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welcome to Drinks Made Easy, today Mike’s pretty excited about we’re gonna make a Giant Gummy Bear! We’re gonna make a giant gummy bear! We’re gonna make a homemade alcoholic Gummy Bear…Gummy Bear your start by adding 1 and 2/3 cups of strawberry puree. Now, if you want to use a different fruit, you can do that and really it’s just simple putting it into the food processor or a blender fruit of your choice generally recommend a sweet fruit. Next you’re going to add two and a half tablespoons of lemon juice. And I think it’s kind of funny with the sour citrus is it’s actually going to help make the sugar come out more. And next we have 6 and a half ounces of sugar. And then we’re going to go with 1 and 2/3 cups of rum. The next step is going to be to add gelatin but you don’t want to be adding heat yet because that is going to add to the clumping, now adding the gelatin slowly is one of the longest parts of this process, but if you speed it up you’re going to end up with a mess where you’re going to have a bunch of large clumps in your gummy bear. So if you’re using powdered gelatin there really isn’t any way around just doing this slowly. alright so now we have everything mixed in and the gelatin is not clumped we’re going to start to add medium low heat and we’re going to stir it occasionally Now when you’re using a natural fruit solid, it’s going to look a little bit different than it would if you were using a juice in that there is a little bit of a jelly texture to it right now because the next thing is you’re going to be looking at of knowing when the gelatin is heated up to the degree it needs to to be fully integrated is that the substance is going to start to get kind of a glassy sheen to it Once you reach thatyou’re good to take it off the heat while you’re allowing your mixture to cool to about room temperature you’re going to want to prepare your mold now this all sorts of different mold so you can get a large gummy bear mold like this on Amazon now one of the main things you’re gonna do in prepping your mold is spray with some sort of vegetable spray or if you’re feeling like you want to spend a couple extra bucks grab a bottle of veg alene but today we’re just going to use a little bit of regular canola spray So aftergiving a good spray just use a paper towel to get a little bit of coverage over the entire mold without wiping it all out and once you have to pull down you prepared your mold go ahead and pour in your mixture After refrigeratoring overnight you’re just going to pop it out of its mold and this is the main reason why we’re using a little bit of weggie-lean or a little bit of vegetable spray because it will pop right out if you do and that’s how you make a homemade alcoholic gummy bear that tastes way better than the commercial store-bought we’re just dumping it in alcohol it’s so good it’s still pretty. I’ll love it, and keep it and take care of it and name him Greg You know we’re going to eat that right? No!

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