How to pass a Drug Test by Ex Narc Barry Cooper

How to pass a Drug Test by Ex Narc Barry Cooper

Hey Everybody Its Barry with Never Get Busted and Trip to Wellness Probably The Hippest and Tripyest Channel that you’ll turn to there’s some good Channels out there But I’d like to think I bring more to the table than Some of the Others I’ve Been teaching how to Pass a drug Test for 11 Years. That’s what I want to teach you today Is how to Pass a Drug Test and it’s not Hard and it Works. What I’m about to tell you works so well An Article That I wrote Years Ago is actually on the first page First Page of Google if You search how to Pass a drug Test I’ll Pop Up and So speaking from that article and a little bit More Let’s Learn how the best way if By the way I got glad in the background check your things out Y’All met glad I’m sure Powdered Urine If it’s not Court-Appointed But if it’s for Employment or other purposes you, may have an accident on the job and they want to test your urine You know, keep a package of powdered urine that you order from a you know any Source good online source It works it’s a very best way you’re guaranteed to pass that way You Know, they even come with a warmer that makes to urine The body temperature your body Temperature. A lot of people test for that from the beginning Powdered Urines way to go if they’re not watching it going a cup Now if they’re actually watching And it’s very demeaning to have to go through Being watched to pee I Went through that over 20 times over 20 times and it’s no fun so i couldn’t use powdered urine They would see that do not use things like [Whizz] Inator they Look like an Adult toy it’s a fake Man’s part Those don’t Work if they’re watching you He’s able to cuff you and put you in Jail Immediately on A Court-Appointed Drug test so don’t use those but use the detox the detoxifier drinks and Those work they work, I smoked every single day Up to the night I would test and I use the detox drinks They work, be sure to go to your local head shop and Ask for A detoxifier drink don’t say you want a drink to pass a drug Test Don’t say anything about passing a drug test or they’ll kick you out of there they’re not allowed [to] sell drinks That do that in a lot of places it’s a misdemeanor To, sell drinks that help pass a drug test they use words like detoxifier and go to your local store Because that’s what’s working in that jurisdiction every lab tests a little different [If] You’re not sure and [you] don’t have a local store You can visit my website go to my article I have a place I recommend online I do get a small percentage of Whatever You order But you don’t have to buy from there the point is get A good detox drink and follow the directions Perfectly exactly now some of these detox drinks come with an 800 number that you can call That’s not a trap they Legitimately answer your call and help you! Detoxify. again don’t use words like drug test or? Probation Or Judge Or Cop or court anything like that. You know they’ll hang up on you. so those 800 Numbers are not a trap They work and The detoxifier drinks gives you a window. You know a four to six hour window that you can pee clean But I recommend buying two drinks and If you’re going to continue using by two drinks drink one of the drinks and test yourself. You know they have test kits now That are really cheap I think you can buy them at Walmart Use those test kits and check to see if that detoxifier worked. it should that way you have the confidence the next day When you go to take your drug test for the courts you know, you’re going to pass because the Courts use a system where they do a preliminary test and they test your urine on the spot If it passes You go, if it’s questionable and you don’t pass they send it to [a] lab to verify If you’re clean or not and Most of these tests are designed to pass That preliminary test how be it a lot, of them pass the Lab so There you go in way of urine test now what if you get blood tested Well if you’ll read my article that I’m talking about at It explains that you know blood tests pretty tough pretty tough to pass the best way is to abstain You know I know you didn’t want to hear that But there’s no better way to pass a test than to abstain it means, don’t use the drugs But let’s say, you’re about to get popped with a blood test a detoxifiers again work there are detoxifying systems that you know work three to seven days you take this these concoctions so if you’re going to get if You know blood test Is coming spend a little couple days and take care of it through a good detox program Um let’s talk about saliva drug testing Well I just read from my article and let’s see, how to pass the saliva drug test testing saliva Is less common than urine or blood example If your Employer wants one you need to be prepared now CPS is using this a lot to take your kids which [Is] absurd absurd They’re Showing That 7 A child Is seven times more likely to abuse be abused in a foster home or with CPS a Child Protection Service Then if they would have just left the child with the mother and father who are using the drugs I know it’s hard to understand But it’s true We need to leave children with parents. of course if there’s physical abuse going on that needs to stop but The point Is Lot of places are using the saliva test, well you know, there’s a mouthwash [that] you can Buy online or at your local store and there’s, also a saliva test kit that you can, buy online Do the same thing with that that I explained about the urine test yourself first see if the mouthwash work Keep the mouth mouth washing nearby so if they do pop you with a saliva test say “sure, I need to go use the bathroom first” and Going rinse and Take care of it that way How to pass a hair follicle test huge because family courts use this Unfortunately some more madness if you think the criminal Justice System is nuts in the US and It Is wow get in the Family Court Courts and Governments do NOT belong in families we realize that now because We see lawyers and Family Courts pit the mother against the father and father against the mother until you fight until your money’s gone! and you [Spend] it all on them and you both hate each other and your kids don’t know which side to choose all that’s crazy and They’re big all in hair follicle and hair you [know] your hair Grows It can pick off six months nine Months A [year] a year and a half of drug use So that one’s scary but it’s real easy to pass it’s as easy as the urine tests First of All I recommend Bleaching your hair bleach it bleach it bleach it you want to wash that hair you want to clean It and then use a detoxifier now some people very close [to] me including myself have passed a hair follicle three times Using this method, we bleached her hair first this was years ago for me but it still works [All] my Kids are grown now so there’s not a fear of me Losing my kids again like I lost, one I lost a son for a year and a half, over or my activism Not complaining explaining! But it wasn’t over getting busted with drug a test They tried but I bleached my hair and that washed it clean you know i was just Smoking Weed Actually the the Marijuana, made me a better Parent Thats another episode so bleach your hair really bleach it good and buy a wash again you don’t have to buy it from the store I recommend go to your local Head Shop they call it or pipe shop and whatever they’re selling to detox your hair and say look I just need to detox my hair again don’t mention court and You will PASS that hair follicle test Again if you have the money Bleach your hair use the wash go To a private test they will let you pay for a private test where only you get the results and pass make sure you pass and Once you pass go for your Court-Appointed test after that and you know You’re good and you’ll have to sit there and stress and wait on the results now wow this one Is How to Pass A using Methamphetamine and I’ll catch a lot of flack for this because It’s been rumored that Methamphetamine makes you kill people the truth is alcohol Is the cause of more violent crimes than any other drug out there actually? Methamphetamine is on the lowest level of number of violent crimes and death only twelve thousand people a year die from Methamphetamine use we’re fifty thousand people died Two years ago in the [Us] for Opiates and that’s just heroin and Pills Fifty Thousand That and Alcohol really killing a lot of people but Meth is a big thing the government’s going after right wow there’s A lot of you Know home remedies and urban legends on how to pass meth tests and they work studying close take a look they actually work But make [Sure] you do your [Research] and that you hear that urban legend enough to know what’s true and the washes work as, well All the things I just explained to you so Peace love Trip to Wellness Pass your Drug Test and Never Get busted Adios Amigos


  1. This is a man who realizes how many people he ruined hurt and is making amends it will be a lifetime but you are on the right track brother!

  2. Try and pas Australian drug tests, they scrap your tongue and if they feel you’re on something while driving hey will take you back to their station and urine test you, nothing here is easy to pass the test.

  3. Man this is all bullshit! I don’t even use “drugs” and I have to worry about failing a drug test because I use Kratom. I don’t consider marijuana a drug by the way. I took some Kratom and went to work to get sent to do a random drug test but I had a couple of hours so I went and bought a bottle of cleanse from our local shop (that sells the Kratom) and I drank it and a LOT of water and peed several times before taking the test 2 hours later. I hope I pass. If I don’t then I’d definitely consider it wrongful termination, but it doesn’t matter what I think. Bullshit!

  4. Hey man i took hydrocodone i took half a pill on friday then the other half on saturday and i tested on tuesday.. when i went in for mt drug test i drank so much water my head hurt i diluted as much as i can… do you think ill pass im 5'6 160 pounds im 24 yo yoi think mu chances are good! Please reply!!! I subscribed alreasy

  5. Last time I got tested, I was smoking weed until 3am, and gave them my test at 9am, I figured I would tell them that I would be my thc baseline, but when I came back to give test two, they told me there was no need for it, the first one came back clean, and a couple of days before the first test I ate a lot of watermelon and drank a lot of water/different types of juices.. Don't know if it was faulty or the fruit and juice did some "magic" but never failed, even though it was smoking up until right before I pissed in the cup

  6. Woude u recomend mega clean detox drink i have synthetic pee but im on probation and scerred i might get observd this time

  7. Don't waste your money on a detox drink. I've tried a few of the premium brands, followed the 4th grade reading level instructions, and on both occasions I had some explaining to do afterwards. Failed with a CAPITAL F, Kinda leaves you at a loss for words when shortly b4 the test you are asked a generic question like" so there should not be any reason to worry about ….on the test, " No, I only experimented a few times in high school or college and that was years ago…." (get ready to look like a jackass) without the job you thought you had 4 sure. Or when your parole officer says how about you spend an extra 10 days in jail( which sucks, but 10 days really ain't too bad) and let me know if you can figure out why it is ok to 1. Lie to me 2. Still use drugs ? If these b.s. drinks are so outstanding, how about offering a money back guarantee? Or at least some lube for f-n you on the $ at the very least

  8. I wish everyone would stop calling weed a drug it's a herb it does have a psychological property that has made everyone think it's a drug it can also be just medication the medication that we are prescribed has done worse and would happily earn the title drug but still I'm just going on and dumbasses that think it's ok for alcohol to be legal but not weed will rebel against this and just people who wont look at facts and be like "drugs are bad" they are but I'll just say this look at every drug and I mean research every single drug you can think of even the "medicine" that people take try to tell me they are the same element and if you think they are look again

  9. everything he says will get you put in jail and you will be charged with a felony. Don’t go to your local store everything they sell in the stores only camouflage is you’re piss they got piss test nowadays that pick that shit up in your test positive for something else that you have an even taken of used.

  10. I use bentonite clay for a lot of things and actually use clay packs to remove white hairs that crop up, wondering if anyone's used it for hair detox? Clay only removes that has opposite charge however so any natural substance it would not remove

  11. Ultimate Gold works. Find it on amazon or elsewhere. Follow the directions and you will be fine. Drug tests are an invasion of our 4th Amendment rights yet our vaunted supreme court ruled that the govt or employers can–as Barry stated–humiliate you by forcing you to expose your genitals and pee in a cup. The supreme court would never had ruled this way if they were subjected to this indignity–but of course they live by a different set of rules than you and I.

  12. To everyone considering the detox drinks. If the tests you are taking are the ones that get sent to a lab, the detox drinks always come back as tainted sample. They know the detox drink has messed with the sample.

  13. Took reli on wal mart home test and passed at home, went to pee for pre employment and came up positive for THC…wtf! Fucking wal mart shit.

  14. Cps aka dept of child services uses swabs for saliva. The level of nanograms each test and situation look for certain levels .so one test could be negative another could be positive..

  15. Hey Barry they don't work if u have autoimmune. If your molecular system has changed and u smoke consume whatever u will not pass with detox drinks. I've LITERALLY tested them all. MS sucks!

  16. There are two ways to pass a drug test. 1) Don't do drugs. 2) Replace the piss.

    You can't dilute. It flags inconclusive and then you have to take another test.. and then you fail that one.

    To replace the piss, there are different commitment levels

    a) put the dehydrated piss in a container, with water.. put that in your pocket
    b) get a cateter bag or urinator and strap the piss on you
    c) (the hardcore method) The "oil change" The oil change is literally using a catheter to drain your bladder and then replace it with clean piss. This is how pro athletes and hardcore felons pass drug tests.

  17. When a person is in a doctor's office and they are about to do a urine test for THC the "QCARBO20" will work! But for only on the spot urine test! If the doctors office send it to the lab 🤪 for additional testing and it takes 4-5 days for the results your out of luck! It only stays in your urine for 30 min to a couple of hours at the most! Please call your doctor before hand and ask if it will be sent to the lab! If so you need to find a friend who is THC free and use it for your testing! This is the safest way! Try to keep the urine at room temperature! And stored in your crotch for body warmth! Make sure you store it in a clean plastic container ! And for the females put the small container in between your bra .. You guys can also use plastic baggies! My family member just lost a good job due to sending the urine to a lab that takes 3-5 business days for THC!! 🤐 ! For #1 results is to quit smoking completely! Stay safe and happy! ❣

  18. Hey bro… New sub here. I have to go have a hair follicle test tomorrow to get custody of my kids. I don't have anything but my medicine in my system but my lawyer wants nothing in there. I hope you can get back in time. Thanks

  19. I might be going overboard but I got Vale 4x, and Stinger and have to take a test next week. I stopped exactly 1 week ago and am a little stressed lol. I do know that the test is 5-Panel Urine Test. I also bought B-Complex Vitamins, creatine, cranberry juice and Arizona green teas and have been drinking hella water. I will let you guys know how it goes🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  20. Quedtion… What if u have ADHD meds, normal use, an prescribed Klonipine or benzo for anxiety but dont want to test positive for opiates. ?? How would u detox but need to test positive for ur prescribed meds but not an opiate( occasionally use for pain in back). I bet thats a hard one.

  21. Been not smoking for days, pre employment screen coming this week not positive of the day and time yet. Drank cranberry and green tea took a round of day and night herbs for cleansing. My son took me to the local shops and I did also grab the biggest strongest drink and plan on doing that as well. It's an ecup. If I pass this shit then God himself will bless you for looking after this child of his. The reason I smoke and that's ALL I do is for fibromyalgia and PTSD. I don't take pain pills or anything like that and it sucks that the one thing that helps me is the least harmful of all substances so if I were a strung out crackhead or on opiates I'd have no worry!

  22. You sound like Mr. Rogers on Drugs..”Hello children today I’m going to teach you how to pass your drug test”!!! 😂

  23. I think you can actually use religion to get out of a court ordered blood, hair, or saliva drug test… I'm not sure about a urine test… I think you have to claim that you are Mormon though… Don't quote me on that…

    As for meth; I think it's out of your system in 3 days anyway isn't it?

  24. Drug testing should be illegal but to an extent, if you are high at work you risk lives. But your personal life is just that personal and noone should come between you and your decisions as a person.

  25. No one will probably answer this, but I’ve got 5 or more days to get clean before I get tested for job employment, so I’m thinking it will be labcorp. Should I just stop smoking now and try using the detoxifier when it’s time for the test, or am I better off trying to hide a bottle of fake piss under my ballsack and squeezing it into the cup? Does labcorp actually watch you piss when you take a test for them? Do they let you shut the door any at all or do you have to leave it wide open? Anyone who can help answer my questions will be greatly appreciated!!!

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