How to Get Over a Drug Addiction

How to Get Over a Drug Addiction. Face yourself
and your addiction. There’s hope, but it rests on how serious you are about being healthy.
You will need Emergency care Detox drugs Doctor Other addicts Outpatient therapy and counseling.
Once you’ve admitted you have a problem, seek immediate and ongoing professional medical
attention. Step 1. Enter a clinic or emergency detox facility to receive immediate and consistent
inpatient care to stop your drug abuse and avoid committing slow suicide. Step 2. Undergo
detox under a doctor’s supervision to withdraw safely. Through stepped-down doses of other
substances with less severe side effects, you can get clean without relapsing. Step
3. Ask for help from friends or family members who have suffered addictions. Use their experiences
and advice rather than trusting your own judgment, which is liable to be skewed and unreliable.
Don’t buy into the myth that this has to be done alone or that you are weak if you need
help. This is the kind of thinking that enables drug abuse in the first place. Step 4. Attend
outpatient therapy sessions to prevent relapse. Build a new and healthier network of friends
and recovering people who can relate to you and who will support you. Step 5. Start individual
or family counseling with a drug rehabilitation specialist to get help developing coping skills
and alternative behaviors. Work on communicating better with loved ones. Accept that some family
members or friends may have their own problems or addictions and are not ready or able to
help. Step 6. Conquer your problem first. Make recovery a priority. An unhealthy and
self-destructive person cannot love anyone else before they learn to love themselves.
Step 7. Request information from a doctor regarding a 12 step support group meeting
in your area. Join the group, and attend sessions every day to face and conquer your chronic
disorder. Did you know Illicit drug use in the United States among people in their 50s
increased almost 75% from 2002 to 2008.

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