How to Overcome an Oxycontin Addiction | Addictions

How to Overcome an Oxycontin Addiction | Addictions

Oxycontin is a medically prescribed painkiller. It falls into the category of an opiate which
is used to control pain in peoples lives. People get addicted to it because in addition
to stopping pain, it also creates this incredible sense of euphoria. One of the things that’s really important
to be aware of. if you are going to try to stop taking it
is that you could be physically dependent on the drug. And that your body is very used to the drug,
and that if you stop using it, you could go through withdrawal. So it’s critically important for you to get
outside help in managing your Oxycontin addiction. You want to talk to your doctor and tell them
you have been taking this for the amount of time that you have been taking it, and in
the quantities that you’re taking it. Make sure that you’re very honest with your
doctor, because they cannot give you the proper care unless you are completely honest about
your use. Also recognize that you cannot stop cold turkey
because you could go through withdrawal symptoms that would have a negative impact on your
health. So, the first thing is to admit to someone,
a medical professional, that you have a problem with the drug. Once you talk to them about it, they’ll come
up with a course of detoxing for you, and then find you a program that you need in order
not just to stop using, but in order to find sustained recovery in your life. Typically the most successful programs to
deal with addiction are 12 step programs where people plug into a community of other people
who are also recovering from addiction, and can find healing and hope and embrace the
lives that they were intended to live before they became addicted to these drugs.


  1. Can everybody stop bitching about this video? Ok… number one, no one is perfect, and number two; Howcast uploads these to help people out. If you don't need help, don't blame Howcast for posting it, just because it doesn't pertain to you. Enough is enough. Grow the fuck up, and don't watch the video. They are just trying to help people. Simple as that. Thanks.

  2. wow "how to overcome an oxycotton addiction" and the thumbnail is a sexyy pair of lips sucking on a pill… way to go howcast

  3. How to lose subscribers:
    1) make a video on how to get off of Oxycontin.
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    Did you know that we're running out of ideas?

  4. They're just trying to offer meaningful advice for others who have addictions, and present ways to overcome the addictions.

    Rehab is a good way, or if you can, buy something called "kratom". It's a plant from Indochina that is a valuable substitute for opiates. Legal in the US, relatively cheap, although it tastes a little nasty.

    Worse comes to worse, talk to your doctor.

  5. I'm not sure how to react to this. I mean, the chocolate addiction is one thing, but an oxycontin addiction video too? If an addiction reaches that level, then it's time to call the professionals…

  6. If you're letting that pill slide its sickly black trail over a piece of foil you are holding at an angle as you heat the foil from underneath, follow the pill with a straw in your mouth and inhale the smoke that comes from it. But don't get too close or you will suck that hot melty pill up that straw and could badly burn your throat. ~ This has been a howcast original.

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