How to cure DRUG addictions!!! (in hindi ) by Kailash Mantry (Life Coach )

How to cure DRUG addictions!!! (in hindi ) by Kailash Mantry (Life Coach )

My name is CA kailash manrty. I am a life coach and mental health consultant. From 25 years, we are researching on more
than 50 disease where we treat them without medicine such as stammering, epilepsy, drug
addict, alcoholic, schizophrenia, OCD, Alzheimer, Parkinson, ADHD, autism, migraine, arthritis. Today we will talk about drug addict. The first question is why drugs are taken
by drug addict. Those who take drugs they know that it is
not good for health, we will die soon, then too why they take drugs. The child takes the drugs because they find
some benefit. The benefits are they find little happiness
in their life. It means who wants such happiness where in
future it is going to be sad so it is taken by those who are sad, serious in their life,
failure in life, sadness in life, rejection, the person who considers himself as useless
and helpless. They are too secretive; parents also do not
get to know that they take drugs. 50% of the parents get to know that my child
takes drugs when they get a call from police station or their child is missing overnight
or they get powder of drugs so they assume that they takes drugs. So how it start, drugs always start from smoking,
first there is addiction of smoking , charas, weed and try different drugs, then try injection
and many other options to start drugs. What will parents do if they take drugs they
have only one option if they get to know that the child is taking drugs then they have to
put in rehab center this is the wrong decision if they put in rehab because the child is
sad in rehab. Rehab is one type of jail like there is no
freedom and should follow jailer. The patient feel helpless in jail, they feel
sadder as they feel helpless. Then they try to get away from there and when
they come out they are afraid that they we will go again in rehab. But experience says that after 3- 6 month
the drugs or alcohol they were taking they start it again. It means rehab is not the solution for drugs. Then what is the solution of drug addict. The real problem of drug addict is that they
are sad and they are sad because of their family. If the reason behind this is family hence
family should be consulted first. They should be given freedom to ask about
their reasons. When they share their problems with the life
coach or counselor, 90% chances of their sadness are their parents. In this there are some rejections, failure
in love and many other reasons. But the major reason is there is no understanding
with their parents and they hold many grudges. As they do not share with anyone, they feel
no one will understand them. So if the parents get a doubt that their child
takes drugs then they should take the child to life coach or counselor. First chance should be given to child that
they should understand the problem of the child, what the challenges are facing by them. Sometimes the solution of this can be 10 hours
treatment if the child is first stage of drug addict. If they take drugs from many years then it
may take 2-3 months to be cured. They take the drugs where there are no one
or search for isolated place and where they are fearless of getting caught, no good security
system. Find vacant flat or isolated place. Mostly they take drugs in night as they do
not get sleep in night. Their friends are so secretive that they do
not tell to anyone. If someone is caught they do not tell that
how much drugs are taken by them. Drug addiction is a serious issue, it is increasing
rapidly. In Mumbai, 30-35% of the college students
are drug addict and it is increasing. Drugs are mostly taken by the youngsters or
teenagers. At the age of 40 they do not take the drugs. This disease is for youngsters. If this disease is not treated at this stage
then this disease can be converted to mental illness. The life of the child gets destroyed; do not
take any responsibility, becomes theft because they want money anyhow for drugs. If the parents do not give money they fight
with their parents and then they start stealing money, sell all household items and there
is a disturbance in their life. Can this disease than be cured? 100%. This is a mental illness which can be cured
within minimum 1 month and maximum 3 months. It is a lifelong guarantee that the drug addict
can get cured and will not take drugs again. They feel helpless, lonely so We basically
build their confidence, make their communication good, good self esteem, train them to how
to be responsible and can live a good life. They are very happy that they take drugs and
they do not want to get away from this because they feel that for some time they are happy
and go in their own world. They feel very happy with other drug addict
and feel loved. This addiction can be within 1 month also
if they take it regularly. They are so secured that they do not admit
that they take drugs. There is no role of drug addict to cure them. Medicine is also one type of drugs. If you give medicine for drugs then it is
not a good strategy. Putting in rehab center or giving medicine
is not a good strategy. The communication of family and patient with
life coach or counselor is a solution to get them treated. To take drugs is not easy unless they are
not disturbed. They can be called as mental illness or mentally
disturbed. If they are not extremely disturbed they will
not get to drugs. Some people also addicted to medicine they
take medicine for every disease but the percentage of this is very less and this happens after
the age of 40 and they are afraid of death. They think if they take medicine they will
not die. Drug addict cannot be removed by oneself because
they think what the benefits are for them. If the mind set of anyone is that
by taking something makes them feel happy or relieved why would they leave that, if
there is a loss then it happens after a long time. Drug addicts are 100% curable, minimum 1 month
and if it is severe case then it would take 3 months to get cured. It has been researched that when the drugs
are been taken in brain 1 lakh cells are killed in seconds. There can also be memory loss, Parkinson,
Alzheimer and many other diseases for drug addict. But for drug addict it has been heard that
they can get cancer also,this is wrong. There is no association of cancer and drugs. But drug addicts justify that they will not
cancer but if they will not cancer they may get many other disease. The symptoms of drug addicts are they get
serious with their life and stops talking, always sad. If you see any child being isolated or do
not talk with anyone they should take to the counselor and if they do not admit then too
they should take to the counselor because there are some unusual behavior, do not want
to be with anyone, want be alone, missing in night, do not go work, do not study, if
these are symptoms of any child you should take them to
the counselor. They do not admit to the counselor that they
take drugs but counselor will deal with their sadness and makes there sadness less and then
they will be away from drugs. It’s not easy to have drugs. It means he is so sad, helpless that at end
he thinks I will die but I can’t control this emotion. In last I would like to say that the rehab
is not the good solution. It is a surprising to know about the person who
is handling the rehab center. The rehab centers are handled by the ex- drug
addict or ex- alcoholic. Due to discipline, strictness they experience
lack of love and they feel captured in prison. So this is not the solution and medicine is
also not the solution. The
solution for this is that you should go to the life coach or counselor who can understand
the pain or problem and they will build their trust and make them responsible and can live
a normal life. My name is kailash mantry and I am a life


  1. sir…
    mera frnd wo 5-6 year phle drugs leta tha..
    lekin achanak se phir se wo drugs lena start kiya
    aur wo ghar se bahar rhta akele..
    hum uske sath bhi nhi h
    plz help kijiye ki hum usko is prblm se bahar nikaal sake

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  3. Hi sir mera bhai heroin drug le raha tha 9months tak liya usko humne admit kiya wahan se nikala lekin phr se 4dinun se kar raha hai PLZ help me sir PLZ I'm from kashmir

  4. Sir kaise trust Kiya jaye ki drugs adict prsn ne drugs chhod diya h….aur aese logo Ko kaise treat krna chahiye ….mujhe trust krna bahut mushkil ho rha h kyuki already mera trust bahut Baar toot Chuka h

  5. Hlo sir…my known is addicted to drugs…and is totally helpless…his parents are taking him to rehab. . Can u help him.?

  6. Hello Sir,
    I am taking heroine from one year. I am living in abroad and doing a job.
    Sir i wanna quit drugs. But I feel pain and started coming water from eyes and nose.
    I am afraid that I can't get fired from my work.
    That's why I have to take drug daily.
    Sir please help me
    Tell me how can I stop taking drug. Without leaving my job.



    HELP ME …



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  9. Happy family sad family ban raha ha iss drugs k bajese….
    Sir help karo Meri Ghar mei v bohot problems chal Raha ha iss drugs k bajese

  10. Hello sir,
    My brother is taking drugs since 2yr.His behaviour is changing day by day.He don't want to talk to any family member and making disturbances .Plz help

  11. Sir ,mere husband v heroin addict hei keise ushe thik kore plz koi suggest kijiye.o bhi chorna chatei hei par nehi Ho raha.mei Assam se hu. Assam ke aas pass apka clinic hei kia.Minimum charges ketne tak hei plz batayei.apka video sunke ascha loga.plz help sir.

  12. Sir ma soside kar rahan ho plz hlp .20 saal a pack pain ho rahi 24 time .is leya proxivon capsule kha raha hu hub keya kru mar jau ma btao

  13. Hello sir … Ma Italy sa batt kar rahi hu … Muja aab pata laga ki mara friend drug lata ha … Lakin vo india va haa … India nai aa sakh ti … Please sir mari help kara ma asa kya karu jis sa vo drug shod da

  14. Ap ka pura baat se sahamat hoo par koye addict agar apne ap ko ya opposite koye person pe Trust,faith nahi rakhta apna upar v nahi Toh ap uska trust kaise gain karte ho,jo ap last me bole hai,plz jan na hai kaise ek chronic addict apna upar faith layega..nahi hai bolkei to wo dukhi dekha jaye toh…

  15. U r right sir, m also facing this in my family. People who r adicted drugs n smoking they bcom more alert when family members come to know abt their adiction. My husbnd is also adict but he is leaving it slowly by more care n love by all family members. But its rearlly hurt to see a family member in adiction.

  16. Sir mere husbnd bhi drug lete hain..m pregnt hun beh bhi chodna chahte hai..lekin body pain hundi eyes ch water aunda ki kra plz help me sir..m khud v boht preshan hn i m from italy

  17. Doctor plz reply and help me mera brother ispasma capsul use karta hain hmari puri family problem m rehti h or mere brother ko dhor bhi pdte hain capsule lekar plz sir reply

  18. Sir I'm drug addict heroin in cig smoke karta hu wo sub kuch jo apne kahamery sath hai but mai is ko chorhna chahta hu na leny per takleef huti hai wothdrawl symptoms jo huty hai tor huty hain us cheez se kesy bhr nikle ghr waly nhi samjh ty baap ab nasha krty ho nasha krty ho bathroom mai beth k itni der clear kehny lag gye hai bakk failure alag huu life mai alag alag jagao p takleef se kesy niklu mai please help it's serious +923423444334
    0342 3444334 its my WhatsApp çan anybody help me

  19. Sir I want to come out from addiction ,I use to take decolic when I left it I m suffering from several problems but I scare to visit doctors as no one knows that I use to take it, I am having all drug withdrawal symptoms but unable to get rid from it what shall I do

  20. Sir me 1st stage drug addict hu muje chorna he ..rat ko nind nahe aati jab nahe leta ..majbur ho jata hu lene ko sir plzz help me marna nahe chahta

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  22. Doctor please help us my mom
    Is patient of schizepheania
    And i have no dada
    He was demise resion
    Of brain hemreage

  23. Sir मैं delhi NCR में हूं मेरा बेटा 3साल।से गांजा पीता है doctor के पास जाना नही चाहता हमें कहता है इलाज की जरूरत तुम्हें है सर काम पर ध्यान नही देता बोलो तो बड़ी बड़ी बातें करता है और लड़ने लगता है सर halp me।

  24. Dr. I am drug addict i truely want to stop it but i cant control its withdrawal effect. I can bear the sufferings when i dont to it

  25. Sir aapki sari baate thik h par jab aadmi drug band karega to usko baichani se bachne k liye koi medicine to leni padegi na jabki aap isko wrong batate ho

  26. Hello sir i am soma Sarkar my husband was addicted but after redoxe now he is clean before going to redoxe in January 7 midnight he was senseless after come back His sense he do blood vomiting and he go redoxe in January 8 and came back April 8 but he feel weak and still smoker how can it stop and he ate before yava and gaja and he felling depressed he is 8 years addicted help me please

  27. Sir apka video dekhkar mera bahout manobal badha hai. Mera beta jo ki ab 21 years hai vo Nashe ki lat mai hai. Maine 2017 mai usko rehab mai rakha 6 months vaha raha lekin ane k bad vo pahle se b jyada addict ho gaya ab har din 200 ya 300 rs. Mangta hai. paisaa nahi do to marne or maarne k dhamki deta hai. Jiske karan mere husband b ghar chhor k chale gaye. Mera parivar bikhar gayaa. Mai bahout dippress hu sir. Pls meri kuch help kijiye

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  29. Kailash sir I must say Your advice is TOTALLY AMAZING, Almost 1year n 9months I've suffered With Codeine cough syrup,,, I never ever had seen before that,, No one was there to support me help me at that certain period,, I am the person who went REHAB by myself,, I wish I would have seen this video,,YOU R AMAZING GOD BLESS YOU😇

  30. Sir apki baat sahi per sir I'm a drugs addict for 2 years….but me is drugs chodna chahata Hoon …per jab me chod tahu to body itna damage ho jaate he ki ye baat bol nehi parahu hoonn…sir ab bohut problem hotahe body me….abhi me chodna chahata Hoon plz sir apka help chahiye sir… plz

  31. Sir can i call u if I have any problem pls sir pls 🙏 i need solution for this pls sir my friend take drugs never about 6yrs so pls tell me wht i can do pls sir 🙏🙏

  32. Wawawa ap bohut atcha kaam kar rahey ha sir I'm proud of you… Allah ta'laa apkey har dreams ko pura karea apkey har tamanna ko Allah ta'laa pura katea..sir apko bahut mey tareef Karna chata hu Sir par mera pass lafz ney hey apko bolney keleye sir I love da ways u helping to those people Who r in problems …thank1000 times sir

  33. Sir m bht acha kabbadi player tha
    Drugs ne meri life barvad kar di
    Plz kabi v nasha mat krna yaar koi v
    Kuj v krna but no drugs

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