How to Draw Attention From a Girl Addicted to Phone

How to Draw Attention From a Girl Addicted to Phone

The accordion which my father gifted when I was 15 Clair de Lune by Debussy Why are you so addicted to your darn phone ? Come on ! Leave your phone ! I’ll never give up Which game are you playing ? This song took me 2 months to master please listen to it ☺ A beautiful bouquet , only for you Hey ! I have brought you a nice bag. Do you like this one ? These are worth of 399 USD Dollars ! Your favorite flavor – Strawberry Hey ! OK never mind Let the party begin ! Hey ! You will definitely like these. Open your mouth my dear. Damn it ! #AggressiveEating Surprise ! Look ! I have got some sweets with me. Would you like to take one ? Take it Open your mouth I’m cumming in open wide Never Mind. Blowing a balloon. Only for you Take this Take this ! Never mind, I’ll give you Looks good on you I’ve got a ring for you. Cost=4,500 USD Dollars Let me put it in your finger My life is a lie ….. What are you doing ? Idea ! My last but not the least attempt.. Please mention the name of the song in the comments. ☺ At least, you looked at me ! Hey don’t stare at me like this ! Phone mode : ON Try Try But don’t Cry Goodbye ! Meet you next week Why am I still playing this ?!


  1. Я правильно понимаю смысл этого видео: ничего не помогло и пришлось самому играть на флейте?

  2. В ухо дай , и скажи шо любишь! И хуле кот 🐈 голодный и борщ холодный!!! Заценит полюбас!

  3. There is a much simpler way to get her attention…. Just go and like, comment and share her photos on Facebook. You would surely get her attention.

  4. adults are not really addicted to technology.(no pressure) when you are 3-10 kids like to have fun. you lose this when you get older. or not (I like pigeons)

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