How to Color Fondant & Storage Advice & Tips – A Cupcake Addiction FOUNDATIONS Tutorial

So we’re going to work with the fondant that I made yesterday. Now as I said, between 12 and 24 hours is perfect for that to sit. This is about 18 hours or so. You can sit it longer than 24 hours. That’s no problem but you want at least 12 hours so that it’s really nice and firm. So when we unwrap that, it’s a lot firmer than the fondant that we’ve just wrapped up. That’s still really quite soft and when you sort of feel that you’d be “Ooh, that’s far too soft to work with”. That’s why we give it the overnight rest. So as I knead that, you can see how much elbow grease I’m having to put into that one just to soften it back up again. You’d want to knead this for about 2 minutes before you were to cover say a larger cake or before you want to try and roll it out. Because we’re only going to be coloring just a little bit of it today just so that I can show you the principles behind it, I’m just going to tear off a little bit and save myself a little bit of kneading, and we’ll wrap the rest back up.
So we’re just kneading that smaller portion that we’re going to be coloring today. Now I should also mention, this recipe is going to yield you about 2 pounds or about 1 kilogram of finished fondant. So depending on how much fondant you think you’re going to need, you might want to double the recipe. You can also half the recipe. I always make at least 1 batch because I know that it’s going to keep for a month or two. And I’m happy that I’m going to use it sort of as I go on cake decorating throughout the month.
If you find that your fondant is sticking at all to your bench, a little bit of that leftover icing sugar or a little bit of cornstarch or corn flour in a shaker is always a fabulous tool to have when you’re working with fondant. Sprinkle it down on the bench and it’s just going to stop that stick on the bench.
Now, when it comes to coloring your fondant. You’ve got a couple of different options here. You can color that fondant right back at the beginning when we were melting the marshmallow. So your marshmallow and your water mix, once those marshmallows come out of the microwave, and they’re all nice and melted, and you give them that final stir. You can add your drops of color then. Your color is going to fade a little bit once you start adding in your icing sugar but it’s a slightly easier and less messy way to color your fondant. For me, I like to color it after it’s done. I find it personally a little bit easier but I also find that I want to not color the whole batch at once, so maybe I want to color a quarter of this red, a quarter of it blue, and a quarter of it green, or whatever.
So now that I’m happy I’ve kneaded that fondant so that it’s really really nice and soft again, I’m going to take some of my colors.
When you’re coloring fondant, I recommend not using liquid colors and that’s only because it adds more moisture to your fondant and it changes the consistency of it. So you can either use powder, gel or paste colors and I’ve got a few different examples here, the colors that I like to work with.
There’s some brands that are really really widely available when it comes to gel and color paste. Wilton is probably the most well-known. So you can pick up these little pots. You can pick them up in bigger sizes and different sorts of colors, so many different colors. And they’re pretty widely available in most countries. I love Americolour colors, I find them really vibrant and I think you need a little bit less of them to give you a little bit of more stunning color effect. You’ve also got just your regular pieces of I think this is a Betty Crocker, just a store-bought color. But once again they’re not liquid. These are still gel colors. And then you’ve got colored powders. Now I really do like colored powders because they’re great for decorating with chocolate so you can color chocolate with colored powders but they’re really quite hard to find. So I recommend the Wilton gels just as being really easy to find alternative. Any of those is going to work you when you’re coloring fondant.
To color a little bit today, we might go with some buttercup yellow. I take the top off my little pot and I just rip off a little bit of that fondant, particularly with these little pot colors. If I was using say the Americolour, I will just put just a couple of drops on to the fondant but for these ones, I always make like a little fondant spoon. So you’ve got your little bit of fondant that we torn off, dip it into that color, rest it on top and sandwich it up. This is the cleanest way. Whenever you’re coloring fondant, you’re going to get a little bit messy but this is one of the cleanest ways that I’ve found to avoid getting too much color on my hands.
So I’m just going to knead that just between my thumbs and my fingers. And you can knead it on the bench but if you’re going to do that, make sure that you put down just something protective so that the colors don’t seep into your bench, especially if you’ve got white benches. So I’m really just sort of pulling that through, folding it over. So we sort of pull the fondant, fold it, pull the fondant and fold it. And once I’m happy that the main color has started to disperse through, I’m going to grab it in my hands and just continue kneading. You can see there, it’s pretty messy work.
When my color gets to this stage, I know that there’s no more of that raw color that’s going to come off. So you can see there, it sort of like a marbled effect but I’ve lost any of the dark specks of color so I’m happy now to keep working it on my bench. It’s always a little bit easier to work it on the bench than it is to work it between your hands.
Just like you can put cornflour icing sugar on the bench, you can also put it on your hands if you find they’re getting a bit warmer, a bit sticky.
When it comes to storage of your fondant, this particular recipe I recommend; lasts about a month to 2 months. So a lot of store-bought fondant come with a 12 month expiry date. It’s very generous. Whenever I store it, especially if I know I’m going to be storing it long term, a double wrap of plastic wrap and then in a zip lock bag, so it’s got an extra coat of protection.
So there’s our finished fondant. As you can see, it takes color just as beautifully as any store-bought fondant. I hope you guys have loved this recipe. It was requested by you and made for you. If there’s anything else that you want to see on My Cupcake Addiction, make sure you let me know on the comments box below. I do read them all and I do try my best to make what you guys want to see.
As always, thanks very much for tuning in to My Cupcake Addiction.

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