How to Make Panda Cake Pops – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Panda
Cakepop Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this gorgeous, little, really
easy, Panda cakepop. We’ve also got a Panda cupcake tutorial on our channel so you can
check that one out if you love Pandas. For today’s tutorial, the tools and equipment
that we will be using today: I’m resting my panda in a polystyrene block.
I have just a regular zip lock bag. A pair of scissors.
I’ve got a cakepop ball. Now if you don’t have a great recipe for getting your cakepop
balls to this stage, ready to dip and decorate, we do have one on our channel and I will leave
a link to it in the description box below. I have pre-refrigerated that so that’s really
nice and firm. That’s been in the fridge for about 15 minutes until it’s quite firm to
touch. I’ve got 2 lollipop sticks.
I’ve got some desiccated coconut. So it’s a fine sort of sprinkle coconut. If you don’t
like coconut, you could also use a white sanding sugar or just regular white sprinkles or nonpareils.
We’ve got some melted white chocolate or white candy melts.
Some melted dark chocolate. I’ve got a few quite large chocolate chips.
Now in the US, these are called Nestle Morsels. What you want is a chocolate chip that’s the
largest ones you can buy. I’ve also got just a butter knife.
So let’s get started. The first thing that we we’re going to do
is we’re going to take our lollipop stick and just dip it a little way, about a centimeter
or so into that melted white chocolate. Taking your cakepop ball, there will be slightly
flat bottom on one side. We just want to pop that lollipop stick into the bottom about
halfway to 2/3 of the way up that cake ball. We’re going to let that sit to the side until
that chocolate seal sets. Now I know my ball is really nice and cold
because it’s been in the fridge. So that’s going to set just sitting at room temperature
as it touches the coolness of the cakepop ball but you can also put that in the fridge
if you’re in a particularly warm environment. While we’re waiting for that to set, we’re
just going to prepare some of our little bits for our Panda. So we’re going to have 2 ears,
we’re going to have our 2 eyes and we’re going to have our nose.
For the nose, you just want to take 1 of those chocolate chips and just cut it in half. Beautiful.
You could eat ½ of that because you only need ½ to make this cute little Panda.
For the eyes, we’re going to complete those once they’re actually on the pop. And that’s
just so that we don’t make too much of a mess with them.
So what you want to do here is you want to take your cakepop. I’m happy that thats set
enough, but you really do want a nice, firm seal there. So taking your melted chocolate,
dip your cakepop ball in. Just give it a little turn so that that white chocolate meets up
with that lovely chocolate seal and just give it a few taps just to get any of that excess
chocolate off. Now don’t be too concerned about neatness here because he is going to
get a nice coating of that coconut. You want to work quite quickly here. You’re
going to take 2 of those chocolate chips and put them into each side quite spaced apart
– you don’t want them too close together. And then you’re going to take his 2 eyes and
push them in. You really want to try and push them into that melted white chocolate so they
sink in a little. And then you want to take your half choc chip
and you want it to be flat side up with the rounded side down facing you. Pop that on
for the nose. Still working quickly, as he’ll be starting to set, take your desiccated coconut
and just going to give him a nice coating of fur. As I said, you do want to work quite
quickly here. If you do find that he starts to dry, you can just sweep on a little bit
more of that melted white chocolate using a toothpick or something like that in any
places that you find your desiccated coconut is not quite sticky. You can also just take
your fingers and just pat it around. So wait until you’ve got a nice coating of the coconut
on there. And as you pat it around, you’ll actually stick it to that white chocolate.
Alright, so just give him just a little tap off and just wipe any spare coconut away from
his eyes and ears. And you do just want to make sure your coconut’s not too thick down
here from the mouth because that’s where we’re going to be piping a little bit of our detail
work. Just sweeping some of that messy coconut off
to the side. I do recommend doing this over a baking tray or something, because it can
get quite messy. So now that we’ve got our eyes on. You want
to take a little bit of that white chocolate – and I’d like to use another lollipop stick
to do this because it’s got sort of a bit of an eye shape on end of it. And you want
to put the whites of the eyes sort of up the top. So you kind of want his eyeballs to be
up here so that he’s got the big blacks of his eyes coming down underneath and on a little
bit of an angle. So I’m going to pop my whites of the eyes just here and just here. Lovely.
We can let those ones dry for a little bit. Now you just want to take your zip lock bag
and just pop in a little bit of that melted chocolate. And you really don’t need much
of the melted chocolate. It’s just to do some fine detail work. You can see there I just
popped just a really little bit in and just push it all the way down to the corner of
the bag. We’re going to cut out really nice, fine, piping tip off at the end of that. So
just a really tiny little corner, so you fashion yourself a bit of a fine piping tip. And we’re
just going to draw the mouth, just a little J on one direction and down in the other direction.
And finally to finish him off, we just want his little eyeballs — 1 eyeball and the other
eyeball. So there you’ve got your gorgeous and really
really easy little panda cakepop. I’m sure you’ll agree, he was incredibly easy to make
and I think he’s just adorable. Thanks very much for watching.

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