How to Overcome Food Addiction and Emotional Eating

– Sometime ago, I released
a video where I talked about overcoming my
own addiction to sugar. The video is called, “I Get Triggered Too”, you can look it up. Many of you have asked
how I was able to get over that time of my life where I
was bent on emotional eating and downing a pound of peanut
m&ms every single night. Before we dive into that video, I wanna get you a free resource. So download my mindset manifesto in the link below to get started. (soft music) When I lived in New York
City, I was so stressed and I had such high anxiety
and I was so lonely, that I began emotional eating. I began consuming an
entire pound of peanut m&ms every single night while
laying in bed watching a movie. It’s embarrassing for me to
even tell you about this, but hopefully my pain will
cause you to seek the help that I’m offering. And what it was, was the pain
of eating that volume of sugar and that volume of food would cause this incredible uncomfortable
feeling in my stomach. And it was enough pain and
enough uncomfortableness to help me temporarily forget
my anxiety and my loneliness. And that’s what started this
whole cycle that I was on. I didn’t really understand
and learn why I did that. Even years later, when I didn’t
consume the m&ms anymore. I would still do these periodic
series of binge eating. And I didn’t understand
why I was doing that and how I learned that was from my dad. And you say, well, my dad. Well, my dad’s a licensed
professional counselor, an LPC and he created a series for us called What’s eating you, it’s a training course. And I was watching the training course so that I could approve it,
to show it to the public to sell it to the public. And I realized that that was
me, that I was doing that and I couldn’t believe it. I learned what my triggers were. And I learned how to stop it. And I learned how to how to keep going, and how to not let that happen again. And so now, since I
know one of my triggers, for example, is taxes,
that’s one of my triggers. And I know that when I have to
meet with my tax accountant, I want to go right to the refrigerator, and I start binge eating. I know, I see that now. And I stop that from happening. And now it is because of
that course, I learned that and now I can stop those behaviors and not let them go too far. You can’t help yourself if you don’t get to the root cause of the issue. You don’t know what it
is that is causing this. How are you gonna fix the problem? So the best thing we can
do is peel back the layers of the onion and find out what gets you do what you do to emotionally eat. If we don’t find out
what’s causing the trigger, we don’t find out the trigger
that’s causing the behavior, we can’t get anywhere. But once we find that trigger, then you identify the trigger,
and you stop the behavior before it becomes an
emotional eating issue. So I was able to identify my
triggers and overcome them by watching my dad’s digital course that we offer called What’s eating you. And once I was able to
identify those triggers, and know what was causing them, know what was causing
the emotional eating, I stopped doing that. I was able to stop emotionally eating. So you might have things
that are causing you to emotionally eat, maybe
it’s your mother in law, maybe it’s getting called to
go into the principal’s office you got a child that is
a discipline problem. Maybe you and your husband
are having marriage problems. Maybe you’re being reminded
of something that happened in your past that traumatized you. Whatever is going on, you have to find out what’s causing it, you have
to find out the trigger. Once you find out the
trigger, it’s good from there, it’s easy from there, because
then we put measures in place to stop the behavior that follows next, which is emotionally eating. So we’ve got to get to
the bottom of the problem, we’ve got to find out what your issue is. So once I identified what my triggers were to cause me to emotionally eat, I split measures in place to make sure that I didn’t repeat that behavior. So for example, when I
have to have a meeting with my tax accountant, because taxes oh, they just cause me
to just 10 out of 10, like I’m really, anxiety through the roof. Then I made a rule that I was not allowed to be in the house during a
meeting with my tax accountant. For example, I’ll go to his office or I’ll go to a coffee shop
and I’ll put my headphones on. I’m not around any food. I’m not around anything that
makes me want to binge eat. Weight gain and sugar
addiction is not the problem. It’s the result of an even
deeper problem related to stress, shame, guilt and doubt. Once we are able to be
honest with ourselves and identify what the underlying issue is, we can begin to move forward, heal our minds and heal our bodies. If you’re ready to make a real change and overcome your triggers,
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