How to give up any addiction: smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating. How to deal with one-side love

Hello my darling friends! My name is Lisa Grail and I really want you
to watch this video if you have any addiction to: food, alcohol, smoking, people, sex, drugs. By addiction, I mean a person’s pathological
addiction to something, when he cannot resist the desire to do something and restrain himself. In my life there was an addiction to cigarettes
and to person, to love. I will try by the example advice you an
easy way to quit any bad habit you have. Firstly, I want to say that willpower does
not work here! This is a terrible self-deception, so do not
even try to force yourself through self-restraint, discipline, morality. And even the following motivation does not
work: to become beautiful, to maintain health, lose weight. Does not work. Once I quit smoking and began eating seeds
instead! So look what came out of it. It simply grinded down the surface of my front
teeth. I also watched a bunch of videos on YouTube,
it was very supportive Therefore, you are watching my video right now. You know it is the same as being a member
of a society of anonymous alcoholics. We really need the support of society and
we find it in the Internet. This is certainly very important, but it’s
also a kind of crutches on which you can’t go so far and you will break your promises
greedily at the first opportunity to drink, smoke or eat a chocolate cake. You know, I have always been ashamed of smoking. I tried to smoke in the alleyways, where it’s
dark, and no one’s looking. Like a shameful thief. I understood that it was horrible, but could
not stop, I had tonzilities, but couldn’t stop, I had to think about my voice because
I’m a singer – but you can always find a famous singer who is smoking, so it didn’t
stop me. I gave up 4 times at least during those 10
years that I’ve been smoking. Sometimes for a couple of years, sometimes
for several months, but still returned to this addiction. Just one cigarette was enough to start smoking
again. I read Alan Carr and his easy way to quit
smoking, and what I think about this book – it works like hypnosis, it’s a kind of NLP
practice. It can really help to reflash someone’s
brain. But it does not change the most important
thing – that grain of addiction that has grown within you. Let’s be very simple, I want to explain everything as
easier as possible, because everything is much more obvious than it seems. Addiction arises where there is an inferiority – because addiction gives us the value we are missing. Let’s try to understand what value your addiction
gives you. Alcohol – what is it? Altered state of consciousness,
relaxation, easy trance. Any psychotropic substance is the same. What is smoking? Contemplative meditation, breathing pranoyama,
which shuts up our mouth who wants to say too much and helps us to abstract from stress
and chaotic thoughts. Food and sexual addiction is the lack of love. Food and sex are the most mundane ways to
get love, joy and satisfaction. That is, alcoholics are the same yogis who
meditate at a lower level, at low vibrational frequencies. It turns out that all substance-addicted people
are children who have not been taught to look for value within themselves, have not been
taught to meditate. And any lifebuoy is just
an illusion of usefulness leading to degradation. When I began to meditate and went far up to
insights, flashes of light and altered states of consciousness, I realized that everything
was as bright and amazing as after smoking a good joint of marijuana. Everyone tells us about awareness on every
corner – you are already sick of this term. But it’s true – when you raise the awareness,
find value within yourselve you don’t need to drink, smoke, overeat and lose yourself in sex – it disappears
by itself. I am convinced that each person strives for
spiritual self-knowledge, he wants to open the door to a different perception of reality
but instead of this experience he is offered – to smoke, drink and get high! It is very simple. However, reckoning in the form of illnesses,
lost health is not the experience that our soul wanted from this life – believe me. When we are offering a person to use a drug
we deprive him of the opportunity to obtain spiritual experience in environmentally friendly
way. When you increase your awareness, raise energy
to a so called higher level of vibrations, you will wake up and realize how awfully absurd
is what is happening around. People crush tons of alcohol, inhale deadly
smoke. You know, when I look at addicted people,
I don’t judge them. But It hurts me a lot. I see people who smoke – and in their eyes
I see detachment, doom, they seem to stand and poke themselves with a knife – slowly
destroying their beings. This picture is truly terrible. This is a slow self-destruction, slow suicide. But until the need is satisfied, until the
person receives the value that he is deprived of, he will continue harming himself. Plus, there is a physiological addiction. Which by the way passes very quickly, although
withdrawal symptoms in any case cannot be avoided. And the similar addiction occurs in the case
of our love subject – we adore a certain person. For the fact that next to him or her we felt an unreal
buzz, he made us feel reborn, surrounded with care, attention, or simply
this person was the role model for us. But inside us this element is missing or rather,
we did not grow it inside ourselves, so we suffer so deeply after the break up with this
lover. By the way, like drugs, love causes physiological
addiciton. Now imagine that you can enjoy every second
of your life. You can fly away from inhaling and exhaling,
from alternating relaxation and tension of your body, you can go so far in your meditation
that you will begin tripping like under the drugs: someone will hear angel voices, someone
will see God, and the surrounding reality will change its colors – it will become brighter,
the silhouettes of objects will become clearer, and sometimes you will notice that
everything breathes and lives, that everything is a stream of energy, a single ocean of being. I know that every person on earth, and especially
people with a more fragile mental organization, need this escape from reality, from the routine of
our society with it’s duties, regulations and code of conduct. They need a feeling of unconditional love
and security. All our lives we have been chasing after a
sense of harmony inside ourselves, we are even changing places of living in the attempt
to run from ourselves. But you won’t run away from yourself. You will bring your worries, anxieties wherever
you will go. Unfortunately, I think that it is almost impossible
to save another person from his addictions. Since the addicted person lives in a different
dimension of this reality, his level of awareness, the level of energy can be extremely low,
he is living on the low chakras as they say in yoga. So, do not try to wake the sleeping one. However, if you are watching this video to
help yourself to get rid of a bad habit, I can help. So, I shared the main idea about the nature
of addictions, now I want to summarize and give the instruction on how to quit your addiction. 1) The first and most important thing is to
make a decision to quit your bad habbit. Without this internal decision and intention,
it won’t work 2) Identify what value, what benefit the bad
habit brings you and understand how to give it to yourself without resorting to this destructive
addiction with the second point you have to destroy the behavioral ritual, if any
existed. For example, smoking in the morning with a
cup of coffee. Instead, it is necessary to replace the ritual
with something else. Once I watched a video where a young man told
that every time he wanted to smoke, he began to do push-ups until his desire dissapeared. Someone drinks water, someone turns a pen
in his hands, someone just starts to breathe deeply. If the ritual was a glass of wine in the evening for example,
replace the wine with natural fresh juices
Then you have to keep yourself in hands during the transitional period, try to limit yourself from irritants. It can be companies of drinking people, gatherings
at a friendly table with an abundance of food, smoking colleagues at work, conflicts, stress. You must understand that there is a risk of
returning to bad habit, as there is a physiological craving. By the way I wanted to tell you how I quit smoking last
time. I found that my favorite cherry-flavored cigarettes
were not being sold near my new place of living. I began to smoke less, and then I realized
that I didn’t want to smoke anymore, I just don’t need to. My secondary benefit of smoking was support
and the desire to gain self-confidence. At that moment my life changed for the better
and the support in the form of a cigarette ceased to be needed. And then I just decided that I would not smoke
in any case. Even one cigarette. Because I just don’t like it, the first cigarette
is always awful you know but exactly after this first cigarette you are likely to start
smoking again with another step you will have to Create an alternative addiction in a positive
way. first of all – meditation, yoga, walks in the
fresh air, reading books or another meditative practice. In this alternative addiction, I propose to
reach such a high level of awareness that you will begin to live here and now and enjoy every
moment of your life. You can’t even imagine how many high buzz
things exist in the world: for example – the practice of lucid dreaming and astral projections – in
a couple of weeks videos about lucid dreaming will appear on my channel and I will teach
you how to start practicing them, believe me – lucid dreaming is much more stunning
thing than any drug with the strongest hallucinating effect in the world , another more difficult
for the achieving but the greatest thing ever is to wake up in reality – the so-called enlightenment
or the experience of samadhi – is simply the highest high, without harming to the body. I want to shoot a separate video about samadhi
for ordinary people, because there are a lot of abstract information and incomprehensible videos in
the Internet, and just to explain what is this very simply I can also offer you start practicing kundalini
yoga, it changes the chemistry of your brain and regulates your hormone system
– dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, the level of cortisol is regulated as well. Every morning I start with at least 30 minutes
of yoga. I am already addicted to it, but I find
this habit super useful. I get saturated faster – eat less as a result,
relieve stress and anxiety by yoga, raise my spirits and tone my body. Of course, spiritual practices do not solve
all your problems, especially problems in communication with people, but this is a great
help for finding harmony with yourself. And of course, fasting is the best
method to cleanse the body of toxins, and the psyche of destructive thoughts. If you want to know more about fasting, watch
my videos about it. So, if you find harmony with yourself and
achieve high awareness, all problems, conflicts will be perceived more easily. You will still experience different types
of emotions, but anger will be softer, resentment, irritation will not last longer than 10 minutes. So, instead of alcohol and cigarettes – we
meditate and achieve enlightenment, instead of overeating – we take care of ourselves,
– we go for massages, pamper the body with what we love and that does not destroy us,
instead of suffering from the break up with person – we give ourselves what he or she gave us. I know that now you are probably annoyed,
because I did not give you a magic pill that in a second will save you from your personal
prison. Yes, everything is very clear and simple – but
the most important thing is your determination and strong intension. As you see, there is a whole complex of actions
need to be done, so it’s better to start changing your life right now, because you
will have to give up anyway, but it’s better to do it right now until this habit destroys
your body and life. You can’t get nowhere without it. But believe me, if you want it – you can get
it. I hope this video will give someone at least a
magic kick in the ass and you realize that your addiction is sheer nonsense. I wish you an easy way without violence against
yourself, a thrill from life and deep love for yourself and the world. Friends, I will be very happy if there are
more subscribers on my channel, this motivates me to create new videos, Push bell to receive
new videos every Monday and share this video with friends who have any addictions and maybe
it will help them as well. Stay true and kind and free from addiction
– the rest things nevermind.

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