

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