How to Face an Addiction to Pornography

How to Face an Addiction to Pornography

My whole life, I’ve kind of had
an addiction to pornography, and I was embarrassed by it. I became really good at
hiding what I was doing. There wasn’t a
whole lot of thought that this was an addiction. I always thought,
“Well, when I serve this mission for my
church, it’ll go away; it’ll stop then.” “When I get married,
it’ll stop.” And the triggers
just never stopped. The increase in what I
needed never stopped. It went from just
images to videos. From videos to chatting
with people online. From chatting with people
online to meeting people. I always said to myself
that I could quit anytime. I rationalized everything I did. I was kind of
withdrawing from life. I was losing my family. I was wrecking my marriage. Everything was
centered around me. Eventually I was found
out–given up by one of the women I had
an affair with. Initially, my wife’s
reaction was anger. She was very angry and hurt,
because she hadn’t ever even thought that this was
something that was going on. She was scared. She was afraid it was
going to wreck her life and how it would
affect the children. I just was convinced
that my life was over. There was nowhere to go;
there was nothing I could do. I was not sure that
I wanted to go on. It was the worst day, and it was
probably the best day as well because it was the
start of my recovery. I went in and talked with the
leader of my congregation–my bishop–and told him what my
problem was and what had been going on. He began counseling me. He suggested that I see
a professional counselor and talk with that person,
and that my wife and I also see a counselor. The counselor suggested that I
go to the pornography addiction workshop first. And they go through the
science of addiction and of pornography addiction. And then she suggested,
when I finish that, to go to the 12-step program
and to start doing it regularly. She also suggested that my
wife go to a similar program for spouses of addicts. It’s nice to have
somebody who knows my path and knows what I’ve gone
through and can call me out. She knows the whole story. “What are we working on now? What’s the next step? How can you improve? What do you need to talk
to your wife about?” I read some talks
about repentance and the Atonement of Christ. I had been taught that
stuff my whole life, but I really hadn’t
understood it, I don’t think. I was angry, and I wanted
Him to just make it go away. I didn’t want to
have to do any work. I just wanted it to be solved. And I was mad at Him,
and I was mad at myself. I hadn’t been able to
see past my problems to see that Heavenly
Father wanted to help me, but I had to be willing to
trust Him to take the step to turn my life over to Him. He’s helped me to
find solutions. They’re hard, and on my
own, I couldn’t do it. And He has blessed me to see
that and to learn those things. Without that, I would
have been stuck where I was for the rest of my life. I have hope now. There are still times
when it’s difficult, when I feel down about who
I am and what I’ve done. And I think that’s normal. But I also feel like I can see
a way out of where I have been and of what has
happened and what I have done to myself
and to my family. It’s not an easy
road that I see. But I think that Heavenly
Father has set up a way for me to go forward. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  1. I understand that statement “I was mad at him, I wanted him to take it away. I didn’t want to do any work.” I really connected to this video thank you so much.

  2. This video is Wat i needed. Henceforth I will do my best never to sin again😊😊😊

  3. No one is beyond saving, as long they seek the atonement of Christ. It is not enough to declare Christ but you must actively seek to be humble and find the things that makes life better. There is hope in the trials of this life as we seek to know and do the will of Christ.
    As stated in Mosiah:
    For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father.

  4. There is ALWAYS hope!! If you are still alive and breathing and reading these words, IT IS NOT TOO LATE! You CAN get help! There is no depth of sin so dark, so unreachable, that the atoning Blood of Christ our Savior can't reach you.

    There is a way back. There is a way to conquer this trap!

  5. Can you guys do a video about homosexuality and why it is not the way, and all that please. Im not struggling with it but I have friends who are, and I worry about that. So ya.

  6. Bless you I'm a pray for you all the time for you or not the only 1 dealing With a diction I am addicted to alcohol and pain pills please pray for me thank you so much now bless you love you O Au family

  7. This perversion is a powerful weapon to destroy the best of our warriors. It makes us weak and addicted, morally shattered and insecure. Reject that poison because it is being fed to you by your very enemy!
    The best therapy is just to make a covenant and then respect it! Talking to people who defeated the demon of recorded raping and humiliation is also a good idea. I freed myself from that poison.

  8. The church fails tremendously at understanding pornography vs sex addiction. There are so many people who are labeled pornography addict who are not. There is not a diagnosis for pornography addiction on dsm-v so there’s no criteria whatsoever to follow. Are you a porn addict if you look at it once in a while? So many in the church say yes. “Pornography” addiction is never truly about pornography… it’s about completely different mental health issues. Stop focusing on the porn and focus on healthy sexuality and coping mechanisms.

  9. All i get from here is that pornography is not the problem but people that cannot control their impulses. Sex is the addiction as cocaine is the kick for some people that's basically what i get from this. I know what the church is trying to pass on but this video kind of sucks in passing the message. Pornography is the "trigger" as intensity and ecstasy is for the crackhead. Yeah it is a problem but also it's not like "the boogie man" that it's being painted as. Obviously keep your kids and family away from it but i think the church needs to make a better video that is not like "pornography ruined my life". No, mr. Clean, it did not but you did. Once more, only one is the master of they're actions and you know yeah he weny and got help. Either way I'm just ranting now but point is the video sucked in order to pass the message and i think it needs to be discarded and just start a new one. Just grab some random Joe off the life train, that's where the real message comes from. We got the funds, i know because of obviously biweekly reasons. With all that said, if any volunteers, i could do it. Am i going to do better, I don't know, I am not God. One thing for sure I will strive for perfection. The quality will most likely suck but hey I'm just some blue collar veteran that's working hard to keep my family going. I testify that the church is true and our prophet is truly guided by our heavenly Father. I'm thankful for the restoration of the gospel and priesthood. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

  10. Seeking Bishops help is divine help from Heavenly Father. This addiction chases the Holy Spirit away for a long time. There is hope to change. We are not perfect, but because of Jesus Christ Atonement, we can all repent and have that second chance and strive to be like Him. Thank you for this video💯

  11. As much as I want to like the video because I know it is a good message and all, I feel like this is very unrelatable. It feels too entrenched to people brought up in the church, I think to truly tackle this you have to tackle it with a broad brush and really attack when this starts is with teenagers and young adults who don't know how to handle the loneliness that they might have with the Temptations that are offered. This is where truly begins.

  12. Just passed three years clean. The church’s ARP meetings are absolutely amazing. The spirit is so very strong there.

  13. I remembered falling into the habit of pornography after I went 2 years without it… worst feeling ever.. and now I feel reassured. I related a lot this vid 🙏🏽 less lonely. Thank you God for helping me find this video and to learn in this trial.

  14. Thank you for standing up and speaking about this through the church, this is a subject that is avoided in many churches and is ignored because it is so rampant. It is a real issue and takes a strong man to stand up and talk about it.

  15. I've seen so many women in absolute pain caused by their husbands addictions to porn. It's the saddest thing ever. Sometimes it makes me never want to get married. So many men do this it's like who is there to trust, it's ridiculous.

  16. Though your sins be red like crimson, they shall be white as snow. Though they be as scarlet red, they shall be white like whool.

    Not sure if that's the correct wording, but it's a perfect verse for this.

  17. Even though this is a hard subject we MUST continue to acknowledge that it happens and that there's a way to overcome it. Jesus is still there with us in our darkest moments. Even with our faces and bellies in the dirt Jesus is still standing beside us. Lift your weary eyes and see him waiting for you. I've seen great Saints fall thinking they were immune. Satan looks for our weaknesses to get a foothold and take advantage of us. Once he gets you to sin he tells you that you are too far gone and that it's too late. He wants you to forget the Atonement and of The Plan of Salvation. He wants you to believe that you can't repent. He wants you to believe that you are not strong enough. I am here to tell you that with God we can overcome anything. He is almighty and all powerful. He can change your heart and help you cleanse your soul. Never fall for the lie. Even if you wake up one day and lift your spiritual eyes up and despair seeing how far off the path you have wandered. The light of Christ is still shining toward you. Walk towards it and don't give up!

  18. A great talk that I found helps and encourages me about this same topic is the “careful versus casual” by Becky Craven April 2019.

  19. I use to hear from the TV station, give your life to Christ and he will save you from your addiction. I thought it was untrue. After more than 25yrs of porn addiction I finally confessed my sins and cried for our lord Jesus to save me from this addiction. The break through came on the third day of fasting and prayers. I was saved. Praise be to the almighty son of sex no porn no girlfriend for more than a year. The lord scattered the demonic spirit that was causing this addiction. Father in heaven May your son Jesus Christ of Nazareth have mercy upon us.

  20. yupp u cant do it on your own u will drive yourself crazy u have to just learn to yield to the lord and say thank you for delivering me father

  21. As someone who was addicted to porn and who has stayed porn free for almost 6 years I can tell you that it’s possible. Apart from faith, please understand the process of reward (dopamine) that is activated when you use porn. Understand that what you’re doing is normal when you understand the brain. Try running as well as cutting it off. I went cold turkey and the first 2 weeks were tough but after that I felt free. If you have any questions please ask in comments. God bless and good luck, you can do this!!

  22. The worst thing about pornography is that it is loveless. . Love is not in any aspect present. It kills love. God is Love. Draw close to God and it's power will diminish.

  23. My husband and I served as missionaries for the addiction recovery program for pornography. It’s an amazing program for those that struggle and it works. We saw miracles and sent out missionaries.

  24. I swear guy's I suffer from this dirty filthy thing , before mobile phone be so successful maybe before 10 years ago , when I pay the mobile phone in year 2011 I see this sin in my phone and I swear guy's I'm not bad person no I'm good person when the first time I see women naked I feel shame on myself and horrible in my heart I was so young in that times in 20s old , I'm now in 30 years old , please guy's I want help

  25. You people seem to be OBSESSED about pornography. You have put up 50 videos about it in the last few months. Sounds like YOU are the ones with the pornography problem. Studies have shown this to be true, as Utah has the highest percentage of pornography use of any state in the US. Surely it is not a result of oppressive puritanical values trying to suppress normal human behaviors… right? Maybe go find some EVIDENCE that your baseless god-beliefs are true, and THEN think about lecturing the rest of the world about problems that YOU have the highest rates of.

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